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Boracay Island
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5.0 Stars

Boracay is known for its powdery white sand and crystal clear blue water. And declared by some travel magazines and websites as one of the best islands / destinations in the world.

Boracay Island re-opened last October 26, 2018 after the 6-months closure for massive rehabilitation. Oh wow I missed and excited to see the new Boracay again!

What to expect?

I was fascinated with mixed feelings when I saw Boracay again. Clean and long shoreline. Yes, powdery white sands and crystal clear blue water.

Resorts and hotels and most of the establishments are back but some are still closed, permanently and others are under renovation.

Roads are totally under massive constructions, dusty and one-way route is implemented.

Most of the water activities are not yet operational, no Banana Boat, no Parasailing, no Helmet Diving, etc. I only saw Paraw sunset-sailing.

No public smoking in the shoreline, but there’s a designated areas for those who want to smoke.

No littering. Designated trash bins are all around the area.

High-visibility presence of security personnel. No vendors and establishments are allowed within the 30-meter shoreline mark.

Important things to do before heading to Boracay Island

Be sure you already booked you’re hotel accommodation. Boracay Government is very strict and will verify first and will give you permit before you can ride the boat going to the island. Check the list of accredited hotels at Department of Tourism Facebook Page and Website.

Overall, Boracay is such a beautiful island. I never thought I could see it again like the first time I saw the island in early 2000.

#johnkulotsadventures 12851510084

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Katherine M.
5.0 Stars

Boracay, my second home. Yes, I stayed here for two and a half years and savored every moment and every corner i've been too. I really enjoyed staying in this island because first of all life here is just so simple, you can go to the beach anytime you want and wear your favorite bikini while walking on the streets without people staring at you. Well who would not want to live in a place near the beach right? the sea is so calming, sand so white and you feel like it's summer for the rest of the year 128156 I will definitely go back to this place, I call my second home #mermaidstravels 1277961280261278219728

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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

I was in Boracay last April 19 to 21 and thank God we were not affected of the closure! 128517

My flight was being rescheduled weeks before the day of my flight. Good thing was it has been moved on an earlier slot 128521

When we landed at Caticlan airport, there were so many known celebrities that we encounter. Dun ko lang narealize, ikakasal nga pala sa Bora si Rachel Ann Go. Maiconnect ko lang. Lol 128514

The trike going to Jetty port has always been a 10mins ride. The port was literally jam packed with last minute tourists like us. Trike fare was 100.00 for 3 pax.

Terminal fee was 100.00
Environmental fee was 75.00
Pump boat fare was 25.00
Total of 200.00 papuntang Boracay Island for a 15mins boat ride was so pricey! As in! 128566

We stayed at a hotel in Station 1 for 1,500per night for 2pax at hindi ko din alam bakit dun yung na book ko. 128514

The beach has green algae because summer is really the season they bloom along the shore line of the white beach. Yung lumot sa station 1 was lesser than those with station 2. Medyo manipis na din yung lumot ngayon which is a little bit not normal according to the local that I talked to. Algae plays a big role on retaining the creamy white color of the sand in White Beach.

Algae season in Bora is from Feb to July every year.

Upon strolling around the area, water activities were on a price drop. As in bargain nalang momsh! We even got a package which includes.. island hopping, lunch buffet, snorkeling and helmet diving all for 750.00 10024

We did the snorkeling first and omg! There were so many colorful fishes and they were so lovely! 128525128032

Next was the lunch buffet.. they served us rice, grilled chicken, liempo, grilled TUNA, watermelon and soft drinks. This was so filling and I what I enjoyed the most was the watermelon because it was so sweet! Even the crew got my attention at pinaghiwa pa nila ako ng isang buo! Hahaha

The downside of this activity was the island hopping part. Kasi wala namang island hopping na naganap dahil all the islands were privately owned and sad to say the package we got doesn't include the entrance fees of the islands 128575 but it was ok since we literally backed out when the huge waves somehow hinders our way to Crocodile island. As in humampas at umaangat yung bangka namin! Since we have a 4 yrs old child with us, we decided to cut the island hopping and just proceed to the helmet diving place.

JVC Helmet Diving was our host for this activity. The helmet that we used weights 28kls! Which obviously the main reason why we got down and stayed underwater. Lol. There were fishes under and the coral reef was so pretty! The whole duration of the activity took us 15mins and we had our photo and video ready on a CD. 128521

Of course, night life has always been one of the highlights when staying in Bora. We visited Pats Creek Bar on our 2nd night btw.

Boracay Island will have its preventive rehabilitation for 6 months starting April 26,2018 (yeah, mejo late post na ito. Lol) this is a good news for me so that the Island could have it's beauty rest and the could restore what it has before she has been known to the public. 128077

Get well soon Bora! 127754128149

I tried to explore Panay Island and this is my 1st stop. More to go! 128521



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Karla Niña M.
5.0 Stars

Mamsh, parasailing for only 1,200 php each. 128076🏼128076🏼128076🏼

PS: Mura na yan beshies kasi peak season ngayon. Yung iba nag-oofer ng 1,300-1,500. Cheap find na yan! 128521

Contact: Kuya Bonnie/Ruben 09153163202

For other water activities, just visit BIA Company near Astoria Hotel, Station 1. May pwesto rin sila sa Station 3. 128522

TIP: Bigay niyo kila kuya yung phones/cameras niyo. They took shots like a pro 128517 Just look what they did to us hahaha!

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5.0 Stars

5 'o clock in morning. Packing my bags and arranging my stuff. I need to go to a paradise that will make me feel relax and will have fun at the same time.

Boracay Island is the place to be. I told myself that I should go every year on this island but this time around it should be on ber-months.

Last year was my first time to go to Boracay during ber-months but that was my eight time all in all. And I fell in love with the beauty of the white sand beach compare to summer time (February-May). Less crowd, clean beach and more affordable compare to summer time. That's why I prefer the last quarter of the year going to this magnificent island.

I am writing this review for a 3 days and 2 nights itinerary.

Day 1


After I packed my things, I booked a Grab and directly went to Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. Glad there's no traffic so I arrived earlier before the boarding time.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport is the only airport in Metro Manila with 4 Terminals. But for now, we will focus on Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 is located at Pasay City. The nearest and known landmark is the Resorts World Manila. Terminal 3 is the largest airport among with the other terminals. It can serve 33,000 passengers.

Recently, the terminal was connected to the Newport Mall in the compound of Resorts World Manila. The footbridge connected to the mall was called Runway Manila, opened on April 2017.

Some of the known restaurants inside Ninoy Aquino Terminal 3:

1. Krispy Kreme
2. Jamba Juice
3. Army Navy
4. Cinnabon
5. Jollibee
6. Pancake House
7. Wendy's
8. Burger King
9. Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory
10. Cafe France

And many more...

Some of the Domestic Airlines servicing Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3:

1. Philippine Airlines
2. Cebu Pacific

By the way, there are lots of retail stores including Duty Free inside Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 where you can do shopping before the flight or upon arrival.


I am too early for my flight when I arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 and decided to have some coffee first. I passed through from the main gate to x-ray security machine and walked more than 100 meters then hopped to the escalator going down to Gate 133 to find Krispy Kreme... that's quite an exercise!

Krispy Kreme is beside Jumba Juice and infront of Gate 133, one of the final boarding gate, inside Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3.

Some facts about Krispy Kreme:

127849Krispy Kreme opened their doors to the public on July 13, 1937 in North Carolina, United States of America. It was established by Vernon Rudolf.

127849The Original Glazed was introduce and created in 1945.

127849In 1955, they acquired the trademark for Krispy Kreme bowtie logo.

127849In 1973, the maker and founder of Krispy Kreme, Vernon Rudolf dies.

127849The first Krispy Kreme retail store was introduced on year 1989 at North Carolina.

127849The first international Krispy Kreme shop was opened in Canada on 2001.

127849In 2006, the first Krispy Kreme in the Philippines was opened.

127849Krispy Kreme launched Signature Coffee Blends on 2011.

127849In 2012, 500th store was opened in Aguascalientes, Mexico

I got an Original Glazed Cake for Php59.00 and paired with Krispy Kreme Signature Coffee for Php110.00, medium size. Compare to the other Krispy Kreme store, the one inside Ninoy Aquino International Airport was more pricey/ expensive.

9749️Original Glazed Cake - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"It's the same with Original Glazed Donut. It just that the dough is more heavier. And you can see the texture of the cake donut."

9749️Krispy Kreme Signature Coffee - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Krispy Kreme's version of brewed coffee. A strong one. I can smell the aroma of the coffee already when I open the lid of the cup."

After almost one hour of waiting, final boarding gate was opened for us to embark going to Caticlan.

In less than one hour, our plane from Ninoy Aquino International Airport just landed to Caticlan, Aklan.


Also known as Godofredo P. Ramos Airport or Caticlan Airport.

The airport has been named after the late Godofredo P. Ramos, former ember of the Congress of the Philippines and a native Malay.

The name Caticlan airport was derived from its location in Barangay Caticlan in the municipality of Malay.

It is one of the gateway to Boracay Island.

We landed to the new runway of Boracay Airport in less than one hour coming from Manila. We were transported to the arrival lounge via bus in 15 minutes. The new runway is the extension of the airport to the growing demand of flights in Boracay.

Boracay Airport is one of the busiest airport in the Philippines. Serving an estimated 1 million passengers since 2008.

The new runway was opened November 18, 2016. The flag carrier Philippine Airlines landed its first Airbus which marked the opening of the extended runway. Cebu Pacific followed suit on November 22, 2016, landing its first A320.

By the way, the Cebu Pacific will cater the direct flight going to Cagayan de Oro starting on October 17, 2017 and hooray to Air Asia there will be a direct flight going to Clark starting December 15, 2017.

After the bus transported us to the Boracay Airport Arrival, we walked few meters and rode a tricycle for Php25.00 per pax to go to Caticlan Port.


Caticlan is little more than a departure port for Boracay. Buses arriving here carry passengers straight to the wharf, and guides lead the throngs through the terminal and onto out trigger boats. If you get here after 10PM, you may have to charter a private boat to get to Boracay Island. Difficult after 11PM, or sleep at one of the basic pension houses in town.

You need to prepare your Php200.00 budget to ride for a boat (for tourist)


Terminal Fee - Php100.00 (local exempted)
Environmental Fee - Php75.00 (local exempted)
Boat Fee - Php25.00

Estimated time of travel - 20 minutes from Caticlan Port to reach the Boracay Port.

After we docked at Boracay Port. We ride an electric tricycle for Php20.00 each going to Coast Boracay.


From D' Talipapa (the market is under renovation due to fire), few minutes walked on the same street to reach Coast Boracay. I enter at the back door of the hotel. I was fascinated when I saw the blue color pool inside Coast Boracay. Surrounded by 2 storey hotel buildings. As you passed by, you will also see some cool chairs and furnitures that looks classy enough to blend with the blue pool and white color of the hotel.

Coming from the beach front, the white hotel looks inviting. It's like you're in the beach house. It has a nice view of Boracay beach. Especially if you eat at one of the nicest dining place in Boracay called Cha Cha's Beach Cafe.


Cha Cha's Beach Cafe is under the management of the Raintree Group, the same team with Coast Boracay. I was greeted by their staff when I enter the premises and let the staff assisted me to my table. I choose the table at the veranda of the restaurant where I can see the magnificent view of Boracay's crystal clear sea.

The Place

The interior set up is like a beach house. It feels like you're in the Western part of the world. At the veranda, you can chill at the bar where you can sea different faces walking to the shore of Boracay. Or you can just sip a drink and enjoy the beauty of the white sand, coconut trees and the sun kissing the blue sea. Inside the restaurant, it's very cozy enough to have a good conversation with your companion. It has a nice pool view of Coast Boracay. The place has a high ceiling that gives the restaurant looks spacious and elegant. Special mention the chairs and table, so nice and blends with the interior of the restaurant.

The Food

The staff handed the menu and he recommend to try the Ube Champorado, which is one of the bestsellers of the restaurant. Aside from that I also got a fried chicken, fried rice and vegetable.

127796Passion and Calamansi Sode for Php150.00 (passion fruit juice, calamansi, fresh mint, soda, water) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"The juice was very refreshing in a hot sunny beach. The soda complement with flavor of the calamansi."

127796Winner Winner Fried Chicken for Php350.00 (3 pieces fried chicken, fries, chili honey and white gravy dip) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"This is not my first time to try the Winner Winner Chicken. I had it before at Providore (under the management of Raintree Group) in SM Aura Premier. The fried chicken is very consistent when it comes to flavor and crispiness. I really like it."

127796Kimchi Pineapple Fried Rice for Php120.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"It's a kimchi flavor fried rice with pineapple chunks, expect a hot and spicy fried rice. The taste was very tropical with the essence of Korean flavor. The pineapple blends well with spicy fried rice."

127796Ube Champorado for Php195.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Imagine the Champorado in Ube flavor topped with salted dried fish and coconut milk. It's very creamy and complement with the salted dried fish. Sarap!"

127796Sambal Kang Kong for Php95.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Best paired with meat and steamed rice for the strong presence of Sambal flavor."

The Service

The staff of Cha Cha's Beach Cafe provided excellent service. They were so courteous and attentive during my lunch. Keep it up.

After my lunch at Cha Cha's Cafe, I went to Residencia Boracay in Station 1.


This is where I'm gonna stay!

I was greeted by the guard when I arrived at Residencia Boracay. And he already know my name. Nice! They were informed.

The guard assisted me and carry my bag until we reached the front desk for check in. And they offered me a welcome drink.

The Place

Typically, it's not the posh and nicest place in Boracay. But it has a nice beach front with magnificent view of Boracay beach.

The Room

The room was big enough to accommodate 4 persons. It has 2 queen size bed. And that's all for me! I'm alone. My room is fully airconditioned, with wi-fi, LED TV with cable, cabinets, outlets and bath room.

Inside the comfort room... Yes for the hot and cold shower. 4 towels, soap and shampoo were part of the amenities.

The Service

They were very accommodating and alert at all times.

I rest for 2 hours after I checked-in to prepare for our dinner in Epic Boracay.


Walking for 15 minutes from my hotel in Station 1 to reach Epic Boracay, which is located at the D'Mall in Station 2 beach front.

Everytime I'm in Boracay, I will not missed not to go in Epic Boracay. Aside from the food it has the best part where you can grab a drink and party.

The Place

It's a two storey restobar that turned into a club after 9PM. The interior set up is very cozy for those who wants to dine at Epic.

The Food

Gigi and I decided to have our dinner at Epic Boracay. We were seated once we enter the restaurant. The courteous staff handed the menu and order a pitcher of mojito, sisig, buffalo chicken and pork belly adobo.

128061Pork Sisig - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Grabe this! One of the best sisig I've ever tasted. Especially mixing the egg and calamansi in the sisig. So flavorful."

128061Pork Belly Adobo - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"I like the tenderness of the pork. The adobo flavor blends well with the steamed rice. Very appetizing."

128061Buffalo Chicken Wings - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"A good starter. Best paired with your favorite cocktail. Yes! It complement with the mojito we've got."

128061Mojito - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"We decided to lessen the alcohol content of the mojito, still, it tasted good."

After our dinner and it almost 9PM. The set up of the place were being arranged by the staff. They removed chairs and table in the middle of the restaurant to give space for the dance floor.

The Service

The staff of Epic Boracay were very attentive to serve us all during the peak hours.

Gigi and I order some Mule and beer outside to chill a little bit before heading back to our hotel.

Day 2


I was invited by Gigi to join her for breakfast at Cha Cha's Beach Cafe. The breakfast was included in her room package at Coast Boracay. If not included, you can avail the buffet breakfast for Php550.00. Yes! I was astonished when I heard the price. It's so SULIT for the wide selections of buffet breakfast.

Buffet Breakfast
🥓Unlimited Coffee
🥓Unlimited Juice
🥓Pancakes/ Waffle
🥓Various kinds of bread
🥓Egg Station
🥓And many more

The bacons were crispy and really good with the honey sauce. Best paired with waffle. The chorizo complement with omelette from the egg station. But their own version of pansit/ stir fried noodles caught my attention, it's really tasty and masahog. I like the prawn mixed with noodles.

We asked the waiter to serve us Pineapple Basil Juice while we chill at the beach front and enjoy the sun, sand and the view. Until the very inviting sea let our body plunged.

We have a good breakfast at Cha Cha while we enjoy the beach and plan to go to Jonas Fruit Shakes.


We walked more than 1 kilometer to reach Jonah's Milk Shakes coming from Coast Boracay. The sun was up and we can feel the heat striking our skin but we still managed to go there because we shouldn't missed Jonah's when in Boracay.

When we reached Jonah's Fruit Shake at Station 1, we decided to order a the bestseller Choco Banana Peanut for Php130.00. We've waited for 10 minutes until they served the fruit shakes.

127820Choco Banana Peanut - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Yes! The flavor of chocolate, banana and peanut really exist. They blend together. Yum! 128523

Unfortunately, I was shocked with the new packaging of Jonah's Fruit Shakes. No plastic bottle anymore 128532 There's an ordinance in Boracay not to use plastic. Awww! The fruit shake house uses paper cup with Jonah's Fruit Shakes label.

Hopefully, Jonah's Milk Shakes' original packaging will be back again until such time the new eco friendly plastic material is available.

After Jonah's, we went to Real Coffee for some Calamansi Muffin.


It's one of the pioneer coffee shop in the island. I am fascinated with the bamboo interior of the coffee shop seeing from the outside not until when you go up at the second floor.

Looking from the second floor, I can see the beautiful white beach of Boracay. Very nice view and mesmerizing.

The staff greeted us when we enter the place and accommodated our order fast.

We order Calamansi Muffin and paired some coffee. Gigi got mocha and I had real coffee. We spend our time here at the coffee shop while watching some visitors playing at the beach and of course the beautiful of the island.

9749️Real Coffee for Php140.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Brewed Italian coffee with a shot of espresso. The flavor was bold. You can drink the coffee without sugar."

9749️Calamansi Muffin for Php65.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"The best calamansi muffin I've ever tasted. Best paired with coffee. The tangy flavor of Calamansi Muffin makes me want more of it. It was very reach when it comes with its flavor."

Come and visit Real Coffee once you're in the island from 7am to 7pm daily. And buy some Calamansi Muffin as Pasalubong, 6 pieces for Php350.00. Be early to grab those muffin they have limited stock on a daily basis.

The staff of Real Coffee were very accommodating. The owner also entertained us while we're inside the shop.

We went back to our hotel after our Real Coffee experience to rest in a bit and prepare for dinner.


After few minutes, my friend I went to the restaurant of Residencia Boracay at the beach front to grab a beer and have some barbecue while we chill in front of the magnificent beach.

The place has an amazing view of Boracay beach. There are lots of activities you can do. Play beach volleyball, jogging, para sailing and of course watch the sunset, which we did while having a relaxing moment.

We had some Boracay Jumbo Hotdogs for Php40.00 each paired with beer.

🌭Boracay Jumbo Hotdog - 110881108811088️ 3/5
"Honesty, it's just the same hotdog that you can buy in the supermarket. Nothing special. The extra ordinary is... while you eat those hotdogs with the aesthetic view of Boracay. The feels!"

Though, the staff gave us a free Kropek 'coz we order a bucket of beer.


We went to D'Mall in Station 2 to have dinner in one of the famous chicken place in Boracay called Spice Bird. I've heard so much about this place that served Piri-piri Chicken with different sauces.

The Place

You will never missed Spice Bird in D' Mall Station 2. Though it is not big (I think at least 20 customers inside) but it's bright. And with beautiful signage that uses bulbs. It has a red and yellow colors that will gives the customers a warmth feel of the chicken place.

The Food

127831 Crispy Fried Chicken Skin for Php95.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"The chicken skin was dressed with Spice Bird Piri-piri Sauce. Honestly, I want some vinegar here, though the dressing was alittle bit sour."

127831Piri-piri Chicken Board for Php295.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"The chicken board consists of 1/4 Piri-piri Chicken, Spice Rice, Side Salad, Milky Roll, Veggie Chips. The best thing with the dish, it was marinated 24 hours and the sauces were really good. You need to pair the sauces to enhance the flavor of the chicken."

127831Sisig for Php225.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"It was served on a hot sizzling plate. Well, it taste good but not that good. I still want the mixture of liquid seasoning and calamansi compare the sauces of Spice Bird for my sisig.

Sauces: Original, Hot, Lime and Garlic, Curry

The Service

Spice Bird's staff provided excellent service during our dinner.

After our dinner at Spice Bird, we went to Tom N Toms Coffee which is originated from South Korea.


Tom N Toms Coffee is a coffeehouse chain originated in South Korea. They opened their first branch in Cebu and expanding the coffee shop in Manila, Bacolod and Boracay.

I was able to try Tom N Tom's Coffee in White Beach Boracay. The 2-storey coffee house is situated in Station 1 just after Starbucks Coffee coming Station 2. Nearest landmark is All Flip Flops store. They used warmth color to blend with the interior of the place. It's very casual using woods, metals and cement as the main set up of Tom N Toms Coffee. By the way, there's another branch in the main road.

I got a Green Mint Mocha TomNccino for Php180.00 and Cinnamon Chocolate TomNccino for Php180.00 both Tall Size.

9749️Green Mint Mocha TomNccino - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"On my first sip, I can taste the mocha flavor with the essence of mint in my TomNccino. I remember Seattle Best's Javakulas when it comes to taste. Sweet and flavorful. Maybe it could be better if they can lessen the sweetness of my drink."

9749️Cinnamon Chocolate TomNccino - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"The presence of cinnamon in the chocolate drink was there. Maybe they could just lessen the sugar."

The Service

The barista were very accommodating. He also entertained us with a smile. He was so courteous all the time.

Merly's BBQ

Our final stop for a 2-day Boracay Food Crawl was Merly's Barbecue. We cap the night with these amazing chori burger and isaw.

Merly's BBQ is one of the pioneer barbecue stall in Boracay. Offering the famous Chori Burger, Boracay Hotdog and various kinds of street barbecue.

127842Chori Burger for Php50.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Grilled chorizo with Merly's special sweet and spicy sauce as a patty for a plain bun. The mild spice of the sauce gives a twist to the chori burger."

127842Chicken Isaw for Php10.00 per stick - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"I like the way they grilled the chicken isaw. It's crispy and appetizing. The best way to eat the isaw is you need to dip it to the seasoned vinegar."

127842Pork Isaw for Php10.00 per stick - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Crispy and chewable. I like the grilled pork isaw with vinegar."

All the barbecue we had were best paired with beers and/ or soda.

Overall, Merly's BBQ satisfy our craving for street barbecue. We enjoy every single bite of it. Whenever I will go to Boracay, Merly's will be included in my *Must List".
Ang sarap ng Merly's Barbecue!

Day 3

"All my bags are packed and ready to go..."

After the buffet breakfast at Residencia Boracay. The guard assisted me to get a tricycle going to Boracay Port. A 15-20 minutes tricycle ride.

At the Boracay Port I need to prepare Php125.00 to ride a boat.

Php100.00 - Terminal Fee
Php25.00 - Boat Fee

When we docked at the Caticlan Port after 15 minutes the barker assisted me where can I ride a van going to Kalibo. Just prepare Php175.00 for a 2 hour travel ride.


My final stop before I will going back to Manila.

Kalibo International Airport is one of the two airports serving Boracay. Kalibo is the capital of Aklan.

Aside from Manila, Kalibo International Airports cater flight going to Clark, Cebu and Incheon, South Korea.

An estimated 1 hour plane ride going back to Ninoy Aquino International Aiport Terminal 3.

Overall, I always wanted to go to Boracay. I wanted to go here every year. Boracay will always be a paradise to me. I enjoyed so much. And I eat a lot! LOL 128514

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Boracay is one, if not the most famous summer destinations where people discover newfound confidence to flaunt their beach and non-beach ready bodies. I don't know if you feel the same way but I feel hot when I'm in Boracay. Only, mine's literal.

It has been over a decade since I last set foot on its popular fine white sand and I was overwhelmed with the changes. I didn't really cared much about the beach or its strikingly beautiful sunset but I was more focused on... food.

D'Mall is one of the go to places of tourists and locals alike with its reasonably priced meals. You'd initially think that the the dishes are on the expensive side but its serving sizes would make you think otherwise. So it is best to order slowly. AND NEVER LISTEN TO THE STAFF WHEN THEY SAY IT'S ONLY GOOD FOR ONE. Unless we're talking about Aria which, sadly, is overhyped and overpriced for me.

During our stay, we explored Station 3 which is quite a walk from D'Mall in search for The Sunny Side Cafe. This place that offers mouthwatering and Instagram worthy pancakes was packed during our visit and not a single table inside was left vacant! So it is best to make a reservation here if you can. (A detailed review about this place will be up soon.)

On our way back to D'Mall, we stop by this little store past Coast Boracay for some mango shake. At P50, they offer the cheapest shake in the island.

We explored other restaurants such as Aria (overhyped and overpriced), Epic (only till 9pm as the tita in me cannot party anymore), Station X which has the hipster Streetmarket Boracay (a food park in the island!!!) and Chacha of Coast Boracay (for some photogenic poke bowl). And surprisingly, the only place I visited twice there was... Andok's. They have really affordable and pretty good chicken burger!

Food aside, there are a bunch of things you can do in Boracay. There are water activities such as jet skiing and helmet scuba. But one thing to remember is that the prices are VERY negotiable. Some rates go from Php4,000 package down to less than Php1,000. This is because they have two prices-foreign and local. Don't be an elitist and talk or negotiate in Filipino.

The G-MAX Reverse Bungy or human slingshot ride costs at least Php1,500 per person (three in a group) and it is nonnegotiable. It attracts a big crowd of cowards when a daredevil or two wants a quick thrill.

Shopping is also one other thing to do in Boracay. D'Mall offers really good finds and I was tempted to buy some.

It was a good thing though that I didn't because... I had to go to a clinic on our last day! I suddenly didn't feel well to the point of experiencing severe pains and scary symptoms. Hence, at 5am (and without sleeping), I decided to leave our lodge and head to the nearest 24 hour clinic.

Thankfully, the island has two nearby. One was near D'Mall so I just walked to the place, wearing my pajama top and jeans. I just didn't care anymore as I was so scared with what was happening. And it turned out that the clinic with two branches only has one doctor. And I went to the clinic without one. 128528 I ended up hailing a trike and headed to the said clinic. Buuuut, the doctor was out for an emergency call. So the internally bleeding me had to wait for over an hour in pain.

The doctor arrived past 7 and immediately had me checked and diagnosed. And offered a hella expensive medicine which left me with enough money to get back to the lodge. But I was still glad to know that I was not dying and just digested something really bad.

In fact, I felt a lot better that I had the energy for one last swim under the unforgiving sun. We swam till we can't stand the heat and left like red pandas.

Our way back was pretty smooth as we simply went to the trike stop in front of D'Mall to bring us back to the airport.

Would I go back? Definitely.

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Boracay has always been special to my heart as this was the first local tourist spot my family and I visited years ago.

Fast forward to today, Boracay is considered one of the best islands not only in the Philippines but also in the world. From amazing views and fun activities to good food and lively night out, one can never run out of choices to enjoy the beautiful Bora.

We got our air fare at a discount due to an airline promo. I think it was just 899php per person. From Kalibo Airport, we rode a van to go to Caticlan Jetty Port. The fare was around 200php/person. It took us around 2 hours to reach the port. I used this time to get enough sleep as I wanted to enjoy the island the whole day. On the jetty port, we purchased our tickets in the booth outside the building near the entrance. I cannot remember the exact fare anymore but I think it included environmental and terminal fees. Finally, we rented a tricycle to drop us off at D’ Mall where our shuttle to our hotel was waiting.

Day 1

We stayed at Fairways & Bluewater Newcoast Boracay. It’s quite far from the center of Boracay (where the stations and D’mall are located). It’s actually near Shangri-La. I was quite amazed on how big this resort is. It has its own private white sand beach, 18-hole championship golf course, infinity pool, pool bar, gym, steam bath, Jacuzzi, zipline, cable car, and even a sports bar. It’s too big that you need a shuttle just to check the whole place out.

After resting for a few hours, we went back to D’ Mall to have our late lunch. We also tried Jonah’s for their shakes. Gahhhhhd, it was divine!

We stayed at the beach for some time to watch Bora’s sunset. Boracay has indeed one of the best sunsets. It was relaxing.

Day 2

After breakfast, we went back to Station 2 to get water activities packages but my cousin suggested to go to Puka beach instead. Puka Beach, for me, is much more beautiful than the “main” Bora beach. Less crowded, which I liked. It also has whiter and finer sand. After swimming and chilling for a few hours, we tried Parasailing. It was my first time to do such activity and I super enjoyed it. It’s quite scary at first but I conquered my fears and doubts eventually.

We also tried helmet diving. I have mixed emotions in this activity as it can be dangerous. The pressure under water can be too much for some people. The helmet weighs around 75 pounds, but it becomes so much lighter in the water. I had a hard time breathing at first but I was able to manage after a few minutes. The view was amazing especially when the fishes surrounded me because I had food for them. You can have your photos taken here as well as the guides have underwater cameras.

Lastly, of course, the night life at Bora. What happens in Bora, stays in Bora – as they say. Because Fairways is too far from all the happenings, my cousins and I decided to book another hotel room near station 2. We were thinking how could we go back to Fairways if we’re tipsy and all. We went to Station 1 and had a few drinks. And the rest is history. 128586

Day 3

Nothing much happened in Day 3 expect that we ate our hearts out trying different restaurants in the area. We had coffee and muffins at Real Coffee. I’m not really a fan of muffins but I fell in love with their Calamansi muffin. We tried Arya’s and another round of Jonah’s before heading back to the airport.

Boracay is truly a must visit island in the Philippines. It’s very tourist friendly despite being crowded. It’s a great place to unwind, travel with family, celebrate with loved ones, or even meet new friends. The possibilities are endless.


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Krizta T.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Ivan J.
5.0 Stars

For the full review, please visit Thank you!

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Sheena D.
5.0 Stars

My favorite place to recharge! This place is always welcoming, and my stress kinda melts away here.

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Amabelle A.
5.0 Stars

This buffet lunch that came with our island hopping is definitely worth it! The fish that was used in kilawin is bursting with freshness. I devoured on the grilled chorizo and the crispy battered shrimps. Everything was fresh including the fruits. Truly an island feast!

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Glenn E.
5.0 Stars

Boracay os a small island in the Philippines located in Western Visayas. Well, everybody knows it, Boracay Island is one of the world's top island destinations. Boracay is well known to it's fine white sand beaches and picture perfect sunsets.

Boracay Island is a perfect getaway for families, friends, lovers and solo travelers. Due to the diverse tourists coming around, the Island offers wide variety of hotels, restos and activities to choose from.

It's my third time visiting the Island and I just never get tired on coming back. Every visit is a new experience for me.

Last summer 2013 was my first time going here in Boracay together with my siblings. It's a four days vacation, mainly to attend a wedding. Due to tight schedule, we only managed to do Parasailing and Cliff Diving at Ariel's Point. We stayed in La Carmela Boracay as booked by my sister. We were only able to try Jonah's Fruitshake, dinner at I Luv Backyard BBQ and Army Navy. 128514 I wasn't able to experience the nightlife so I told myself that I will be coming back.

Finally got back after 3 years last July 2016 with my workmates. I spent 3 days here. The vacation was kinda "bitin" because I booked the wrong date for our flight back to Manila. 128529 The activities we tried were Island Hopping ( Puka Beach, cliff diving at Magic Island and I forgot the first island we went to), Parasailing and Flyfish. I had so much fun doing the flyfish. 128514 We had our lunch in Dos Mestizos on our first day, dinner at Spice Bird and Tilapia & Chips the following night.

I wasn't expecting to be coming back here on the same year. So just this October, I set foot again on the Island. My friend from Qatar made the neccesary bookings of airfares and hotels during our 5 days stay.

Due to the impending typhoon Lawin, I wasn't expecting so much for this trip and a nice weather.

Day 1

We arrived at Caticlan Airport at around 7am from Manila. We ride a tricycle to port, a boat ride to Boracay and another tricycle ride to Azalea. Since it's still 8am, we had our Breakfast first at Sunny Side Cafe and went back to our Hotel. We went to sleep from 12 noon to 4pm after checking in and fixing our things. We had our dinner at HAMA which I didn't like at all and we grabbed a few drinks at Wave Bar and went back to our Hotel after the heavy rain.

Day 2

We woke up at 8am. Weather was bad with occasional rain showers and strong winds. We ordered our breakfast at Mcdonalds. Before noon time, the weather was kinda okay, we went to the rooftop of our hotel and dipped into the pool. We had our late lunch at I Luv Backyard BBQ and went to Jonah's for fruitshake. I was felt tired in the afternoon, so I went back to our hotel to sleep and my friends stayed on the beach. We dined at Aria's and had Churros at Cozina. We went to Epic bar and had a 2 bottles of beer.

Day 3

Weather was good. Haring araw is up.

We decided to have a buffet breakfast at Kuya J's located inside of Azalea. Packed our things and transferred to Nami Resort. At 4am, we went to Station 1 for a swim while waiting for our friend who went to Crossfit. We had our dinner at Spider House and started our best night ever. We joined the Pubcrawl that started at 8pm. I recommend to book early for discount. We paid 990 each instead of the discounted 790 php price. It includes pubcrawl shirt, shot glass, baller and stabs for free drink each bar. We visited 5 bars in total. It was really fun coz I was able to meet a lot of people. There were rules ( it's for you to find ou) the entire night and I even did 10 push ups as my punishment. 128531128557128514 We finished at around 2am and it was really tiring activity coz I really don't party. Haha

Day 4

My lower extremities were aching due to the activity last night. 128529 We had our breakfast at Nami Resort and went back to Spider House. We had our lunch at Nami Restaurant before check out. We headed back to White Beach and checked in at Tides in D'mall. We were planning going to Puka but ended up sailing Paraw at sunset. After swimming at the beach, we opted for a mexican dinner at Manana Mexican Cuisine.

Day 5

Last day of our vacation.

We had our breakfast at Lemoni Cafe. We ran out of sunblock on our last day and still we went and tried paddle boarding before checking out. We bought pasalubong and went to Kalibo Airpot.

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Joy and Lance x.
5.0 Stars

#JLJustLanded - Boracay 127774127754

June 17-19, 2016

-Island Hopping
-Puka Beach
-Banana Boat
-ATV ride
-Cliff Diving

As posts are limited to photos, here's a glimpse of our fun #boRAK adventure with our beshies! Would you believe we only spent around P5-6k each ALL IN for this 3-day trip?! Props to fare promos and our cheap shenanigans 128521

#JLTip: when all else fails, take it to your hotel room and trusty 7-11 is your trip bff. Plus old school charades and card games, voila! (Well that.... or we're just too old for bars and night outs LOL)

Follow our food/travel-ventures on Instagram:
@jljustlanded 128107128156

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Sheena D.
5.0 Stars

Probably one of the best times I went to Boracay, no lumot!

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5.0 Stars

Hello 1,000 Reviews.

This is my 7th time in Boracay. The first one was in year 2005. And there were lots of first on my seventh visit.

I travel via Philippine Airlines from Manila to Caticlan in less than an hour. Then from Boracay Airport my transfer transported me to Caticlan Port for a boat ride. Terminal Fee will cost Php100.00 plus the Environmental Fee of Php75.00. About 10-15 minutes boat ride. Then another transfer was waiting for me after I docked at Malay Port. From Malay Port about 20 minutes to reach my hotel, Azalea, which is located at the Station 2 of the island (landmark is Hennan Hotel).

The staff gave me a welcome drink while waiting for the key in my room in Azalea. The hotel is spacious and have a bright colors.

When my friends arrived, the first activity we did was the Sunset Sailing. This is my first time to ride a Paraw. And we witnessed the beautiful sunset of Boracay and had so much fun while in Paraw.

We had dinner at Tilapia 'N Chips located at the DMall. We ordered Breaded Buttered Fish Meal for P99.00 only served with rice and Iced Tea. And they served Big. 128561

After dinner we went back to our hotel and change clothes then we went to Station 1 to try Merly's BBQ. This is my first time to try the famous Chori Burger and Boracay Hotdog in my 7th visit, it costs Php50.00 and Php40.00, respectively.

To end the Day 1, we drink and dance for a while at Epic located at D'Mall Station 2 Beach Front. Entrance Fee is Php300.00 and it comes with 2 cocktails.

In our Day 2, after breakfast at Azalea. We went to Puka Beach via tricycle ride, Php150.00 for special trip. This is my first time to go to Puka via Tricycle. You can also have an Island Tour via boat, it will cost you Php600.00 to Php1,500.00.

Puka Beach is always a paradise to me, I can be there the whole day. A relaxing place. The beach is clean and the water is so clear. There's a cottage at Puka Beach that you can stay for while, just order any and it's expensive. I got fresh buco juice for Php300.00.

Then we went to Jonah's Shake after our Puka Beach. I got the bestseller Banana Choco Peanut Shake for Php120.00. When in Boracay, you should never missed Jonah's. It is one of the pioneers here.

During sunset, we had dinner at Two Seasons' Barlo to try the Best Four Cheese Pizza in Boracay. For Php550.00 I got one order, it's a 10 inches pizza. And it's delicious, yes, a truly the best pizza in Boracay.

Then we had a boost at Globy's International Cuisine while sitting at the couch near the shores. I got Boracay White Sand Cocktail for Php180.00. It taste like Malibu.

We went back to Epic again to party all night. This is our last night in Boracay for now. Cover charge still the same, Php300.00 with 2 drinks.

In our last day, after breakfast, we went to D Talipapa to buy pasalubong. And had coffee in Real Coffee for the first time, I like their Calamansi Muffin, it cost Php60.00, and for the Brewed Coffee, Php80.00 only.

Before packing our bags in our last day, we had our last poolside dip at Azalea. It's located at the roof deck where you can see the White Beach.

Checking out at the hotel, the staff graciously assisted me while waiting for our transfer.

Definitely, I will going back again and again to the beautiful Island of Boracay. At least once a year. I am missing Boracay already while writing my 1,000 reviews. 128540

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Hello again, Boracay! This is starting to be a habbit na. 128569 I was just here last year and coming back here is always an awesome experience. The white sand sure is amazing, white and really fine.

We were so fortunate to enjoy the perfect weather when we came! They said that before our arrival, it was raining really hard and the sun was always hid. But we came to beautiful blue skies and nice waves. It was surely a blessing! 128571

Tip: If you wanna get from one station to another, just walk on beach. Tipid from tricycle fares, plus it's good exercise and the view's great! 128568

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Lyn F.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Franz D.
5.0 Stars

Snorkelling is one of my favorite moments in my whole life next to meeting The Vamps two feet away from me. Seriously. Another great thing to discover Boracay, is, well, underneath it all. When you and your group are looking for more fun, and got 2-3hours to spare, Island Hopping is the best choice. A part of Island Hopping is Snorkelling, and they will take you in 4 diving spots (but I think it depends haha). It was surreal seeing corals and fishies and you can touch them and feed them. Another highlight of this Island Hopping Trip was out of nowhere, a wild pokemon appears! Haha kidding. A guy appeared selling Ice Cream! Seriously. He got tons of Ice Cream in his boat. And he sells it in Regular Price. It is the only item we bought in Boracay that is not overpriced. Hahahaha. True Story.

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Franz D.
5.0 Stars

We tried the Banana Boat ride and it was fun. I think any beach trip with activities won’t be complete without these kind of rides. See the beauty of the island and sea in a more different view. Really amazing. 128513

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Jelly Mae S.
5.0 Stars

Chasing sunset in Boracay. 128525 My travel wouldn't be complete without seeing this beautiful Sunset in Bora. How I love this place! 128522

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