Bon Appétit! La Boutique

Plaza del Carmen, Loyola St., Davao City, Davao del Sur

Bon Appétit! La Boutique
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Rosanie O.
5.0 Stars

A tiny French restaurant owned by a French man who's very friendly and accommodating to his customers. 128077 He himself would show us their food for the week which was written with chalk on a small cube board. It's very unique and cute. 9786️ Kinda artsy. He then introduced their appetizer for the week down to main course and dessert where very inappropriate for me because I'm too busy browsing the menu book instead of leaning my ears to him. Sorry.128513 Good thing, I have a boyfriend who's very cooperative, he do the listening. Haha
After scanning the menu, we ordered Salad with Goat cheese for appetizer which is very tasty ( the mixture of balsamic vinegar and the goat cheese in the salad tastes heavenly ) *the salad was not included in the picture because we consumed it before I realized to took a picture on it, too much hunger will forget you everything. Haha And we order Linguine with White sauce and Broccoli for pasta which is very creamy, Grilled Angus Sirloin Steak for main dish (medium well) with Parsley butter sauce and because I'm too hungry, garlic rice for side dish. Boyfriend also ordered Lamb in White sauce with Homemade Grilled Potatoes for his side dish ( he's trying to avoid rice but still hefty) haha 9996️. And burp! For last but not the least *not included in the photo was Sugar and Grand-Marnier Crepe (a crepe with a blend of cognac brandy on it) the alcohol was too strong to handle , I don't liked it. Maybe it's delicious (based on Raymond) he loved it. Raymond is the one whom I talking about above. My very loving boyfriend. 10084️ Back to topic, I just don't appreciate food mixed with liquor because I'm not used to it maybe someday I'll get used to. Overall, I loved the restaurant and the food. Check on it, I'm sure you all gonna loved it too. 128139 -ainztein

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Armelle B.
4.0 Stars

I recently discovered that Davao has a LOT of hidden gems, like this French restaurant. The place is small and probably could fit around 40 people max. The place is being ran by a French and his Filipina wife. Ordered their shrimp pasta in tomato sauce. Its 128147128147128147.

Went there around 1P.M. and i had the whole place by myself. Anyways , they gave me olives ( yes olives ) and bread with pesto dip for appetizer (its free) . Got my food in no time. :)

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Chantal C.
5.0 Stars

I was with my parents during the valentine's (third wheel lol) and my dad decided to eat at this French restaurant for dinner. I forgot the names of the food we ordered (i'm sorry) but all i can remember is that we enjoyed the night and we were satisfied with all of our meals. 128076 I was very happy too that I was with my parents because they paid for my meal. 128514128179128184

One of the best French restaurants for me. 128077

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