Bo's Coffee

G/F ATC Corporate Center, Commerce Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Bo's Coffee
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Marti M.
5.0 Stars

Bo's cold brew isn't exactly what I expected. We visited Bo's before going home after walking around ATC with the kiddos. To rest our weary feet (arms, legs and back included), we decided to stay for coffee.

I thought of having cold brew and expected something strong that would make me awake for the rest of the night. At first sip, i thought I made the wrong choice. Coffee strength isn't so noticeable but sipping more of it, it started to feel just right. Bo's coffee flavor is definitely there but it seemed tamed, perhaps because its a latte after all, and it's a little sweeter than your regular flat white. It definitely did the job of keeping me awake but i still had the time to doze off before midnight.

Ill probably have another cold brew here at Bo's soon, but will ask the barista to lessen the milk and sugar for a stronger kick.

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Back here for THE ULTIMATE CHEESECAKE! I promise that this cheesecake will delight the sweet tooth in you. Bo's Dulce de Leche Cheesecake is so good, it's always sold out in their High Street Branch.

The Cheesecake has a smooth texture, thick and creamy, topped with a sweet and luscious dulce de leche frosting. The best part though are the dollops of dulce de leche in the cheesecake itself. It's insanely good! Thick caramel with a slight burnt sugar taste and a good portion of milk, you'll get hooked!

Paired this up with their Matcha Latte which was just okay. A little watery for me and lacks a strong Matcha kick. Lots of milk in my opinion. I requested for additional scoops of Matcha Powder and they asked me what's wrong. I explained and they gave me two free scoops and added some whipped cream too.

Can I also say that this is one of the loveliest Bo's Coffee branch? Spacious, neat and very cozy! Great service as well each time I visit!

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Ruth S.
5.0 Stars

I have always wanted to try Bo's Coffee but never really had the chance to do so. I just know I want to try their drinks, desserts, and savory meals because of the positive reviews (and tempting photos) but not to the point that I would want and need to do it ASAP. Never had that intense "craving". 128556 Mainly because of the very limited number branches here in Manila. I've tried their croissant in Cebu last Sinulog only because it's the only coffee shop in the area. 128517 There's one in BGC but so far from my office. It was, in a way, an "answered prayer" when they finally opened a branch in ATC, in the same area of La Maripili, Salad Stop, Paper Moon, and Outback (and I think they'll also be having a branch inside BF Homes just can't remember where exactly. Yayyyy!!!). But again, I never had the chance to visit right away. We would always pass by their store but would not go inside. Maybe because they never had that "appeal", I've never seen them full unlike the other famous coffee shops where you'll see a lot of people inside. 128546

Another prayer was answered when Ony's brother gave us coupons. Buy one take one coupons! 128513128518128588🏼 Yayyyyy, again!!! After xx days, FINALLY!!!! So we visited Bo's Coffee yesterday afternoon. The traffic was insane from BF going to ATC but it didn't stopped us from going here and thank you Lord because it was worth it. So worth it!128076🏼

At past 6pm, the place was not that full. Only a number of people studying. It was very cold and quiet inside but the baristas were all warm and they welcomed us when we went inside. The area is not that big but was designed so well that you'll want to stay inside and enjoy a hot cup of coffee with a pastry or a slice of cake and just relax. The place is perfect for "me time", for reviewing/studying or doing paperworks. The area may be small but still spacious. The place is very simple and neat. Very coffee shop talaga but still with the homey feels. 128513128077🏼

And oh, two important factors 128518128521128523 -- (1) they have wi-fi connection (not sure if it's fast, though) and (2) power outlets are available in every table! You don't have to worry about your laptop dying while doing an important research paper, or while reading something, or while watching your favorite movie or series. Or your phone dying because you're playing Pokemon Go! Or you're using the looloo app!! 1285231285219996🏼️

Only comment though is you have to go outside for the washroom. Hassle if you're alone and you have to leave all your things. The baristas are nice so I guess you can ask them to look after your things while you're away. 128521 Or bring them all with you? Hassle lang! 128546128517

The choices are not different from Starbucks, Coffee Bean or Seattle's Best. They almost have the same options - Ice Blended, Iced and Hot Drinks/Frappe, and Fruit Juices. They also have pastries like croissant and bread, desserts like cookies, chocolate cake, cheesecakes, and artisanal gelato!!! 127846 And savory meals - like sandwiches, pasta, and all day breakfast (omelet, pancakes, etc.). Almost everything you could ever ask for. Kulang na lang rice meals! 128517128514 The same kind of meals you can also get in all the other coffee shops. They may all be the same but what I like about Bo's Coffee and what I think separates and makes them different from the rest is the fact that they are local -- 100% Filipino Homegrown. They support local products, all of their products are locally made/sourced here in the Philippines. The goal and mission is to put the spotlight on our local coffee which are all sourced from different areas like Sagada and Benguet. They also have products which are all local -- like chocolates from Theo & Philo and Malagos (Davao).

Personally, I think that Bo's Coffee should also be known just like all the other "sikat" coffee shops because their coffee/drinks are pretty good and hey, it's 100% homegrown. For every cup ordered, we are supporting our local Filipino farmers. Sabi nga nila, tangkilikin ang sariling atin. Bow! 🇵🇭

(Sorry for the very looooong introduction! 1285139996🏼️ annnd thank you if you're still reading! 128514128514)

We only ordered drinks since we have the buy one take one vouchers. Our orders are the following:

Coffee Jelly (M: 170) and White Chocolate Mocha (M: 170) for Ony's mom and brother.

- I wasn't able to try their drinks anymore but according to the barista, these two are their bestsellers. Well, they won't be bestsellers if they're not good, right? 128517128518

Matcha Green Tea Froccino (S: 175) for me and the Build Your Own Froccino (M: 180) for Ony.

- my matcha froccino was good. 128154 I don't usually get any iced blended Matcha drink because it tastes weird and most of the time, too icy. Not something I truly enjoy. But, surprisingly, I finished my drink. It wasn't weird. It's not too sweet and with the right level of bitterness. And not too icy, as well. Just not creamy or milky because, according to the barista, they use pure powder and they don't add milk or anything else. So the taste of matcha is more evident. It was good but I still prefer my matcha creamy/milky and hot. 127861

- Ony's drink was the best. We all had the chance of tasting it and we all loved and enjoyed the richness and goodness of his drink. For 180 pesos, you get to customize your medium sized iced blended drink. You are to choose the base, syrup, toppings, and add ons for your drink.

Mocha (Base) + Hazelnut Syrup + Oreo Bits + Cinnamon Powder + Crushed Oreo Cookie + Chocolate Syrup + Whipped Cream

IT WAS SO GOOD. 128525128076🏼

The drink was rich, thick, creamy, milky, chocolatey, and oh so yummy. After our drinks were all served, Ony and I went outside for a walk. But because he was so proud of his drink, we had to go back inside just so his brother can try it. I don't usually enjoy overly sweet and loaded drinks but this was just so good! Imagine drinking a thick and milky mocha drink with oreo cookie bits in every sip. Ang sarap, diba??!! Too bad the DIY drink is available for a limited time only. If there's a Bo's Coffee near you right now, go inside and try this, please. Don't let this chance just slip away! 128518128523

I seriously cannot wait to go back and try the desserts and savory meals next time (which is next weekend, hopefullyy!!!). And if still available, we will definitely be customizing our drinks again!!! 128513128076🏼

And lastly, the service. Service was good. The barista was super proactive. We were asking a lot of questions about our drink and she willingly and happily answered all of them. With explanations pa! She's super nice and friendly. And our drinks were all made in less than 5 minutes and brought to our table pa!! 128077🏼

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

After being turned down by La Maripili, I saw Bo's Coffee. I remembered Zai M's review of their Dulce De Leche Cheesecake and there was no way that I was to pass the chance to try it.

I loved the place! Warmly lit, spacious and lots of tables, including long ones. Went straight to the counter and got a slice of their Dulce De Leche Cheesecake plus a cup of Cappuccino.

The cheesecake was AH-MAH-ZHING (say this slowly with lots of feelings, please?) lol Thin graham cookie base, thick cheesecake with luscious lumps of Dulce de Leche and a gorgeous frosting of more Dulce de Leche!

The cheesecake was creamy and had that tangy cream cheese flavor. The texture was smooth and it wasn't the crumbly type. The Dulce de Leche was divine! Thick, sweet, milky and caramelicious! It will make all you sweet tooth out there do the happy dance! I savored each spoonful and if I was not controlling myself, I would have ordered another slice!

Paired this up with a warm cup of Cappuccino. Bo's Coffee uses local beans. The brew was strong and my cup had the right ratio of milk. The bitter taste of the coffee was still there. Perfect with my sweet cheesecake!

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