Bodega Kitchen & Bar

Two Central Bldg., 109 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Bodega Kitchen & Bar
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Most Recent Reviews

Jacexperience V.
4.0 Stars

A laid back, after work comfort place that serves pinoy fusion food with a twist. It's the place where you unload with your friends and co-workers.

I love Bodega's matte dark/moss green wall with different stuff placed on the wall!!! Comforting and interesting.

🍽 FOOD & 127865DRINKS (What caught the attention of my tongue)

1. Sinarabsab (P280) 
- Mahn, this is so good!!! Super!!! Ilocano Grilled liempo w/ roasted eggplants that taste oh so good with green mango and bagoong that sent me howling "ensherep!". Best paired with rice. Sira diet. Haha!

2. Queso Fundido (Not available in the menu anymore since it is a May 2018 Special)
- When it comes to cheese-laden food, who wouldn't say no? What? You would say no to cheese-laden food? Come here and I'll give you a smack on the face! Haha! :D But yea, hopefully they bring this back because it is so delicioso! :D

3. Jalapeno Sisig (P320) 
- In all fairness, their sisig is good ah!!! :D

128134‍♂️ SERVICE:

The crew were accommodating. 


There is an underground parking as far as I can remember since I'm a #TeamCommute kind of person so I didn't get to check where are the parking places.


FACEBOOK: @jacexperience
INSTAGRAM: @jacexperience
YOUTUBE: Jacexperience

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Alex A.
4.0 Stars

Quite an odd yet catchy name for a restaurant nonetheless having a very relevant meaning makes them more appealing to the generation of young people who just love to have fun and enjoy the night at their place. When you say Bodega, it's easily defined as storage usually of old items or memento that are worth keeping. Likewise, Bodega as a restaurant can be compared as a place where you can share and keep memories when you dine and eat with friends. The idea was conceptualized by a group of young owners who shares their memories in one place  - one very obvious thing you'd notice immediately is the wall art where old stuff where stuck at the surface which represents each and everyone's keepsake.
Our visit was meant to try the launching of new items from their menu which mostly are appetizers, bar chows and/or starters. I like how they described the menu as a progressive Filipino approach which adapts to the ever changing Filipino palate. Pinoys are becoming more adventurous and are consistently in search of new food items or sometimes food items that are of the same base but a different take. Let's say the Carne Asada, Fish Taco and the Sisig Taco. Obviously, these are not your typical Mexican tacos moreover, they are fresh looking as they were nicely and colorfully plated. Carne Asada which are marinated and thinly sliced beef on top of Tacos with a kick of spiciness, the beer battered dory for a more lighter taste and the Sisig which is quite perfect whether eaten with rice, or tacos or eaten as bar chow.
Our favorite would have been the Queso Fundido which translates to molten cheese actually and they incorporated different kinds of cheese and peppers with Longganisa and Pico De Gallo. This is best paired with their home made Nachos and though it gets a bit cold fast, I still didn't stop eating this coz it's that good! And who wouldn't love cheese anyway? Alongside this dish, they serve the Tusok Tusok platter... yes you heard it right! Tusok Tusok or pinoy street food to be exact, you'll find your favorite squid balls, kikiam, and fish balls with suka or vinegar and sweet chili sauce on the sides. Not to mention the quality and taste which is far from what you can have from a street food vendor.
Last two dishes served were the Jalapeno Sisig and Sinarabsab. When you go to a regular bar, the first thing that comes to mind is Sisig so this one you shouldn't miss. They are very particular to making a nice crunchy texture and creamier in taste that is why we all enjoyed savoring this all-time pinoy fave. Sinarabsab on the other hand is simply our very own liempo (Ilocano inspired) and tortang talong with bagoong on the side. The liempo was grilled to perfection and while eating it, I immediately looked for rice!
Overall, we had a great time at Bodega but we missed the Bar drinks sadly, lol! The new menu items are worth a try and will definitely come back given I pass by the area. Kudos!

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

I'm not familiar with the establishments in Makati and I normally don't hangout in the area since I always get lost and get confused with the one way streets. When Camille S (thanks again) invited me to try this resto out since they’ll have new dishes on their menu, might as well give it a try.

Fish Taco (Php 140) 2 strips of fish not bad for Php 140. A bit messy to eat though but nice flavor of sauce.

Sisig Taco (Php 170) i love this taco! Their specialty sisig what more can you ask. A must try dish!!

Queso Fundido (Php 400) delicious melted cheeses for nachos. It was really good not your ordinary nachos dip.

We also go to try bestsellers:

Tusok Tusok Sampler (Php 185) your favorite street foods in one platter. Squidballs, kikiam and fishballs with vinegar. Can be pulutan or appetizer

Jalapeno Sisig (Php 320) liked the creaminess of mayonnaise and the crunchiness of chicharron bits. I highly recommend this with beer and cocktails.

Sinarabsab (Php 280) it was my first time to try this eggplant and liempo combo. Normally separate order but they’ve added spices and salsa for more flavor.

Side street parking or just walk from Greenbelt/Glorietta not sure which mall is near this resto.

Highly recommend their pork sisig!

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Jomarie A.
4.0 Stars

Around three weeks ago, I got an invite from Camille to visit Bodega Kitchen and Bar to try out some of their new dishes. I initially confirmed, but due to some family matters, had to decline the invite a few days before it took place. Eventually, Camille messaged me again, telling me it was rescheduled to May 5. So, I was still able to attend the event, after all! 128150

When I got to the area, I immediately noticed that there are a couple of restaurants lined up before you reach Bodega. 128525 It's been quite a while since the last time I visited this place, and so much has changed since then! When I saw the signage of Bodega, I went in, and was warmly welcomed by staff and owners alike.

As the foodies trickled in, we were served with the following new dishes, which they have already launched this week:

✅ FISH TACO (Php 140) - 110881108811088
One look and you'll immediately be intrigued by this healthier taco alternative, with the various colors that can be seen with one glance. The golden beer battered dory, ripe mango salsa, plus the red cabbage -- everything screams freshness. 10024 I have one tiny concern though: the ripe mango salsa was too flavorful, it was sort of overpowering. The fish became more of an afterthought. I wish they can make the fish standout more, because after all, it is a fish taco. 128031

✅ CARNE ASADA TACO (Php 185) - 11088110881108811088
For all the meat lovers out there, this one's for you! Carne asada, corn, coleslaw, sour cream, and Jalapeño, this is as Mexican as it can get. The meat was flavorful and juicy, and the corn and coleslaw balanced the flavors in this taco really well. 128076I'd definitely get this again, when given the chance to do so.

✅ SISIG TACO (Php 170) - 1108811088110881108811088
Saving the beat for last, is my favorite among the three tacos, the Sisig Taco! 10024 This was definitely one for the books, and is something I'd recommend to anyone who's about to visit Bodega. The flavorful and crispy sisig topped with a perfectly poached egg, this will surely make you think twice about having your sisig with rice. 128513 The cilantro-lime sauce highlights the taste of the sisig pretty well, too. Plus, the pico de gallo adds a refreshing layer to the dish as a whole. I love it! 128525🤤

✅ QUESO FUNDIDO (Php 400) - 11088110881108811088
I love how Bodega managed to marry Filipino cuisine with Mexican food, like what they did to their Queso Fundido. Typically using chorizo as the meat component, they went ahead and used Lucban Longganisa in this dish, and boy, it really brought out a unique flavorfulness to the dish! 128525 The mixture of mozarella and sharp cheddar was super good, too, and paired well with the tortilla chips they served it with. I wish the dip was a bit more melty and gooey though, for easier scooping. 128521 But the flavor is already perfect! 128076

Also, we got to sample some of their best-selling menu items, which, were all really good and worthy to be tagged as best-sellers:

✅ TUSUK TUSOK SAMPLER (Php 185) - 11088110881108811088
This is an upscale version of our street food favorites: fish balls, kikiam, and squid balls. Each piece was deep fried until toasted, so you'd be sure to enjoy this as your merienda or for the drinkers, as their pulutan! 128521 They serve this with sweet chili sauce and sukang pinakurat on the side, so you have an option. I prefer the suka, though! 128513

✅ JALAPEÑO SISIG (Php 320) - 1108811088110881108811088
You can't possibly go into a Filipino restaurant and not get sisig, right??? It's the ultimate sizzling ulam we have all grown to love. 10024In true Bodega fashion, they have also put a Mexican twist to this Filipino fave, and it actually worked! They piled lots of jalapeños on top of the sisig, and drizzled their signature cilantro lime dressing on top. Their sisig is actually very crispy. 128513 Well, what can I say: it's actually one of the best ones I've tasted to date! The textures + superb flavors make it super awesome. 128150

✅ SINARABSAB (Php 280) - 1108811088110881108811088
It's actually the first time I've heard of this dish. Wow. I normally don't like eating eggplants, but this unique dish from Bodega is definitely an exception. 10024 It's a symphony of flavors and textures: from the tasty grilled liempo, to the meaty tortang talong, to the blend of sweet and sour with their green mango salsa. Make sure to eat all the components in one bite! 128521 This is definitely one of my favorite dishes from the foodie event. 128525 Kanin na lang ang kulang! 127834127834127834

Service was good, and the staff are all very courteous and friendly. Ambiance was really nice too, and I heard the restaurant converts into a full-blown bar during night time. Perfect for your end-of-the-week partying! 128521

Special thanks to Camille S for the invite, and to owners Orville and Paul, and the entire Bodega Team for having us! 10024

Note: This event is sponsored by Bodega Kitchen and Bar.


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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

Bodega Kitchen & Bar isn’t just a typical Filipino restaurant or a bar as they’re serving noteworthy dishes with various influences from so many cuisines both local and international. And soon, they will unleash these new Mexican-inspired dishes that will surely be loved by everyone!

Let’s start off with the tacos, I was able to sample two of the three tacos served…

Carne Asada Tacos – Tender flank-steak meat with corn, coleslaw, jalapeno stuffed in soft-shell taco, and then topped with mojo sauce and sour cream. Everything blends well with each other and I love how generous the fillings were.

Fish Tacos – Definitely my favorite tacos among the two I’ve tried. Some would find it underwhelming because cream dory fish usually has that “light” flavor than most meat like beef or pork do, but I love how they made it as a standout. The fish was prepared with beer batter to make it more interesting, and then added ripe mango salsa, cilantro stuffed in soft-shell taco and finished with lime sauce. The addition of the ripe mango salsa is like the cherry on top as it complements the fish in a good way. One of the must-tries!

Then we have the Queso Fundido which I think was an ideal pair to the nachos. It’s made of Lucban longganisa and pico de gallo mixed with mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese. It was already cold when I tried it but man, it’s still good and rich in flavor! Just wanted to comment that it gets too oily when it was cold, so I guess this should be eaten right away when it’s served.

And of course, some fan-favorite classics that never gets old..

We had the Jalapeno Sisig that despite being on the table for an extended period due to our photoshoots, it’s still crunchy and tasty!

Sinarabsab is an Ilokano-inspired dish made from grilled liempo on top of “tortang talong” with sweet bagoong and salsa on the side. The grilled liempo alone was good and adding the tortang talong layer made it more glorious in every bite! The mango salsa complements well with the overall saltiness of the talong and the liempo. Another must-try!

I had a small chat with some of the owners of the place and gave me some insights about their food, how they started with their food stall business in college and eventually decided to go on a big step forward and built this quaint restaurant along Valero street in Makati. It’s hard to miss the decorations of the wall which contains some of the pre-loved items of the owners like the cassette player, playstation joystick, and even a boxing glove. I get it when he said that it has that Millennial vibe as the colours and style were into the playful side.

Bodega Kitchen & Bar continuous to improve their menu – from the traditional-inspired dishes like Sinarabsab to the most-loved dishes with a twist like the Kimchi Kansi and Sisig Fries! It is truly apparent that someone who wants to try something new will surely be pleased with their menu. With new Mexican-inspired dishes introduced to the table, no doubt that people will have more reasons to look forward to going back in this place.

Big thanks to Camille S for the invite!!! And of course, BODEGA KITCHEN CREW especially Orville and Paul!

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Kim Bryan L.
4.0 Stars

Fantastic addition to Bodega's lineup are these Mexican Inspired Dishes. Such as:

Queso Fundido - As a cheese lover, I really approved this dish. The struggle to scoop in the Lucban longganisa underneath a sheet of mozzarella and cheddar is totally worth it!

Carne Asada - The meat is marinated just right and blends perfectly with the mojo sauce, sour cream and coleslaw. I loved that they add corn as it gives in a slightly sweet taste.

Sisig Taco - it's good that they put on their sisig with tortilla which is a good pair too. They added more twist with a pouched egg.

Fish Taco - the battered dory fish goes well with the mango salsa. The addition of red cabbage made a contrast to the taste.

Of course their All Time Favorites are still present. Such as:

Sinarabsab - Your tortang talong made extra special with Grilled Liempo and Green Mango Salsa and Bagoong. Be sure to mix it all up to experience the flavor.

Jalapeno Sisig - This is one crispy sisig! You'll definitely enjoy be it pulutan or just ulam. Can be lined up as among the good one in town! 

Tusuk tusok - your usual fish balls, kikiam and squid balls combined! This is perfect for pulatan of course!

Bodega is really promising! Very fresh ideas of course coming out of young entrepreneurs not to mention a very Chill environment! Seriously a perfect after office hang out place indeed! 128525

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Mae A.
3.0 Stars

I was surprised at how cozy this bar was. I was under the impression that it was big but their space was good for those after work drinks. The wall with those different items really drew me in. It’s just eye-catching despite being monochromatic.

How colorful are those nachos? Named Macho Nachos (P390), I liked how they plated this one. The taste was okay too.

Served with Sri-rancha sauce, I liked that slight kick coming in from the sauce. It gave the dish, Bodega Fish N’ Chips (P350), life. The chips or potato wedges were quite okay too.

Hanging out here during lunch hour was okay. The crowd wasn’t as busy but it had this very chill vibe. As for the food, to be honest, nothing stood out but nothing wasn’t bad either. The serving portions are good for sharing. I just find it to be a bit expensive but if you are to share it, then it’s well worth its price.

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Raisa Z.
3.0 Stars

We tried the Chipotle Rub Ribs (550) it tasted ok, a but spicy but in a good way. I love the side potato wedges, cooked just the way I like it. And my fave ulam of all time, a must order anywhere - Sinarabsab (280) its an ilocano grilled liempo, with the perfect pair roasted eggplant with bagoong, definitely the star of the meal

Place was cute. Food was ok - I had better ribs. But if you are craving for liempo with eggplant, and bagoong. This is the place.

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4.0 Stars

I was invited by Camille for an eat up at Bodega Kitchen which is located at Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City. The small restaurant is at the ground floor of Two Central.

Bodega Kitchen is a modern Filipino restaurant owned by 8 friends headed by Orville Zosa. The restaurant offers more on traditional Pinoy cuisine with a twist that will cater to the Millennials.


🦑Macho Nacho for Php390.00 - 11088110881108811088️4/5
"It's a good starter while we wait for the other reviewers to come. The meaty sauce complement with the crispy nachos."

🦑Sisig Fries for Php275.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"The fries blend well with the sisig and it so tasty and addictive."

🦑Sinarabsab for Php280.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"It's an Ilocano dish with Grilled Liempo and Tortang Talong combined with Tomatoes and Bagoong. Best paired with steamed rice."

🦑Tea Smoked Pusit for Php525.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Bodega Kitchen's version of Inihaw na Pusit marinated with Green Tea. The best way to eat the squid is to pair with toyo-mansi and steamed rice."

🦑Greek Inasal Gyros for Php350.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Bodegas version of Chicken Inasal with Mediterranean twist. Served with pita and salad."

🦑Kimchi Kansi for Php395.00 - 110881108811088️ 3/5
"I'm confused with flavor. Maybe it would be better if we can taste a little kimchi flavor with the kansi."

🦑Kung Hei Fat Choi for Php150.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"It's like a turon just replace the banana with tikoy. Served with ice cream."

Overall, the service went well. Though it's not perfect but they did good.

*The event was paid and sponsored by Bodega Kitchen.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Camille S.
4.0 Stars

A friend of mine invited a few foodie peeps to the newly-launched restaurant in Makati, Bodega Kitchen and Bar. The place is a bit hard to find especially if you're not familiar with Salcedo Village.

The Bodega team served us their bestsellers:
127839 Sisig Fries - Because it was the first dish to be served and we took time in taking pictures, the fries got a little cold. Despite this, I still liked its taste - not overwhelmingly salty. The sisig was a bit saucy but the nori on top gave it a good complement (crunch). It goes well with the fries but the whole dish made me ask for rice. Haha!
127814 Sinarabsab - This dish is a mix of local favorites - liempo, bagoong and grilled eggplants. I also liked how the grilled liempo was cooked, which made me looked for more rice haha.
🦑 Tea Smoked Pusit - According to the team, this was the hardest to cook which likely explains why it's the most expensive among the dishes served to us. The squid wasn't chewy and tastes better with soy sauce.
🌯 Greek Inasal Gyros - One of the most interesting concepts they came up with is this dish. I like how the Inasal was cooked and tasted. It had a slight hint of sourness on it which you can wash away with the salad and the pita/rice.
🌶 Kimchi Kansi - It's like our local sinigang but spicier because of the kimchi. Not a fan of spicy food but this dish is something I can tolerate.

For the drinks, I tried their Russian Gummy Rocket which I think was vodka with juice and gummy bears. Maybe they can look into adding descriptions for their cocktails so that it's easier for the customers to order.
They also served one dessert - Kung Hey Fat Choi which includes fried tikoy roll, vanilla ice cream topped with a sugary lines/net (not sure what it’s called). The dessert was surprisingly good though. Maybe they can cut down on the net on top as it doesn’t help that much on the taste. Might be a little better if there’s more caramel syrup, instead.

When it comes to the interiors of the place, it's so nice and plain. It's impressive how they can manage to change the ambiance of the place from a cozy one to a party-like place at night.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Was invited by Camille S for dinner here at BODEGA one Saturday. Although we were full from @FoodSociety's Poblacion foodcrawl, I was surprised that we still had space for more food and yay because if wala, I wouldn't be able to try the SISIG FRIES and KIMCHI KANSI (my favorites). 🤗

SISIG FRIES was wow! Despite being "cold" already after taking photossss, it was still crunchy/crispy. Liked the fries because it's not the store-bought type. Also, the sisig + wasabi mayo + nori combination was so gooooood!! 💯 Partida malamig na siya ah! What more kung mainit and fresh from the kitchen pa. I just think that they should give extra wasabi mayo on the side. 128518

KIMCHI KANSI. It's like a spicy sinigang version. Loved how the flavors worked together - spicy, sour, and kind of sweet. Sarap! 🤤

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Midz S.
5.0 Stars

Bodega Kitchen and Bar is a new restobar offering Filipino dishes with the slight twist and influence from other cuisines.

This quaint restaurant has simple yet eye catching displays, with a wall of antique items put together by the owners, to bring its name "bodega" to life.

Although their food might seem dull at first, with the lack of extravagant, unnecessary plating decors, its bold taste says differently.

We started the night with the Bodega fries. Wedge cut potatoes topped with two kinds of sisig, wasabi sauce and nori strips. This was a real crowd favorite, with the distinct but subtle taste of wasabi complementing the potatoes so well, despite being cold (it's our fault for taking too much photos haha!) The flavorful sisig with a nice added crunch was also a plus.

|Greek Inasal Gyros P350 - The Greek, deconstructed inasal was also one of my favorites, although no one else's. The juicy chicken was well-infused with the inasal flavor, with a side of Tabbouleh salad, sauces, and a choice of pita bread or rice that are all meant to be consumed together.

|Sinarabsab P280 - Who knew that a classic Filipino ensalada would taste so unfamiliar, but in a delicious way? A bed of roasted eggplant with green mango and tomato ensalada on one side and bagoong on the other, topped with tender pieces of well seasoned grilled liempo drizzled with some white sauce.

|Kimchi kansi - MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE. Their kansi is full of flavor and added aromatics, with a thick soup and tender beef perfect for the cold season. The kimchi taste was also unnoticeable in terms of taste and smell, but was able to contribute in the acidity of the dish. I highly recommend this kimchi kansi. Solid!

|Tea Smoked Pusit P480 - Squid smoked in green tea and served with green mango salsa and lemon. We didn't know the name of this when we first tried it, but we were quick to conclude that we loved its smoky flavor, and perfectly cooked and tender meat.

|Kung Hei Fat Hoi P150 - Feel the blessings of the Chinese New Year with Bodega's dessert. It's a turon made with tikoy, drizzled with their langkaramel (langka + caramel) sauce, and served with scoops of vanilla ice cream.

|Russian Gummy Rocket P220
|OG Mai Tai P220

Bodega Kitchen and Bar is a living proof that food doesn't have to be too complicated to be appreciated, and more importantly, to taste amazing. Their food reminded me why the classic dishes remain well embraced and loved by many despite all the changes and modernization in the culinary world.

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