Bon Pho & Roll

8390 Mayapis St., San Antonio Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Bon Pho & Roll
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Most Recent Reviews

Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Take a long hard look.

This is how dry noodles is done. Filled to the brim with Viet cold cuts, spring rolls, veggies and noodles with their awesome sauce.

The price??? Less than Php 200.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

If you're looking for legit Vietnamese restaurant that's not too pricey or too mainstream, go check out this low-key place in Makati.128076

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

I am in awe that San Antonio Village has a lot of hidden gems that I am recently discovering one by one. My office is located in San Antonio Village Makati and I didn't expect that a lot of good restaurants are actually situated here. If you know San Antonio Village it's really an unassuming village within the boundaries of Makati and Taft, you won't even think that a restaurant would exist in this area cause it's purely residential but good thing there are few WORTH VISITING restaurants here that I keep coming back for. Fyi, there are a lot of hole in the wall vietnamese restaurants here as well btw!

If you are familiar with Bon Bahn Mi's Traditional Sandwiches along Mayapis then you will find this authentic Vietnames Pho & Roll Restaurant just beside the sandwich stall.

The owners are vietnamese and they're usually in the store managing the place so to assure that they serve the best quality every time an order comes out of their kitchen. They serve pretty quick we only waited for about 5 to 7 min and order came out right away.

The restaurant is very simple and well ventilated. The homey vibe is just the perfect ambiance to have a warm bowl of pho.

♥️BON HOUSE SPECIAL 127775127775127775127775127775
The Best Seller! The pho is actually served with tender beef that can be cut by only using chopsticks. The dish is topped with a lot of vegetables and more meat. The noodles was well cooked and the serving is plenty. They didn't scrimp on the meat! Sulit na sulit and bayad!
The bowl is gigantic and can be filling, I would even love to share it cause it was too big for me to finish.

Tip: They actually serve the Pho with a special sauce which you can use to mix in the soup. I forgot what it's called but it makes it tastier and more savory.

♥️FRIED SPRING ROLLS 127775127775127775127775127775
The most worthy P120 I've ever spent for a spring roll.
I like how simple it is, served hot and crispy. Just the perfect side dish to my pho. It's so good and best when eaten dipped on the sweet and sour vinegar sauce.

Gahd I love this Artichoke Iced Tea. It's like a concentrated artichoke tea syrup formula mixed with water. The taste is subtlely sweet and herby, very healthy and refreshing!

Ps. This is my first trip to a Vietnamese restaurant and that was my first bowl of Pho ever. Super loved it! 128076

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

I Am Turning Vietnamese (Volume 1)

Bon Pho & Roll is a hidden gem tucked between the residential streets of San Antonio.

The visit was accidental. It all started with a Facebook post from my homie Jairus d and the next thing i knew, i was sharing a table with him. Don't ask me how i got there, everything is still a blur up to this minute.

Let us not talk about the interior as the place is the quintessential hole-in-the-wall joint. No fancy decor, no quirky architecture - it is place where one can sit down and enjoy a bowl of Pho. I can almost imagine the reason behind the simplicity, no frills look.

"Let the food speak for itself."

And that's what happened. I was caught in a foodie trance.

| Bun Bo Hue (Hue Beef Noodles). This is a popular Vietnamese soup containing rice vermicelli and beef. The dish is greatly admired for its balance of spicy, sour, salty and sweet flavors and the predominant flavor is that of lemon grass (i got all of that from wiki)

Why was i in a foodie trance? Simple.... this is a bowl full of comfort and goodness. The flavor is exactly how it was described in the wiki page. This is the kind of food I would eat if I am under the weather or if i wanted a comfort after a long day at work. And you know what is the best part? It wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket.

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Bon Pho & Roll is the resto spin off by the Bon Banh Mi guys along Mayapis St. in Makati (near Osmeña Highway). My buddy Jairus had raved about this place, and I was in the neighborhood, so I decided to check this out. I'd seen it a few months ago when I tried Bon Banh Mi but lacked the time to try it then.

It's a nice, cozy enough place. It can seat maybe 30 people, much more than the 10 or so seating capacity by the adjoining Bon Banh Mi. It's a great idea to expand their business by serving a decent enough variety of Vietnamese cuisine.

+ MUST ORDER #1: Fried Spring Roll (P120) served with lettuce and that sweet, and slightly tart vinegar concoction 4/5
+ MUST ORDER #2: Bon House Special (P250), if you like noodle soup, this is incredibly worth it-- with 4 types of beef toppings (sirloin, brisket, brisket with flank and meatball). It's got broth that's already great and subtle, perfect already, but one can add hoisin and spicy sauce to taste and enhance flavor to one's liking, plus with mint and bean sprouts (they don't have vegetarian or non beef options for Pho at this point)
+ Parking is along Mayapis or side roads so park at your own risk. 2x I've been here and so far, so good! Seems there's enough parking during weekday lunchtime.
+ Alternatively, they have dry noodles with pork BBQ and spring rolls (P180) and a Hue Beef Noodles that's spicy and a lemon grass base noodle soup, which is even cheaper vs the house special at P200, plus fresh spring roll. Yummmy. #nexttime 128513

Bon Pho & Roll, at a Glance:
> Food & Beverage: 127775127775127775127775127775 (the menu isn't extensive but had enough variety to please an infrequent Vietnamese cuisine eater like me)
> Service (Dine-In): 127775127775127775 (seems they lack a capable greeter during my visit so I had to go around to ask where I can sit; the place was 80% full); this is a family run place so it's quite informal, e.g. no one is in uniform and some owners are present, so language might be a barrier when their owners help out, but they're super nice and you can easily point to the menu with clear pics and descriptions)
> Kitchen Service: 127775127775127775127775127775 (fast, good tasting and delicious food)
> Ambience: 127775127775127775 (simple, clean but lacking in decorations, aircon was weak at the back where I was, but okay at the front and middle)
> Value for Money: 127775127775127775127775127775 (very affordable!)

OVERALL: 127775127775127775127775 128522
> Worth a try - Yes, even if I live 18 km and 1.5 hrs away
> Worth a return - Absolutely, if Makati was my 'hood. 128521128514128518
This part of Makati (San Antonio) is getting a few holes in the wall Vietnamese offering. But in QC, I do have Tra Vinh, etc., so there...

> VERDICT: An excellent hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese resto from the folks behind Bon Banh Mi. Worth a try if you're looking for Vietnamese and would want it affordable but without giving up any quality.

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