Bon Appetea

3/F Dela Rosa Carpark 1, Dela Rosa St., Makati, Metro Manila

Bon Appetea
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Allen M.
3.0 Stars

I went here for a quick lunch after running an errand at a bank. I thought since it's practically empty then I could eat fast and be out the door in minutes.

I initially wanted to get tapa rice or corned beef hash but out of all their rice meals, only spanish sardines was available. 128529 So I just ordered spanish sardines and it came with free iced tea.

The Good:
1. If you're looking for a quiet lunch place this is ok.
2. Serving is quite good. They have good rice to viand ratio. They also have scrambled egg with the rice toppings.
3. They chose a good brand for the spanish sardines. 128513 I liked the level of spiciness and it wasn't too oily.

The Bad:
1. Super slow service. There were 3 people manning the place and they don't seem to make an effort to get the orders out fast.

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Christina R.
2.0 Stars

Ugh what the heck did they serve me?! I was walking along the elevated pedestrian walkway on my way to Greenbelt and decided to come in as it was pretty warm today.

First time to try this. I got a large dulce de leche for 90 - Assam tea with toffee and hazelnut. Was pretty excited as they had toffee ans hazelnut in 1 drink!. 128541 yuck. They gave me flavored water.

128128Diluted tea, like naka ilang brew na ata yung leaves. Yes I can tell.

128128San ang toffee and hazelnut? All I tasted was sugar, like the arnibal in sago't gulaman.

128128Milk was added just enough to color the drink. Seriously.

I've never tried milk tea I didn't like, although I've only purchased from reputable shops in my area. Feeling ko pa naman parang branded na to. I mean, it's a nice looking shop! Naloko ako. Big time. I threw it away.

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Aika C.
3.0 Stars

it was my first time trying this milk tea place. This one's closest to the office so i gave it a shot. I'm not big on trying out unusual milk tea places because i've been let down so many times already.

Since i'm not a huge fan of wintermelon, i got their next best seller which is dutch dreams (black tea + chocolate). I always either go for best sellers or what's most recommeded on looloo when trying out new places haha! Got the biggest size then replaced the pearl with coffee jelly. I had to pay addidtional 15, unlike at infinitea where i just have to add 5 because the coffee jelly costs 5 pesos more than pearls. #kuripotproblems

For the taste, It tasted like assam milk tea with a slight bitterness from the cocoa. Coffee jelly was nice. Glad i got it instead of pearls. I'll probably try their other milk teas next time. This one was borderline meh to just okay.

BTW, yay! we can finally review on our android devices! great job, looloo crew! 127881128077128516128516

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Jasmin L.
4.0 Stars

blueberry and a tea for a dinner127860

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Pinky L.
2.0 Stars

I used to buy here often when i was in my previous office in enterprise. Creme brûlée's my favorite plus coffee jelly.

As i was looking at their best sellers, i saw this DUTCH DREAMS so yun yung inorder ko kasi mukha siya masarap. Best seller daw eh.

Mejo matagal kami naghintay and we also noticed some things:
- they only have 3 crews at madami nag oorder. So mabagal mabigay yung order

- they're now serving foods na pala like sandwiches, rice meals etc.

- walang exhaust fan so since may nagluluto, mausok sa loob ng store. Paglabas mo amoy ulam ka na rin.

- and because they're serving rice meals na, mabagal na ang production nila. Unlike before na yung tea lang sila naka concentrate at di mabagal umorder.

- siguro kaya mabagal ang pagbigay nila ng order ng customer kasi kulang sila sa tao?

Ayun lang. And above all, nakakalungkot lang na Di din ako nag enjoy sa best seller. Hehehe

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Pau L.
3.0 Stars

They say this is their best seller "Cocoa Salt & Cheese Foam" I dont really enjoyed drinking this compared to Happy Lemon walang wala!!

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Rhenchie C.
4.0 Stars

Nirvana is the yum!!! 128077
Green apple yakult tea super tamis! 128541

I just hope they will just serve your tea drinks with sinkers already.

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Marti M.
4.0 Stars

The Dela Rosa Carpark 1 food shops is my haven for sandwiches and snacks as a "healthier" alternative to the chicherya from nearby 7-11 or Mini Stop. Bon Appetea has a lot of sandwiches to offer at great prices. Sandwich meals start at P65. At P90 your sandwich gets partnered with a small pearl milk tea or house tea! I couldn't believe the menu and tarp ads at first until it was served. Pretty smart combo as the tea size is smaller than your usual tall cup from other milk tea shops but at this price, sulit na 'to!

Sandwich choices include tuna, ham, spam, egg or a combination of these favorites. Their sandwich bun is good (with sesame seeds) and not soggy or dry as in the other sandwich stores. For me, Bon Appetea's sandwich buns are definitely better than McDo or Jollibee :-)

Bon Appetea has one of the nicest interiors among other shops at Dela Rosa Carpark 1 (it's greeeeen!). Seats are cozy and the tables are covered with faux leather and is warm to the touch. The place can seat a little more than 25 pax.

Service is quite slow, though. It took around 15 minutes to serve three sandwiches and three cups of iced tea but it's definitely worth the wait especially if you have cool friends with you 128540

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Kah P.
3.0 Stars

For my pre-workout snack, i had Bon Appetea's Nirvana Milk Tea (Assam tea + Wintermelon) and their Butter Waffle. I liked their version of Wintermelon as it is not that sweet and it still has that tea-ish aroma, but their waffle was just so bland---so bland I was not able to finish it even if I force myself to.

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