Blo Blow Dry Bar

G/F Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila

Blo Blow Dry Bar
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Most Recent Reviews

Lia B.
4.0 Stars

Very good shampoo and blowdry service. Had different packages for footspa.

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Ronith Jazel D.
4.0 Stars

It was my first Blo experience and I don't have a decent photo but a selfie (you can't even see my hair much). My apologies!

I made an appointment the day before to make sure I'll be accommodated when I go there. There wasn't so much clients that time, though.

I had two events that day, one in the afternoon and one in the evening so I had to ask them if the curls will last that long, they told me it depends on your hair type but assured me they'd try to make it last.

I settled for the "Holly Would" style, bouncy curls! They have varieties of hairstyles in their menu you could choose from that will only cost you p500 or if you want other look that isn't in their menu, you can bring a photo and they'd be willing to do it for you!

The stylist who accommodated me was friendly. We talked about a lot of hair stuff while he's doing my hair.

The result was satisfying, though it's far from what I was expecting, I liked it still.

The curls didn't last until evening. Sad. Dinaan na lang sa confidence. Lol.

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Nica F.
5.0 Stars

It's like love at first try! 10084

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Nikki H.
5.0 Stars

This is a good alternative to your usual hair salons. They use a variety of tools and hair products to achieve the look you want, which you can choose from their menu. You can also bring a picture of the style you want and they'll recreate it for you!

Price is reasonable so you can have great hair even on just an ordinary day! I believe they also accept home service at additional cost.

Be sure to call and book an appointment!

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Yshkael C.
4.0 Stars

I reserved a slot a week before the event. I loved that they reminded me through my email, they sent me a message twice. Kinda something new because no salons that I know of do such thing.

I decided to get the red carpet look. Its just a really simple blow out because my dress was simple as well. I just had curls added to the end so that it wasn't that boring.

After choosing your desired look, they will shampoo your hair. I got to say, the shampoo really smells good. If it wasn't expensive, I would surely buy it. More than P1000 i believe for a bottle that wasn't so big. Moving on, they placed products in my hair like mousse, volumizer and something else that I don't really know. The service was quick. Took maybe 30-40mins. I kinda like my hair. It was sexy and it had volume. I think I came here too early that's why when I got to the event it looked different already, still good but just down. The staff was nice and easy to talk to, they give you a lot of
Options too. They served drinks, I got pink lemonade. Will probably try another look next time I visit.

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Abby T.
5.0 Stars

I've always wanted to try out their services, but was hesitant as well. However the opportunity came when i needed to kill time while waiting for the boyfriend & this was the perfect place for me.128525

If i remember correctly, i think i chose the Red Carpet since malling & movie night lang naman ang agenda & not some party. Hehe. I love that it only took them roughly 30 minutes to finish. They also gave me a complimentary lemonade which was nice. So attached is the finished product which i absolutely love! They gave me insta- #mayamanhits kind of hair.128513

Planning on getting the "out of bed look" next time!

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Charlene N.
5.0 Stars

Whenever you are in need of a serious hair makeover for an upcoming event, Blo Bar is the way to go. No frills. Just great looking hair.

I just noticed that paragraph above sounded so scripted and commercial-like. Haha.

The perky lady in the counter introduced me to this other lady named Chuva? Chuka? Chukie? My bad, I cannot remember my name. Mental block.

I asked for an updo and showed my peg. She suggested various options and I chose from it.
She worked effortlessly, from rinsing my locks to slowly pinning strands of my "baby hairs" to lightly spraying it with hairspray.

Overall, their service is top-notch!

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Candy U.
5.0 Stars

booked an appointment at 9:30am and when I got there, after browsing their selection of blow drying styles, I was immediately lead to the shampoo area. I must say, their chair was pretty comfy, just the right angle, height for you to relax while washing your hair... I hate it when it feels like you're getting pinched by the bowl while washing your hair or when you're constantly sliding while they're washing your hair... They even massage you while they're washing your hair 128077128077128077 for me!!!!
I chose the holly would which would give me big curls... loved it! I was finished in about 45 minutes I think, the equipment and the parlor looks efficient and very posh... everything are in their respective place, like they have a hole on the dresser where the blowdryer will be hung, a drawer with curlers and all in their proper places... so neat and proper, an O.C. person would definitely approve haha

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Charlene N.
5.0 Stars

Keep calm. You're not cheating on your hairdresser.128581128135

Be prepared!! This is a Loong review!!

Few weeks ago, my friend had a debutant party and I decided to try this newly-opened specialized hair salon that is basically dedicated in offering blowouts. There is this hair menu in which you could choose 7 different hairstyles from or customize your own! They have services for guys too!!

I chose "Holly Would"! Just fun and bouncy curls, tousled in the right areas!

Ambience: Sleek, clean and crisp white minimalist interior, with hot pink highlights that splashes across the room.

Hair service: My hair is so jet black that you could not really see the curls that well. But the curls were voluminous and were not stiff-as-a-broom from all the hair products.

My hair just usually hold curls for an hour or so. So, I addressed the hairdresser my concern, and he told me not to worry since he could just make tight curls which would just eventually loosen up.

But kudos to Blo Bar, I'm impressed 128561! The curls stayed up as long as I got home, which is a once-in-a-blue-moon thing for me. It even lasted until the following day (I admit it, it was late and I had no energy to take a bath128531)

Great staying power!!! I want to buy all the exact styling products! 128586

Staff: He was really accommodating and friendly, just like most gay hair specialists are, hehe, they're quite entertaining.

Price: Blo Bar charges Php 500 for their signature hairstyles. Yes, quite pricey, but that is how most high-end salons charge these days. Sometimes, it's the hair that completes the look, and you wouldn't want to risk to destroy your look, don't you? (Guys would not understand this 128514)

Services: They offer instillations and hair extensions too! But I didn't want that, My peg was Miranda Kerr's short curls!

I would definitely come back once special events pop up in my calendar. I heart this! 128131

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