Science Hub Tower 3, Campus Ave., McKinley Hill, Taguig, Metro Manila

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5.0 Stars

After I finished my Bacon Cheeseburger at Malcolm's Burger. I went to B & P Just Like Home for a sweet ending but I ended up eating another entree' again. LOL 128514

While checking the menu, I approached the server "Ate ano yung Moussaka?"

"Ah parang Lasagna po sir, instead of pasta, eggplant po yung ginamit"

This is the first time I will try Moussaka (imagine lasagna with grilled eggplant as pasta) for Php125.00. Yum! 128540127814127837

"Ate, meron po kayo shakes?"

"Yes, we have strawberry and chocolate?"

"Ano masarap?" I said


"Ano yung nasa ref na drink?"

"Mga juice po sir, masarap dyan yung Lime Lemon Mango Cooler"

"Mas masarap pa sa Shakes?"

"Yes sir, the best po yang Lime Lemon Mango Cooler"

In all fairness, magaling magrecommend yung mga staff ha, alam nila yung nasa menu nila. 128077🏼

For Php125.00 I got 1 glass.

Moussaka - 11088️11088️11088️11088️11088️ 5/5

Lime Lemon Mango Cooler - 11088️11088️11088️11088️11088️ 5/5

#ilovetoeat 12851510084️

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Last last last last last month, Anthony and I tried this place out. An all day breakfast place!!! Thank you, Lord!!! 128588🏼 I've always wanted to try their Shaw branch but it was too far! Luckily, they opened a branch near us! Just a few steps from home/work. 128077🏼

Service was excellent. The manager in charge was very helpful and extra friendly. The place is super cute and fun and can surely make your mornings or any part of the day brighter and better! 9728️

We tried most of their bestsellers and they were all good. But what we enjoyed the most were the following:

🔹 Beer Battered Buttermilk Chicken + french toast
-Crispy buttermilk chicken paired with the oh so soft and creamy and not so sweet french toast! Asdfghjkl the french toast was really goood!! I can eat just that and be happy forever! 128513128518128077🏼128155

🔹 Primera Tapa
- sweet and savory tender beef slices, fried garlic rice and egg!! 128076🏼 And the way they make their scrambled eggs! Runny and fluffy aahhhhh it feels so good eating it!! 128525128525128525128525

If you like bacon, you should try the Dong Malutong. Crispy bacon strips, egg, and fried rice! 128055

Definitely a great way to start or end or spend any day! 128513128521128076🏼

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Jaevonne P.
4.0 Stars

Just to fight off my dozing that night, I went here for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. The espresso was good and was strong enough to extend my mind a few more hours of shift. I forgot about the name of the cake I ordered but I thought it's good. Rich and luscious caramel flavor that will definitely satisfy a sweet tooth's craving!

My friends who had dinner there seems to be okay with their orders. Browsing their nenu, I still think it's pricey. Or I might just check if it's worth the price next time:)

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