Boteco Brasil

2/F BBZ Bldg., Kalayaan Ave. cor. Algier St., Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila

Boteco Brasil
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Most Recent Reviews

Mark C.
5.0 Stars

The juiciest cuts of meat, great side dishes and an amazing family atmosphere. Great job Boteco Brasil! It was an awesome special experience. 11 kinds of meat!!!

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Brasilian comfort food. 🇧🇷

Again, thanks to, Mary and I were both able to go here and try out their dishes before they finally open to the public (Yes, this is a late review! 128528128518).

This is my first time trying Brasilian cuisine and honestly, I wasn't that excited because I have no idea what Brazilians eat and what is their version of "comfort food".

Anyway, we arrived a little early so we were still able to take photos of the place and the dishes they'll be serving us for the night. While waiting, we were given drinks - Brazilian cocktails with fruity something. Mary tried the one with strawberries while I decided to try the Lemon. I can't remember how they taste anymore but one thing's for sure, it was too strong. After one sip, I didn't touched it anymore. Hardcore drinkers will like this, I guess? 128517

We were served various dishes but what I liked the most are the following:

Cheese Puffs
- mini cheese bread that's soft and chewy. This was so addicting! 128525 Best enjoyed while still warm.

Chicken bread
- Homemade dough with chicken and cheese filling. Should be paired with the homemade Brasilian ketchup but can already be enjoyed on its own. This is like our empanada but with a different shape and a thicker and harder cover/bread.

- aka the Brazilian version of our Monggo! 128518 We all loved and enjoyed eating this dish. I don't know how to describe this dish but all I can say is that this one is really good! Brasilian comfort food, indeed! 9786128076🏼

And oh, the fried banana and potatoes were both good, too!! Not oily and were fried perfectly!! 128077🏼

If you want to try something new and unique, you may want to go here and please please order the Feijoada! It's so good! 128149

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I always choose Japanese cuisine whenever I eat out. Just thinking about uni sashimi and sake aburi makes me smile like a lunatic. And I have to admit, Brazilian cuisine is something I wouldn’t consider to be in my top picks. However, one Thursday night changed it all.

Hello, Boteco Brasil.

Ruth S and I were lucky to get another message from who asked us if we could represent him in Boteco Brasil’s media night. We excitedly said yes but were clueless on what will be served to us that night. Nonetheless, just thinking about having the privilege to be one of the first foodies try a new restaurant’s dishes makes us giddy.

It was slightly nightmarish to get to the restaurant during rush hour as the traffic from BGC to Makati is getting worse and worse. Combine the crazy traffic with rainfall that proved forever’s existence, 5 kilometres would seem like miles away. Surprisingly though, we were still considered early birds when we arrived.

We were greeted by colorful stairs and wall art with the word Brasil which was like entering a wardrobe that transported us to Brazil instead of Narnia.

The restaurant has a few cocktail tables outside perfect for those who like to enjoy some alcohol while puffing some smokes. Since R and I are non-smokers, we went inside the air-conditioned area.

The dining area is dimly lit with the bar as the first thing you’ll see. One of the owners approached us and asked us if we want to try some of Brazil’s local beverages. I almost uttered “Oh yeaaah!” but quickly managed to stay proper and said, “sure” instead.

We were given a glass each of Brazil’s sugarcane cocktail with fruit flavors and a tinge of alcohol. I chose strawberry as the base fruit flavor and overall, it was a very sweet drink. I think it was because I asked to have it mild; so the sweetness of the sugarcane was hardly offset by alcohol. I didn’t get a sip of R’s lemon flavored drink as I was a bit sick that night and I didn’t want to spread virus.

Dinner started around 7 pm and the first dishes served were Casquinha de Siri, Coxinha Com Catupiry and Pão de Queijo.

The Casquinha de Siri or sautéed crab meat with coconut milk, tomatoes and parmesan cheese had a lovely rich taste that reminded me of our local gata dishes. I love the sweet and spicy taste of the sauce without overpowering the crab’s natural flavor. It was served as an appetizer but I would eat this with rice anytime.

Th baked goods were instant loves! Pão de Queijo (cheese puffs) was so fragrant and appetizing and I drooled as soon as it was placed on the table. I loved how chewy these small buns were and how the cassava complemented the mild cheese filling.

The Coxinha Com Catupiry or the Brazilian homemade dough filled with chicken and catupiry (cheese) was a delectable treat too! It was a simpler version of the usual empanada but crunchier. Too bad we were not able to try the homemade ketchup this dish is served with. (Note: We were told that this dish is a popular choice in parties. Boteco Brasil can serve these in private events and could adjust the size to be bigger or smaller, depending on the client’s preference.)

Feijoada or Brazil’s signature black bean stew dish with a variety of pork and sausage was the star of the night! It had that delightful grainy texture from the mushed black beans which reminded me of the local favorite munggo. I particularly loved the slight deconstructed feel of the dish as the kale and farofa (toasted cassava) were served separately. This dish though is not for those who refuse to eat rice as its rich flavor will make you want something to balance it out. Also, make sure to eat a slice of orange or fried plantain after a bite or two to avoid being overwhelmed by the black bean stew’s taste.

The Strogonoff de Frango or chicken cooked with fresh cream and topped with shoestring potatoes reminded me of chicken a la king, only crunchier. I loved the tender chicken bits, creamy sauce and its wonderful contrast with the crisp shoestring potatoes. This dish could get a bit too salty though so it’s also best paired with rice.

I also took a bite of the Churrasquinho which is grilled beef skewers wrapped in smoked bacon and was surprised with how salty it was. The smoked bacon was like a strip of salt. I had to remove it and indulged in the succulent thick chunk of beef. I had to scoop some rice to finish the bacon afterwards.

Just when we were about to burst, Mousse de Maracujá and Beijinho e Brigadeiro were served. (These two are known to be the famous desserts in Brazil and you could sample it in one plate here in Boteco Brasil.)

I wasn’t really too thrilled with the passionfruit mousse but combining it with the coconut fudge and chocolate balls made it a superb sauce. I loved the sharp contrast between the tangy passionfruit and sweet balls. If you’re not too adventurous with your desserts, you could opt to just munch on the chewy balls.

Too bad R and I missed the beautiful Romeo e Julieta or cheesecake with guava paste as we had to head back to BGC. But I’ll surely visit again to try it and order more of the Feijoada and Pão de Queijo.

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