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Most Recent Reviews

George C.
5.0 Stars

Botejyu is the bomb! There was a time I ate here atleast once every week. This is my go to place for authentic takoyaki and okonomiyaki. They also serve good tempura, udon and other usual Japanese faves. Their spin on carbonara using udon is also cool. They also Have this nice bacon and cream cheese pockets. 128516 It's always a joy to eat here!

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Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

Droped by for a quick snack. Mixed seafood okonomiyaki php 350 and kushikatsu platter 3 pcs php 125. Oishi !

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5.0 Stars

My first okonomiyaki experience here in Manila! Loved the okonomiyaki and was surprised to find out how huge they were! Truly not meant to be combined with all our orders esp bec it was just me and the bf haha Anyway, we had the good steak but the doneness was a fail. We asked for a medium & we got a well done na. It was a bit tough too maybe due to the wrong slicing of the meat too. Sayang, quite pricey pa naman.

As for the appetizer, skip that silly ham & cheese. It's good but a total waste of space for the tummy and frankly, they might get more bad impressions with that dish rather than do them any good🙃. The gyoza is good and huge which is awesome bec I love gyoza. I tried the special tea drink they had which I think was really good in cleansing the palate and it was very refreshing also. So, you end up eating more lol.

Love to come back here and indulge myself some more with new Jap food options.

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Lani B.
4.0 Stars

Another Japanese restaurant to check out and was not disappointed. We started with the Potato Salad with Hakata Mentai. When it arrived in a bowl, it contained an egg cut in half, sliced romaine lettuce, sliced potatoes, mayonnaise on one side and cod roe on the other... and a wooden pestle. Turns out you grind all the ingredients, mixing it thoroughly. Interesting procedure and it was great!

I always get the curry on any Japanese restaurant I try. Their Pork Cutlet Curry Rice Bowl was okay and had a generous serving. The Legendary Okonimiyaki, an omelette-like meal containing bacon, potatoes, ginger, onions, cheese, and topped with mayonnaise and bonito flakes. Good but kind of rich- you tend to stop after you have a few bites.

Dessert choices were limited to pudding and ice cream. Only one item was different: Honey Toast with Brown Sugar Syrup and Creamy Kinako (Soybean Powder). We tried that: 2 thick slices of toasted bread with the middle part sliced off and arranged like sugar cubes, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a small drizzle of the creamy kinaka. Hmm, it did not look as generous as pictured in the menu but was good. You can try this at home. 128521

Our waitress, Miss Dess, was accommodating and well-versed with the food/menu. Will definitely be back to try the other dishes. 128523

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Elise C.
3.0 Stars

We went on their second day, and am glad we did!! The experience was pleasant, let me start off by listing down the food we had.

Toriten ramen, demiglace don, premium okonomiyaki, negi oko, carbonara, warabi mochi, tonkatsu don.

Will only discuss the ones that made an impact on my taste buds! The carbonara is a must order. I really really enjoyed it and how creamy it was even after I popped the egg yolk. One serving of it is enough to fill your tummy for the rest of the day. In short, if you are ordering this, don't order lots anymore!

The negi oko or the beef and cheese okonomiyaki is also great. The premium okonomiyaki had more takoyaki taste!

The tonkatsus were actually great, very meaty and not dry at all.

The warabi mochi is not something i would order again. It's just like eating gelatin with powder. I didnt enjoy that at all.

Food was a bit pricey but service is ok nonetheless except for two things!!

We asked for our free food since they have stubs they gave us. Our bill reached 2k and that's entitled to free takoyaki. I asked their servers and they all said that they will double check, then I asked their manager, she said that we can claim it next time. Then after paying the bill, another staff of theirs offered for us to claim the free food. What??? So confusing. Anyway we ended up not claiming the free item anymore as we were in a hurry to catch our movie.

Another lowdown is that they included a bowl of rice in our bill. It may be my fault also that I didnt check it before paying, but they included it even if we didnt order it.

Anyway, would I come back? Only for the carbonara. omg.

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Erica T.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

We went here for lunch on a Friday (yes, work day). There were initially two of us. Upon entering, we saw two officemates already settled, (hooray since we can order and try more food!) so we joined them.

We ordered based on what our officemates ordered (we got something different from what they were having). They got the seafood okonomiyaki and beef curry udon. So we decided to have the premium okosoba and the paitan ramen with char-siu pork.

Oh, since they just opened, they have a promo. For a minimum spend xxxx, you get a free item from the menu:
P500 - free scoop of ice cream
P1,000 - free gyoza
P1,500 - free takoyaki
*Free item redeemable on your next visit, but we were given the chance to redeem it right at that moment. And since we already ordered an okonomiyaki and an okosoba, we opted to get the gyoza instead of the takoyaki (even if our total bill was at P1,700. And yes, we asked if we can have the ice cream and the gyoza, but they refused lol!)

We waited long for our orders to arrive, around 30 minutes (and we only have an hour for our lunch break).

Serving size for each dish was quite huge. But I guess the serving of okonomiyaki was larger than the ramen and udon. There were 4 of us, yet we had a hard time finishing everything, and felt really really stuffed after. My advice, if you're in a group, don't order too much of the okonomiyaki, as it is good for sharing.

The ambiance of the place is okay. Typical Japanese restaurant. Nothing really noticeable. But if you can't stand waiting for your food to be served on your table, then you can stand (literally) and watch the chefs prepare your meal.

The food was okay. They were delicious, but that's it. It didn't make much impact on me to make me crave for it and come back for any of the dishes we've tried. I think it's weird that I liked the ramen and udon more than the okonomiyaki and okosoba. By the way, the ramen we chose came with pork, but in a chicken broth soup instead of the usual pork. You can actually notice and taste the difference, but not really in a bad way. The beef curry udon was yummy, but it wasn't spicy at all. Not even a little. For me that's a good thing since I'm not into spicy food, but my friends are.

Pricing is also okay. I think most of the dishes were priced less than P500. I believe the most expensive dish from our choices was the premium okosoba (around P400+).

Service was fine as well. The servers were attentive to all our requests. They were friendly although we can sense that they were already feeling a little rattled due to the number of customers.

Overall, the experience was okay. It's worth the try, that I can say.

P.S. The okosoba is not part of the picture 128542

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