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Tomas Morato Ave., Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Boon Tong Kee
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Portia P.
4.0 Stars

Because of such a disappointing chicken rice experience at Wee Nam Kee, I unearthed our Boon Tong Kee experience a couple of months back. It was unplanned but a risk worth taking for us. We availed of their limited buffet dinner, which was less than P500 (including service charge) per person.

The available dishes were limited but it was nice. It was my first exposure to chicken rice in the country (first was in Thailand). Their boiled chicken was just so tender and flavorful, it was love at first taste. Their rice was flavorful as well, with the right balance of chicken and ginger flavors. It was also loose and fluffy as well, cooked just right.

There were other dishes that night but what really sticked out was the chicken rice. We would come back for it soon. Or maybe try their branch at UP Town Center.

I am just so badly craving chicken rice and the disappointing experience intensified my craving for one.

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Aimee P.
5.0 Stars

I promised we'll be back! Finally got to try their Laksa and Chicken Rice this time around. We had better orders this time. So our second visit was a better experience all in all. Laksa is really good as well as the pork knuckles with bihon. I think my father-in-law has a new favorite restaurant, and I'm pretty sure he will ask us to come back here again real soon.

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Aimee P.
3.0 Stars

It was just ok for me and my husband but my in-laws loved it here. Especially my father-in-law. Just tale him to any resto serving Chinese food and he's solved. Hehe. We had all the things in the photo.

Roast Chicken vs. Boiled Chicken (Hainanese)
We liked the roast chicken better even if we found it a little salty. The flavor was really good. And this order of roast chicken was free because we used our BDO card.

Pork Buns
My husband and I just can't stop raving about THW's pork buns so we wanted to know if their pork buns would be just as good. It was ok, but of course THW's was way better.

My in-laws loved the sauce in our other orders. It's the type that would be perfect with plain rice. My father-in-law was all raves when we left and he said he wanted to come back again real soon. We'll be back because we still want to try their chicken rice and laksa.

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Adrian L.
5.0 Stars

These baked pork buns are the next best thing to Tim Ho Wan's! If you can't stand waiting in line or just curious to know what all the fuss is about, Boon Tong Kee is the one for you. Packed with more meat filling than THW, BTK's version has a soft and chewy dough glazed with a margarine and sugar mixture that reminds me of ensaymadas. Theirs is also cheaper, too, at 100 pesos for 3 pieces versus 150 pesos for the same quantity. (Note that this item is not on their menu like their yummy siomai which is another must-try.) I think the general consensus is - THW's baked buns are still on top of the siopao hierarchy but in my opinion, BTK is a strong runner-up.

P.S. I heard King Bee has their own version, too. Let the siopao games begin!

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4.0 Stars

I came for the chicken... But left smiling coz of the pork buns! 128563

Yes, aside from the signature boiled (white) chicken (why don't they call it hainanese?), their new menu item is pork buns!

Trying to capitalize on Tim Ho Wan's popularity, I guess. But how does it compare?

If THW pork buns were a 10, I'd say these are a solid 7.5-8. Not bad! The bun itself wasn't as flaky, and the BBQ inside was a bit more gelatinous then I'd like. BUT here's the kicker! You only have to pay P100 for 3! Not bad compared to THW's P150.

I would've given the place a 3-3.5 (the chicken was a little overpriced IMO, and despite it being a nice restaurant, there were flies buzzing around) but the pork buns bring it up to a solid 4! 128077

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Aleli J.
3.0 Stars

Sunday dinner with family:
Crispy Beancurd - nothing special a typical Japanese tofu deep fried w Japanese Mayo in green tea.
Birthday Noodle - don't like the taste but the seafood on it was generous 128078
Coffee Pork ribs - delicious you can taste the real coffee, may pait taste
Prawn Toast - ✔
Crispy Cereal Prawns - actually this is the only dish my husband love DELICIOUS ✔128079
Signature Boiled chicken - read many write up regarding there signature boiled chicken - it doesn't meet my standard for there price, it taste like ordinary Singaporean chicken that are available in fraction of the price. My daughter side comment "bat ganito mukang galing sa refrigerator malamig, mas masarap di hamak ang lee kum kee".
My husband say "parang nasa wet market tayo ang engay" mababa kc ang kisame ng restaurant, there staff are ✔✔

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Rafael D.
5.0 Stars

First time i ever gave a 5-star rating this year! Try here guys!!

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Okay... :) boon tong kee is not korean... It's singaporean!

The place-- it's sosyal, it will make you feel uncomfy if you dont have much money... But most of their food is good for 2-3 person for the price starting 295...

All i rmmber was that remarkable coffee pork ribs! It was so good you want to eat more. Their hainanese chicken (it's not what they call it) was also remarkable...... Meron ngang dugo dugo pa. The stuffed beancurd was good, they have added some sort of giniling on top of the bean curd (see pic)... And the spinach soup with sorts of eggs (totally forgot the dish's name) was one of a kind, masarap.

This was the second time eating here but still ddnt convince me to say it was really good. It's just original, i can say.

If you're a fat lover, go order ung fatty dish na pinapalaman sa bun ng siopao (we callit kua poa in chinese) it's also really good (but really sinful)

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John B.
4.0 Stars

I was a little hesitant when we went in. It was 630-ish PM on a Saturday night, and the place was EMPTY. I was surprised because the parking was full.

But we soldiered on, partly because we've tried their branch on Rockwell before and liked it.

Turns out there were no regrets! :)

Their boiled chicken was better than rival Wee Nam Kee's, and their Chicken Rice was so tasty, you can eat it on its own. I also liked their Prawn Toast and Sweet and Sour Pork (I didn't expect this one to be this good). However, the noodles were a bit too salty, and had too little noodles and too much "sahog".

Overall, I'd come back to this place again!

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Chuckie D.
5.0 Stars

I love to eat. I can pretty much tell when something tastes good. Though, I may not be technical when it comes to a dish’s intricate qualities, my gusto and enthusiasm more than makes up for it (I hope!).

Just recently, my wife and I were invited to join an awesome group of buddies (and “hardcore” foodies) at “BOON TONG KEE” along Tomas Morato Ave. for an evening of fun, friendship and, you guessed it… FOOD! A ridiculous abundance of it, actually! I’ll get to that later.

BOON TONG KEE is a fairly popular Singaporean restaurant here in the metro which some of you may have already been to. They already have branches at Mall Of Asia and Powerplant Mall, Rockwell. This Tomas Morato branch is Boon Tong Kee’s newest baby which opened just last July.

Here's some of the dishes we tried out...


It’s exactly what it’s called – Prawn Toast. A delicious appetizer of shredded prawns inside crunchy flavorful toast. The green tea mayo on top of it was delicious!

I enjoyed this particular dish. Anything tofu falls right up my alley. It’s something I’ve grown to love especially during those gruelling months when I was on a strict diet. The Crispy Beancurd was slightly crunchy on the outside while the tofu is deliciously hot and soft inside. It also comes with a good amount of green tea mayo on the side (which I encourage you to use) to give the dish extra character. People with unsafe levels of uric acid or those suffering from gout should be a tad careful when eating this appetizer. Baka mapasarap eh. Haha!

I enjoyed this soup a lot. I kinda felt like Popeye because of the huge amounts of spinach mixed into the soup. And because I eat egg all the time, it isn’t any wonder that this soup, which contains regular chicken egg, duck egg & century egg, immediately became one of my fave dishes.

The Pork Belly — I think I had a couple of servings of this dish. I loved the asado-ish taste of the pork combined with the soft warm bun! It actually kinda reminded me of Ramen Bar’s “Kanuni Buns” which I also fell in love with.

Buns — Yes. I love buns. Especially the firm and supple kind of… ummm… oh ok… I thought it was those kinds of buns. LOL! But yeah… I love BOON TONG KEE’s buns, too!

Kangkong… one of the very few vegetables I actually don’t mind eating. I enjoyed this next BOON TONG KEE specialty. I didn’t notice it right away when it was served because I was still busy eating more Braised Pork and Buns. This dish was very flavorful and full of texture.

Chicken used to be my best friend when I was on a diet. It was one of the kinds of meat that I was only allowed to eat for a span of 3 months. So, I had no problem at all when BOON TONG KEE brought this dish in next.

Their Signature Boiled Chicken is one of BOON TONG KEE’s awesome specialties. It comes with 3 kinds of sauces – chili, sweet soy & ginger oil. And though we were encouraged to try all 3 of them, eating the chicken alone was delicious enough already. I guess I’m sometimes like that when it comes to food… the less complicated, the better. This is most definitely a must try.

BOON TONG KEE serves their rice in the form of a pyramid. Why? Because they can! LOL! It’s actually amusing. Instead of the traditional bowl or mound of rice on a small platter, they opted to go “Charice Pempengco” on their rice and made it a pyramid.

The highlight of my evening! I was actually waiting for this BOON TONG KEE specialty to be served. In fact, I was saving some space for it in my tummy because I love Cereal Prawns. I was eager to know how good BOON TONG KEE’s version of this dish is compared to other restaurants that serve it as well.

It was, in my opinion, the best Cereal Prawns I’ve ever tasted. Even my wife would probably agree. If you’ve tasted Cereal Prawns in other restaurants before, best to hold back on your verdict until you’ve tasted BOON TONG KEE’s take on this popular dish. WOW! Wow lang.

Just when I thought we were about to wind down and prepare for dessert, MORE food starting coming in from the kitchen. OMG! The Imperial Pork Ribs were deeeelicious! How could I ever say no to ribs? No way this was getting away from me.

MORE Prawns!!! The creamy cheese kind this time. This BOON TONG KEE dish was rich and generously smothered in flavorful cheese. Another must-try!

The Sambal Fried Rice was brought in to compliment the Creamy Chese Prawns. I absolutely loved the peanuts mixed into this dish. Lots of texture and flavor. Actually, the Sambal Fried Rice is a whole meal in itself.

More food! A different kind of chicken dish this time… crispy roast goodness! About around this time, I was just thinking of how to make more space in my tummy for the seemingly unending deluge of food.

I really don’t know why this dish is called “Birthday Noodles”. Perhaps because noodles are traditionally served during birthdays to signify long life? All I know is that these noodles, just like the long list of dishes served before it, were very tasty. BOON TONG KEE didn’t hold back on the ingredients as well.

BOON TONG KEE’s Stir-Fried Lotus with Sambal Sauce was unusually different. This kind of dish isn’t something that I’d automatically order in a restaurant right off the bat. I’m a simple guy who just loves simple uncomplicated dishes most of the time.

So, for the sake of trying out something even just once and with the constant prodding of my wife, I naturally indulged.

I was really happy I did cause I liked it. Maybe not as much as how my wife loved the dish but I did! Here’s to adventurous eating!

You know what they say… “you save the best for last”. And that’s probably the reason why BOON TONG KEE served their prized specialty at the very end.

The Coffee Pork Ribs was flavorful, sweet and very distinct. The pork is served with no bone at all – just slice away and enjoy. The coffee taste was very evident. I loved BOON TONG KEE’s Coffee Pork Ribs a whole lot and look forward to bringing our entire family over to try it out as well.

I already mentioned earlier how much I love soya and tofu, right? So, Mango Taho? No doubt about it!

This was love at first… ummm… scoop! I was planning on holding back a bit on the desserts but as soon as I tasted the Sagu Gula Melaka with Vanilla Cream once, I realized it was impossible not to have more of it.

What’s funny is that, as I was posting all these dishes on Instagram realtime, a friend of mine actually left a comment and asked me if I already tried the Gula Melaka. Hmmm… seems this particular dessert has made an impact with previous customers already.

Make sure you order this sweet and irresistible BOON TONG KEE specialty when you visit.



Wow. I swear I could feel the various kinds of food dancing inside my tummy like a gastronomical fiesta.

But folks, seriously… If you’re looking for a place that serves wonderful food in good portions without the bloat that comes after a good, filling meal, then you just have to try out BOON TONG KEE.

Bring family and friends… I’m pretty confident they’ll thank you for taking them there.

Thank you, BOON TONG KEE! Your food is absofrickinlutely amaaaazing!

That’s it, pancit! (No pun intended…)

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Paul U.
2.0 Stars

It's my first time here. Tried their pork trotter and sweet and sour pork. Food was ok but the serving was too small and it was just way overpriced. Not coming here again.

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Gel G.
4.0 Stars

The place is new, it's the old Burgoo. They divided the place, same owners I was told. Staff was very accommodating. Ordered fried spareribs, it was a bit sweet. And the braised noodles with prawns which was really good. Their chicken rice was tasty. Was looking for a spicy soup which they did'nt have too bad. Minus one star for the small servings and for being a bit pricey...128516 Parking is difficult but you can park at Il terazo's pay parking. Will definitely be back to try their signature boiled chicken and other specialties. Good food = happy tummy128076

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Ron A.
4.0 Stars

It's good food. It's been a while since I last ate at the original place in SG, so it's difficult to say if it tastes the same. But from what I tried, this holds out on its own -- their signature boiled chicken, and ribs. On this visit though, the first thing they greeted is with was "Sir, we're having trouble with our gas lines, so not everything on the menu is available." It just so happened that what I wanted to try were available. It was just okay, but at least compared to their SG place, they don't give you wet tissues only to charge you later for it. So yeah, *like*.

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