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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

Wow! Never seen this branch packing but i am happy that there are a lot of people today. They still have their buy one get one promo on the Frappes (until March 31, 2017). Tried the Matcha. For 139pesos. It is a light and mild tasting cold drink. It was smooth and had a generous amount of whipped cream. Lots of good bread to choose from too! Free WiFi and all tables have power outlets underneath. Talk about convenience! Highly recommended for those who want to work in silence (try during the afternoons, weekdays preferably).

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Kate R.
4.0 Stars

Boulangerie 22

In case you don’t know, boulangerie means a bakery that specializes in baking and selling bread. 🙂

I love B22! They have wide variety of pastries and cakes.

I usually go here to check their discounted breads haha. My favorite is their chicken floss breads and the red bean. They have this best seller called Holy Cheesus! Its super delicious and addicting. It was an oozy, golden 3 cheese bread with milky and buttery goodness! I suggest to have it there. Or if you have oven at home, you can take this with you!

They have different cute cakes too!

Aside from that they offer short orders for pasta and soup. There’s coffee and some Dilmah tea. As per their staffs, they will offer some frappe soon.

This time I had truffle mac and cheese, it was a small serving of pasta. It cost around P159.00. Actually the truffle mac and cheese is pretty good. The essence of truffle is really there and it was cheesy. The serving will be enough if you are not that hungry haha.

Since, they don’t have frappe yet and I don’t feel like drinking some coffee, I ordered their fresh juices. I had the New Zealand phoenix organic juices in Apple and Raspberry. It was refreshing but too expensive.128561 I think it costs around P150 or so, I forget haha

I suggest you try the Holy Cheesus and their chicken floss.128076🏼128077🏻

P.s. Im trying out my blackeye macro lens on my photo hihi 128515

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Jinky U.
3.0 Stars

Holy Cheesus... Mehhhh 128527
Not as cheesy as I expected.
Ok lang.
And the server I think heated it too long , the bread got too toasted. Tumigas na ung edges. Haaiist!

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Marti M.
4.0 Stars

It feels good to be back here at Boulangerie22, and really fun meeting EJ B, Midz S and Ruth S for the very first time!! Thank you Peanut D for the invite!

The Boulangerie22 store is hands down French but the Asian twist in their food offerings is what interests me. As I have done my first review of the place, I did have unanswered questions that still lingers in my mind whenever I pass by the place, until this mini-rendezvoos.

Living a stone's throw away from Boulangerie22 at Festival Mall, Alabang, is already a treat with the choice of foodies and goodies that we have to choose from without literally thinking of how to go there.

For regular Festi mallers, the area occupied by Boulangerie22 is the old Figaro area, just across Rose Pharmacy near the covered parking that leads to the Carousel Court.

Boulangerie22's chick interiors literally bring you to Paris. Look up and you'll be awed by a street map of Paris, flanked by miniature versions and paintings of the famous Eiffel Tower and other Parisian landmarks like the Arc de Tromph and the classy Champs Elyssees. Look around and you'll see a personalized touch of everything French, Boulangerie22 style. The owners decided to add a twist of Korean which translates to quality and detail in every bread and drink here.

Not known to many is that Boulangerie22 offers pasta, Korean drinks and even specialty spreads in addition to the wide selection of breads and cutesy cakes. That means, you can have dinner or lunch here and also have your in-betweens! Coffee (cappuccino, americano or mocha) and your choice of tea are also served! And since they're open till 10pm, I'm pretty sure you'll find time to visit them.

Holy Cheesus is probably their best seller. It's soft, spongy soft and the cheese just jives with the bread. It's simple looks would fool others into looking like a "tasty" loaf bread but it's really a different story. We were able to try all three variants. Personally, I loved the Holy Blue Cheesus. It would definitely go ahead of the others (to my mouth) when compared side-by-side with the other variants. Its bleu cheese gives a bit of salty taste that matches the semi-sweet sponge-soft loaf.

My second choice among the three would be the Holy Hot Cheesus. It isn't really spicy hot, and as @Midz mentioned in her review, it's hotness is more Chiz Whiz pimiento-ish rather than the traditional Korean-style spice. My not so distant third would be the regular Holy Cheesus. I would choose the regular Holy Cheesus if I want pure Holy Cheesus goodness with a coffee drink to match. At P145, this Boulangerie22 specialty bread is quite big and is better to share with.

It's recommended that you heat up the bread before eating. There is a big difference in taste and feel of the heated Holy Cheesus as the read becomes more spongy and the cheese melting to perfection to match the bread.

And then there's the Floss. Boulangerie22 also came up with three variants of the traditional Floss. Chicken Floss, Spicy Chicken Floss and Cheddar Chicken Floss. We can't help but compare this to the other brands, but here's my take. Boulangerie22's Floss is much softer and more chewy than the more popular Singaporean brands. Perhaps it's the Korean way. You can have any of the three floss variants for only P59.

What the Fudge?! This is probably the moistest chocolate cake that I've tried! At an introductory price of only P89, you'll be able to sink your teeth (and tongue) into this moistened dark chocolate in a fudge. A must try for all ye chocolate buffs!

Korean Ice Cream definitely goes better with bread. Boulangerie22's Hot and Cold combines their crispy soft bread with Korean Ice Cream. According to Boulangerie22, this is quite new to the menu. I recommend you get the chocolate ice cream. Vanilla is also available.

Thanks to the thoughtful assistance of Ms. Carina and Ms. Debbie of Boulangerie22,we were able to know more about how good the food is and answer some questions going through our mind during the mini-rendezvoos.

One question we asked was about the plastic bags used on bread displays. Unlike other bread stores, instead of displaying the breads without any wrapping, breads are kept in sealed plastic bags with anti-moisture agents which maintains the right amount of oxidation. This translates to higher quality of the bread from the bakery to the bake shop and finally, to the customer. The plastic packs also protect the bread from the harsh effects of the environment.

Boulangerie22 is a clear example of great fusion between French culinary expertise and Asian attention to detail. I did some research (and yes, more eating!) and now appreciate how this fusion works with the Filipino taste bud. Even after we tried so much, and although much has improved from my first visit, I still feel that some menu items need to improve. Or perhaps I already felt more at home and needed to visit more! Haha 128514 I can't wait come back and get some more of that Cheesus!!!

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

Bread is a staple in every Filipino's table. It will always be spotted wherever you are in the country, whatever time it is. In the Philippines, one particular bread has stood the test of time: the pan de sal. However, it is no longer alone in satisfying the Filipinos' hunger as bakeshops offering different kinds of bread have emerged.

One of these bakeries is Boulangerie22, which is celebrating its 1st anniversary next month. And by a stroke of luck, we were invited to sample a few of their offerings.

It's Saturday morning and we were headed to Festival Mall in Alabang to visit Boulangerie22. The shop is located on the 2nd floor, beside Kingsmen and in front of New Balance.

Though its name sounds French, it is actually owned by the same people who brought you Yoree and Etude house. They serve different types of bread influenced by different countries, which explains the flags you'll see from the packaging of their breads.

The shop has a nice and bright ambiance and display shelves. Everything is arranged so perfectly. A few tables with sockets are also in place. And of course, add the wifi to complete this modern bakeshop.

By the way, you can always have them heat your pastries whether you're having them for dine-in or take-out.

🔸Holy Cheesus 3/5
bread stuffed with plain cheddar cheese. This was okay, although there's something missing. I was looking for a little more flavor in it.
🔸Holy Blue Cheesus 4/5
Bread stuffed with bleu cheese. This was good. The taste of the bleu cheese was there. It was strong, but not off, complimenting the bread well.
🔸Holy Hot Cheesus 4/5
Bread stuffed with pimiento-like filling. The smell of the pimiento is so appetizing. This bread wasn't really spicy compared to what I imagined. You can taste the hint of the peppers but it kinda goes away even without drinking some water.

Their cheesus had to be heated for 14-16 minutes before consumption. Please follow this to have your cheese fully melted. Enjoy this soft and cheesy bread!

🔸Chicken Floss 3/5 (white)
🔸Cheddar Chicken Floss 3/5 (light brown orange)
🔸Spicy Chicken Floss (brown orange)

The floss on top of the bread was soft and dry. It also has some dressing that had a little mayonnaise in it. We struggled to identify between the chicken and the cheddar chicken in terms of taste since the taste of the cheddar was missing. The spicy chicken floss was good. It was also just a little spicy.

🔸Vanilla 3/5
🔸Chocolate 4/5
New on their menu! Introductory price is P59. After November 13, the price will adjust to P99. It's your old-fashioned sorbetes sandwich with a twist. It's a peanut butter crumble bread stuffed with their Korean ice cream. I liked the chocolate ice cream better since the other lacked the milky vanilla taste. The bread was also a little harder than what we are normally served by mamang sorbetero.

We're like what the fudge?! Seriously?! This moist, thick chocolate cake is only P89?! Go take my money! 128518 The price of this thing is cheap for its size and taste. Yay!

They also have drinks, by the way. Some of us had the cappucino and Americano coffee, while I had the Berry Sensation black tea.

Their service is outstanding! We were fortunate enough to be entertained by their manager and supervisor, Carina and Debbie, who were so very well-versed with the menu and the story of the bakery. The staff were also very friendly and were able to serve us properly.

I'm curious about their cookies and other pastries like the one with the red mongo paste in it. Will definitely try them next time.

Thanks Boulangerie22 for having us in this sponsored |rendezvous! EJ B, Ruth S, Marti M and I all had a nice time.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Last Saturday morning, we visited Boulangerie22 and had the chance of trying out some of their products. 128513128588🏼

Hidden in the not so busy and dark covered parking area of Festival Mall is this almost 1 year old cafe. Even though they are pretty new, they already have a number of branches around the metro.

Trivia: their breads, pastries, and cakes are preservative-free and with less gluten. And that they are prepared using their advance and special packaging technology - their way of ensuring that they serve only the best and of good quality breads and pastries to their customers. 128077🏼

We were first served with their "signature bread", the HOLY CHEESUS.

For me, the Holy Cheesus is an interesting and unique version of the well-loved grilled cheese sandwich. I love grilled cheese sandwich - the perfect combination of the toasted crunchy bread and the salty and gooey melted cheese. Comfort food at its finest!! 128076🏼 Holy Cheesus is exactly like that. Imagine a huge cube of buttery soft milk bread filled with melted cheese!! 128155

They have 3 flavors available - the original, the hot/spicy, and the bleu cheese. All are priced at 149 pesos each.

The way to enjoy them is to follow the instructions indicated carefully. Pre-heat the oven for 2 minutes and cook this for a little over 10 minutes or before it burns! 128514 Best when hot and with the cheese all melted! 128076🏼 And you don't slice or bite it, you have to open and pull it apart with your hands. Once opened, you'll be greeted by the sight of the gooey melted cheese goodness and the smell of either the spiciness/hotness or the strong bleu cheese you're about to devour! You'll end up saying "Holy Cheesus!" 128563128155 EJ, Midz and I were able to try tearing and pulling them apart and it was fun!!! 128518128513

We were able to sample all 3 flavors and it was a tie between the Spicy and Bleu cheese.

We all liked the flavorful and super slight hint of spiciness of the Holy Hot Cheesus but personally, I would enjoy it more if it was spicier. The taste is actually the same with the cheese pimiento spread. If you love cheese pimiento, you'll have to try this one. 128077🏼

I liked the Bleu cheese a bit more than the spicy one because it's not something usual. I like that the bleu cheese wasn't that overpowering as I don't enjoy bleu cheese in general. I find it weird. But surprisingly, I liked this one. I was still able to enjoy the saltiness and the yummy goodness of the cheese with the slightest hint of "weirdness" c/o the bleu cheese. If you like bleu cheese, you might be a little disappointed w the not so strong (weird) bleu cheese taste of this one. 128513128517

Next were the FLOSS BREADS. There are 3 options available - Chicken, Cheddar Chicken, and the Spicy Chicken. Each are priced at 59 pesos. Made with freshly baked sweet bun that is super soft and topped with a premium high quality chicken floss. I have not yet tried any floss bread so I don't know what to expect. My friends love the floss bread from another known shop so I was excited to try this one. Sadly, there was nothing special about the floss breads. When asked which flavor I liked the most, I had a hard time choosing as they all tastes the same. It was hard trying to tell or taste the difference.

I first tried the chicken and it was just okay, next was the cheddar chicken, I was expecting to taste the saltiness from the cheddar but nothing. And then lastly, the spicy chicken. No spiciness, at all.

Also, I don't know how the chicken floss should exactly taste like as well as the texture/consistency. No idea. According to Marti, this one is soft/pillowy. Almost like eating a cotton. I didn't enjoyed this. 128528BUT the bread was super soft! I wonder how their soft dinner rolls taste like! 1285259786

And after the Floss Breads, it's dessert time!!! 128588🏼

HOT AND COLD (promo price: 59; original price: 99)

Why hot and cold?

HOT: peanut butter crumble bread - soft sweet bread topped with crunchy peanuts
COLD: creamy chocolate or vanilla ice cream

This is Boulangerie22's version of a Korean Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately, their version was just okay.

The bread was not soft nor crunchy. It was actually hard to eat. We ate this using our forks and we had a hard time slicing/cutting the bread. Not sure if this will be the same case if we eat it like a sandwich (biting it! 128517). According to my imagination, it'll be harder and messier! 128518 Plus, though there are actual peanuts added on top, the peanut butter taste wasn't that evident.

Anyway, the ice cream was good though. We all agreed that the chocolate is better and yummier. The supposedly vanilla ice cream lacks the vanilla taste we were all looking for.

Considering the price, priced at 59 pesos, it's pricey. Much more when they start selling this for 99 pesos! 128563

And lastly, they let us try this chocolate cake. The WHAT THE FUDGE CAKE.

Wtf!!! This was surprisingly good and oh so sulit. For only 89 pesos, you'll get to enjoy this rich and moist chocolate cake that is made from premium belgian chocolate! 127851

To be honest, I was not really expecting a lot at first because there was nothing special and exciting with the way they served this one. Presentation was too simple - sad and boring. And when I first sliced it, it felt really dry and again, sad!! 128528 But when we tasted it, I was proven completely wrong! The cake was rich and moist and most importantly, not too sweet! Even those who are not into sweets (like me!) will enjoy this one. This is even better when paired with cup of coffee or hot tea. 1278569749

Overall, it was a nice and fun morning/afternoon. Thank you, looloo | for the invite! It was nice meeting and spending time with you guys! And oh, thank you, EJ for the "tips"!! We all learned a lot! 128514 See you all again soon! 128513 PS: Foodtrip soon! Ehem, ehem! 128518128517 Midz S EJ B Marti M

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4.0 Stars

"That's carbs on carbs on carbs on carbs" - Eugene Domingo in Kimmy Dora! Ang Keyemeng Prequel

Yes! It's a loaded carbohydrates day for another Looloo Rendezvoos at Boulangerie 22 Alabang Branch.

Debbie and Carina of Boulangerie 22 greeted me when I walk in their cafe. The staff served me an Americano while waiting for fellow reviewers.

Boulangerie 22 offers various kinds of pastries, breads and cakes inspired around the world. Boulangerie 22 is affiliated with Korean restaurant Yoree.

We're here at Boulangerie 22 to try their new product Holy Grail Cheesus, Korean Ice Cream and other bestsellers.


127838 Cheesus for Php149.00 each

Holy Cheesus (3 cheese bread with milky and buttery goodness) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Holy Bleu Cheesus (Bleu Cheese) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Holy Hot Cheesus (Pimiento) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

"It is better to eat the Cheesus hot. You need to use oven toaster for 13 minutes so the cheese inside of the thick loaf bread will melt and flow its ooziness. My favorite among the 3 cheesus is the Holy Hot Cheesus. I like the mild spice of pimiento flavor of the melted cheese."

🧀 Chicken Floss for Php59.00 each

Classic Chicken Floss - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Cheddar Chicken Floss - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Spicy Chicken Floss - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

"All of the chicken floss were good maybe they just need to add flavor of cheese for Cheddar Chicken, its hard to identify or distinguish the taste between the classic and the cheddar."

127846 Korean Ice Cream Sandwich for Php59.00 introductory price until November 13, 2016. The original price is Php99.00.

Vanilla - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Chocolate - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

"I like the chocolate flavor inside the Peanut Butter Crumble bread. It reminds me of "sorbetes in a bun ni manong sa kanto. Sarap!"

127851127856 What the Fudge Cake for Php89.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

"This chocolate cake is sobrang sulit. The size is big for its price, taste good, moist and affordable."


Bright. Spacious. And the color of interior is black, white and red. Most of the items were freshly sealed and ready to grab. Alabang branch is their flagship store according to Carina.


I really like the staff of Boulangerie 22. The service was superb. Especially to Carina and Debbie, very accommodating. And for their 3 amazing staff who help and posed with the chicken floss. Thank you. 10084

Boulangerie 22 is located at the 2nd Floor, Festival Mall, Filinvest, Alabang.

Thank you Peanut D for walang sawang invitation. 128536128525

Thank you Debbie and Carina for having us and taking care our stomach during our visit. LOL 128514

Nice to meet you Marti M and good to see you again Ruth S and Midz S. 128515

The event was paid and sponsored by Boulangerie 22. 128521

Cheers! 127867

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Saturn V.
5.0 Stars

I found Boulangerie22 because of social media so I decided to give it a try. I first went to it's branch at One Legaspi Park and bought a cake. I decided to give a try to their Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake and fell inlove with it.
- Last week I was craving for it's Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake again and since I am from the South, their Festival Mall branch is the most convenient for me.

- Nice place and great food. It was good that they have socket near my table. I think every table has,. so when your battery is empty and you still want to stay there, you may charge your phone or laptop for a while.

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Cindy M.
4.0 Stars

While checking my instagram feeds, i suddenly felt craving for this super cheesy bread(mozarella loaf bread). And then search it on google, saya! Coz they have it in festival mall.

The ambiance was good and relaxing.
The staffs are very accomodating and suggesting that we should try their pasta, coffee, etc. Then ask her about these cheese bread, luckily there is one left.yey!:)
She said that it requires to reheat it 13-14 minutes to melt the cheese inside. (Worth the wait.)128525

The price range is lower than the other bread store.128522
Cakes P600-P900
Macaroons(my favorite128525) P39/piece
Cookies P59-P59
Breads P39-P300
Croissant P150-P180
Muffins P179
Madeleine & Financier P30-P40

The other foods they offer is in the photos.128522128522

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Chariz R.
5.0 Stars

Lucky day again! 128525 So it's my soon-to-be mother in law's birthday yesterday. I'm thinking of what cake to buy and I remember this Boulangerie22 located at Festival Mall Alabang. I checked the website before going there so I won't spend much time deciding what cake or flavor I will buy. It came to a suprise that AGAIN, they have 50% discount for selected cakes which one of my choices is included. I asked the staff why those cakes are 50% less, he kindly response that those cakes are in the last day of display but will expire a week later. So without a doubt I bought the LOVELY TEDDY to give it a try! It's a Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting 127874127851
They don't write dedications for any events so the staff gave me 5 FREE cute candles. Original price of Lovely Teddy Chocolate Cake is Php699 but I only pay Php349. I noticed that Muffins are on 50% less also (About to expire for 3 days). They have Strawberry, Blueberry and Dark Chocolate Muffin available. I bought 1 Dark Chocolate Muffin for Php 34.50 instead of Php69, its pretty big! 128540 It makes me happy everytime I visit Boulangerie22, they made me save more than spending more. Lastly, I ask again the staff when is their next 50% less for cakes he told me to go back on Oct 12 128522

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Ma. A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Hannah Fel M.
5.0 Stars

Bought two cakes for our youngest brother's birthday. Year of me cake was delicious! Must try!

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Anohc O.
5.0 Stars

I love this cake so much its indulging my sweet tooth a lot. The cake itself speak because of its design very elegant plus factor is the taste which is very much rewarding. I will surely try this again and let my family and friends feel the heaven in eating this delicious cake. Honestly if you want to reward yourself this is the best gift. And also i love the ambiance of there shop very relaxing. Try it guys you its all worth. :)

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Saturn V.
5.0 Stars

I found Boulangerie22 because of social media so I decided to give it a try. I first went to it's branch at One Legaspi Park and bought a cake. I decided to give a try to their Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake and fell inlove with it.
- Last week I was craving for it's Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake again and since I am from the South, their Festival Mall branch is the most convenient for me.

- Nice place and great food. It was good that they have socket near my table. I think every table has,. so when your battery is empty and you still want to stay there, you may charge your phone or laptop for a while.

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Nikko N.
5.0 Stars

Bought this cake at Festival Mall for my wife and she loved it. Me and my wife both love chocolates and those chocolate curls added to the chocolaty taste of it's cake that makes it perfect. I also bought Holy Cheesus and it's amazing and so delicious. Thumbs up for Boulangerie22 cakes and pastries, definitely recommended! And Hi to your kind and approachable staffs.

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Jinky U.
4.0 Stars

Chicken Floss bun + Americano for P99 -- e di wow! 128077128076

✔️ affordable set meals *see pic
✔️ I see a lot of peeps grabbing pastries, pay for it then go, I assumed pang baon ng kids sa school or pang breaky? I got their loaf bread w/ honey n garlic, sarap with coffee in the morning!
✔️ all their tables have a socket where peeps can plug their devices -- so yay! Good place to hold meetings, or work alone on your laptop, or chickahan - titas of manila style 128521
✔️ They've got other filling meals like pasta, sandwich, and soup w/c I have yet to try
✔ Watch out for discounts on their cakes & bread , so they always have a fresh batch of baked goodies

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Marti M.
3.0 Stars

I had mixed feelings when we dined here - everything looks familiar. I noticed that most of the cakes and pastries served had their counterparts at Tous Le Jour from the bear-shaped cakes to the French macarons.

Boulangerie22 served pasta, and it was quite good. In the photo is their baked macaroni and cheese. Coffee was ok.

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Chariz R.
5.0 Stars

So I was one of the lucky people who availed the 50% Off of Boulagerie22's Cake, it's an Opening Promo so I have to give it a try. I bought the Dark Chocolate Ganache, original price was Php799, it's a medium size Round Chocolate Cake, topped with 2 Macarons, strawberry syrup drop-designed, Mocha Icing on the side and their Chocolate Classy Logo 10084

Though it's their opening, we took atleast 10minutes inside the store because staffs are fast and accomodating. They are very kind.

Cakes and Pastries are quite expensive, it's pretty similar to Tous Les Jours, the price, designs etc. I just saw few flavors like Dark Chocolate Fudge, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Surprise and Wake Me Up Mocha Cake but not sure if it's everything they sell. The Cake was not too sweet and it's super cute! It's super yummy! My family loved it! Dark Chocolate Ganache is a version of Black Forest, it has strawberry and dark chocolate flavor. The cake was generously made, hindi tinipid sa ingredients. Haha! The Macarons are best! Super soft and mouth-watering 128525

I also love the Packaging. Cakes are safe because of the thick box they're providing. Very presentable too!

Next time I'll visit this store I will surely try some of their pastries, they sell Muffins, Macarons, Cookies, Crossant and Breads. It's a must try!


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