Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen

79 Sct. Reyes St. cor. Sct. Lozano St., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen
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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Nowadays, Cafes are popular spots for people who’d like to relax, work or try out some new food or drinks that they have to offer. If you’re one of the people who would like to experience any of the above, I think I’ve got a place that will just suit you right.

Hidden away from the more populous areas of Quezon City and situated near a residential area is this lovely place called Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen. With a warm and cozy ambiance that’s very easy to get comfortable to, their menu is also something that you could rave about as it features a variety of food and drinks that you won’t usually find in an ordinary cafe.

I already ate a lot before coming here so I wasn’t able to order a lot. But as a food lover, it somehow feels like a sin to just pass up on what their broad menu has to offer. Eventually, I ended up ordering more than what I could handle but as the saying goes, more (food) is always better.

There’s quite a number of rice meals on their menu so I decided that I’d try out at least 2 of them. The first thing I tried was their Lucban Longganisa (Php 235), which is actually quite better than your average longganisa meal, but price on the high side. It’s seasoned well with enough spice, sour atsara was a good compliment for it, and the pair of fried eggs that comes with it completes the usual Pinoy breakfast experience. I suggest nutrient rich Buco Latte (Php 120) to partner with this.

The other rice meal was bestselling Torched Shrimp Tempura Rice (Php 345). It is beer battered and torched on point, served with ample teriyaki and miso sauce. There is a reason why it’s the cafe’s most popular pick.

How about some Iced Flat Blue (Php 140)? It is an unusual concoction of bold blended coffee and fruity blueberries. It is a welcome playful drink. You can pair this beverage with their Bricks. These are decadent and fudgy pastries. It has a crunch and a softer sugary inside. We had the Ube and Cheese and Burnt Chocolate Chip.

For a thicker drink, go for Chocolate Malt Milkshake. It’s dense and rich, and super filling with an overdose of sweetness. This should be good for 2 at least!

One thing that I also tried out of curiosity was their Chocolate Chili Wings with Ice Cream. If you’re a sucker for something different, this dark chocolate-covered buffalo wings might actually work for you.

So that ends my short trip here at the Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen. But it is definitely not my last visit.

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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

I love going around quiet and residential areas of Quezon City as I usually spot a gem or two. And my trip last week did not disappoint when I finally dropped by one of the restaurants I've been eying for quite some time--Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen.

Hello, Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen.

I was greeted by a dark blue sign and interiors with hues of grays and reds. The piano by the door and the Britannica encyclopedias by the sofa gave it an even warmer ambiance and reminded me of home.

Alyson, one of the young restaurateurs behind Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen welcomed me and assisted me in picking what dishes to try. For this visit, I went with Rocket-sized Breakfast (PHP295), Blue Rocket Salad (PHP195), Salmon with Mango Teriyaki Sauce (PHP285), Asian Chicken Pasta (PHP235) and Baked Spicy Korean Chicken Rice (PHP265). For drinks, I went with Iced Flat Blue (PHP140) and Fizzo Craft Soda (PHP120).

First served was my bright blue coffee that would make you wonder if it really is coffee. I was hesitant to ask if the drink has food coloring and after I mustered up the courage to ask, I got confirmation that it has. However, it's not blue just because of the restaurant's name. This iced coffee has a surprising flavor... blueberry! If you're fond of coffee with fruity notes, then you'd most likely enjoy this. But if earthy flavors are more of your preference, then it's best to stick with their classic coffee. I really enjoyed this unique drink though it was initially a bit too sweet for my liking. (It was a lot better after the ice melted.)

The Fizzo Craft Soda was served next and the frustrated artist in me liked the adorable label. This drink made by Nipa Beer was refreshing. It reminded me of those carbonated calamansi drinks but with half the sweetness. I discovered a new favorite!

It took around 15 minutes for the dishes to be served one after another and first up was the Blue Rocket Salad.

The bowl of greens with candied walnuts, dried cranberries and sundried tomatoes drizzled with lemon vinaigrette served as a great starter. The Romaine lettuce was crisp and the sweet walnuts and cranberries created a nice contrast against the slight tangy vinaigrette.

Anyone who's fond of Chicken Charlie would enjoy Blue Rocket's take on Yellow Cab's famous pasta. The Asian Chicken Pasta had that sweet and spicy addicting taste we all love from Chicken Charlie. The grilled chicken and shiitake mushrooms added bite to the dish and balanced the rich oriental peanut sauce.

The Salmon with Mango Teriyaki Sauce came with rice and veggies. It reminded me of poke bowls only, the salmon's not raw.

This would serve as a great introduction to poke bowls though. Taste-wise, it was pretty good.

I prefer the grilled salmon with veggies more than rice though for that extra healthy feel. Ask for extra mango teriyaki sauce if you want more flavor.

If you want something cheesy with a bit of heat, you might want to get the Baked Spicy Korean Chicken Rice. Each mouthful was packed with sweet, spicy and cheesy flavors.

Though I would not recommend this to kids because of its mild spice, it's definitely something I'd want to order again on my next visit.

You might find the Rocket-size Breakfast plate a bit expensive given its serving size. But it could fill even the biggest tummy. The fluffy French toast was delightfully topped with sugar creating a lovely contrast against the salty bacon, sausages and eggs. I wouldn't mind having this every morning (or brunch).

To cap my meal, I tried Blue Rocket's Coffee Cheesecake (PHP155) and Matcha Bar (PHP70).

As a hardcore matcha fanatic, I didn't get the strong green tea taste from the matcha bar. The white chocolate taste was more pronounced than matcha. This though would be a nice treat for those slowly trying to appreciate Japan's famous flavor.

I found the cheesecake to be a bit expensive given its serving size but I was convinced that it was worth every Peso after one bite. It was so decadent! I fell in love with the blend of cream cheese, coffee and chocolate. It was love at first bite!

Blue Rocket Cafe + Kitchen is far from where I live but I'd definitely drop by when I find myself around the area.

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Mich M.
2.0 Stars

For dessert, I got 3pcs of "extremely chewy cookies" is what they named it so I had to expect it.
I love cookies so seeing the plate coming up and looking like that just left a frown on my face. Irregularly shaped and inconsistent in texture.

Had 1 chocolate chip flavored that came soggy that it wasn't even solid to hold onto, oily and I could only taste sweetness. I think they also used marshmallows in the batter. The triple chocolate ones were better as they were a bit solid to hold but it was way sweet and there were cold parts, must have been reheated from the refrigerator.

Though it was just P85 for 3pcs, it should've lived up to being chewy. Seems like I could've baked them on my own at home.

Disappointing experience overall. It was just the ambiance and wifi that people come to this place, seeing that people present were mostly studying.

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Shermaine C.
4.0 Stars

Really value for money food with excellent tasting dishes. Loved the deconstructed smoked salmon sushi! Go give it a

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Marianne V.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Chiara C.
5.0 Stars

Hippest cafe I've been to. Reminds me of San Francisco. Food is great, in terms of both taste and value. We had the mozzarella sticks and deconstructed salmon. I will be coming back for the coffee...

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Steph D.
4.0 Stars

Good coffee, good food, and love the ambiance! Just one thing to note on the food though: they use too much turmeric for my taste.

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