Bomod-Ok Falls

Sagada, Mountain Province

Bomod-Ok Falls
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Mitzi B.
3.0 Stars

This falls is faaaaaar 128563! We went early morning after a big breakfast 128518. Will take 3-4 hour roundtrip depends on your pace and time spent within the falls. Different route going to and from. Going there is fairly easy. We passed by Fidelisan Terraces and the trails are mostly cemented and downhill. Rested for maybe 30-45 minutes in the falls area. There's really nothing special about this falls though. You can take a dip if you can brave the ice cold water 128561. The boys did but us girls mostly rested And saved our energy on the trek going back. The trail was mostly boulders of rocks uphill (pic no. 6) plus the heat at that time slowed us down. Dusa haha 128563128516128563. After all that exercise, all we can think is LUNCH 128516128513128516.

Damage for our group of 9:
Guide fee - Php500
Environmental/entrance fee - Php90
Van Rental From Sagada RT - Php650

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Mico C.
5.0 Stars

If I were to graph my feelings throughout our journey to Bomod-OK falls and back, then the graph would most probably be a parabola (opening downwards). It’s tiring and tough to get there but once you make it and see the falls, you’ll know immediately that it’s worth it. Then you go back to your starting point which is tougher than going down (obviously!)

In order to marvel at the beauty of the Bomod-ok falls, you need to take quite a long hike down to the foot of the falls. Do take note that there are a lot of spots to take good pictures along the way to the falls so don’t keep stopping at every point you see. You’ll regret it once you have very tired legs from all the posing and stopping. Taking pictures significantly increased our total time walking to the falls. In return though, at least we got good pictures to jog our memories afterwards. Yeya! Before you start the trek, there will be people offering you sticks that can aid your walk down and up the trail. Warning: Once you get a stick from them, you are responsible for that stick and you have to bring it back to the starting point. So at no point in trip down to the falls and back should you leave your stick OR GIVE IT TO YOUR COMPANION WHO DID NOT GET A STICK IN THE FIRST PLACE! Haha If ever you do feel that you are about to give up on the trek because it is so difficult, just look to the natives as inspiration since there will be several young men carrying huge pieces of lumber up and down the steps. So if they can do that laborious task, then you should be able to simply walk down and up the steps! Right? Maybe. Haha It was tough, I have to be honest. After the long hike, you will see the beautiful falls in front of you.

You can swim at the base of the falls but I have to warn you that the water is very cold. But I suggest that you might as well jump in (or maybe wade in) since you already made the long trip down. Once you jump in, make sure you stay there for a while in order to maximize the time there and reward your efforts to get there. You all deserve it! Then make sure to dry up when it’s time to go. Therefore, a towel and change of clothes are essential after taking a dip.

Of course the downhill path we passed would be the same path we would pass to go back up to our starting point. Noooooooo. At this point, while you’re freezing and trying to dry yourself with the wind (forgot my towel, big mistake), you need to make your way back up which is quite difficult. Hohum. Bring liquids in order to hydrate yourself consistently, you’ll need it. Or you may just bring money, since there are several stores along the way as well. Great locations my dear friends.

Anyway, that’s it. Take care everyone! Stay mahusay!

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

If you are still feeling well after spelunking in sumaguing cave, then you must push for Bomod-Ok Falls. Actually maybe was already aching after the cave connection but I can't pass seeing another beauty of sagada.

Bomod-ok falls is a wonderful sightseeing trek to the rice terraces fields. It was a one hour trek down hill on the very hot sun but the amazing beauty of the rice fields will energize you to push through. There are also some stops where the locals sell some water or gatorade to refresh tourist. They also sell some icedrops to cool you down.

Upon reaching the waterfalls you'll be amazed of this wonderful treasure of the Philippines. Water was so clean and it was just really majestic. Dipping to the water was so cold and the water are very deep as you near the waterfalls. It was really worth the trek! If you are one of the more extreme type of person you could do some waterfalls jumping. Just be sure to be careful. I pass on this since I'm accident prone to this kind of jumping hehe.128518

The hardest part is trekking back up. It was an uphill battle versus your knees. It took us longer going back and we just motivated and just entertain each other to counter our fatigue. Our knees were shaking after the trek but going to the falls was still worth it. Plus this was a good excercise. 128512128077

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4.0 Stars

A Sagada Trip Special

Before going to Sagada, we searched the net and looked for a travel agency that can accommodate us for tour. We got to contact TravelVentours but their tour packages are those that start from Manila up to Sagada only. But they were kind enough to give a tour guide contact once we're already there.

So after having lunch, we contacted the guy but he recommended another tour guide since he's out in the mountains. So there we got to meet Gian, our tour guide for the next 3 days.

He asked where we want to go and there he insisted for us to go to Bomod-ok Falls first since the trip will take half a day. We met him by 2pm and went straight to Bomod-ok.

Before you reach the falls, you have to trek downward the slope. I don't know how we did it but it was really difficult, the steps were neverending! But in this trek you get to see the picturesque view of the rice terraces, encounter the first barangay in Sagada, and walk along the steel bridge near the falls. Make sure you really stretch first before starting the trek.

The falls was amazing!!! They said that when the winds are strong, the falls move sideways too! I wonder why there were no people swimming in the falls so I instantly got excited to try it first. Whoa! The water was freezing cold!!! It was like melted ice!!! Although we somehow got used to the cold, I felt like leaving the water already since I started feeling numb. Hahaha! Still, I really enjoyed the experience!

The difficulty in going down to the falls was nothing compared to the way back! We were literally struggling climbing up the slopes! It's worth it no matter what. But definitely if I go back to Sagada, I'm not going back to Bomod-ok anymore. 9996🏻

For a good tour guide, here's the contact number of Gian - (0915) 192 3892 our tour guide in Sagada.

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Gj A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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April H.
5.0 Stars

This is another great place to visit here in the Philippines! 128525

When you plan your Sagada/Banaue trip, don't forget to include this place in your itinerary... Well worth the trek!128522

My family and I woke up pretty early on this day and rode a rented jeepney to get to this place... We were told to wear comfortable shoes that we woudn't mind if they get dirty and of course a change of clothes... We had a guide who met us at the rice paddies... You walk thru a small town, where people are very friendly... This is where we dropped off some of our titos and titas who didn't want to join us our morning trek... 128513 #thundercats

Most of the group was intact though... We bought water while at the town proper and took some crazy pictures with the locals... I got to rent their traditional costumes for pictures! Yey!

So anyway we started walking towards the final destination, Bomod-ok Falls... We passed by rice terraces along the way and our guide explained to us how the locals cultivated the land... The trek took about an hour, but the beauty of the falls was worth the trip! since it was the height of summer, the waterfall was not that strong... But it was super cold and very refreshing... We were happy and tired as we walked back to the meeting point! We needed softdrinks after!128525

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Steffhanie S.
5.0 Stars

Back when I was a kid, I've started having this liking for bodies of water most especially for swimming pools. I can clearly remember when I was in elementary that I would come to Papa at work whenever he checks out the properties they're handling and I would make sure that I get to swim in the condo's pool even if I was all by myself.

When I grew a bit older, I kept my love for it but then also fell in love with beaches. I remembered the time we visited Anawangin Cove in Zambales and I was so happy to swim despite the crazy waves. I kept going through them even if I was afraid. It was fun anyway. And while having too much fun, came this big wave that pushed me towards the sand and it was after a few seconds that I got back on my feet again and I saw my friends acting strangely, they're waving and pointing towards me until I realized that half of my bikini top was removed. Uh oh! Funny memory in fairness!

At this point in time, I never taught that I would fall in love once more, this time, with waterfalls. I came to realize that once you get a closer encounter with it, you would definitely find so many reasons to be madly crazy for it.

Among my most favorite waterfalls were Katigbawasan Falls in Camiguin, Tumalog Falls in Cebu and Tangadan Falls in La Union.

Katigbawasan Falls was the first close encounter that I had with this new favorite body of water. We walked for a bit, going down to its main point and when I saw it, I was so amazed with the never ending flow of water coming to the top. It was so white, so clear, so cold the moment I dipped in it. It was really something to fall in love with.

Tangadan Falls in La Union was a challenging experience. We were dressed up with our swimming attires and we didn't expect an almost 2 hour trek that'll bring us there. But the moment I saw the falls, all my tiredness left my system and it was so nice to see how short its height was but then its water strength was really great.

Cebu's Tumalog Falls would have to be my FAVORITE among them all. It was such a majestic sight. It was like part of paradise. It seemed unreal at first but when you get so close to it and feel the coldness of the water, you'll then realize how real it is. The sight of the so many rock formations with the different water flows with the height of the falls itself made it look really magical. Nothing can compare to my love for Tumalog Falls.

That having been shared, I was all too excited after learning that Sagada has its own falls which has been liked and loved by many based on the reviews I've heard. Sagada's Bomod-Ok Falls, also known as The Big Falls, was definitely on our to visit and experience list!

We were supposed to visit it during our 2nd day in Sagada but due to unexpected circumstances, as we didn't expect that we'll spend much time at Marlboro Country, we then arrived at Aguid around 4PM and the tour guides said that it's closed already. Sad, really sad. Our driver then brought us to the viewing point of the Aguid Rice Terraces where you can also saw the Bomod-Ok Falls. It looked so beautiful, so big, even if it's far away and I wouldn't want to miss it, but...

Initial plan was to leave Sagada the next day as we were bound for Buscalan to do a sort of immersion with Whang-Od and the native people in Kalinga. That was really one of the things I can't wait to experience in this trip but then, my mind seemed to have changed its course of thinking as I felt the need to stay even longer in Sagada and make the most out of it. I consulted Abbey and Dane and they're actually OK with whatever it is that I'll be deciding upon, so...

I opted to stay and just schedule another trip to Kalinga. I texted my contact, our guide, Kuya Francis Pa-in and he told me that good thing I decided to cancel because there were so many people who visited Whang-Od, imagine 100 people in line to get tattooed? Woah! I decided to just go during the off season and experience Kalinga without the sea of people.

And probably great minds do really think alike, Lenard and the rest of his group also decided to stay and re-schedule their Batad Rice Terraces trip as they also want to get the ultimate experience from the province. Yay! The more the merrier it really is! And yes, the first activity in line for our extended trip was visiting Bomod-Ok Falls, yay!

During our Kiltepan activity, we met 6 more new friends who joined the gang. It was really a small world because one of them was an old officemate of mine and Abbey and was a classmate of one of my barkadas from high school. And then we were 12! Yahoo! Get ready for us Big Falls!

We rented a van that will bring us to the starting point. We chose to do the trek from Bangaan via Aguid as this will pass by and bring us closer to the rice terraces, such a dream come true for me! And more than that, this was the shortcut going up as we'll traverse to the exit point of Bangaan from the falls area. There's this way of starting from Aguid and going back to Aguid as well but that's a bit longer and you won't see the view of the other side so I suggest that you start from Bangaan via Aguid and traverse as well.

We arrived at the assembly point at around 2PM and there were still a lot of groups in line to do the activity. For a group of 10, tour guide fee is P500. As we're 12 in the group, they wanted us to get 2 tour guides, meaning we'll be paying P1000. Lenard, having done this activity for the 3rd time already was a bit hesitant that we get 2 tour guides because he knew that the trail leading to the falls was so easy and clearly identified but what can we do, that's their job and we didn't insist even more to go ok without a guide because they didn't really want to allow us. What we did instead was to ask another group of 6 to include 2 from us so that we'll just get 1 tour guide. We'll just divide the payment of the group of 6 into 8 as to make it cheaper for them too. Oh, the things you do to keep up with your budget! Hehe. And more than that, the things that bring you new friends along the way.

Once settled with the registration, after showing them our environmental fee receipts (make sure to keep this receipt up until your last day in the province as it's required to be shown in all the spots and activity areas) we're finally off to start our trek going to the falls. Each of us were given bamboo sticks to use as our balancing guides along the trek, which includes rocky, slippery, dusty paths, river crossings and more.

Our guide, Manang Gloria, led the way and we fell in line as to keep the group altogether. There were a lot of groups so you can really the see the traffic of people on their way to the spot. We started at around 3PM and we're expected to arrive after an hour and a half of trekking. We'll see. It still depends on our pacing and the number of stops that we'll take for CR breaks and photo opportunities.

The trail that we started walking to was a developed, cemented pathway with fixed stairways leading downwards, making it an easy path to follow. You just have to take extra caution with some steps that are steep. The view from the beginning of the trek was the overlooking sight of the whole location wherein we saw the people who were in front of us, how far they came from the top, the mountainous side of the province, well, mountains were really everywhere, the villages, the rice terraces, the peaceful and comforting feels that the view gives.

Mostly part of the trail that we passed through include abundant and beautifully grown sunflowers that gave the trails such light, warming colors that actually made every part of it beautiful for picture taking moments. Manang Gloria told us that some were wild sunflowers that grow only in the province. Along the way, we also passed by a mini tree that grows Arabica coffee that's original to the province only. There was also this muddy pond wherein we saw the Philippines' second smallest fish, Pandaca Pygmaea. It actually looked like the Cataba, the small fish that you feed the large ones like Arrowana. Initially I know that the Pandaca Pygmaea was still the country's smallest fish but then there were changes now and Manang Gloria's not that sure what's the smallest fish up to this date. Well, some researching needs to be done.

Along the way, we passed by the Felisidad Village wherein the locals live. Their houses looked really small, made of wooden exteriors and metal roofings that actually looked tough and strong, getting through whatever weather type there is. These houses were lined and leveled up in a way that made the village look like one big community, one family, as one. The overlooking view of the piles of houses was such a nice image that made the view even prettier.

From the village itself, we saw little kids running and playing around, mothers at their sari-sari stores, chit-chatting and measuring and packing flours that they'll bring into town for sale and the males in groups chatting and probably talking about the day that was. Manang Gloria told us that whenever there are festivities in the village, such as gatherings, parties, weddings, etc. the village is closed and thus trekking to the falls is closed, too. Manang Gloria told us too that whenever there are internal and private gatherings in the village, when the townsmen need to discuss matters about their welfare and well-being, they gather at the dap-ay, the bonfire area, and keep it to themselves only so tourists and visitors couldn't pass through, thus, closing the trekking operations to the public.

From the village, we then continuously trekked going down. The challenge here is the way you take it slow and careful as to not trip and fall because there were some portions wherein you might fall into a cliff or muddy areas. We also saw a gold mining area and we were all joking if we could trek going there. Haha! After almost 45 minutes, we then got too close to the rice terraces! This was the part that I was really looking forward too! Oh my! Thank you Lord for this moment! I really don't know how my fascination for the rice terraces started! Its just that their formation, the view, the way they were made, the look of the whole rice terraces, there's something so amazing and unbelievable about them! I sound crazy in love and yes I really am.

When we came to the point that we were walking beside the terraces already, I cannot contain my joy! Despite the long lines, I made sure to have a photo with the rice terraces! Being so up close to them, seeing the soil planted with rice plants, aligned and in line with each other, with the muddy, watery area that looked like their swimming pools, I loved ever bit of closeness that I had with them! While being so close to them, seeing the rest of the rice terraces view made the experience even more blessed!

After passing through them and having the time of my life, we passed through a river crossing with really large stone and rock formations. We needed to walk on the rocks to get through the other side of the trail that's almost near to the falls yay! Just make sure to take your time in stepping on the rocks because some of them were not stable and might move once you step on them.

After the river crossing, some more cemented pathways beside a cliff and more fixed and rocky stairs, we're almost near as we saw the falls sneaking already yay! But before that, we took a group photo on the hanging bridge where all other tourists were stopping by and taking groupfies. It was the crew's complete photo remembrance before most of us will part ways as some already have other plans for the next days.

After more than an hour and a half of trekking, we finally arrived towards the way to the Big Falls! There was a mini comfort room for breaks and a sari-sari store selling cup noodles, banana and kamote cues, chips, etc. Some of the crew decided to just stay there, rest, eat and just enjoy looking at the really big falls from quite afar. As for me and some, we decided to go nearer and of course take a dip, we couldn't miss the moment!

The rocky way closer to the falls was really a challenge because most of the rocks were slippery and of different shapes and sizes so you have to make sure that you balance yourself well enough for not to slip and fall because if you do, you'll surely hit yourself in a sharp rock. And another thing that makes the walk challenging was the cold water coming from the falls, as in freezing cold water that will give you wild chills so if you think you're not that ready to feel such coldness, better appreciate the view of the falls from the sari-sari store itself.

So, Abbey and I helped each other in moving towards the falls. We passed through one rock, slowly moving to the other. There were moments when I taught I'd almost slip good thing I was able to control my balance and my sandals got some good grip on the floor. Of course, the challenge of it all should be worth it and a memory must be kept so I made sure to have my photos taken at every nice spot there is!

The water, once you feel it, will surely bring shivers to your whole body! It was the kind of cold as if there were more actual ice in it than water from the falls. I was shaking when I dipped half of my body in the water but it was still fun fun fun!

When we got even closer to it and found the perfect viewing point to the falls, all I can see was perfection. Along with my love for Tumalog Falls, my love for Bomod-Ok Falls was a bit bigger as it was extravagantly gorgeous. It was so tall, so high, so wide, the strength of the water flowing from the top was so powerful that the flow of it going downwards was so strong too so you need to be careful for the current to not pull you. The background of the falls - the big rock formations, the mountains, the abundant greenness of the vast trees in the area made it the center of attraction that it certainly deserves. It was so nice, so relaxing, so fulfilling to look at with the perfect color white water coming from it, the sound of its fall, the effect of its coldness, every bit of it was worth feeling and experiencing. All the hard work and tiredness from trekking all the way down was nothing as compared to the picturesque sight that the falls has to give. Once you're there, don't miss the chance to climb the rocks and pose, having the waterfalls as your background. Plunge into the coldness too as you should always make the most out of the experience. Oh, the coldness is bearable because the water was crystal clear!

At around 4:30PM, after some dip, photo taking and filling-up, we bid goodbye to the Big Falls and headed on our way back to the top as we didn't want to trek at dark. We passed through the same bridge, the river crossing, the rice terraces and had a little break and ate balot. The assault was tiring and it could really take so much of your breath so it's good to find your pacing as to keep you safe and sound once you reach the top. A reminder for those who wish to swim too, make sure that you bring some clothes for you to change because the breeze and wind can be so cold, you might find it hard to trek upwards if you're chilling. We then passed through the villages and we took a quick CR break and then we traversed to the short cut, avoiding the super tiring stairways where we started from.

We walked through cemented trails beside cliffs of rice terraces, beside rows of sunflower trees lined up, rock formations that we needed to skip from one after the other. The challenge was still on along the way up and despite being so tired you cannot turn back anymore as you don't have a choice but to finish it until the end.

At about 6PM, we already reached the exit point of the activity! Yay! We came out to Bangaan's basketball court right in time when the darkness governed the sky once again. After an almost 4 hour activity, we all made it in one piece, happily and really content with the experience that we had!

We were also inspired with Manang Gloria's dedication and hard work. Imagine that the tour guide fee was P500, a part of it will go to the Sagada government so probably half of it was the tour guide fee. The P250 may not be enough to feed her family for a day but you'll feel how into she is to her work and you'll realize that you're extra blessed and it's always good to share some of it to others so giving some tips will be nice gestures.

A few reminders to for those who will indulge on the activity:

1 Wear proper clothes - long sleeves, leggings, trekking sandals/rubber shoes, cap to be protected from insects, the sun, etc. and to be sure that your trek will be a good one.

2 Bring proper swimming attire and extra clothes for you to change so that you won't get cold from the falls to the trekking area going up.

3 Bring enough water, snacks and some candies to keep you energized along the way. Make sure to bring medicines too in case of emergency.

4 Bring important survival items like first-aid kit, flashlight, etc. to be sure. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

5 Lastly, be sure to be informed about what you're getting into. Read blogs about the activity to know what to expect, the dos and donts too.

6 Be early. It's nicer to be there by morning so that you'll have a longer time to dip and you wouldn't need to rush and chase the sunlight fade away by late afternoon.

After a number of minutes, our driver arrived and we traveled for almost 30 minutes to the town center. We were all overjoyed with the experience despite the tiredness that we're feeling.

If you want another adventure close to nature, go and find time to visit Sagada's very own Bomod-Ok Falls, also known as The Big Falls and be amazed with its natural beauty!

YOLO so keep the thrill and excitement all the way by bringing out the most in your travel experiences. Work hard for always and play even harder every single day! 128077🏼

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Dan F.
5.0 Stars

Warning: the water is really really cold.

The jump is high enough to give you the thrill the first drop of the the log jam could give you.

When my friends and I went here, we were fortunate enough to be the only ones there.
The water isn't crystal clear, but I'm pretty sure it's not dirty as well.

I would say that the river after the fall would be around 9-10 feet deep.

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Potchie M.
5.0 Stars

Breathtaking view. It's an achievement right after the trekking.

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Tin O.
5.0 Stars

After Spelunking, another must-try adventure in Sagada was 30 mins trekking that takes you to this beautiful part of Sagada. The valley down below is stunning. There are several rice terraces and green mountains.

Bomod-ok Falls is said to be one of Sagada's most visited tourist attractions for visitors as one can simply enjoy its marvelous charm. The word Bomod-ok simply means "Big" thus the name came from- The Big Falls!

Surely, every trekker could enjoy the splashing wave of the Big Falls with its chilling effect.

Tips: Trek fast so you can have a solo picture with the falls or else be ready for the photobombers out there!
- Trekking shoes is not a must as long as you wear comfy shoes but please no to sandals (those you wear when malling).
- January, I believe is best time to go in Sagada to enjoy the chill and feel the cold air. Ang lamiiig!!! Ang sarap!!! 128522127794127811127810

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Valerie Faye B.
5.0 Stars

so far, When I started travelling alone this is the highest, biggest, tallest and coldest waterfall I have ever seen in my whole life..

This is one hour trek from the town of Sagada, along the way i walked on the rice fields and terrace what a beautiful scenery.
And when I reached my destination which is the Bomod Ok Falls, all of my hiccups because of the long walk was instantly removed and was replaced by happiness.

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Katrina V.
3.0 Stars

I must warn you that the trek going to this falls is not an easy one! This must have been the most tiring and energy-draining activity we've done in Sagada. 128531

At first, it was a series of walking down going to the falls which we thought was bearable but the trek going back was not fun at all..hehe. Imagine going up, up and higher..wheew..brings back that memory again of how super exhausted we were that day! I tell you this is not for the weak.128541

The falls was a sight to see but it was crowded when we arrived, so we didn't bother swimming. We didn't stay longer either since we got hungry already. But what we liked most about going here was the scenery on the way to the falls. We also passed by a local village where we saw how the locals houses looks like and their way of living. We also threaded on paths in between terraces where we saw some farmers busy planting rice. For me this experience can be aptly described as "it's about the journey, not the destination".128521

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Abby M.
4.0 Stars

The falls itself is not the highlight for me. I've seen better. But the view on the 2+ km trek on the way was something to look forward to. The trek itself is so exhausting, yes, but I think the scenic view of the mountain, the village in between, and the "pilapil" is a heavenly sight to look forward to.

But, if you are indeed in it for the falls, i suggest you bring swim clothes. Enjoy it. :)

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Albert T.
5.0 Stars

After a 1.9 km trek which took 45 mins, reaching the falls was such a welcome respite. Despite the cool December wind, I was dripping sweat from the steep descent. I was tempted to take a dip but the water was just tooooooo cold for this tropical boy to handle. The mist from the falls served to cool me down and was more than enough to refresh my tired aching legs.

The view was simply fantastic and the surrounding pond and streams were idyllic resting places.

Reaching the falls was one thing, going back up was another! 128560128561128514

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Stacy C.
4.0 Stars

A long trek, and the water is ice-cold.

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Bomod-Ok Falls is one of the must-see attractions in Sagada.

But before reaching the attraction, you have to trek a couple of mountain trails for at least an hour or two. The trek was easy as pie 128514

The trek itself is already an attraction as you'll have to pass by a town. The tour guide will give you a short history about the town and its people.

The locals were very friendly. Although they did tell us not to take pictures of the people (the locals) without their permission. Not sure why and I didn't bother asking. I was too excited. Haha! 128514

The highlight of the trek was getting an awesome view of the rice terraces. It was spectacular! We had to pass by the rice terraces to get to the falls.

And right before we reached the falls, we dropped our trek poles (kawayan sticks lol), bags, and left all gadgets to our tour guide and ran towards the falls. Okay, not exactly "the falls" but to the safe spot of the river. It was cold as a bucket of SMB. It was very refreshing! It was actually perfect since it was really hot (but windy) during the trek.

On our way back to the town, my friend fell in the rice field 128514 it was knee deep. She couldn't get her self out of the mud. I should've taken a photo haha!

The whole experience was great. For me, this is one of the best attractions in Sagada -- it might be even better than spelunking in Lumiang Cave.

Well, if you're a YOLOer, of course, you'll like spelunking better than trekking to Bomod-Ok. But the view here is just breathtaking. It represents the province well. Sagada is not just about its caves and lemon pies. The way I see it, Sagada is the "nature capital of the Philippines!"

and its plants bring you closer to 128591128070


The whole journey was spectacular. I'd love to come back here and bike all the way down to the falls.

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Jerry N.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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