Bosay Resort

Marigman Rd. Ext., San Roque, Antipolo, Rizal

Bosay Resort
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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

Resorts are a popular vacation destination in the Philippines due to its convenience and price. This is probably why resorts are scattered all over the country, ranging from the simple to the luxurious ones. What’s even more surprising is, no matter how fast these resorts multiply, Filipinos still manage to crowd every single one of them.

We were planning to have some sort of a triple date swimming getaway with my boyfriend’s high school friends and their partners. One of us have been to this resort in Antipolo, which is just a short ride from us South people and suggested that we try it.

I usually prefer renting a private pool instead of a resort on a daytrip, mainly because having a place all to ourselves eliminates the concern I have about an overcrowded and unsafe environment. I just want a worry-free getaway.
So, when I saw that the place offers a private pool with a room within the resort, I quickly suggested that we take this offer. However, practicality entered our heads. Since my main concern is the securing our valuables in this public resort, one of us suggested that we rent a small room. That’s what we did.

We booked a VIP room good for 6 pax for the price of P2,600. The room isn’t bad especially that it has its own restroom, airconditioning unit and bed. Outside the room is a small, round, stone table, and a grill available for use. This is actually not bad. Yes, it wasn’t fancy, but it was clean and spacious enough and really helped us a lot in terms of convenience.

They have a store selling different items you might need throughout the day. This was where we bought the coal for grilling our food, and ice for our drinks.

They're also strict when it comes to swimming attire. No shirts or board shorts allowed in the pool.

They have a lot of swimming pools in the resort:
128034 Turtle Pool – from what I saw, I think this is their kiddie pool. It’s too crowded in this pool. This pool has a slide but was under maintenance that day.

128522Therapy pool – another overcrowded pool. We just went there to check what a therapy pool is and the number of people in there just made me quickly turn around.

127946‍♀️ Lap pool – a huge pool with 10 lanes.

128131 Disco pool – I found this pool creepy and scary xD the design was kinda dark and looks like a scene from a horror movie lol I wonder if it’s nice at night.

127744Infinity pool – 2 levels of pool that also has a slide, which was under maintenance as well.

127754 Wave pool – the pool I enjoyed the most because I loved how the little droplets of water from the sprinklers landed on my face.

They also have cottages for rent for excursionists.

I definitely enjoyed my stay here. It’s a simple vacation where I was able to really bond with my friends. The availability of numerous pools is what I appreciated most about the place since I was able to choose the pool that was most enjoyable for me.

P.S. entrance fee is P170 per person. And oh, just be a boyscout/girlscout (bring everything that you might need i.e. thong for grilling, plates, cups, water) and you'll be fine.

(Sorry for the very few photos. I enjoyed too much that I didn't take a lot of photos 9996🏻)

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Lovely M.
1.0 Stars

Too noisy. And disgusting, me mga kanin-kanin sa swimming pool. Loreland Resort is better, even if it's crowded it's not as noisy as this resort. Will never come back.

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Kring K.
5.0 Stars

Bosay improved a lot since the last time i went there last 2012.. Madami pinagbago as in. Pati tao duper dumami na din. At mas nkaka enjoy kse nkapag swimsuit n ko. Hahaha pero sympre rash guard. Buti tlga nauso un. Anywaysss this place is recommended since one of the top resort sa antipolo. :)

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