Bontoc in Batangas Bed & Breakfast

Mabini, Batangas

Bontoc in Batangas Bed & Breakfast
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Patricia L.
5.0 Stars

I can't even begin to explain how perfect the experience was. Thanks to Joy L for bringing the family here.

We only stayed overnight. But my husband and I wished we could stay there FOREVER.

The place is I think inspired by, you guessed it. Bontoc. It is atop of a hill thus, giving a majestic view of the sea.

Upon arrival (we checked in early btw), we were served a world class meal with a mix of meat, salad, fish and dessert served buffet style for lunch. Too bad I don't have pictures kus we were too excited to dig in. After lunch, we were then led to our rooms. We almost occupied the whole place as we went there as a family of 13. The owners told us that on the 3rd floor, they have a "fertility hut" so we opted to stay there instead. 128521 Everything was spot on Bontoc. From their seats, to their tables, and their bathroom. Smelled so nice, and had large pebbles as their flooring! We dozed off for the remainder of the day and snorkeled a bit. And then it was dusk. Dinner time.

This trip was last March pa so I kind of forgot what we ate. But one thing I'm sure of, everything is edible and remarkably delicious as the daughter of the owner is a chef. During the night, happy hour means unli Rhum Coke! I specially liked the way they make it as they squeeze calamansi in it. I think I finished 6 rum glasses that night. Haha.

Morning came and I remember eating danggit like popcorn and chugged down my coffee and the hubby's. Shortly after, we head on out to the dive site. Everybody were given an Intro to Diving lessons (except for Joy L's daughter) and took turns in diving. I was too scared to try because I'm not that good in breathing underwater. (I know. We have an oxygen tank but I cant seem to get the rythym of breathing) So the hubby went down alone. He was really excited so he urged me to go down because he tells me, you don't know what you're missing. He then held my hand as we went underwater. 128525128525128525 Amazing. Just as I have expected, I panicked (the hand sign for go up is the one i remembered the most since I think I will definitely use that) and went back up.

Time for lunch. This bento box beautifully wrapped in colorful bandanas are the best way to go if you are eating lunch on an island hopping trip. I enjoyed every bit of it and the best part is, unli C2 solos.

We went back after lunch and was sad that we needed to go home already. It was the most relaxing experience we've had for my husband's short stay here in the Philippines. It was quite a long drive but it was all worth it.

This post cannot justify how amazing the place was and how accomodating the Trono family is. If you happen to drop by Mabini or would like to dive, YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY STAY HERE. Wala ng ibang choice. Dito lang.

Check out their FB account to see other pictures.

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