Blo Blow Dry Bar

2/F Serendra Piazza, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Blo Blow Dry Bar
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Most Recent Reviews

Peanut D.
4.0 Stars

So happy I finally had a reason to try this place! Decided I'll try them out for Dianne E's (who should now be Dianne C!) wedding.

My dumb self ended up going there a bit late. I needed to head out by 11:30A but I came at around 10:45. Not sure how long these things normally take but I had to rush the guy fixing my hair. All in all I think it took about 30 minutes. Not bad right?

I googled my "peg" and showed it to the hairstylist. He ended up asking for help from another lady who I think did most of the work. I think the first guy mostly just curled my hair haha.

The place is pretty small and there were a lot of employees chit chatting amongst themselves so I could hear literally all the stories - from one stylist being asked to go to Cebu to a coworker who keeps calling in sick... Yep I heard them all.

When it was finished, I was pretty impressed! It looked pretty good! The price was also impressive... Impressively expensive! As he was curling my hair, I saw the menu and found out this was going to set me back Php 950. Napalunok na lang ako lol.

They were looking at their finished product (my hair) and said it looked plain. Why not add hair ornaments (Chrismas tree?) they asked. Like what, I asked back. They showed me these pretty pearl things you can add to your bun. Asked how much. "1,500 po."

Wahaha mas mahal pa yung accessory kesa sa hairstyle.

I walked out of there feeling like my hair was going to just fall apart. It felt heavy with each step and I swear I thought all the hairpins would come off. I was preparing for a 1 star review!

...but it didn't. At around 11PM, it was still intact. I didn't jump around or head bang though. Haha.

Overall, it was pretty expensive. I paid for a lot of Bobby pins and a hairstyle I could have gotten at a nearby salon for maybe 200-300 pesos cheaper.

But I guess it's not too bad considering you're paying for their expertise. (I went to a salon once where the lady doing my hair lost it because when she would put my hair in a bun, it would all fall apart after 2 minutes. She blamed my hair and had another person redo the entire thing from scratch. It added another 45 minutes. Which is why this experience isn't so bad for me.)

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Dang Q.
3.0 Stars

The servce was fast and you get what you pay for minus some salon profesional's secrets.
The price isn't bad for a quick fix but it isn't the place to go if you are part of a formal entourage.
I felt that you can get away with the style you get here as a guest in any party as long as it isn't an actual red carpet event.

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Oh la la! My hair looked really fab for last Saturday's party. I called for an appointment right when they opened and I was able to get my preferred schedule which was 2 hours later. The number on their FB page is a hotline, it's not for this branch alone.

I showed them a photo of what I wanted. While they do have sketches of hairstyles, I prefer an actual photo just to be clear on what I wanted. I even showed them another photo of what I didn't want. Maganda ng sigurado.

The guy that did my hair was the same guy that shampood my hair. I actually thought it would be a different person so I asked him out loud if he knew what he was doing. Not once, but twice. Hehe. Plus his uniform was different, which I, naturally, pointed out. He dried my hair by aiming the drier to my head then used a curling iron. Seriously I was just skeptical. In my mind I could've just done this at home. But yeah, I loved the styling. Just as it was in the photo. My hair didn't smell burned and the hair spray didn't smell toxic. My hair looked thicker than usual too.

I did give my hair 2 extra spritzs of hair spray before I left my house as I didn't want to lose the curls in the middle of the party. I came home with my hair intact! Yay!

Would've given it a 5 if not for these --

- I would've loved it if he also stretch dried my hair. You know, when they dry your hair to smoothen it. I have a bit of curly hair in front which can be tamed by a good blow. I had to flat iron it at home because he wasn't able to remedy it after I told him to.

- Shampoo skills need work.

- The place was depressing. The salons I've been to is always bustling and feels alive. Di ba? Like you're so happy getting beautified? This place not so much. Maybe they need better music. I was the 3rd client there so it's not as if the place was empty.

They now offer nail care. Prices are very reasonable. I think just about 300 for a mani-pedi. They also have a card you can buy for 3500, I think, that's food for 10 services, I think.

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Lizanne S.
3.0 Stars

Ok lang. As in oks. To be honest, I liked Blowout Bar's result better. Maybe because I had make up done too in Blowout Bar. Medyo Tita-ish ang look ko kasi so I wasn't too happy. 128540 Plus, no option to watch a movie unlike Blowout Bar. Only plus is it's closer to my place. But to be honest, will probably just get my hair blown out at our friendly neighborhood salon next time. Medyo pricey yung mga ganito.

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April V.
5.0 Stars

Before, after and after a few hours. 128540

I've been wanting to try this place but never really had an occasion for it... not until last night. Hihi.128513

Well, I didn't really know what to do with my hair. I just wanted something different. Arte lang! I saw their list and wanted to try the pillow talk. But after asking me why I'm getting my hair done, Bubbles, the hairstylist or blow stylist? 128517 suggested I have it curled first so that it will be wavy (pillow talk effect) after having dinner. 128077

Soooo glad I went with the suggestion because I loved how my hair fell after dinner! 128525

My suggestion: tell them why you want to get it done and ask for their recommendation. 128521

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Lesley Ardelle V.
3.0 Stars

I was so excited to try this place out when I saw that it already had an entry here in looloo. All the while I thought that it hadn't opened yet!

I set an appointment thru phone, and I asked the receptionist how much their blow-dry service is. It costs PhP 500, and you will have 7 signature styles to choose from, from their "Hair Menu." Huh. That's pretty expensive ah, especially since I can get my hair blow-dried for half the price at other salons.

I decided to try it out anyway, and I Googled the 7 signature styles so that I could choose beforehand. When I got there, though, their in-store hair menu had more choices than in the website I saw. Their US stores apparently offer a different combination of styles.

I also asked my stylist, Bubbles, what her recommended style for me was. At first she wanted me to try this Hollywood Glam style with big, sexy curls, but then she decided to use the Red Carpet style instead: this one is like a regular hair blow-out, but with natural waves at the end. She said if we do the big curls, my hair would shorten up to above the shoulders. Blah. No, I want long sexy hair, please. Haha!

Interiors: SO CUTE! It was all white and deep pink / fuchsia! It looked so new and clean and girly. 10084 The chairs were upholstered in white leather / leatherette, and the countertops were immaculate. Each station had their own set of tools: hair dryers, irons, curlers and whatever hair tool you would need for styling. They were all neatly arranged in compartment holes beside the mirror, and in drawers that hide neatly under the counter. I love the interiors so much that I will use hearts to rate it instead of the thumbs-up. 1008410084100841008410084

Shampoo service: This is where it got bad. I was casually conversing with Bubbles while she was shampooing my hair and I found out that they only opened last February 12, so that means they've only been operational for 2 weeks; they are on soft opening. She used to be assigned at the PowerPlant branch (which opened February 5) but she was transferred immediately to the Serendra branch upon its opening. I don't know how long they were trained, but in the middle of the shampoo service, I was thinking that maybe she needed a bit more training. Water kept dripping into my ears! Ugh, I hate that. And she was still a bit hesitant with her scalp massage. Parang kulang pa sa conviction. Haha! So it felt like she was just patting me on the head. Oh well. She was nice naman, so I can give her another chance. Hehe. And the shampoo station was so pretty, and the neck support was comfy, so 2 thumbs up for that! 128077128077

Finished product: See the picture? That's me, holding the pink hair menu, with Bubbles, my stylist. What do you think? I thought my hair was nice, not too flat or straight, with a few wisps of runaway waves here and there. Perfect for a casual night out. 128522

I think they need to practice some more, though. It took an hour to finish my hair. To be fair to Bubbles, she asked me if I was in a hurry and I said no, so she said that, good, she can take her time to work more on my hair. I guess I gotta give her credit for wanting to do a good job. Haha. 128077

Oh yeah, after my service, they asked if they could take my picture. I wasn't able to ask what it was for, but I smiled for the camera anyway. Haha!

Looking at their Blo menu, they have other services aside from the simple blow-out. They also have hair styling for men, up-dos, attachment of extensions, and bridal hair. They really just focus on your tresses. Wash, blow and go is their tag line, and they aim to give fast hair service to their customers.

One interesting thing they have is that they don't give out paper receipts. They send out appointment confirmations, receipts, and thank you notes through email. I think it's a nice, modern touch. 128077

I am willing to try Blo again, even with the high price, but maybe I will choose another hairstyle just to see how well they can execute it, and to see how well I can pull it off. 128522

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