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Bondi & Bourke
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Most Recent Reviews

Larah L.
4.0 Stars

Steak was good and reasonably priced. Nice al fresco area too

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

I was walking around Legaspi Village and I said to myself, the first decent restaurant I see is where I’ll have late lunch. I spotted this fine dining like location, an Australian establishment. I haven’t heard of this place but willing to try. What encouraged me to settle was a full crowd seemingly enjoying their food.

I had their Asian Chicken Salad first. It’s a new salad and was quite disappointed on the onset because the meat was fried. Without much need of a request, they gladly replaced it with grilled ones for additional Php 50. This is without returning the original ones. The dressing was good, greens were fresh. I loved the touch of sourness through the green apples and cherry tomatoes. At Php 525 it can be good for two.

I wasn’t exactly full yet so I had their signature Steak Pies after. These savory pies were done really well. I was in luck because they just had a batch done. That means no need to wait another 30 minutes. Meat was tender and melt in your mouth. The mushrooms complemented well. The crust were a bit tough butit somehow fits.

The place has a nice function room. I was able to take a peak while going around. Another plus for Bondi & Bourke is their warm friendly service.

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Pat S.
5.0 Stars

First review after 2 years: Bondi & Bourke

♥️ Norwegian Salmon: Perfectly cooked and tastes soooo good!
♥️ Seafood Linguine: Not your ordinary tomato-based pasta. Excellent flavors!
♥️ Prime Rib Eye (350g): Delicious steak!!! The mashed potato is good as well.
♥️ Toffee Pudding: Just the right sweetness. Not nakakaumay. A perfect ending to a very hearty meal 128523

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Anna d.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars

My date took me to this place I've been eyeing for quite sometime. Its at Bondi & Bourke. At past 7 PM, was like No traffic ,less people. Perfect timing 128076🏼

The place has airy welcome vibe as you enter and its just a cozy nook to be. Menus are straight forward, its like everything is familiar: pasta, burgers, salads and steaks! Giving you a culinary experience that is uncomplicated for you to enjoy and linger. Servers are attentive and gives good recommendations.

We had 6 pcs of Oysters Mornay with spinach cream and Mozzarella cheese for appetizer. Its a good start!

I thought of having a steak, but I was quite full. So I settled for Norweigian Salmon (P895) its a pan seared salmon, buttered sweet corn hash, apple slaw and asparagus. Light meal yet enjoyed the salmon.

My date got his Classic Meatpie -Steak & Cheese, (P475) braise Australian beef, with cheese with fries on the side. Served hot! Melting cheese inside is mouthwatering. This dish is heavy with its crust and meat.

For our drinks, we got Ginger & Lemon, yes that's the drink we chose for our coughs. Refreshing and soothing.

Verdict: enjoyed the food, nice ambiance, and good service. Just one thing, there are mosquitos inside the dining that is quite annoying the diners. Hope they can do something about it.

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Inna A.
5.0 Stars

The Seafood Lenguine was devine. The seafood was not over cooked, and not fishy at all. We loved it.

Braised Beef Ribs with mashed potato was delicious! Falling off the bone and had very rich flavor. My fiancé said it was probably the best mashed he had ever tasted.

Garlic Fries were good too.

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Joanne G.
3.0 Stars


I have a very vague memory of Australia. Last time I was there was about 20 years ago. Sadly, I really don’t remember anything, most especially the food. I think I was too young to appreciate it back then.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about Bondi & Bourke when it opened a new branch in BGC so being the curious me, I started researching about the place and what type of food they serve. To my surprise, I learned that they have an older branch in Legaspi Village, Makati. So, I invited my husband to try it out one day.

To be honest, I’m not really a fan of western food, but my husband is into it. Bondi & Bourke serves Australian cuisine. I did my homework by reading blogs and finding out what’s good to eat or if there’s anything that would interest my taste. When we got to the place, I was already fixed on what to order.

The place is very spacious, modern and minimalist. I like the feel that their kitchen is open and I can see the staff preparing the food. It brings a little excitement just before they actually serve the food.

As mentioned earlier, I was already fixed with my order. I got the STEAK AND MUSHROOM PIE WITH FRIES ON THE SIDE - Php495 (braised beef ragout, garlic mushroom, puff pastry). I ended up eating just half portion it. For some reason, I really didn’t enjoy the taste (I liked the fries), but my husband said that they do it very well. I’m not surprised since I’m a big fan of Japanese, French & Filipino cuisine. My taste palete is totally different.

I also ordered the CALAMANSI PANDAN ICED TEA (not sure if this is correct) and it was really refreshing! I’ve never had something like this before.

I’m glad I tried it here though! It's a good preview on what to expect with regards to food the next time I step in Australia! 128523

Happy Eating!!!

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Jill C.
4.0 Stars

I would recommend the Mediterranean Parmas and the Slow Braised Beef Ribs. The beef and mushroom pie is also good but what stood out are the parmas and ribs. A parmas is like pizza, except that its crust is chicken fillet instead of pizza dough. There are 2 large servings per order. We tried the classic parmas also, but for me it was just like the ordinary chicken parmigiana. Mediterranean parmas is better. The slow braised beef is tender and flavorful and I could tell it has truffle too. It smelled and tasted really good. It is served with mashed potato. These 2 dishes are already good for sharing. We also ordered salad but it was nothing extraordinary. I could do better at home.

Aaand the star of the night is the sticky toffee pudding which is absolutely to die for. I would even go back here just for this dessert. It also has this butter caramel sauce which makes it more dangerously delicious. Oh my, you should try it!

I loved the modern interiors and the warm lighting. The place is really clean too. It tends to get packed on Friday nights so better make a reservation. Average price for most of the food is around Php 600-800 but the steaks are a different story 128516!
Anyway, the servings are big enough. Remember, this is Australian food we are talking about. So happy eatin', mate!

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Ginny B.
5.0 Stars

Walked-in dinner time with no reservations for a table good for 9, and luckily got seated in their spacious, modern-looking function room!

Everything was EXCELLENT- service, food, and even their playlist! I think they were playing some jazz music at the background.

My favorites:

US prime rib paired with potato puree
Classic australian (chicken) parma
Salad (forgot the name.. oops!)
Steak & bacon pie
Ox tail pasta
And the PANNA COTTA was so SO GOOD!

Price points are jusified by quantity (all good for sharing) and quality of course!

B&B is prolly now my top 1 favorite resto in the area. Looking forward to dining here again!

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Bondi reminds me alot of great memories, one of it was the rows of restaurants with just a stone throw away from the fine white sands. So came this resto on an area at makati that i seldom passed by, one thing for sure is that it would be of great help to have a reservation before coming here on a friday night.

This place is on the expensive side, and if its an australian resto, you cant go wrong with steak or burger and i went with the latter. Order a australian burger at 700, it was a really huge burger with thick patty, steak, beetroot, caramelized onions, etc. So again, this is a huge burger. After finishing our dinner, we were given a complentary white chocolate brownies so we decided to order flat white and again we were given complementary macarons. 128522

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Cali C.
3.0 Stars

The ambiance was great and so is the service. Its quite pricey so I expected more from the flavors. We ordered the Salmon and some kind of beef pie, Somebody else ordered for the group so I can't remember. If I am paying 5-star hotel food prices I expect hotel quality but I don't think it even came close. Its not bad but I just don't think its worth it. I say "like" because I didn't pay for it but if I will spend my money here I will think twice. There are tons of options in Makati after all.

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Rachel T.
5.0 Stars

Been eyeing this restaurant for months now. I usually passed by it when I crave for Charlie's grind and grill burgers and fries as it is near the area. Also, have been reading good reviews about it and the pictures are just so inviting.

Since it was in Makati area, where I am always around, Teemee T and I decided to eat here after work. The restaurant serves Australian cuisine.

When we entered, we were greeted by a server and I informed them that i had a reservation for 2. One of the server nicely asked for my bag and helped me put it at the hook under the table.

Since it was our first time, we decided that we should try their pies (since pies seems to be a very common food in australia). We ordered their Steak and Mushroom pie with fries as sides. The pie seem small when served but once you cut it open, you will be welcomed by a lot of tender beef chunk slices (and i mean a lot) which was oozing out of the pie dough. The beef was saucy, sweet with a hint of salt and pepper-y. While i was eating it, i was thinking "masarap iulam sa kanin". The pie dough was also buttery, milky and soft. The fries was also delicious, not salty too.

We also ordered their Australian Burger, which was described in their menu as "Everything the Australian way" so another reason to be ordered by first timers. It had a thick burger patty, bacon, egg, greens, tomato cheese and steak slice. But what i liked about this burger is the sauced used with it. It was very delicious. The burger was really heavy even if i only ate half of it.

They provided water without us even asking, which was a plus for me. Their restroom was also very clean and the interior was nice, which was another plus for me. The restaurant was also very classy, even the people eating in it, they were dressed nicely. It wasn't very noisy either which is a very good place for catching up with small groups of families, friends or even for an intimate date as you will be able to hear each other. I also noticed that their menu was really short, just 2 pages for appetizers, mains and desserts. Everything that goes out of the kitchen looks delicious as well.

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Dell C.
5.0 Stars

I am craving pizza and chicken so I went for the classic australian parma and it is undeniably good as always. My colleagues ordered oysters and I am drooling to try one but I have to resist the urge since I have stomach flu that day. Going back. My chicken parma is delicious as it is really tender and cheezy and you can choose between salad or fries and the fries tasted like a truffle fries. I should have ordered their chocolate lamingtons coz I know they have really good lamingtons but I am just too full to eat one. Maybe next time. 128522

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Mye F.
4.0 Stars

Had a lovely dinner with my workmates here. I haven't heard of this restaurant prior to our dinner so I was surprised to see how busy the place was.

All the food served to our table looked and tasted fresh and delicious. I've tried the following: Prawn Salad, Steak and Bacon Pie and Prawn Linguine (shown on pic). I enjoyed the salad & the pasta. The pie was delicious but maybe Aussie pies aren't really my cup of tea. Two of my workmates ordered burgers. They were huge.

Ambience was nice though can be a bit intimidating imo. Saw some familiar faces. We also saw Ben Chan arrived with his group. They headed straight to the private area of the resto🤓

Too bad we were all in a hurry for our next meetings so we didn't have time for desserts. I'll go back & try them next time128522

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Carla M.
5.0 Stars

​No plans​ of eating out last Thursday but I suddenly got a call from JP G. that he’s in the area with Chichi T. and Kirby G. and they’re about to have lunch. I just finished eating but I told me them that I’ll drop by. So hard to say no. Hahaha!

We met at Your Local but they were full and we were put on the waiting list. No patience to wait and the three were already starving since it was almost 1PM, so we just waited for Yina M. to arrive before moving to Bondi and Bourke.

They two guys and Chichi ordered a Steak and Bacon Pie and an Australian Burger to share. The burger was huge and it looks really epic! Piled high with prime beef patty, egg, cheese, bacon and strip steak. Meatlovers rejoice! Not a big fan of pies, but the Steak and Bacon Pie​​ looked delicious too. Puff pastry stuffed with bacon and beef ragout, topped with more bacon. Sounds sinful, right? I’ll probably reconsider to try this on my next visit.

Yina wanted dessert so she ordered a lamington and shared it with me. I don’t remember how the chocolate lamington tastes like anymore since I think I enjoyed the strawberry one more the last time we ate here. Moist chocolate sponge cake filled with a thin layer of cream, coated with desiccated coconut. Not too sweet, very light. Yumm!9786

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Coy G.
5.0 Stars

Pros :

1. Great food! Loved the steak and the pie!
2. Has internet
3. Good serving proportions.
4. Clean toilet
5. Pleasant and quick staff


1. Drink pricing too high
2. Chef a little shy/snobbish, doesn't chat w customers (at least when I was there)
3. Parking

Over all : you get what you pay for!


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Kathryna d.
5.0 Stars

300th post! 127881

Looloo, may forever tayo. 128153

We went here last Christmas for lunch and we easily made late reservations. Although they were holding a private event a few hours later, we really didn't feel that we were being rushed to leave. Nonetheless, a steady flow of lunch crowds were also entertained by the resto. 128077🏼

We ordered A LOT of food (we were a party of 8) so we shared the dishes. Good thing to note that most of their plates are good for sharing, but don't expect to feel stuffed if you're just dining here for two and you decide to order just two dishes.

For me the highlight of my meal was the steak. 128046 the Creekstone Ribeye was served after 40 mins and surprisingly after ordering a lot of appetizers and other mains, we still felt so hungry when this was served. They split the steak into two trays so each table could have a fair share. The meat was cooked to medium rare perfection.

Although some people are not really into the whole bloody meat thing, the certified carnivores in our table were quite pleased with this simple yet flavorful steak.

The veggies and mashed potato that came with it really went well with the meat. For the 6k price tag? It's worth it. Just make sure you order this when you're dining with at least 10 people so you still have enough money and appetite to try the rest of the dishes! 128514

Make it a point to order their ribeye when you visit Bondi because it will truly be the highlight of your dining experience here. Sulit talaga! 128077🏼

Of course we got the usual carbonara (truffle!), the fresh focaccia (so addicting), and the prawn salad. The steak and chicken pies were okay, not really a fan of savory pies.

The sticky toffee pudding was the bomb! 127881 We ordered an off the menu dessert which was similar to a bundt cake but it wasn't really that memorable for me.

Their specialty drinks were okay, I wish that they provide some sort of strainer for some of their drinks, it felt awkward when I had to remove some of the leafy ingredients from my mouth after every sip! 128514

Ambiance was great, Chef Wade was there who was literally very hands on on every dish that came out of the kitchen. You know what they say, the more well-prepared your dish looks, the more hands and fingers have touched it. 128541

Oh. And their comfort room is super clean! With built-in bidet! 128701

Adios! 128111

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, oi, oi!

The takaw group of self-proclaimed kaladkarins met up here to try this Australian restaurant along Salcedo Street, together with a few newly found acquaintances. Thanks to the manicism of Jayson, 11 of the 12 of us tried Bondi for the first time. Kristin came in here previously only to try the meat pie so she was still equally excited to dine here. When we were all discussing where to eat days before, everyone unanimously said B&B. I was in a Looloo hiatus for a while so I wasn’t aware of this place.

We met at 7:00PM and discussed what to order in the patio before we went in. Let me say that the outdoor seating was very comfy and cool. I was happy to see Chef Wade in and out of the kitchen as it was an assurance to me that he was actually there to oversee my food. I’ve noticed that some restaurants just use a famous chef but really just eventually leave the kitchen to his executive chef.

Going into the restaurant it was very amusing how excited these Looloo bellies are. I was just really hungry and couldn’t wait to eat. Decor is clean and bright. The table was just wide and beautiful. Not stone though as I initially thought. We ordered food to share. Each plate was passed on from end to end so everyone could try it. It was great too that people made sure to get just enough food so everyone in the group could try them and indulged themselves with a second and third helping only when everyone was served.

Some in our group had comments about the service, especially the water refills. I’m glad I didn’t feel that lack of service because I was probably busy looking, smelling and eating the food. I forgot to be thirsty!

Here are my 127775127775127775127775127775

127873Slow Braised Beef Ribs
Truffle mash, greens, mushroom jus, sprouts.
Holy heavens! Ang sarap! If this place wasn’t swanky I’d grab the bone and lick it. Which reminds me, I should’ve brought it home for my dog. Oh well. Anyway, if you’ve noticed my posts I do love myself a good braised beef. Fall off the bone. The mash was so creamy. I kinda had to make a pitch for this to be added to our list. Buti na lang pumayag! I was about to complain that there’s not enough meat for its 995-peso price tag. However looking at the photo now, there was actually lot of meat for 1, enough beef if shared by 2, but definitely not enough for 12 of us.

127873Penne Truffle Carbonara
I wasn’t expecting to love this. Because I find carbonara unexciting as it’s so easy to make. They executed this dish perfectly, and it’s not just because of the truffle. We ordered a second serving for this because everyone loved this.

127873Mediterranean Chicken Parma
Olives, basil, feta, capers, lemon, Savino’s sauce, ham, mozzarella and fries.
Took me by surprise too. The serving is bigger than my face. Now I know why this is considered as Australian comfort food. Eat it immediately as its best enjoyed from the oven where the cheese is still . I read the fries were supposed to be good here but nah, I’d rather order it again with a salad.

127873Sticky Toffee Pudding
Mother of Pearl! I must’ve been on the brink of a food coma because I thought I was dreaming and seeing the pudding swimming in liquid gold. Oh the sparkle in my eyes when it was delivered to our table. Soft, gooey, just the right sweetness complimented by the cream sauce.

127873Mango Shortcake
It was a good change of flavor as we just ate absurdly rich food. I love anything ripe mango. Off the menu.

Other recommended dishes are their pies & lamingtons. Did you know you can cut the lamington’s into 12 pieces to share?

When deciding to order the Creekstone Prime Rib-Eye I actually suggested to pass on this. Parang nalungkot mga tao. There was a short silence of heartbreak. Yun pala it’s been heavily reviewed here that’s why they all wanted to dine here. We grill our own USDA steaks at home, including ribe-eyes, so I wasn’t too excited to try this. Pre-ordered 40 minutes in advance, this was still served last, maybe done so to be the pièce de résistance of the night. Sadly, we didn’t get the maddening high we were expecting. We kinda looked at each other for confirmation. The steak itself was cooked perfectly to our liking – medium, great char, pink on the inside, seasoned simply with just salt and pepper to bring out the purity of the beef. It had all the components of a great steak. The problem was the meat itself. It was almost tough and almost hard to chew. Not buttery, melt in your mouth. You all know what I mean. I wanted to tell the chef his meat supplier might have given him terrible portion. Maybe I should’ve. I actually felt sad the meal was to end this way. We needed dessert to cheer us up and we happily accepted the complimentary desserts in addition to our lamingtons. That sticky toffee pudding put the flutter back in my heart.

The steak & mushroom pie, lamb pie, 2 sticky toffee puddings, and 2 mango shortcakes were given to us compliments of Chef Wade. I already decided on my rating before the desserts came, so I don't think these items could've swayed my ranking.

It was great to have dined with Isha S, Jayson J, Kristin A, Marc David M, Maureen S, Roy Lambert T, Uael C and the | gods. When you come say hi to bad-ass twins Bondi & Burke that help secure the restaurant. They can even park your car for you.

While I was on an extended hiatus, Looloo welcomed me back as if I never left. I have been using this app since 2013, been here long enough to even have that limited edition white tee. So why do I love |? I’ve had wonderful conversations with strangers, received recommendations for places I’d never heard of and eventually loved eating in, met a bunch of crazy people who just talk about food, food, and food. All reviews are important, no one ever bullies anyone into thinking their opinion matters more than the others. I especially love reviews of places I’ve never been to. I have heard some chismis though that people have gone maniacal when they didn’t win a contest, which I just amusingly laughed at. Seryosohan talaga hahaha. Parang Miss Colombia at Miss Germany.

127881127881127881Merry Christmas everyone and here’s to more feasting in the coming 2016!127881127881127881


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Ruth Joy G.
3.0 Stars

Me and my friends had dinner a couple of weeks ago to try the most talked about Australian Restaurant ib Makati.

We had the lamb & tomato pie and it was good 128077🏼 we also had the carbonara, bourke (salad) with arugula, almonds, cherry tomatoes, orange, goat cheese and parma ham and it was really good and for dessert we had the big lamingtons, we had the strawberry and lemon and they were good too!

The place was jammed packed when we aarived but we had a reservation so we were seated right away, the service was soooo poor128078🏼128078🏼128078🏼 because they were slow and the servers weren't really attentive, because when we asked for another bottle of wine, we had to call her again after 30mins ,she totally forgot about the wine 128532
I asked for a water refill and she came back after like 15 mins.. WTF?! Right?!

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Uael C.
4.0 Stars

Bondi, is a popular beach and Bourke, is a town in north-west New South Wales, Australia. For whatever reason these places are chosen to be the resto's namesake; one thing is clear to me - Bondi&Bourke offers comfort food well-loved from the down under.

I got invited by fellow looloo reviewers for B&B dining. When i came in, Jayson J Kristin A Christina R Maureen S Roy Lambert T And Isha S were already waiting for our turn to settle in. They ordered in advance as the creekstone takes 40 minutes to prepare. Chef wade arranged for us in the private room, good for about 30-35 guests.

128204 Steak and Mushroom Pie 127775127775127775127775
The braised beef was fork tender. It went reall well with garlic mushroom, encapsulated by puff pastry.

128204 Lamb Pie 127775127775127775127775
Similar with steak and mushroom and without the muttony aftertaste. It came with classic salad with balsamic and olive oil dressing. Australians do great pies are indeed!

128204 Mediteranean chicken parma 127775127775127775127775
Served with savino sauce, the chicken breast was tender, and thankfully not as dry as it usually is. It is topped with ham and a good dash of parmesan. This dish is good for 2.

128204 Penne Truffle Carbonara 127775127775127775127775
My favourite because of the thick bechemel and the undeniable essence of truffle. I can eat it by myself. 5 stars!

128204 Seared Salmon 127775127775127775127775
Reliable for it's savoury taste. A stand out because of its subtle taste vs the roster of dishes we've tried. (See pic)

128204 US beef ribs 127775127775127775127775127775
I really enjoyed this ensemble bedded with truffle to infused mashed potato. Beef is fork tender and that thick sauce is a beauty, i wanna cry :) 5 stars!

128204 Creekstone Prime ribeye 127775127775127775
The 40 minute waiting time to bring this 1.2 kg medium rare ribeye is just so-so. It costs 6,000 bucks, wich is a different discussion altogether. Nothing spectacular but it is still good.

128204 Lamingtons127775127775127775127775
This is an aussie treat, made of sponge cake, raspberry jam, coated with dessicated coconut. We had chocolate and lemon, which is perfect to cleanse the palate cleansing.

128204 Sticky Toffee Pudding 127775127775127775127775127775
Its an edible OMG! The pudding has hints of berry and nutmeg. It is drenched with a creamy vanilla and caramel sauce. Perfecto!

128204 Mango shortcake 127775127775127775127775
It has a texture of Cornbread but really good. Its not in the menu, and was whipped pro bonno because our mark's bday bash :)

What makes this place unique? Its their fine selection of pies and Lamingtons. Bondi and bourke is a great place to experience the land down under in a gastronomic lense. Service is great, but price is a bit intimidating. Should i be back? Yes! But I'll order one dish at a time :) nice to see you as well Peanut D and Odell R :) belated happy birthday Marc David M! :)

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