Blue Elements Wellness Spa

21 Congressional Ave., Congressional, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Blue Elements Wellness Spa
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Most Recent Reviews

Eya P.
5.0 Stars

Went here again with the boyfriend for a Swedish Massage (P250). The place is neat and smells like mint 128516 staffs are nice. I like my masseuse coz she gives the right amount of pressure in every stroke, not too hard, not too light. The boyfie and i are both very tired these past few weeks so the massage is definitely a treat! We almost fell asleep 128514 they offer tea or warm water after, and they give 2 hot towels. Plus a little envelope with their name on it, gotta put some tip inside guuuuuurl! 128514

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Marisse P.
3.0 Stars

Price: Cheap. Full body Swedish massage is 250 bucks.

Venue: No issues. Parking Was not a problem and that was because We went there past 11PM and we were the last customers to be taken in. Place was clean but it was too dark inside so I was not sure if there were things that were not supposed to be there that I just did not see. There was a room that was not properly covered were you can see towels are hung. It does not look orderly. I just feel that the AC was turned off already when we got in since we were the last customers. I did not bothered to complain about it though as I easily get cold. Restroom is clean.

Customer Service: The ladies were nice. I was actually happy with the one who attended to me. She did not hurt any of my veins.

Overall: I'll go back there again but only when it's on the way.

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Karen C.
4.0 Stars

Been here for like 3-4x :)
They give hot tea (if you prefer it than water) after a relaxing massage. Aside from the hot tea on the tray, they also provide 2 warm towels and a small envelope with the masseuse's name on it. Yeah, its like a compulsory tip for her (whether you liked her service or not) haha!

  • No. of Comments: 3
Michelle M.
5.0 Stars

Relaxing ambiance, courteous staff, and affordable promos. Try their pinoy hilot with ventosa! 128077128164

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

No the pic wasn't a scene from JJ Abrams' Star Trek: Into Blueness, but rather the interior of Blue Elements Spa, this place that I'd been seeing for several months na and out of sheer inis sa (A)Manwana Spa, I decided to try out.

GOOD THING!128514128517128527

1) their last call is 12 midnight!
2) their prices are equally reasonable with Amanwana Spa at P300 - P450 per hour
3) flexible types of massage which includes Pinoy Hilot (their version of Deep Tissue Massage but with better pangdudurog), Blue Elements Massage (with Ventosa, or those small bursts of flame that they cover with a small shot glass for your back, to take care of nagging knots or lamig), and even (never tried) hot stone massage. Ayos!
4) the masseuse, Riza, actually can do hard massage! She sheepishly confessed that what she was doing was medium to sort of hard while I thought it was already hard! LOL!128540128535128521
5) the ambiance and cleanliness of the place are better, and more professional than Amanwana or the older massage places in the area (Congressional).

Definitely my new go to massage place! To those who are from this area, let me know so I can recommend! Definitely coming back here next week.

  • No. of Comments: 9