Bluejaz Water Park

Circumferential Rd., Samal, Davao del Norte

Bluejaz Water Park
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Jemimah G.
2.0 Stars

We rented their white house on our stay there. It has three spacious rooms and two CRs.

Room - so-so
The room is okay, above average, as expected since it's quite expensive. However, the AC in one of the rooms is not working. There may be something wrong with the thermostat.

Restroom - ❌
Pros: Spacious plus bathtub
Cons: weird use of space. It's very spacious however the toilet is very cramped, with a divided space for the shower. In the shower area, there's an open door which leads to the balcony. It's closed from the outside, thanks God. Btw, the shower is not working. But we do have hot water. 128512

Food - ❌
It took them more than an hour to serve our food. Each time! And i'm not exaggerating, i've timed it. We ordered our dinner at 8:23 pm and received it at 9:25 pm, it's not even complete. My officemates waited for their food even longer so we ended sharing what was served.

Activities - ✅
Their redeeming factor. Since we rented the white house, the zip line is for free. We also tried the banana boat and the owner is very generous and allowed at least 4 of us to enjoy the jetski free of charge. We enjoyed it so much!

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Naihj G.
2.0 Stars

Better to hitch small beach resorts in the island than stay here... it is usually pay here pay there resorts plus service disfunctional even their boat people are all angsters who always in a hurry. Damn!!!

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April V.
2.0 Stars

On our first night in Davao, we stayed here.

I ended up booking a room here because my cousin told me about their slide and when I checked their website, the rooms looked decent.

I honestly didn't know a better resort in this area... and I just booked in haste because the rest of the trip, we we'll be staying in my uncle's place.

The room we had was small, it had a queen bed and they put in two single mattress for the extra persons. It was weird because I was expecting two queen beds like in the photos and in the room beside us (I saw it when they walked out. LOL)

The bathroom was really 128078128078128078. It was tiny and old. Couldn't even take a picture! Our room, Jasmin 3, is very different from the one beside it. Maybe they haven't done renovations for it yet but for its price, it wasn't worth it. 128078

Their food service was also bad! We had to wait over an hour for our food to arrive! That happened thrice! Dinner, breakfast and lunch the next day! But since we learned our lesson after dinner, we ordered in advance for the next two meals. Still, we waited a bit long. 128531

The beach in Samal is nice though. Their waters are really clear. It's just sad that there are plenty of trash. 128542

Regarding the slide, which we went there for, the pool after the fall is just 3 feet deep, so you can't really go "head first" or whatever. Corny. 128541

If you want to stay in Samal, I think Paradise Island is a better option.9996

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Kerv S.
3.0 Stars

Vodka in a mango drink.

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Heart Jhoy B.
2.0 Stars

Last time went here I met a guest who said his bed was infested with fleas.....I haven't been back since!

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Jenny T.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Archie P.
5.0 Stars

ang taas ng slide sa pool nila :))

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