Bongao Peak

Bud Bongao Trail, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi

Bongao Peak
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Jaja R.
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Bongao Peak, also know as Bud Bongao for the locals, is considered a pilgrimage mountain for the people of Tawi-tawi. They climb its steep rocks in return for favors tied along its trees or as they call it locally, "Tampat". Stories say that most prayers were answered. Along the trail, there is a big possibility you'll meet a Phil. Macaque monkey or monkeyS!

More importantly, the mountain top offers a majestic view of Bongao and its surrounding waters and isles. You will
definitely say to yourself "Ang ganda talaga ng Pilipinas!"

With the sustained peace and order and the commitment of the people, Bongao has been and continues to be a melting pot of different cultures given the influx of the different ethnicities such as Bicolanos, Ilocanos, Visayan and Chavacanos among others who live harmoniously with the native Samas and Tausugs.

Imagine hiking Bud Bongao when you have already covered 21 kms in an ultramarathon and still have to run for 5kms after you've conquered it! Yes, that's what happened to me. But I say that It is all worth it!

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