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2/F Main Bldg., SM City North EDSA, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

BLK 513
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Frozen Yogurt
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Trizha A.
4.0 Stars

I'm a creature of habit and I tend to stick to stuff that's tried and tested. I love Blk for the right amount of tartness in their yogurt.

My choice is usually a skim cup with Oreo pie, lots of strawberries topped with Vahlrona mousse. Sadly the SM North branch has done away with the mousse. Accdg to them it's not a salable item: 128542

Today I went with the Vahlrona dark chocolate fudge. As you can see it hardens into a shell making it a bit challenging to eat. I think I'll opt for salted chocolate topping on my next visit instead.

Total: 190php

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

"You loved me at my darkest." That's written in the wall of BLK513 store in SM North. Really catchy, ha. 128513

My friends always buy this froyo whenever we go to Megamall. That's the reason I became so happy knowing they now have a store closer to my house. I really liked to try the matcha sauce, but since they ran out of matcha in this visit, I just settled for cereal milk. Good decision as I loved it! It was sweet, but it went well with the sourness of the yoghurt. For the fruits, I had kiwi and dragonfruit.

My friend ordered a Dark Skim Cup (185php) too. He chose wild purple (ube) as sauce and mango and kiwi as fruits. I was able to try his order but I found the sauce a bit lacking on the ube flavor. Nevertheless, it was still good. I guess I really like BLK's yoghurt that whatever combination I get, I would still love my order.

P.S. It's black because it's charcoal-activated frozen yoghurt. 128069

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Dexter K.
3.0 Stars

First saw them at megamall, been wanting to try this, but it was a bit far. So was happy that they opened a branch at north edsa.

Ordered dark skim cup with granola, kiwi, melon and matcha milk cake sauce, total cost was 190. The yoghurt was ok, the matcha milk cake sauce was too sweet for me.

The place have a cool modern ambiance.

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Karen C.
5.0 Stars

I once saw it on an advertisement. And from then on I started dreaming on tasting one. Charcoal black colored frozen yoghurt really pleases my ears.

But i got a problem. They only got 1 branch then, at Megamall, and we are from Bulacan. What a pleasant relief when they made a branch at SM North EDSA located at the 2nd floor of Main bldg.

I was sick (yeah with tonsillitis and colds) but nobody can stop me from trying out this 'stuff'.  I chose 1 crunch (fruit and nut) + 2 fruits (dragon fruit and mango) + 1 toppings (cereal milk) for Php185 and resulted to 1 totally amazing superb froghurt! (Well, am I being OA? Im sorry..)

On my first lick. Hehehe. I admit I was shocked. Its sour! But wait, as i dig deeper they all come to sweet suprise. Everything inside my cup blends well. It seems like creating your own flavor made this shop so exciting!

On my experience, it was a dream come true indeed! And I'll keep coming back for more. 10084

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Poch I.
4.0 Stars

A Skinny Skim (185php) to take the blues away! 128522
PS. Some of the toppings had to be swapped over as some are no longer available. Understandable since it was almost closing time when we queued up.

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

I have to be honest, J and I went here after binging from Dine in the Dark. 128569 We were supposed to watch a movie while enjoying yogurt from this joint, but I really just wanted the yogurt and not the movie. 128569
Again, we just shared an order because their yogurt servings here are huge! We went for a Dark Skim Cup with Fool's Gold, grapes and lychee (those were the only fruits left when we arrived around 9:00 PM, which was also almost closing time) and their Warm Valrhona Mousse for the sauce. I really like the sweetness of their frozen yogurt just cause it's not too much. The toppings enhance the flavor of the dessert and I really love that! 128571

We also shared their Matcha Skim and boy was this good! I've tried a number of Matcha milks, but theirs is my favorite so far! 128571 It was light and but milky and had just the right sweetness too, plus the Matcha flavor was very pronounced which I was definitely looking for in this cold beverage. The packaging was adorable too! 128571

The visit was great, only I hope next time their ingredients don't run out. 128569 I'd still come back! 128568

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Nikki C.
5.0 Stars

My favorite breakfast combo 10084

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Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

No mangoes and spiced caramel today so i was "forced" to try something new today. Im glad i did! Had peaches and cereal milk on my yogurt and i loved it! The tartness of my yogurt was balanced by the sweetness of the cereal milk, and the peaches provided the right amount of fruitiness to the dessert.

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Leslie Ann B.
4.0 Stars

Finally tried this dark skim yogurt and It's so good! 128076128076128076

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Jacque B.
4.0 Stars

Im a big fan of yogurt and this place brought excitement to me.

Dark skim cup with fresh strawberries, kiwi and some nuts topped with dark chocolate syrup, so delicious!

A cup is about P185 with 3 choices of either fruits and nuts, a syrup for topping. You can choose also if dark skim which is charcoal infused or the white one. There's a cone if you don't want it in a cup; cold cocoa and matcha drinks packed in a very nice cylindrical bottle are available too!

However, the place is too tight, though there are some high chairs but you'll literally face the wall if you want to stay, lol!

During weekends this has queue but waiting time is about 5 to 10 minutes because of the machine, there's a preparation time to get the standard consistency of the yogurt ,but definitely the wait is worth it.

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Leslie Ann B.
4.0 Stars

I had a dark skim cup with rainforest crunch + vegan granola + dragon fruit + kiwi + espresso sauce, originally planning for matcha cake sauce but changed my mind the last minute, maybe next time. Still yummy though! 128076128523

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Mary Margaret M.
5.0 Stars

The BLK 513 signboard has been up at SM North teasing me for months. When their 2nd branch finally opened, I wasted no time on their grand opening securing my sweet tooth craving.

Just to give you an overview of this store, BLK 513 serves frozen yogurt. Not just the usual yogurt but a black froyo. A first activated charcoal-enhanced greek frozen yogurt which is healthier and Gluten free. You can have their Dark Skim Cup (185pesos) where you can chose 1 crunch, 2 fruits and 1 sauce or have it in a Dark Skim Cone(165pesos) with two of your choice of toppings.

Sure there's a lot of hype over this place and the wait line can be drawn-out, but there's no denying they make excellent yogurt dessert. The place looked much bigger than their first branch but the available seats are just the same number with their first. There were two side tables inside the store that can cater 3 persons (equivalent to 6) and one long table with 6 chairs available in the furthermost part of the store. What makes it different from their first one was, they have two yogurt maker machine that can now keep up with the countless number of customers coming in. Also, for people who love to take aesthetic pictures of your dessert this is the place for you. They have a cute sitting area and wall notes where you can take adorable pictures.

What I ordered was their new offered products, the "Super Skim Cup" and "Raw Cacao Skim". It takes mere minutes to triumphantly serve everything.

Super Skim Cup is worth Php160 with your choice of one crunch or two crunchie, Additional 25 pesos for every add-on and +5 pesos for every premium choice of crunch. When you order for this one, don't expect full as it only takes up half the size of your cup. Super Skim is a vanilla-infused, gluten-free fro-yo that tastes just like ice cream. The tartness of the yogurt in creamy frozen form tastes great on its own without the sour taste. It’s also the perfect complement to any toppings. This is truly what makes it an awesome alternative to a hand scooped ice-cream.

As for their Raw Cacao Skim drink, I actually loved it. If you don't drink coffee like me and you’re looking for an alternative to your iced coffee, this one is for you. One bottle cost 145 pesos. Their Raw Cacao Skim drink contains Raw Cacao, Skimmed milk, Coconut, Non-dairy Creamer, Natural unrefined brown sugar and Valrhona nibs. It has a slightly bitter flavor rather than the sickly sweet flavor most of our commercially produced chocolate drinks have. Raw-cacao chocolate doesn’t taste exactly like milk chocolate and may initially take some getting used to, but it’s worth it. It's a healthy version that does the same job for me as coffee but with more health benefits. And yes, raw cacao does contain caffeine, but not as much as coffee. Besides being scientifically proven to be the most nutritionally complex food on the planet, cacao contains a whopping 621 antioxidants. (PS. I researched)

Just an added info, since I want to know the difference between Cacao and CoCoa. Just learned that though they may look very similar, smell the same, feel the same, and even spelled almost the same way, they are totally different when it comes to nutrition. It all comes back to raw versus cooked foods. Cocoa is raw cacao that's been roasted at high temperatures that makes it lowering the overall nutritional value.

For matcha lovers out there, they also have "Matcha Skim" which cost Php.135 that's less pricey than their "Raw Cacao Skim". They also have "Soft Batch Valrhona Cookie" for Php.65 per piece and their to go pack "Valrhona Vegan Granola" for Php.450 in 350g.

Day one was a great experience. The staff were excited, I was excited, and it was a beautiful day to eat some froyo. Maybe next time. I can see myself grabbing yogurt here once, twice or more in a month since its now more accessible for me to go.

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Sun M.
5.0 Stars

Went back here for the Raw Cacao and Matcha Skim and this heavenly Valrhona a Cookie! Line was so long plus there was no more Raw Cacao. 128547128547128547 Good thing cookies are still available. Found out that these healthy snack are being sold for only Php65/pc. Not bad. The Valrhona Oats cost Php450 per pack. A little expensive for me.

For now, these super yummy, addicting hand-made cookies will do! 128516128516128516


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Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

BLK513 is finally in SM North! Its on the second floor by the Cinemas. Glad they invited us for a sponsored looloo rendezvoos a day before their official opening.

I really like this place! Their new branch is enclosed and has less seats than the Megamall branch, but offers a new Light Skim option which is less sour and sweeter than their original BLK.

The light skim froyo tasted more like ice cream than yoghurt. The base is sweeter and the toppings are blended in like DQ's blizzard. This is a good option for those who like light and airy ice cream.

Their signature BLK froyo is definitelly different that the others out there. Activated charcoal gives its colour, and claims to have a couple of health benefits. I love that an order (185php) comes with a sweet crumb base of your choice, fruits, and a unique sauce.

I had my original BLK with a cereal crumb (crushed honey cornflakes), kiwi, mango, and two servings of their caramelized milk sauce (sweetened condensed milk). I love this usual mix except that it was the first time i tried the caramelized milk and it was just waaaaay too sweet. I wouldve liked for them to have their spiced cookie sauce (speculoos) at this branch.

They offer some new items here too like the granola mix they put in their froyo - which is 300g packed for you to take home; and their dessert skim milk. They have two flavours: matcha skim with caramelized milk drizzle, and raw cacao skim with bitter cavao nibs.

The matcha was my favourite! It was surprisingly refreshing and filling. The raw cacao is a little bitter and the cacao nibs were annoying, but im sure dark chocolate lovers would appreciate this.

overall, it was a great visit! Had good dessert, and i was even able to try new things from BLK.

For those who live in the north and are looking to have a unique froyo experince, i definitely recommend for you to try BLK513 in SM North Edsa.

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Sun M.
5.0 Stars

Finaaaaaally!!!! BLK513 has opened its second branch at SM North EDSA last September 8. I am honestly one of the people who has been counting the days before it opens and I feel so lucky so be invited by Looloo (thanks Peanut D!) to attend their Private Tasting last Wednesday. This marks my 2nd looloo rendezvOOs! I was giddy-excited because I am a big fan of yogurt!!!

One more thing I was excited about is the fact that this branch is a store and not just a stall unlike the flagship branch in Megamall. What a big convenience it will be that I won't have to go all the way to Mega to get my Dark Skim Yogurt fix! I heard another branch will soon to open in the South, MOA Complex if I'm not mistaken, this coming October.

I was surprised to see that the store was jam-packed during the private tasting. Saw some familiar bloggers and got to know other PR people who are a fan of BLK513 while waiting for fellow LooLoo peeps.

I met one of the co-owners, Abi, and she invited me to go inside to try the newest addition to their selection, the Super Skim Cup. I decided to wait for the team since the line was still long, until I finally saw Nikki C followed by others. This time, Pam L of LooLoo took care of us. :)

That's when the yogurt challege started. Lol. The store was not that big, but the interior was cozy enough to be your next hangout place with it's dim lighting, hedge wall, and a wooden swing inside! Perfect for your OOTD or groupie shots!

Upon entering we were asked to grab a handmade, soft-baked Varnhola Coookie.

For my FIRST yogurt fix, I chose their newest product, the Super Skim Cup - a frozen white skim yogurt being sold for only Php160 and comes with any 1 or 2 crunch. I chose to add Malt Sandwhich and Fudge Brownie which were twirled with the skim cup. I also added Grapes and Mango Slices.

They don't recommend adding syrup to this Skim as it will become too sweet. One cup is enough to make you full. You won't feel you are eating a yogurt at all because it's frozen and doesn't taste that soury. I just didn't realize that the crunchies will make it too sweet. It was overwhelming. I suggest you add only 1 crunch then add more fruits! Their fruit slices are fresh and taste really good. Some of us actually wanted to order our own cup of fruits. Haha! I would prefer to have this Super Skim from now on rather than Dark Skim one.

We also found out that the branch has more to offer with their dessert beverage, the Raw Cacao Skim topped with Valhnora Nibs (Php145) and Matcha Skim drizzeled with Milk Jam (aphp135). BLK513 also introduced the Matcha Milk Sauce because who doesn't love matcha!

The Raw Cacao Skim was good, but some didn't quite like the Valhnora Nibs because it tastes a little bitter. For me, it was just fine because the drink was sweet. I sadly don't have a photo of the Raw Cacao. 128547128547128547 I only got to try the Matcha at home and I liked it better. It tastes real matcha and was a little creamier because of the Milk Jam. I liked too that they come in a very handy bottle. Just not sure if these bottles are re-usable.

Anyhow, after some Q&A with the owners and BLK513's business partners, and photo-taking, Julie L sneaked out to grab another round of greek yogurt. Haha! 128170128170128170

This time, we both had the Dark Skim Cup (Php185) + 1 crunch + 2 fruits + 1 sauce. I did not opt for crunch anymore and just went for 4 fruits (peaches, grapes, green kiwi, and mango plus their Matcha Milk Sauce! Loved that the grapes were seedless! The matcha flavor was good because it was still milky. Was surprised that the Dark Skim did not stain my teeth anymore unlike when I first tried it, I had to go buy a bottled water to wash away the dark charcoal. So no more worries guys! Hihi.

We were told that BLK513 is still experimenting with their add-ons and menu so there were some sauces and crunchies that were removed from the menu, but there are also new-comers.

I think the Dark Skim Cup is more practical to buy than the Dark Skim Cone (Php170), comes with 2 toppings. It's only Php15 cheaper so I would rather get the cup and have 4 toppings for Php185. Still, I plan to try the cone on my next visit, which may happen later. Lol.

If you're a first comer, don't be overwhelmed, feel free to ask the dark masters of BLK513 and they'll be happy to accommodate you.

Was also able to take home their non-dairy Varhnola Vegan Granola! It's made of rolled oats, sunflower seeds, honey, cinnamon, and varhnola dark choco bits. I tried it it I think it's a good alternative for my cereals. Same with the Cookie! Gawsh. Really craving for it right now. It was dark, soft, and, chewy and bittersweet. My brother also loved it. I wasn't able to ask if they will be selling these products for good but I hope they do!!! 128546128546128546128546 Make sure to grab the cookie if you happen to visit!!! Just not sure how much will be the price.

This place is highly recommended to health concious people as BLK 513's gluten free greek yogurt is a good alternative for dessert! Plus everything is instagram-worthy!!! So make sure to drop by to experience the dark side! It's absolutely more than the usual yogurt!

It was a great to be in the dark side with new found friends from LooLoo!!! Thank you Peanut D for the invite and Pam L for being with us. Also for sharing the story behind your profile photo. Haha. :) Thank you EJ B for flat-laying for us! Haha. Thanks to the magic hands of Nikki C and Julie L for some of my photos! It was great meeting you Muffy T, Steffhanie S, and Ruth D! 128518128518128518 Sad I was no longer able to join the after BLK513 dinner, but I'll make sure I do next time! See you around!!! 128521128521128521

-@hermouthisfull 128076128076128076

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

Last night was out of my usual office - home routine as I dropped by SM North EDSA and attended a looloo rendezvoos and private tasting at the newly opened branch of BLK 513 located at the 2nd floor of the main building, beside J. Co.

I got there quite late and yeah, I was the last one to arrive so I was kind of surprised to see a lot of people standing outside the store, not knowing that bloggers and people from the press were also invited to the event. As soon as I saw the looloo peeps, they told me to go straight ahead inside and order for myself.

The store was definitely nicely designed with simple yet classy industrial interiors matched with nicely created wall arts and framed pieces. A centerpiece inside was the swing designed with a hedge backdrop that's perfect for foodie photoshoots. The lighting was quite dim and the ventilation was quite hot, most probably because there were loads of people but they may opt to improve on these items as time goes by.

So, time to order. The menus were nicely displayed in a posh yet clear manner. You'll get to choose easily whether you'll get the Dark Skim Cup or the Super Skim Cup as both has separate menu displays. The counters looked really clean and well-organized. From the different flavored crunches including Mixed Smores, White Chocolates, Choco Chips, Brownies, etc. to the seasonal fruits and syrups like Caramel, Matcha Cream Cake, Raspberry, etc., you get to create your own mix to satisfy your tastebuds.

For my first order, I got the Dark Skim Cup with White Chocolate Crunch, Kiwi, Mango paired with the Matcha Cream Cake syrup. Not being that much of a yogurt fan, the serving size was quite overwhelming for me but hey, it's worth it for its price. I think I got the right combination of everything as the sweetness and sourness went really well together. The country's first ever activated charcoal enhanced yogurt looked really pretty and tasted so well too, given its smooth texture. I liked how soothing the flavors were altogether and it was a learning that the activated charcoal was a detoxifying agent so yes for sinful yet healthy!

My 2nd order was the Super Skim Cup which was their version of the white frozen yogurt that's much sweeter compared to the Dark Skim Cup. For this one, you'll get to choose 2 crunches as your topping so I got the Mixed Smores and Choco Chips. For a sweet tooth like me, I loved this better given that it's purely sweet all the way. The crunches were a bit overloaded only that's why I felt that I wasn't able to taste the yogurt that much?

I also met their Raw Cacao Skim that was given to us by their very nice and accommodating servers and waitstaff. My, the legit taste of the cacao with the skimmed milk was so yummy for me! There were actually bits of cacao in it that made the drink even more interesting. Too bad I wasn't able to try the Matcha version but yeah, I'll be back for that one for sure.

Overall, the experience of getting to try all the menu items were satisfying and of course, filling! These gratifying desserts and energizing snacks aren't only pretty to look at but they were all delicious and beneficially healthy especially for those who are very health conscious. Aside from not having artificial flavors and sweeteners, the items also promote healthy digestion and cleansing, along with having anti-aging properties.

So what else would you look for? BLK 513's definitely a must try may you be a yogurt fan or not. Get to enjoy mixing and matching to create that nicely tasting skim cups for you!

And as always, thanks much Peanut D for the invite! 10084
It was really nice to meet you nice reviewers Nikki C EJ B Ruth D Muffy T Julie L Sun M
Thank you for leading the pack Pam L
Hoping to hang out with you all soon! 128153

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

When BLK 513 in Megamall started making buzz, the black yogurt got me curious. Curious enough to research on what "activated charcoal" is but, not curious enough to actually try it out. In one of the sites I've seen, it said "It's important to note that activated charcoal is not charcoal used in your barbecue grill!" Hah! What a relief, huh? I've heard good things about BLK but I just wasn't a fan of yogurt.

Yesterday though, we got invited to a BLK 513 rendezvoos which was also a Private Tasting event for bloggers. So, we got a few items for free, before they officially open to the public!

What I had was their Dark Skim Cup (PhP185), composed of 1 Crunch, 2 Fruits, and 1 Sauce. The ingredients I chose were Handmade Smores, Mangoes, Peaches, and the Faux Ferrero sauce. It wasn't very sweet and the flavors were well-balanced. I liked the fruits very much.

At the SM North branch, they have new items which I heard were not available yet in their Megamall branch. Those are the Super Skim Cup (the white frozen yogurt), and the dessert beverages Raw Cacao Skim and Matcha Skim. I was able to try the Raw Cacao Skim (PhP145) topped with Valhrona nibs. The cacao nibs were bitter but I liked the taste of the chocolate drink.

Thanks |ooloo for inviting and to BLK 513 for having us! Thanks Peanut D. Pam L.! Nice to meet everyone - EJ B. Nikki C. Julie L. Muffy T. Sun M. Steffhanie S. 128522

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Really glad to be invited to another Looloo rendezvOOs. This time hosted by BLK 513 at SM North Edsa. They are known for their charcoal-activated yogurt which is good for trapping toxins in the body and great for digestion. 

The first time I tried this out was in SM Megamall. I ordered Dark Skim Cup with kiwi, mango, white chocolate and ube syrup. Overall, I found the taste overwhelming and it stained my teeth which prompted me to buy bottled water. 

Fast forward to yesterday's event, they hosted a private event for bloggers and other media contributors. The place was packed. 

I have to say that this branch has more options compared to Megamall. Besides the Dark Skim cup (185PHp) and Dark Skim cone (170PHp), they also offer Super Skim cup (160PHp) which includes 1 or 2 crunch. This is the first thing I tried and I loved it. It's like a healthier version of McFlurry with the blend of the crunch toppings and vanilla-flavored yogurt. I requested to add fruit toppings (additional 25PHp per fruit toppings) which made it more delicious for me. 

They also have dessert beverages. It comes in a cute container which you can reuse and take home. These drinks are best served chilled. 
Their Raw Cacao Skim (145PHp) topped with Valrhona bits is perfect for chocolate lovers. 
The Matcha Skim (135PHp) is the perfect blend of matcha flavor for me. I've tried other matcha drinks, you can only taste a hint of it. 

Of course I couldn't resist trying out their Dark Skim cup again to compare if there was any difference. I opted out of the crunch toppings and sticked to fruit toppings and matcha syrup. Their yogurt didn't stain my teeth at all and I liked their matcha syrup better compared to the ube syrup I tried in Megamall. 

Abi and Kim, co-owners of BLK 513, mentioned they aim to serve more flavors to cater to different palates. 

I would like to thank Peanut D for the invite. It was a pleasure to meet you Nikki C, Ruth D, EJ B and Steffhanie S. Nice to see you again Muffy T and Sun M. Thank you Pam L for taking care of us yesterday. 128522

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4.0 Stars

Another invites from P for BLK 513 Media Night. Awesome!!!

Jam-packed! Bloggers, reviewers, contributors were in line to try the newly opened Blk 513 at SM North EDSA. This is their second branch, the first one is in SM Megamall.

Blk 513 is the first charcoal-enhanced frozen yogurt in the country that you can customized. It comes with one crunch, two fruits and one sauce for Php185.00.

Abby invited us inside to try the charcoal-enhanced yogurt while waiting for the other reviewers. The place is not that big but few customers can sit inside. The combination of green and concrete interior is very catchy. It will provide you good background for your photo. I admire the lightings too it is really good in the black and green colors combined.

Time to order, first I choose my crunch which is the white chocolate. Then I choose my two fruits, grape and kiwi, but I add another one which is the peach (additional Php25.00 per fruit). And lastly I choose my sauce, the nutella fudge sauce.

My customized Charcoal-Enhanced Frozen Yogurt - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"The yogurt is not that sour which is better, special it compliments with the flavor of the fruits, crunch and sauce."

Matcha Skim - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Oh my! This matcha is good, the server told me that I need to drink while it's cold, but even though it's not, still very good."

Chocolate Skim - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Not your usual chocolate drink but you need to consume it on the day itself, same with matcha skim."

Valrhona Vegan Cookie - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Valrhona Vegan Granola - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

I asked Abby, why black yogurt? Why not white? She answered back that she wanted something new in the market. She wanted new in the eye of consumers...

Aside from being the first charcoal-enhanced frozen yogurt in the country, their yogurt is creamier and less sour.

You can visit Blk 513 at the second floor of SM NORTH EDSA and SM MEGAMALL.

The event is free and sponsored by BLK 513.

Thanks Peanut D for the invites! And nice to meet you Julie L, Muffy T, Sun M, Nikki C and Steffhanie S. And as always Ruth D and Pam L 128521

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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

The wait is over me coz at last i finally got to try the black froyo at a private event that happened tonight at BLK513, SM North Branch. 127846 I got invited to another |ooloo rendezvoos sponsored by BLK 513.

Aside from |ooloo, other bloggers and media friends of the owners were there to get a taste of what's new in the store. I felt such an honor to be invited in the event unknowingly that there were a lot of guests who came.

I guess from the |ooloo group that came tonight, I was the only one who will have its first taste of the black yogurt. Everyone else had their own comparisons whereas I had none 128517
While queuing up for the line, one of the servers were briefing us about what's new, etc. Since it was my first time, I wanted to hear his personal recommendations for each in the menu but instead he just described each dessert and how do we start (crunches-fruits-sauce sections) 128517 in other words, walang narecommend si kuya #masnalitoaqlalosayo 128517128517

To be honest, I don't have a sweet tooth so when it comes to choosing the yogurt combo, I would want yung hindi matamis even though I know na everything is matamis 128517. So I asked help and recommendations from the one preparing and she was very patient and helpful. 9786

I got the 🔹Dark Skim Cup (185php) 110881108811088️ - A swirl of black yogurt at the based topped with Valrhona vegan granola (i 10084️ this crunch!), kiwi and grape fruits and another few swirls of the black froyo and topped it off with salted chocolate gravy. (IMO) the black yogurt was just okay for me but it didn't have the "oomph" or "wow" effect. It would be nice if they have a smaller cup. They have just one size which is a bit big for me. Coz when everything started to melt, the sweetness also came out. It was just too sweet for me 128549

Tonight they released some new items in their menu that is not yet in their other branches. I got curious with their skim drinks that I had to try both variants 128513

🔹Matcha Skim (145php) 110881108811088️ -- the creaminess of the matcha was evident in the drink. It's not too sweet for me 128077🏻 but not my go-to-drink hehe 128517

🔹Raw Cacao Skim (145php) 11088110881108811088️ -- I prefer this over the matcha skim. Overall taste is chocolatey but there is a taste of bitterness on top of the drink as they have added bits of cacao nibs 127851 128525

I admire the energy of the owners who were also there at the event. Kim and Abi made sure to greet everyone at the event. 9786️ We made sure to introduce ourselves to them plus we get to ask them more questions about the history of their brand. 128522 The concept that they wanted was to introduce a unique yogurt flavor and color that's never been introduced in the yogurt world. And true to its concept, the first activated charcoal (with lots of benefits) was introduced and made a bang 128165 in the dessert industry.

P.S. BLK 513 is indeed a location 128521 and it has a personal relevance to the owners who made the yogurt brand 9786

Thanks to |ooloo team & Peanut D for the invite. We are missing you, uwi ka na! Pam L thanks for bearing with us 128517

It was so nice to finally meet Ruth D, EJ B, Muffy T, Sun M, Julie L, and Steffhanie S 128522. Super enjoyed the company and the kulitan.


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