Bo's Coffee

Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Sct. Madriñan St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Bo's Coffee
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₱86 - ₱175

Most Recent Reviews

Clari R.
4.0 Stars

My friends and I had a late dinner at a restaurant in Il Terrazzo. Afterwards, we had some coffee at the nearest shop which is Bo's Coffee.

It's been a while since I visited Bo's Coffee and to be honest, I still prefer their shop. It' not overcrowded or noisy.

This specific branch is also very beautiful. Since it was late, there were only a few people there. Still, the shop offers the perfect ambiance for people who want to enjoy coffee, study, write and catch up with friends. *Just make sure not to be too noisy.

For their coffee... Since it’s Christmas, we tried one of Bo's Coffee's heartwarming drinks. I really enjoyed their rich Dark Mocha Macadamia Froccino. 128077

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

The Tomas Morato area provided a series of eventful firsts for me. Obviously, it was my first time here. Being a "probinsyana," I was overwhelmed by the traffic, pollution, urban chaos, seemingly endless wandering and looking down at Google Maps from time to time just to find the destination I was meant to go to (a looloorendezvoos event at Dencio's / Pancake House, in the corner of Scout Borromeo and Tomas Morato).

In other words, I was a bit lost, but that was part of the "foodventure", right? Besides, I like discovering and going to places that I have never been to before (but now with caution he he).

Anyway, I have sworn to myself I will never go to any Starbucks branch for the time being due to my complete and utter disappointment towards their newest drinks. It was a good excuse to try other coffee shops, too.

When I finally spotted Dencio's -- not without the panting 128560 -- I decided to cool my heels first at nearby Il Terazzo before heading to the rendezvoos. Good thing there was a coffee shop in the area -- and a coffee shop that was NOT Starbucks (wait, am I suddenly developing an anathema towards Starbucks now? 128514).

Bo's Coffee is a local coffee shop which now has several branches nationwide. It prides itself on supporting local coffee farmers and I like that. But believe it or not, it was my first time at any Bo's Coffee branch, ever. And I was glad to have checked this out.

When I entered the shop, I was welcomed by its impeccably furnished and rustic interiors that evoked an easy-going, laidback vibe, and the warm greetings from the staff. Good sign. 128522 (I liked the hanging lights, by the way).

I hadn't eaten yet at the time and I was really thirsty from all the walking and wandering, so obviously I wanted a chilled coffee. What I had:

🔸Caramelo frappe - ₱165 (large)
🔸Lemon Square - ₱75

From the first sip, I was surprised and delighted how smooth their frappe was. Sometimes, I have a little beef towards Starbucks' frappuccinos because the ice is somewhat hardened, so I have to wait a little first for the ice to melt. I didn't find such problems with Bo's Coffee's Caramelo. About their coffee -- it was not my kind of coffee they used but it was still good (some types of coffee would make me feel nauseated, so I admit I kind of expected the same thing from Bo's Coffee. Thankfully, that never happened.)

It took me a little effort to slice my Lemon Square with a fork. It was kind of hard, but it was good taste-wise. Sweet and zesty.

I also enjoyed Bo's Coffee's free, fast and unlimited Wi-Fi. This is so unlike many Starbucks branches, where you are only allowed an hour or two to have their Wi-Fi access. Mejo hate ko na ata SB ah hahaha joke. 128513

Overall, a pleasant experience at Bo's Coffee and a good start to my Tomas Morato food trip. 128077128077128077

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Arlene Stephanie L.
4.0 Stars

I just love this coffee place :) a quiet place where you can read and hang out or chill with friends or family.
Try their Spanish sardine pasta n blt sandwich which I would definitely recommend. The sandwich can be for sharing if you're not that hungry or have a small appetite.

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Georgia B.
4.0 Stars

I've always had a soft spot for Bo's as: 1.) they're proudly local and; 2.) they support Filipino coffee farmers. Admittedly, I've been to Bo's just a couple of times but I've consistently had a satisfactory experience with them. However, it was their store in Il Terrazzo which convinced me that Bo's is definitely one of the most underrated coffee shops around.

The first time I visited this particular branch, I was blown away by how huge their space is. It's perfect for all kinds of visitors: they have lounge chairs for friends who just want to catch up and chill or office workers doing their meetings; they have long tables for college kids having their group studies; and they also have small tables for solo fliers (like me). They're also very generous with charging outlets; just make sure you get the long table or the booths by the wall.

Their coffee is nothing exceptional or mindblowing (but then again, I just bought a cappuccino, I'll try the other ones next time, hehe) but I'd still daresay that Bo's is more value for money compared to its bigger competitors. Like in my case, my order came in the largest serving size and the damage was just around 130 pesos. Not bad.

Rating: 9749974997499749 / 5

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Mara-Angela N.
4.0 Stars

New to this side of town, Bo's coffee is a sight to see. Enter into its rustic interiors and minimalistic style and find yourself a spot to stay. Quite new, it doesn't have that familiar smell of burning beans coffee shops are known to have. They serve cakes, breads, sandwiches, pasta, and the occasional ice cream. Study tables are found throughout, as well as power sockets for the power junkie. Coffee and tea souvenirs are available beside the counter. A little ways off from busy Morato, but a nice place to chill, work, study, and hang out with friends. #henrysinstaxgiveaway

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