Blocleaf Cafe

1850 MH Del Pilar St., Malate, Manila, Metro Manila

Blocleaf Cafe
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Most Recent Reviews

Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

I know there are a lot of coffee shops in Metro Manila but it seems that most of the specialty and third wave ones are in Makati and Quezon City. I can also name a few within the vicinity, but I just realized I haven’t explored the coffee scene in Manila (the city) yet. So when Sandy P and I visited the National Museum one Saturday, I made sure to drop by Blocleaf Cafe in Malate.

My first time in this cafe was really special. First, we’re the only customers in this visit so I was able to take hundreds of photos. Second, I was able to “operate” their coffee machine as the barista allowed me to enter the kitchen. And lastly, their service was impeccable. The barista was super kind and accommodating. She offered everything without even asking - wifi password, water, her photography skills, and her knowledge about the best spots of the cafe and where to take the best photographs. She’s really cool. 💯

Anyway, I tried their Cafe Latte and Thai Iced Tea. Both were actually good! I was not expecting so much about their drinks as I’ve read in some reviews that their coffee is light when it comes to taste. Even though I prefer a stronger coffee, their iced latte was refreshing and provided me the caffeine kick I needed for that day. The Thai Iced Tea was milky, but with pronounced tea flavor.

If you’re looking for a place to have coffee or tea that has beautiful interiors then Blocleaf Cafe is worth checking out. It won’t disappoint. 128153

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Daven P.
4.0 Stars

There's newly opened café in Malate. It's located at the ground floor of HOP INN Hotel. The place is quite small but intimate. A perfect venue for friends or family to bond over good food. Based on my estimation, it can accommodate 20 to 30 customers. They provide variety of magazines and other reading materials their customers can read while waiting for their order to be served. Also, I really enjoyed their chocolate cake, it is super moist and decadent. I tried their Matcha Latte, it is not that sweet and the taste of matcha isn't overpowering. Though, I wish they would serve it with more milk. 🙂 I also tasted their Tuyo Puttanesca, the pasta is al dente or is firm to the bite. The sauce is enough to cover the pasta. I liked that they used rotini pasta, so the sauce could adhere to the pasta easily. The pasta is served with a slice of bread with butter.
I really enjoyed the experience of dining here and I would definitely be back to try more of what's on their menu.

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

One of the coffee place that I’ve been seeing in Instagram that really caught my attention is Blocleaf. Located in Malate Manila so I really have to find a schedule just to find this place. So in one of those weekends me and my coffee/food buddy decided to go on a simple manila crawl. We started of with Blocleaf since according to google maps its just walk from Diamond Hotel.
Blocleaf is bright spot in the street of MH Del Pilar. Just below Hop Inn hotel ermita. The place is really neat clean eye ctaching since the area of MH Del Pilar got the old dirty looking Manila vibe. I love how minimalist Blocleaf is with the accent of wood and plants. This is the perfect place that you want to spend your weekend morning waking up. Relax, light and chill.

For my coffee/drinks I got their iced matcha latte since it was a beauty in the picture haha. Tastewise I was a bit disappointed due to the lack of Matcha flavor. I think it was a bit diluted by the ice. Maybe next time I’ll try it hot. I also got to taste what my buddies ordered. The hot thai milk tea was so good. I love this better. I really should had my matcha latte hot. We also tried the Ube cheesecake. Also enjoyed this cake. Not too sweet but the ube flavor was also very light. Not bad.

Overall love this place feel but for the food/drinks I think they still can improve on it. But when in Malate looking for a grerat coffee spot this is really a great option. Suggest go for the hot thai tea latte that’s a sure winner.


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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

Before proceeding to our Seminar in Manila, we went to this hidden neighborhood cafe at the heart of Malate...minimalist and straightforward’s a far cry from the mainstream coffeeplaces we usually go to...this one makes you wanna say that you’d like to have your own personal quite space! Even the media player by the counter was so cool!12852210084128077🏻

For starters we had the looseleaf iced teas which felt refreshing and healthy? Hehehe....I got the longganisa pasta which had these finely chopped tomatoes with grounds of sweet garlicky vigan longganisa...and the thickness of the pasta was like something between a spaghetti noodle and and angelhair pasta128522127881128077🏻

We tried their Ube Cake for dessert, the texture was similar to that of a cheesecake with its graham base, it was chilled, tender and creamy yum yum yum as well :)12852210084128077🏻

Blocleaf is truly a gem of a hideaway experience and it wouldn’t be complete with some pics in the cafe as well! Summer Edition! 1008410084100841008410084

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Cindy S.
4.0 Stars

I am slowly but surely ticking off coffee shops that I must visit from my list! This time, it’s Blocleaf Café in Malate, Manila. Kung saan saan na ‘ko nakakarating, all for the love of coffee! 1285149749️♥️

Their place is quite hidden and you’ve gotta keep an eye open because it’s easy to miss. Visited this place with the BF one Saturday afternoon and we were the only customers around, yey lucky me! No one’s gonna judge me while I whip out my cam to take that perfect shot. Haha! 128514

Fell in love with their interior, it’s clean and bright, white walls with several potted plants that gives off a garden-ish feel. Loved the natural lighting. They have few seats inside and outside the shop, plus parking spaces.

We ordered the following —

9749️ Mocha (150php)
Espresso wasn’t too strong and the chocolate taste was light. It’s just an “okay” light drink, not what I was expecting on a mocha. 128533

9749️ Thai Tea Latte (140php)
The BF’s drink, served iced and I liked this one to the point that I was tempted to switch drinks! Haha! It was milky, creamy and very Thai-tasting. Ano daw? 🤔128514

9749️ Purple Yam Cheesecake (170php)
Went here with the intention to just get drinks, so I got this on a whim! It was sitting there on the cake shelf asking me to have it, and so my fragile sweet tooth self gave in. 128514 Wasn’t disappointed. This purple yam cheesecake was 128156! Not too sweet, just right. The ube taste was mild and nutty.

The baristas were all smiles and really friendly. They also serve other items such as Eggplant Parmigiana, Longganisa Pasta, plus more cakes and pastries — which I need to try on my next visit! 128149

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

Visited this place impulsively one evening, as I looked for a place to just chill for a bit.

The cafe is quite hidden and small, with only a few tables both inside and outside. I like the place's design tho. Clean, light wood furniture and fixtures with indoor plants all around, making the place seem bright and fresh. 127807 The baristas behind the counter were also really nice and accommodating (plus there were chill tunes playing in the background).

The menu is pretty simple with a couple of drinks, some cakes and some light meals like sandwiches and pasta dishes. Prices were around 150-200+ PHP. They were noted to support local farmers and products so yayayay!

I had:

9749️ Thai Tea Latte (170 PHP) - this was served to me lukewarm almost and that was kind of a bummer. It tasted okay, nothing about it really wowed me.

128156 Ube Cheesecake (190 PHP) - I liked this, and I'm not a fan of ube. The ube flavor wasn't super evident, but there were bits of ube jam in there and the crust was nice and sweet and not super hard/crumbly. Just right!

Overall, pretty cozy place!

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Vincent Á.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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