Bontoc Museum

Bontoc, Mountain Province

Bontoc Museum
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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars

Well maintained museum and interesting artifacts and photos 128077🏻

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April H.
4.0 Stars

From South to North! At least for the reviews of my previous trips... 128522

During our trip to Sagada and Banaue, we passed by Bontoc (which is the capital of Mountain Province)... We needed a bit of a break from the long and bumpy drive between the two places... Our guide told us to pass by the Bontoc Museum along the way...

This museum is located in the grounds of their school... It was summer vacation when we visited, so we weren't able to meet the students... The vans were parked on the school grounds...

The museum is run by a Belgian missionary who was assigned to the Mountain province years back and she made this her second home... She was so touched by the people and the history of the area that she wanted to do everything to preserve the story and way of life of the Ifugao people... She made the move to make a museum, which houses relics and traditional garb of the tribe... Multiple turn of the century pictures are hung on the walls... The tradition of headhunting was discussed in the museum; they do not shy away from their past... At present, it is obviously outlawed, but there are rumors that it is still practiced today... Just don't piss them off!128513

There is even a replica of their traditional village at the back of the museum... It shows their houses, complete with decorations, for the public to see and experience for themselves... As you can see, that is an example of their house in the picture...

This is a traditional museum, by the people and for the people... Do not expect sophisticated multimedia presentations here... It is just the need to preserve an aready dying culture for the future generation to understand... Sad that it was actually a foreigner who fought to make this museum a reality...

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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

Before this trip the only thing I can associate about Bontoc is the bus accident that killed comedian, Tado and 14 other people in February 2014. It is sad when people can only remember a place because of an ugly occurrence so I am happy that I was able to go to the Mountain Province and discover the interesting things that Bontoc has to offer.

Bontoc is the capital of Mountain Province. It is a second class municipality known for their Lang-ay Festival, a celebration that involves street dances, theatrical performance, trade fair, and sports competition.

Bontoc is also known as the home to the Bontoc Tribe, a group of indigenous people who were always involved in tribal wars. But what made this group feared by many is the fact that they did head hunting.

On the streets, you can see old women walking, with tribal tattoos etched on their arms. These tattoos are called pong'-o.

More information, photographs as well as artifacts can be found in their museum in Guinaang Road. You can also see a replica of "ato" or the village that shows Bontoc's social structure in this museum.

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