Boracay Toilet

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Boracay Toilet
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Kaycee G.
5.0 Stars

128149Date for Two: Sea-Poop Platter, Nilababong Kangkong, Iced Tea
128140Total: P499

Overall: Boracay Toilet is the quirkiest resto in Boracay, no doubt! If you look at the ceramics, their all related to Toilet! And the food names in the menu, too! Also, you’ll be sitting in a real life toilet (with cover though) Haha 128514 Serving of food is really generous we ended up eating like around 1/4 of the entire of it and we have the rest for takeout. Iced Tea is also huge, good for two, so no need to order another one. You may also try their photo ops area with a huge toilet. One comment though, their ‘real’ toilet for use is not working properly – oh the irony! Haha! Oh well, it’s forgiveable. The place is a must-visit when you’re in Boracay 128521

Value for money: Sooo worth it!

#DateForTwo at Boracay Toilet

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Judie Ann Princess M.
4.0 Stars

I now knew why this restaurant in Bora has to be on the list of your itinerary.

It is very very ma-art-sy & unique & colorful & WEIRD!!!! 128514

I was just amazed on the toilet seat cover! Each of it has different design. I remember there was one with rubber duckies, then a silhouette photo of lovers & barkada picture. Hahahaha!

When we scanned the menu, our face went like this 128561 real quick! Lol. Beacuse it is expensive! But we didn't hesitate. Since it is our first time in Bora, and also to dine here we must give it a go. So we ordered the following & this is how they named their food :

128701 Pork Shit-Sig (Sisig) @Php 320.00
The plating was nice. And the sisig tastes good. I am a fan of sisig. And I loved this. It has plenty of chicharon on top. It is not too salty, and it is spicy. I love how spicy it is. It is addictive 1108811088110881108811088

128701 Inihaw na Liem-poop (grilled liempo) @395.00
It's not in the photo. Because it is the last one that's being served, and we were craving for it. I love the vinegar! It tastes like the usual grilled liempo. But the slice of the meat was a littlw bit thicker. 11088110881108811088

128701 Also Slimy Worms but White (Carbonara) @359.00
ok. It's Carbonara and it's Ok. Ok as in to be honest, I was kind a turned off beacuse of the hardened bread stick. And yes it is creamy. It is plenty.

128701Steamed Rice for 3pax @Php100.00

1287012 "glasses" of Iced Tea @Php 150.00

Imagine eating inside a restroom whenever you are around Boracay. And try this resto. Yes, it is pricey. But the quality of the food they serve is flavorful and yummy! 128523

Note: the store opens at 11AM to 2PM then resumes @ 5PM to

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Rommel U.
3.0 Stars

Unique concept and nice place. The food is just so-so like you can eat it everyday, we ordered kare-kare and chicken curry and there's nothing special about the food. Bogoong rice is a miss. The only meal that satisfies us is the pancit. For first timers it's ok to try and take pictures but doc expect anything on food.

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Athina Janelle U.
4.0 Stars

This place is filled with anything related to toilets. Colorful, fun and quirky. From tables and chairs, food names, to their bowls and plates. You might find it disgusting but we didn't. You can have your picture taken at the giant toilet and urinal.

We went here twice during our stay because we had a good experience during our first visit.

We ordered the following:
1. Crispy binagoongan.
Pork thinly sliced and fried to crispy perfection. (Like lechon kawali) The bagoong sauce is the right mix of sweet and salty. It is a bit spicy and talong pieces as toppings. 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

2. Pork Sisig
Crunchy pork sisig with a hint sweetness, saltiness and spiciness. Beware of the chili pieces when eating unless you want your food to be spicy. 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

3. Kare kare
If you want the peanut-y taste, you might find that this might be lacking. I personally my karekare to have that peanut-y taste so I might give this 3 thumbs up. Also, the meat is a mixture of "tuwalya" and usual meat with a bit of litid. Most of them are hard to bite into so maybe you could as them to cook the kare kare properly until it's easy to chew. 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

4. Carbonara
Creamy with crispy bacon bits. Pasta is cooked al dente. I don't see anything special in this one. 128077🏻128077🏻

5. Spaghetti
Another miss, I guess they are not really good with their pastas. It's pinoy style with a bit of bell pepper taste. 128077🏻128077🏻

6. Buffalo wings
This one tastes good. Love the sweetness in contrast with the sour cream dip. Cooked just right, the glaze over the skin tastes nice. 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

7. Beef bistek
Sauce is the right mix of sweetness, saltiness and predominating sourness. The beef is cooked just right while the onions are cooked well. Served with potatoes, this one is a favorite of mine. 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

8. Iced tea
60 pesos good for two people. It has a hint of lemongrass so you don't get the usual nestea/lipton icedtea taste. Served in a urinal-shaped container. 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

9. Nachos
Served with creamy cheese and white sauce, along with ground beef, tomatoes and onions. This one is good for 4 people. This is a good appetizer.

Service is prompt, and the serve you cold house water as soon as they see your glass to be half-full. food prices are subject to 10% service charge.

Would come back her on my next trip to Boracay. 128522.


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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

Cool Toilet themed restaurant borrowed from Modern Toilet in Taiwan. Has a fun atmosphere, not ewwww at all. 128513

Funny menu entries too.

Tried the Red Worms, which is spaghetti and the Pork Shit-Sig which is a pun for Sisig.

Food are generic without the colorful names. Sisig was alright, it had too much pork rinds (chicharon) on top that it almost tasted like chicharon and not sisig at some point. Still great pulutan.

They also have photobooths in the form of a giant toilet and urinal. Everyone just loves to pose on them and have a great time. We returned the next day with the Baby in tow for some more photo ops and of course to try their other offerings 128513.

The theme, ambiance and service alone deserves 4 stars. 128077🏻

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

Eat by toilet bowls? Its no longer foreign. You can try here at boracay.

Panshit- it really is crispy soy based sauce chinese tasting dish.

Chicken crap - chicken curry. Tastes like loght japanese curry. I think they cook the ingredients first before they put it altogether with the cirry sauce

Sisig. The BEST! Try it if you are visiting

Mango shake- serving is really big! I say good for two. However. Tipid sa mango. I can taste bear brand milk more than mango.. It tasted like the ice candy that manang would sell.

Bangus - BEWARE. It is not filleted. Ang daming tinik. 128549

Kangkong- recommendation as well! Soy base sauce not too salty and kang kong were cooked rightly.

Liempo - tastes good pero slice is toooooo thin

Spaghetti - DO NOT order. Ours was undercooked. Sweet taste. My frienx commented 'mas masarap pa sa jollibee'

Yey! Vandalize on the wall
We did ours on the stair step mismo.

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Jam V.
3.0 Stars

Oh yes I paid my bill bec of the experience. But the food was horrible!!! 128078🏼
Ang daming not available because of their late deliveries daw. The nachos was a joke 128546 Ang kunat! The seafood platter was not crunchy parang reheated. Ang cute lang ng toilet-shaped plates yun lang 128531 Our bill was P1,800!! Expensive!! 128078🏼 I thought it would be better also just like what I've experienced in Taiwan 128513

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Mickey R.
5.0 Stars

Have you imagined eating your favorite dish in a toilet bowl? Or drink your iced tea from a urinal? These questions made me decide to try out the new yet weirdest restaurant in the hyped island of Boracay.

Opened in April 2015, the first in the Philippines “Boracay Toilet”, located at Station 1, however, there are already different version of the same concept of “toilet restos” in Malaysia (T-Bowl Concept Restaurant) and Taipei (Modern Toilet).

I had a hard time convincing my girlfriend and her best friend to check out the said eating place, “mukhang kadiri” daw kasi haha. But because of my doggedness, I was able to drag them there.

Tadaa! I was literally flabbergasted by their interiors, their chairs are real toilet bowls, their table is a sink and bath tub, their wall displays are toilet covers, they even have a life-size toilet for photo ops haha. We were like, “eeehhwww, ang cute!” and we spent almost an hour just to take pictures (hey we haven’t ordered anything yet, hindi pa nga kami umuupo).

Enough for the pictures, I'm ravenous. Let's see what they bid for our starving tummies hmm. While we are checking the menu, we can't help but chuckle our asses out and ask ourselves "ano kaya lasa nito?" haha. With the help of their friendly staff and recommendations from the chef, of course, we will try the house favorites, which are Kare-Kadire and Buffalo Wee-Weengs haha

For those who haven’t been to the island of Boracay or for those who are planning to go back, I suggest you try Boracay Toilet, amusing interior concept (ubos oras sa picture taking pa lang) plus impressive customer service (marunong mag up-sell, lagi naka-smile,conversant and well-informed) plus mouth-watering food, surely it will be worth it.

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Gerald T.
3.0 Stars

Fun but food was slow n expensive !

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Papa C.
4.0 Stars

The food is ok. I know the chef will improve the food. But everytime i go there i got a full tummy. The menu is very funny. The restaurant concept is very cool. The price is well boracay price. Nice!!!!! My second time to eat here.

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