Brad and Pit's Ribshack

35 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila

Brad and Pit's Ribshack
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Most Recent Reviews

Akachii J.
4.0 Stars

So me and my co-workers decided to eat out after duty.

The place: I find it okay. A resto bar with different kinds of alcohol bottles on display. And wall design by chalk, I find that cool.

The staffs: I find them accomodating. Since it's our first time, I have a lot of questions about the menu. Plus, they gave us nice recommendations on what to choose and must-try.

The food: What we ordered.
★ Mushroom soup - hot and creamy. Wish there were more croutons. Plus two toasted bread.

★ Mount Nachos - one word -- JALAPENOS! The sauce resembles the taste of siopao sauce but the jalapenos made me think that, yea it's okay.

★ Ribs combo - we ordered 3 sets so we got 1 set free and a free pitcher of iced tea. Original and Spicy. The original was a bit sweet while I wish the spicy was a bit more spicy. The ribs are tender and I can easily eat it (since I have my braces) tho the mixed vegetables could have a more buttery taste in it (coz I love butter, don't judge meh)

Dessert -- I would have tried the Lava Cake but sadly they don't have it that time. Maybe next time?

Price: Not too pricey and they have combos for your groups. Average price I guess.

Overall, it made our rainy night worthy. Wish we could have a drink or two but, we still got work in the morning. Maybe on our rest day.

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Jame F.
3.0 Stars

2 orders of ribs combo (original & spicy)
Updraded the rice to burrito rice (for P30)
Mashed potato
For take out: spaghetti promodoro

Original sauce is sweet while the spicy is just mild. Is not fall of the bone and little dry but its cheap so..Rice (w/cabbage,corn,black bean and spices) is pretty good. Fries is plain. Mashed potato is dry but the gravy is flavorful 128077🏼.

The displays brings back childhood memories, sounds is not too loud, and welcoming staff.


At 9pm the staff still accomodating, what disappoints me is the staff who took my order forgot my special request like to serve later my take out (spaghetti promodoro), our dine in food is not yet serve but they already giving me my take out 128530, they did not seperate the sauce for the spicy rib combo (so I can control the spicyness) and also it took almost 20mins to serve our ribs to think we're just few customers there.

Overall, needs improvement to their specialty "RIBS" and try to take note the speacial request please. BTW, I asked the staff what they did to my take out, is it new or is that the one they giving me earlier, its still is they just put it in the oven to stay hot 128530.
K, thnx, bye.

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Jackie S.
4.0 Stars

Brad and Pit's Ribshack is one of the new restaurants that popped out along the Kapitolyo foodstrip. Obviously, by the name of the place, their speciality is Ribs.

Their interiors give you a barn yard feel and can fit roughly around around 30 to 40 people.

Here are the items I tried during my visit:

⚬Taco Sticks (P165)- It's deep fries tacos wrapped in wanton wrapper. Loved it!

⚬Cream of Corn (P50)- Pretty decent but don't expect anything fancy. Tastes much like the crab and corn soup mix which you can buy from the grocery.

⚬Medium Rib Mountain (P445)- Their ribs fall off the bone and tastes good. It was juicy and tender. You can choose from 4 different sauces: Original Rib Mountain, Dry Rub Rib Mountain, Spicy Barbie Mountain or Havana Rib Mountain. Since it was my first time, I went with the original.

⚬Choco Lava- Warm lava cake topped with Vanlla ice cream and sprinkles. It was okay but nothing special.

⚬Loaded Fries (P150)- It's suppose to be loaded with cheese, bbq sauce and pulled pork shreds, but it wasn't. Never order this as it is a waste of money and stomach space.

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Bibien T.
1.0 Stars

We were supposed to go to Silantro but the lines were long and we were hungry, so we decided to eat here.


Everything we ordered were just bad. 128557 Plus, service wasn't outstanding either.

Nachos - The chips were just okay, crunchy but bland. The cheese sauce they used was runny and did not taste like cheese at all. The barbecue sauce was okay. The meat topping (I think those were from the ribs?) were cold, fatty and also did not taste good. If they had put sour cream, it would've been much better.

Steak Combo - Hard-to-chew steak covered in gravy to mask the lack of flavor and seasoning, paired with rice that had some uncooked parts. Need I say more?

The waitress who took our orders was just forgetful. She forgot to place one order of our steak, and didn't even apologize. I heard from the other table that she also forgot to place their order. Also, the glass that we used for drinking smelled strongly of detergent. 128528

We're never setting foot in this place again.

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Foodie F.
4.0 Stars

Dry Rub Rib Mountain by Brad and Pit's Ribshack: YEY

Brad and Pit's -- with a name like that, it's easy to dismiss this place as a serious rib place but try their Dry Rub Rib Mountain and you'll see that there's so much this place has to offer other than a chuckle.

The flavor profile is more adventurous as compared to their regular bbq'ed ribs. The first thing you'll notice is the strong, full-bodied mustard base. I have to agree that there was something acrimonious with the idea of grilled ribs and mustard, at least in the Philippines where barbecue in general is seen as something sweet, that it took me a few moments before I was able to appreciate how good the pairing was. The mustard was sharp and almost nasal, but have it with any meat and you'd bring out the sweet taste of any livestock (in this case, pork). Match your protein with some starch while you're at it. I ordered their burrito rice (corn, cabbage, meat, black beans, cumin) which go well with any of their ribs (they have 4 flavors: original, spicy, dry rub and havana). While the crust wasn't as charred as the Original, it wasn't fall-of-the-bone either. You would need to put in a bit of an effort to pry the meat off or use your hands if you don't mind getting messy. I'm no cook but I think keeping their meat moist is something the restaurant needs to work on.

The interior was quite interesting: eclectic design that ties old-barn charm with whimsical kitsch, goofy one-liners mixed-in with cheesy inspirational quotes adorn the walls, & warm hospitable staff abound ready and smiling. There's plenty of room inside but I chose to dine al fresco. I am not sure if it was a waiting area for orders to-go, but the porch is a good place to enjoy the noise of the busy Kapitolyo street while you eat.

All-in-all, this place is great for hanging-out and eating good food. I heard they also have bands playing occasionally. I'd stay longer but I'm full from eating 2 orders of ribs (I do my reviews alone). This is the 2nd time I've ordered the same amount since my rule is to eat the same food at least twice before doing a review. I look forward to coming back, hopefully, with some company.

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Foodie F.
3.0 Stars

Original Rib Mountain by Brad and Pit's: OK LANG.

Price: Php245

If you are looking for fall-off-the-bone ribs, this is not it. It was such a struggle that I actually had to use a knife to scrape the meat from the bone (first time i used one on pork ribs)! Yes, I could have used my hand but I prefer using utensils. I'm maarte that way.

Nevertheless, my complaint goes only as far as the tenderness of the meat. For all else, it was fine. The meat was good and the bbq sauce was sweet and tangy as expected. Some people might feel that the recipe needs to turn up the heat a little but personally, I'd rather have it as an option. You can ask for chili bbq sauce should you want it more spicy. I tasted it with my Dry Rub ribs as a dip, but ironically, it wasn't standard on this one. Maybe, they just forgot to put one on my order.

There's excessive charring here and there and the cuts of the bones weren't that clean (i almost cracked a molar twice because there were bits and pieces of the bones stuck in the meat). The coleslaw wasn't wattery (I still don't like coleslaw) but the corn would have been better if it was buttered. I ordered the smallest size for Php245 but they have options that go up to XXXXL (Php1950). .

Catchy and amusing as the restaurant's name is, I think the true merit of Brad and Pit's is not on this one but in their Dry Rub Rib Mountain. More on that in the next review.

Erratum: Brad and Pit's sells the hot version separately as the Spicy Barbie Mountain. That one has the aforementioned chili bbq sauce. My bad.

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Christian C.
2.0 Stars

Hmmmm....... didnt meet my expectations 128532

Food (2/5)
Service (3/5)
Ambiance (3/5)

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Toni T.
1.0 Stars

I'm obviously not gonna eat here again. 128078128078128078128078128078128078128078

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Miss Tala I.
3.0 Stars

"Milkshake" looked like IceScramble and it tasted just like an expensive icescramble. 128078🏼

Ribs were okay for P150.
Rice quality was frustrating.

Choco lava was pwede na.
A little too sweet i guess.

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Abbie June M.
3.0 Stars

This place is good for light lunch or merienda.

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Robert B.
3.0 Stars

Oder ribs just because it's the specialty, it's nothing close to real smoked ribs though. No smoke ring, flavour is there probably from charcoal grilling after braising. The fries ordered as a side are plentiful, short and broken up though. The best part of the meals was the chicken wings with Cartibbean glaze served with a cloyingly yellow dip was surprisingly wasn't half bad. Won't be coming back soon till I get a full round of the Kapitolyo restaurants, not avoiding it altogether also. It's a cheap meal at best.

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