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Rada Regency, Rada St., Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Blowout Bar
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Kayla C.
5.0 Stars

They really do great in their hair and make up service... and they also introduced me to morocan argan oil which is a really good treatment for my hair (btw my hair is a bit hard to handle coz its really thick and frizzy) and with some miracle these treatment has done it for me so I usually use it every now and then. Thanks you so muchieee 128536

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Yina M.
4.0 Stars

Hidden in Rada St., Makati is blowout bar. Like the room of requirement, it appears to ladies who have difficult tresses to manage and need frizzies to be tamed. This grooming is often done for a special occasion or maybe for even none in particular. What's nice with small shops like these is that you can walk out without telling the whole city you got glammed up.

This blow dry bar specializes in getting you natural waves to tight barrel curls (that don't resemble the telephone curls from the 80's, that are not too bad looking now.) The place seats about three and if you do want to save time, book the make-up artist (who I share the same name with), Yna, and while your hair's being done she'll work magic on your face. I had to get my frizzies smoothed out for a better version of my naturally hideous curls for a wedding. It had enough body but not as big and flouncy as Farrah Fawcett's hair, thank goodness.

I rarely visit a salon so it's nice to go to a decent one where they don't pull leg and smother you with fake compliments after.

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Maia T.
5.0 Stars

Please disregard my face and focus on my hair. 128514 Decided to pay this place a visit since my coupon for dealgrocer was expiring. Talk about last minute!

Paid 999 for a deal originally priced at 3000. Crazy steal!

Entire treatment together with the blowout lasted 1 hour. I was served free iced tea and was given a the chance to choose the movie during my blowout. Btw, I chose the signature blowout flirtini!128134

Needless to say I was very satisfied with their services. If you need an instant pick me upper for days when you just want to look pretty go here for a day of pampering! Blowouts alone range from 350-400! 128076

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Lizanne S.
4.0 Stars

Got a Deal Grocer coupon for this place which consisted of a blow dry & make up package. In just one hour, I was transformed into one of the titas of Manila (in a good way). To think, this would normally take 2 hours in an ordinary salon. 128077 Cons: it's a bit hard to get in touch with them; restroom is outside. Sana lang they serve alcoholic drinks too! Hehehe.

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Jill R.
4.0 Stars

I am very low maintenance when it comes to the way I look. I only go to a salon twice a year to have my hair done.

This time I had to attend a wedding and became one of the bridesmaids. I saw this hair and makeup voucher in Deal Grocer. Blowout Bar Manila usually charges 2,500 for hair and makeup but the price of the voucher was only 1,250php.

It's a very cute and girly place. VS Fashion show was playing on their TV. They would also offer you a drink.

I really wanted the Cherry Bombshell look which had more curls but they suggested Malibu Rum and my hair straightened when I got home to change into my gown and I had to do something at home to curl it again.

They also charge 350 per head if you need to have your hair or makeup or both done before the time they open.

Lastly, they are pretty hard to contact.128532 The phone numbers posted on their site are barely noticed when I am trying to call them but are ringing.

Overall, I really really loved my look. I'm just too shy to post a selfie.128540

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Chichi T.
5.0 Stars

Hole in a wall salon place where they can do amazing curls! Plus you get to enjoy chiq flicks and drinks (imagine you're seating in a bar) while getting your hair done.

Tips: they have great make up artists so try it out too. I think this isn't on their menu. But you can check ask the owner. 128077

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Anne F.
5.0 Stars

New favorite place when I need hairdo for an event!!! 128129

Went to Cinderella gala last night at RW Manila. My mom called me at around 3PM to ask if I had any plans to go to a salon and have my hair fixed. I said, none and she told me that my cousin (who gave the free tix) had her hair done.

Pfff na-pressure naman ako. Thanks to the trusty looloo app, I found Blowout Bar which is quite near to my office. I was able to book an appointment easily since it was a weekday. Not much customers. 128541

Initially planned to have Flirtini but since I was able to share during the phone call that I was attending an event, the kind lady (who was like the manager of the place) asked if I wanted to have Malibu Rum instead. Uhm "messy beachy waves" for short hair??? 128534 She said that it would still look good since they already had short-haired customers try it.

Since everything was priced at 400, gorabels na! After about 45mins, I got to see how I looked like. Ooooohhh, so impressed!!! My sister and cousin looooooved it when they picked me up from the place.

Hairdo looked even more prettier after the curls "settled down", giving it really messy waves. 128582 Quite tempting to have my hair digipermed... 128540

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Barbara d.
5.0 Stars

This is where I usually go when I'm having a bad hair day or when I need to prettify my hair for an event. Blowout Bar was the first one who brought the blow dry bar concept to Manila focusing only on hairstyling; no cuts, no colors--just pure blowouts.They offer different styles you can choose from:

Flirtini- volume & body with pretty waves (their signature blowout)
Long Island-sleek & straight
Malibu Rum-messy beachy waves
Cherry bombshell-lots of curls

I usually get the malibu rum or the flirtini to add volume & loose waves, and to get that Victoria's Secret model inspired hair. All blowouts are priced at php 400 which I find a bit pricey considering they're just gonna wash & style your hair. But because I'm usually too lazy to do my own, I still go here just to treat myself once in awhile.

I love how pretty the place is with the tiffany blue walls and white accents, and they even show classic chick flicks so customers won't get bored while waiting. Sabrina (one of my all time favorites!) was showing while I was having my hair done. The whole process took around maybe 45 minutes to an hour. After my blowout, the stylist spun me around from the bar to face the mirror (just like in the movies!) and showed me my beautiful waves. Cheesy moment but the feeling was actually quite uplifting128522

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Denise C.
5.0 Stars

Cherry bombshell is the bomb! The curls really looked good on me (well, as far as im concern! 128541) but the curls lasted maybe for 3 hours only but it's half my fault cause I came late and they have to do my hair fast so I could make it to the wedding on time. Haha!

The stylist who assisted me is Maya who is really nice. Definitely coming back and try flirtini! They did my hair better than franck provost! 128077

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Chuty S.
4.0 Stars

The Blowout Bar is not a salon. They only do blowouts - no coloring, no cuts and no treatments.

I appreciate the concept because I am one of those girls who hate having to book a salon days in advance just to get a quick blow dry fix. I mean, what about those impromptu
"I suddenly have plans", "i need to look polished A-sap", "i feel ugly, i need a blow dry" kind of days?? Chances are, major salons won't be able to accommodate you if you just breeze in. Unless you are willing to wait for a chair to become available or you are willing to share a stylist with somebody who is waiting for her hair to get cooked!

And since salons offer lots of different services with longer turnaround time, then that means your wait time is also longer should there be delays or mishaps. Not worth sitting thru, if you are only after a blow dry.

That being said, my solution is to keep my own high powered blowdryer and a huge ass roller brush inside my office drawer, then I pull em out like a magic wand during certain occasions (eg. special meetings, presentations, customer/stakeholder visits, impromptu weekday night outs etc.)

Yes, I've learned to do my hair on my own and I've found value in investing on high quality tools. The downside is it's tiring to do it on your own! Imagine holding a heavy duty blow dryer on one hand and a big wooden roller brush on the other, while doing upward then downward strokes!! Kapagod! Hello muscles! It literally is work.

So when I found out that the first blowout bar in the country (just recently) opened, my eyes twinkled! The bonus is that it is walking distance from my office!! Yey!

It is still best to book. But with blowout bars, your chances of being accommodated even without a booking is very high. And your approximate wait time won't be long! Really perfect for impromptu dilemmas.

I loved the cozy interiors! They also have a cutey lighting fixture made of Tiffany blue colored blow dryers - structured like a ceiling fan but it really is an overhead lamp. Truly creative!

The service was quick and smooth! I was done in 20 minutes including shampoo and was out of there in 30 minutes including DIY makeup!

They have LCD screens playing Victoria' Secret fashion show in HD for clients' viewing pleasure! This is a plus!

Naaliw ako with their candy colored clips and pins! Cutey!

They have 4 styles on their wash, style n go menu:

Flirtini - the signature; this is what I got 128134
Long Island - sleek and straight
Malibu Rum - beachy waves
Cherry Bombshell - curly

All have the same price - it seems that from 350, they increased to 450. But I'm not sure, maybe I gave 100 as tip! Pardon the memory gap.... This is a late review!

Some may find it a little pricey considering that you can get a haircut from Bench Fix salon for 350 and blow dry comes free. But I don't mind paying extra for much lesser noise, no waste of time, plush bar style interiors and they use premium styling products.

Try it out when there is a special occasion. You will walk out with bigger hair, more confident stance and feeling like you can rule the world! I don't know with you but I feel empowered when I have blow dried hair 9786

Hehe! Toodles!

Minus one star for lack of convenient parking space!!

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Diana F.
4.0 Stars

This is the first Blowout Bar franchise in the Philippines and it's turning 1 this month. :)

I loved the service! :) Yun nga lang medyo matagal sila gumawa. The stylists are friendly, too. :) They have a template of hairstyles but you could bring a picture na pwede nilang gayahin.

Budget: at least P400

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Reg A.
4.0 Stars

Loved the blowout experience. Great customer service. The only thing that didn't work out perfectly was that the curl and volume didn't last, even for at least an hour.

Would still go back though and would try the full on Malibu Rum style - without the argan oil this time (I suspect that it was the cause for the style not to hold because it weighed the hair down too much).

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Melissa W.
4.0 Stars

Nothing like sexy Victoria's Secret Fashion Show like hair to give your confidence an extra boost!

Cute interiors. I'm a fan of stores who put a lot of effort to get the small details right--cute color palette, victorian-inspired furniture, VSFS on TV, etc. I mean you can technically get a blowdry from any parlor for the same price, but what sets the blowout bar apart is the experience. The blowout bar looks like a kikay bar--all the chairs are facing a counter rather than a personal mirror, you can order the package that serves drinks for you to enjoy while you have your hair done, and you have 2010 & 2011 of the VSFS on TV to add to that desire for bouncy sexy hair.

Great staff. The staff (well, there always seems to be only one person inside who is both the stylist and the cashier) was very accommodating. She was able to do both the blowdrying and making sure the people waiting had enough magazines to read, or a had a good view of the VSFS on TV.

Long lasting. I have naturally straight hair so whenever I have my hair curled, it usually only lasts 1-2 hours. I don't know what she did with my hair but my curls lasted a good 6-7 hours!

Location and parking. The store is very small (and so is the sign) so you have to keep your eyes peeled when looking for this! There is parking in front of the store (along rada st) but it seems to always be full.

I'd recommend this place for those times when you need to look a little bit more glamorous--maybe you're attending a wedding, having a family reunion, attending an event where there will be lots of pictures, etc.

...OR MAYBE those days when you feel you don't like how your hair looks like anymore (it's flat, it's fly away, "I need a change",etc) or you're bored. DON'T CUT IT OFF YET! It might just be a bad hair day! Get a blowdry first to get you through it then decide later on. The shampoo they use has argan oils so it should do something for your hair, right? (I honestly don't know..after all the heat, I think it just about cancels it out).

Overall, it's always a good experience for me. Instant confidence booster. :-) if I could only find a way to get that VS angel body

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