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Bondi & Bourke
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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

My first experience with Bondi and Bourke was just an okay one. It wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t that great either. I guess we ordered the wrong dishes? But because everyone deserves a second chance and there are still dishes I want to try here, I suggested that we have dinner here one Wednesday night. 128518🤗

PLACE: 3/5
Nothing much to say about the place. I find it too plain and simple. And it’s the kind of plain and simple that I don’t really like. Felt kind of sad eating inside. Tas parang di na rin sila nag effort?? Or baka luma na lang yung place? Also, during our visit, it was a bit hot inside. 🤐

FOOD: 3/5
As requested (by me), we ordered the following dishes for sharing:

SPINACH AND BACON FONDUE (425php). English spinach + smoked bacon + toast.
- This was surprisingly good and comforting. Although I wasn’t able to taste the bacon, I still liked the rich and creamy spinach dip. Best to eat this right away to enjoy the cheesy goodness!! (if you want, ask for more toasts! Not sure if may bayad! 128517)
- Just one comment, I just wish the bread were cut smaller and medyo toasted. A bit crunchy instead of the huge soft pieces provided.

CLASSIC AUSTRALIAN PARMA (895php). Savino sauce + forest ham + mozzarella cheese + padano. Served with either side salad or fries.
- The chicken was cooked perfectly... still juicy and not dry and was topped with a generous amount of red sauce and cheese.
- I wasn’t able to ask my friends if they liked this because for me, this was just an okay dish. I guess I am just not a fan of chicken fillet topped with red sauce and cheese. I don’t like Banapple’s chicken parmigiana and this kind of reminded me of that one. 128517
- The side salad was good though. Loved the citrusy dressing. Sana they added more! 128518

TRUFFLED PRAWN CARBONARA. Black truffle pasta +
- I enjoy everything with truffle and this was kind of disappointing. 128542 The truffle taste and smell was also lacking? 🤔
- But the most disappointing part was they forgot to add the PRAWNS!!! :( My friend and I were both confused because we can’t see any.. so we asked and after awhile, they gave us a bowl with prawns. Nakalimutan daw ilagay. ☹️🙄🤐

And oh, my friend also ordered the SEAFOOD CHOWDER SOUP and the ROSE ICED TEA (?) which he said were both pretty good. Chowder was overflowing with seafood (which justifies the price 128517).

For dessert, they gave us complimentary brownies? Hmm it was okay? Too sweet for me. Nothing special, imo.

Service was just okay. Servers were nice but the kind of service you get is different from what you’ll expect from a restaurant like this. 128517

PS: sorry for the malalabong photos. 128546128533128555☹️🤐

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Ian G.
4.0 Stars

It was a stormy and windy day. All we wanted was some refuge from the elements. What we got was so much more!

Bondi & Bourke has good food - that much is true. And a lot of it. Puedeng mag take home, pramis. The seafood chowder was like an old childhood memory that you pluck from the recesses of your consciousness to comfort you when your life is going to the dogs. The artisanal sausages were like that good conversation you had with your friends that you can't quite remember but you know it was a funny and great one because you still laugh at the thought of it. The pork ribs tasted like fulfilled promises. Bes... lumalabas ang pagka writer at poetic ko dahil sa kinanginang sarap ng food nila. The wine though - was just wine. Keri lang.

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Christian C.
4.0 Stars

The Australian restaurant! Wasn’t sure at first what am I going to see on their menu cause this going to be my first time to dine on an Aussie restaurant, as I browse on the menu lots (almost everything on the menu) look very familiar, so picking what should be order is not a problem

* Spinach, Artichoke and Bacon Fondue

This is starter that can be considered as Entrée, I am warning you this place to go for people with big appetites because all portions are HUGE! This fondue is a cheesy business to devour, it is meant for mindful savoring, and for sure you will be asking for extra bread

* The Australian Burger

That Australian Burger on the menu? I am pretty sure, based on my experience it is not my ordinary burger. The burger is a complete poultry house in a bun, a deck of different protein (prime beef patty, Breast chicken, egg and Bacon) cooked and seasoned perfectly garnished with pickled beets. Every bite is a complete challenge for me, due to its manly sized, It makes me feel like a kid beholding a gigantic burger for the first time (I want to eat it on how the burger should be eaten but it’s impossible for me to achieve it)

Though everything sound very impressive I have a very small issue about the marinara sauce that comes with the burger, it was too blunt for me, and asked my food server to give me a hot sauce

* US Prime Rib Eye

Juicy, perfectly cooked and seasoned that’s all you need to know about this steak. No need for a gravy or anything just the eat it on a medium the end of story.

Food (4/5) I think it’s not common to see Australian restaurant around Manila, so I am suggesting to pay a visit on this place since they serve a descent and delicious food

Service (4/5) They give us a personal food server for my entire meal, they also trained them properly in giving good input on what to order and as a small test about wine, I always ask opinion to our server on what wine  should go with my meal with all respect she give me a series of impressive recommendations.

Ambiance (4/5) simple classy and clean

Wine (3/5) very limited but they have perfect number of booze to end the entire night

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Lizanne S.
4.0 Stars

Good food. Clam chowder was rich, hearty and thick. And the meat pie was also done well. A bit flaky on the outside with a juicy filling.

Just don't stay outside when you're eating as the flies will swirl around your grub.

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Yina M.
4.0 Stars

Bondi & Bourke's menu changes daily. So we took a chance to try out their chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream, because who doesn't get inspired to end with dessert. Jenn and I trekked on to this branch as we were unsure if the Makati one was open on Sundays. The high ceiling lets you relax because it's good space. There were a few diners when we arrived but we noticed that the noise doesn't bounce off walls. Grrreat!

Too bad the dessert we wanted wasn't available. Booo hooo! That chocolate cake made me get out of bed pa naman! Instead, we continued to order our entrees that we split in two. I was craving for meat and bacon, so the beef burger was a good choice. I wanted to concentrate on the meat so we opted for this instead of the Aussie burger that had quite a number of toppings.

Jenn was torn between two different kinds of pasta but I agreed to the Truffle Crab Carbonara pasta. The serving was huge! I was getting full towards the end, considering that I always have a big appetite and that I only consumed half a burger. I thought I couldn't taste the crab as much but turns out I couldn't taste the truffle so much. Whatever! This was yummy! I can't say I'll come back for this because the menu changes day to day.

No drinks ordered this time, except that I wanted to order a hot chocolate. Too bad they didn't top it off with whipped cream, which was what I was really after.

Average spend was P750.

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

This is for my first visit with this branch. My colleague aka work wife was craving for good eats and I usually have them at the same time, so we tried this out.

128038 French Pate - this is the absolute best and quickly became one of our go-to comfort foods. It is pricey, but the good vibes are so worth it.

127844 Prawn Salad - the ingredients gave a great aesthetic and the vinaigrette just binds all the great flavors together. Mmmmm.

128046 Australian Prime Rib-Eye 350g - more than enough for us, we took some home and had it for lunch the next day. It's great steak, with good flavors, but don't expect it to be as good as wagyu. Comes with buttered potato puree aka mashed 128514 which is soooo yummy.

127805 Buttered Sweet Corn - my friend loves this side and she was not at all disappointed with their version.

127838 Bread & Butter Pudding - I'm not a big pudding girl but this is good. My friend loved it.

This meal was honestly more than enough for us, but we were satisfied and we did get to take some leftovers home. I do think they have a high price point but the overall quality makes up for it - though I'm not too sure about the steak.

Given the pricing I was surprised they'd asked us to add 10 pesos for each takeout tub. We didn't bite initially and the foil wrapping they used was so disappointingly inadequate. Some might argue that 10 bucks is a tiny drop in a bucket compared to what we paid (around Php 4,200) but I could say the same thing back at them 128542

In spite of that sour note we enjoyed our dining experience. There were a few servers assigned to the second floor and they were quite attentive, though that may be because the place was half full that night.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Bondi & Bourke

We were looking for a place to have dessert and eventually decided to try Bondi & Bourke.

🔹Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake.
🔹Sticky Date Pudding

Each can actually be shared by 3-4 people. Both were good. And sweet. Very sweet.

Service was great. Well, there weren't really many tables occupied then. But the maître d' served warm water without me asking for it. 128077🏼

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Since the steamed wagyu wasn't enough to satisfy our tummies and we still feel kind of bitin, we went here after. This is just beside the wagyu place, around 7-10 steps away. Mini "forbestown" foodcrawl. 128518

We ordered the following:

Buffalo Wings (365)
- hmm, this was just okay, nothing special. Usual buffalo wings. Would be better if spicier and the size of the chicken were bigger. But in terms of quantity, serving size was generous. There were a lot of chicken wings that we weren't able to finish everything.

The Australian Burger (695)
- everything the Australian way! 🇦🇺 The burger was huge and loaded with all the possible ingredients you could ever ask for. Bacon, egg, tomato, lettuce, cheese, caramelized onions, beets, and a piece of STEAK. This was good and very filling. But considering the price, there was nothing super extraordinary about the taste. I can already buy 2-3 burgers somewhere else. Hmm, 2 cheeseburgers from 8cuts and I am already happy and satisfied. I think I prefer the American burger more than the Australian version. 128517🇺🇸

Service was excellent, though. The place was almost full when we arrived but the servers were all still welcoming. Even let us in and sit in the bar because it was raining hard outside. 128077🏼

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

I've been wanting to try Bondi & Bourke's branch at BGC since it opened few months ago. However I only got the chance last week with Cindy S.

The first floor was full when we arrived so we stayed at the 2nd floor. The restaurant has a nice ambiance. Very classy and well-lit.

We ordered their Truffle Pasta with Chicken (400+php). This was really flavorful and the pasta was cooked al dente. The chicken strips were soft, and went well with the cream-based pasta. We also tried their Australian Burger (695php). It was expensive for a burger, but the server told me it's because of the rib eye steak in it. I loved that it has a thick prime beef patty, lots of cheese, bacon, egg, beets, and caramelized onions. I found this very satisfying. It was hard to eat because of its size, but burger is burger so I managed. I actually felt guilty after I consumed everything thinking how many calories I needed to burn in the gym later that night. Haha. Then I discovered that the fries on the side were good too. Oh noes.

P.S. I really wanted to try their Vanilla Creme Brulee for dessert but the pasta + burger combination already gave me a food coma.

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Blaise F.
3.0 Stars

Had my birthday lunch here and it was my first time as well.

Dishes I had was their Lamb Chops, Poutine, Fish&Chips, Creme Brûlée. Pics attached.

Lamb Chop- It was very tasty and was cooked to our liking; medium well. We were crossing our fingers it would be cooked to perfection & it was :) The sauce and mash was very good and it complimented the lamb well. No complaint with this dish (and thank god as it was pretty pricey!)

Poutine- Their fries tasted like those freshly cut daily and was seasoned well. This dish is an overkill, I must say! It's definitely for sharing for a big group in my opinion. After a while, it does get waaaayy too salty. I mean the ketchup gravy + bacon + cheese + fries!? I love Poutine but this was way too much. I wish the bacon was cooked just a tad bit more too. I wouldn't order this one again.

Fish&Chips- Now I was pretty disappointed with this one 128542 For an Australian restaurant, I thought they would do this right! The batter was way too thick. Way too thick. Luckily, I believe they use snapper (can't recall) and I had to remove the thick to scrape all of the fish out and eat it by itself. Good thing they didn't hold back on the quantity!

Creme Brûlée- How could you go wrong with a Creme brûlée? It was simple and satisfying. I was surprised how huge it was. I wish they put more berries on top tho. Ours only had very small slices of mango and like 3pieces of small cut berries :/ But still good overall.

Staff- Service was OK. Although the waitress that served us seemed a bit "slow" and not as knowledgable as I'd hope.

We asked about their "Australian Burger" and having an Australian hubby we were very keen to see what version they would have and if it was "authentic".

Yet she replied with a "oh it has a patty and beef". 128518 uhhhh, yes I think we ALL know that's burgers consist of. LOL. So I asked her again to explain what it meant on the menu "Australian Everything" and she replied with the same thing about the burger.

That's all, I mean they should train them more to be able to explain their dishes better.

Price wise- it's a bit on the pricey side but it more of an upscale casual fine dining so that's a given. But the servings are quite big.

Will go back to try other dishes.

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Clarissa P.
3.0 Stars

Bondi & Bourke is one popular Makati restaurant. It has been making waves and buzz ever since it opened. I've been wanting to try it out but Makati was difficult to traverse on weekdays and it's hard to reserve a table on weekends. Good thing that they finally opened a 2nd branch and the best news that came with it? It's in BGC!!!

The restaurant was spacious, with second floor, high ceiling, well lit, choice interiors, drop lamps and even Capiz Windows which was kind of weird for an Australian Restaurant. Anyhow, I loved the vibe and the relaxed atmosphere. We were ushered to their second floor as soon as we got in and surprisingly, there weren't a lot of tables occupied and that's on a Friday night!

We went for some Garlic Fries while waiting for Abe C to arrive. Nothing special with this though - thick fries that were crispy but were not evenly coated with garlic powder.

When we were finally complete we got pasta, steak and dessert. Abe C got a bottle of wine too.

Our Truffled Crab Carbonara arrived first. The serving wasn't a lot but can definitely be shared if you'll be ordering a number of dishes. Bowl of penne in a truffle cream sauce with just the right kick of truffle, good flavor from the smoked pancetta, nice touch of fresh garlic, Italian parsley and crab meat. Great pasta, great flavors but then the crab meat didn't standout.

Our steak came in next, took some snapshots and asked them to slice it up for us. We were choosing between the U.S Prime Ribeye or the Aussie version but since we were in an Australian resto, we decided to go with the Australian Prime Ribeye - 350g. The steak came with dressed arugula, buttered mash, steamed asparagus and dijon mustard.

The steak was thick, done medium rare with nice grill marks. Loved the color of the meat when they sliced it up! I must admit that it tasted great, well seasoned, but our group agreed that it was tough for a ribeye! For the cut and the price, boy that wasn't value for money.

We paired the steak with a bottle of red wine - Crakerjack "River Bend" Shiraz 2013, which was from Australia too. Now, I'm not a wine drinker and I'm not cultured when it comes to wine pairings. Though the husband always encourages me to try, I still have a lot to learn! My friends said that the wine went well with the steak though. Well, I got to smell and taste some sweet notes from the wine and I can say that the finish wasn't too strong.

Then dessert came and our Chocolate Lamington was plated gorgeously! Two layers of light and soft sponge cake, cut into squares, coated with chocolate, rolled in desiccated coconut and filled with cream in between. The entire thing was served sitting on top of a delicate white chocolate sauce that added sweetness to the cake.

Loved that they served this with fresh fruits, blueberries and strawberry, that broke the monotonous sweetness of the dessert. It was simple yet I liked it!

Overall, it was a pleasant dinner though the staff would need to be trained more because it was terribly hard to get their attention. They weren't as attentive as I have expected and there were a lot of times were they left the second floor unmanned.

Oh well, will give this restaurant another try when they've already settled down or better yet, will visit their Makati branch instead.

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Frances Ellen P.
3.0 Stars

Loved the bread pudding with berries and the Bourke salad is just beautifully composed! Servings are large. We found a strand of hair in our parma, the staff offered to replace it but we declined as were were too full. We were hoping to get compensated somehow, but they did not attempt any further. Table beside us sent their buffalo wings back because "it smelled and tasted funny".

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Abe C.
3.0 Stars

Finally! Popular Aussie resto Bondi & Bourke opened its 2nd branch in BGC, walking distance lang. This was the last stop of our foodie group trip in BGC which began a few hours earlier in Salvatore Cuomo.

Ordered Garlic Fries for appetizer. Garlicky good, a tad overburnt. 3/5

Then the Crabmeat Carbonara soon arrived. After the usual | take turns at taking pictures by Clarissa P and Mary Love S (hehe and myself), we tried it, and it was gooood. Truffle essence, smoked pancetta, sweet garlic cream, and penne cooked al dente blended perfectly. Creamy, lovely truffle flavor, this was the best dish of the evening. At above P600, I think it's a bit on the high side but the quality it apparent, and we shared it enough among 4 people so I think it fits the upscale positioning of Bondi & Bourke. Truffle and pancetta, good, but I hardly tasted the crabmeat. 4/5

Soon after arrived the 350gm Australian Ribeye. At P2,190, interestingly, it's more expensive than the US Angus at about P1900, so we had to try Aussie. Great form, thick steak, we asked them to make it medium rare. Arrived in great form, with salad, mashed potatoes and asparagus on the side. Thick, good sear. We took our customary pics then had the staff cut it. Disappointingly, it was tough. For Ribeye, Aussie quality, medium rare, damn... sayang! The flavor was quite good. They kinda screwed that up. Value for money was good pa naman. Either the quality of the cut was not good or they kinda overcooked it at medium, but I'm sticking to the quality of the Ribeye. 2/5

For dessert, the absolute excellent Pudding that I tried in Makati gave way to try the Aussie dessert Big Lamingtons. Picking chocolate, it certainly looks very appealing. Sponge cake coated in an outer layer of chocolate sauce and rolled in desiccated coconut on top of cream. It's got decent moistness, good flavor, but relatively forgettable, despite its great form. Guess I was dreaming of that dessert I tried from their original Makati branch. 3/5

Also ordered Crackerjack Shiraz. P1000 for a bottle. New age, good flavor and bouquet, easy to drink and got buzzed pretty good, as it went well with the steak.

Overall, 3.5, but I'll round it down to a 3. For sure, I'll go back and try their other dishes. Their ambiance was consistent with their original Makati branch, though the Makati feels more intimate. This has higher ceilings, more space, and interesting interior. Weird the use of Pinoy Capiz windows as decor on their stairs being an Aussie resto, man, but I'll take it.

Thanks for the invite Jairus d and great seeing you, too Ruth S, though they'd left by this time.

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

I have been eying Bondi & Bourke for several months now. I have read countless reviews about this Australian steak place and all claim that the succulent slabs of meat are worth fighting for...against the unforgiving Makati traffic. But Makati is a strange and far land, or so on weeknights for me. To cut things short, I never had the chance to visit. Till tonight. 128518

Hello, Bondi & Bourke!

Thank you for opening a BGC branch. You made me so happy!

I met up with some of my favorite foodies (Jairus d Clarissa P Ruth S and Abe C) at Melt, their second stop (third for Clarissa) today. After our impulsive Flatiron visit to try the raved about Coffee Pie, we headed to Bondi & Bourke for a heavy dinner. (Jai had to rush to Makati and Baby Ruth had to meet up with A and left us alone with our steak night dream.)

While waiting for Abe to return after parking his car, we ordered a bowl of Garlic Fries (PHP95). I was absolutely famished when it arrived as it was already past 8 then.

The fries were served in 10 minutes and though the fries were thick and crispy, the garlic powder was not spread evenly. Some fries were too garlicky while some were bland.

To rightfully utter "Thank God it's Friday," we also ordered Australian Prime Rib Eye Steak (PHP2,190), Truffled Crab Carbonara (PHP630) and Chocolate Lamingtons (PHP145). Abe also ordered a bottle of red wine Crackerjack River (PHP1,000/bottle).

The pasta arrived first and it was delightful. The noodles were al dente and the truffle taste was strong enough to be appreciated. The sauce was flavorful yet not overwhelming. It was one of my favorites that night. I only have one concern though... I could barely taste the crab meat.

The steak arrived after 10 minutes or so and T (Abe's lovely foodie wife) was just in time for it! (We were already done taking photos when she arrived.)

With high expectations, we each took a morsel of meat and popped it inside our mouths.

I admit, it had nice flavor and it was definitely seasoned well. But it was the toughest medium rare I have ever had. It was tough that I felt my mouth developed abs of its own. For the sides, the blanched artichokes and mashed potatoes are nothing extraordinary. In short, I was disappointed with this one. 128148 It made me wonder if I really was at a steak place.

At least the red wine was good and went well with the meat.

But our meal ended nicely as Lamingtons delighted my eyes and taste buds.

The pretty dessert was a soft chiffon cake covered in chocolate and coconut shavings topped with white chocolate, blueberries and a strawberry flower. It had a nice light taste yet still undeniably sweet and a great dish to cap our meal. I loved how the soft chiffon was in contrast with the coconut shavings. Its sweetness was also well complemented by the tanginess of the fruits.

Overall, it was a good meal. It would have been superb if only the meat was tender and if the servers were more attentive. They didn't give Abe a glass of water and only did when we asked for it. They also do not refill our glasses unless requested. Lastly, they served our dessert with our mains. For now, I'll give it three stars.

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