Book and Borders Cafe

Tuscany Estates, Upper McKinley Rd., McKinley Hill, Taguig, Metro Manila

Book and Borders Cafe
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Tim E.
3.0 Stars

You love food? Check. You love books? Check. You love hanging out and just chilll? Check. Books and Borders Tuscany branch is really cute! The ambience is so nice that we opted to stay and eat instead of following our plan of just having some take-out. Let's break it down to bits, shall we?

First, THE INTERIOR: as I've mentioned earlier, the ambience of is really nice. The lighting is good, probably because of their chosen niché (BOOKS!!). Seating is okay as well, chairs are comfy enough. The entire place is a bit small, though. Tables and chairs wear neatly placed that you can almost hear the other table's conversation. Hehe. Then there's this long shelf on the second floor where books and other artifacts, so to speak, were placed. There are also two huge tables, probably intended for bigger groups. And there is also a four-seater long table by the ledge were one can study or read while enjoying a meal. Wifi is offered as well, but is only given upon ordering.

Next up, BOOKS!!: My inner bookworm got all the kiligs when I saw their collection of books. I must say, their collection is not big, but are mostly composed of popular books of various genres. They have your usual Sparks/Green novels, some children's books, some self-help book, magazines, etc. They even have a copy of Tolkien's LOTR!!!! Needless to say, we were happy. HOWEVER, we did not enjoy much of the books because: first, we got distracted when our food came; and second, we were slighty in a hurry (tumakas lang kami from work. Hehehe) If you're in the mood to just hang around, you may even finish one! 128516

Lastly, FOOD: I ordered their Tuyo Pasta (195php) while my friend got the Chicken Parmagiana (210php, If my memory serves me right). They are first. But then it you'll get that 'umay' feeling. Why? Because their servings were really big! Even for a big guy like me!! My pasta was so oily that I needed to drink water every now and then to cleanse my palette (which made me more busog!!) As of the chicken pasta, the pesto was too creamy for my liking. The chicken was okay, I guess. Oh! We also ordered some buffalo wings! That, I enjoyed! It was spicy, but tolerable. 128524 They also offer cakes and rice meals!

All in all, the experience was okay. Not that memorable, but I recommend trying it. Especially for the book lovers out there!

Food: 110881108811088
Place: 11088110881108811088
Service: 1108811088 (coz they forgot to give us water and table napkins!!)
Overall: 110881108811088

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Edison A.
3.0 Stars

The place is beyond expectations but the food... well they served us corn and carrots gone bad.

We went there on a weekday morning, we were the 2nd customers dining in. They open up really early, 7AM probably to live up by their name.

We ordered - Seafood Aligue Pasta a la Carbonara for P250, Barbecue Liempo for P300, and Flat White for P135.

Aside from books, there were board games upstairs so we played chess while waiting. A few pieces were missing so we had to improvise. A few minutes later I heard the manager telling the cashier to speak to us - apparently the Seafood Aligue Pasta was not available so we had it replaced with Chicken Parmigiana au Gratin over Creamy Pesto for P230.

The flat white is just right. The chicken pesto is very good, it is creamy and tasty, (lots of pesto and cheese!) its a must try. The Liempo is just right, i think it is overpriced for its size. The sidings were bad, it was very sour like it was left in the countertop overnight to spoil. I returned the entire plate and the crew was very apologetic, the manager cannot be seen so I wasnt able to give him the feedback directly. They replaced the sidings with egg but the rest is the same. I could have rated it 5 but its gonna be 3 for now. Ill be back to taste that aligue pasta or perhaps get a coffee and read a book.

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Gem D.
5.0 Stars

Their red velvet cake and blueberry cheesecake are the best! Will definitely come back!

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

We came in looking for something to do on a rainy Friday afternoon. I'm surprised they occupy such a big space in Tuscany. This cafe has 2 floors. I love that it's bright and spacious, in contrast to the predominant dark interiors Starbucks, CBTL, and Bo's has right now.

As a cafe, I like that they have books and magazines you can borrow. It seems as if this is a great place for alone time, as long as this place isn't full. I saw a few people alone and in pairs working on their computers, some just sipping coffee and reading a newspaper. They have long tables on the 2nd floor too. I didn't browse through their books, so can't say much about their selection. But I did see a few basic cookbooks I'd probably look at next time. Oh, and they had a few children's books which kept my toddler busy.

Funny lang, they only have 2 games available - chess and Snakes & Ladders. The S&L seems so old like it was from my childhood pa. Classic. Pieces are incomplete too. Well we just tried to have the most fun with it. I was with my kids and we were stuck here.

We tried their matcha cheesecake and mango vanilla smoothie. My son loved the cheesecake. For me it needs more matcha. It's not much of a cheesecake, no tangy taste, but I liked it too and will probably order it again. Maybe call it something else. Although it did only say matcha on the display. But I asked the cashier and she said cheesecake. The smoothie tasted like it's made with a powder mix. I can tell, but maybe some can't. But masarap din naman. Needs more mango flavor. Maybe needs real mango haha.

Service was great, we were greeted warmly by the manager and crew. My daughter knocked over the smoothie glass and they cleaned it without any complaints or parinig. I was offering to pay for it but they said I didn't need to. I left them a bigger tip instead, mostly for the hassle of cleaning it up.

We'll probably be back, maybe with my own book.

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Oreo B.
4.0 Stars

We ordered mix berry and chocolate milkshake and they're good. They have wifi and books that can be borrowed. Although when I look at their selections, I was expecting more books in the fantasy and fiction genre. I hope they add more next time. Overall, staying here while we wait for my sister is worth every cent. 128077

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4.0 Stars

I had a walk yesterday afternoon at Tuscany Estate, Mckinley Hill and Books & Borders Cafe catch my attention maybe because I love books 128540 and the cafe is bright, modern and looks spacious. They also have free wi-fi. Yehey! 128187128241

Upon ordering, I saw the poster that I can still avail the Mother's Day promo "When you buy the Quattro Cheese 11088110881108811088️ 4/5 you'll get a Free Iced Tea 110881108811088️ 3/5". I tried the promo for P220.00 and add some pastries for P70.00, Revel Bar 11088110881108811088️ 4/5.

While waiting for my orders I borrow a book to the server, but I need to surrender my ID upon borrowing. 128215128213128217128216

The Quattro Cheese was served in a hot bowl, fresh from the oven and it taste good. But I find their cakes and pastries was a little bit pricey compare to other cafes. 127837🧀

#ilovetoeat #BookAndBordersCafe 12851510084

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Shayne B.
5.0 Stars

Oh, a newly-opened branch at Tuscany! 9786

Headed here with J right after the wedding party at The Blue Leaf. It was a cold night and we wanted to retreat from the crowd we have encountered during that day's wedding. 10052

We actually had no idea where to go, but we just want to have some coffee. We just walked until I told him that there is this Books & Borders Café that just opened and I wanted to try. 9749128218 We didn't know exactly where it is but I told him it's just at Tuscany. Finally after walking for a few minutes, we found the place. J told me to check on their operating hours first, so that what happened to us in a coffee shop at BGC won't happen again. And yay - they're open until 2am! 9786️ It was around 10pm already that time. 🕰

Almost all of the tables outside and on the ground floor was occupied, so we went upstairs. Ahhhhh the view -- books, frames, everything that I love! 128525 You are free to borrow their books. 128218128214 I hurriedly looked for Lang Leav's Memories since I really wanted to have it, but it's always sold out at the bookstores when I plan to buy. 128532

Aside from books, they have board games too! However, we didn't try it cos we just talked instead. I also wasn't able to read the book. 128514 We ended up discussing the books we picked from the shelves (J picked up a humor book he used to read few years back).

Anyway, I didn't go for coffee this time cos I saw the word "peanut butter" in their menu... Yes, hot chocolate - peanut butter flavor. Hahaha since peanut butter is a favorite, I ordered it. 128514128584 J ordered Mocha, iced. I ordered Hot Chocolate Peanut Butter, hot.

The staff went upstairs and served J a Mocha drink in two separate cups, one has cream the other is the drink. Weird. 128563 After a few minutes, it turned out that they gave us the wrong order and they want to pull it out and give the right order (well yes, J ordered Mocha but didn't request it in two separate cups). J told the staff that he already took a sip, but the staff said that it's all fine, they shall pull it out and give us the right order for our convenience. Wow, great customer service right here! 978610024✔️

My hot chocolate peanut butter came, finally. It's was too thick! I think it's an actual spoonful of peanut butter blended to a hot choco. 127851127851 I love peanut butter a lot but this time I wasn't able to finish it because it was too thick and sweet for my liking. 128557 Plus, I already had a lot of desserts from the wedding party. My throat was already sore from taking too much sweets that time.

I really enjoyed the place, the service, everything. We stayed here until about 12mn. Of course, I wanna go back! 9786️ I recommend this place to book lovers!!! 10084️ Don't know what's up with their QC branch tho, reviews and ratings there were kinda... Off. 128566

Thanks Gwen I for adding this place. 10024

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