Brasserie on 3

Conrad Manila, Seaside Blvd. cor. Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

Brasserie on 3
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Allan D.
2.0 Stars

Was in the area and wanted to try this place for dinner

Ambience - was ok

Food - selection was limited, most of the dishes were bland and assortment was so so , cheese and dessert selection were saving grace for our visit.

Service - sucks, had to call wait staff multiple times to.refill our water , Billing took.forever and needed to come up to the cashier only to find out they were prioritizing people who pays at the cashier counter

Price - not worth the P1400

This is a sorry resto for a 5star hotel....

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

I’ve been to quite a number of hotel breakfast buffets in different parts of the world, and this one of Conrad is the only one that serves premium fruits to its guests. It’s a bold statement offering ‘unlimited’ fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries to Filipinos.

Not many extend as well pure combination of fruits and vegetables on drinks, when they are usually artificially concentrated. Brasserie on 3 extends a list of gourmet ‘ala carte’ items for you to choose on top of an endless supply of premium choices in their buffet. I got to order a lovely French Toast on brioche and Salmon Eggs Benedict.

They also have a carving of ham, more than enough choices of cheese, dimsum, sushi and two make your own egg stations for your convenience.

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

I love breakfast food more so in a hotel where you have a wide selection of delicious food to choose from. My friends and I were excited for the breakfast buffet at Conrad! It's located at their restaurant, brasserie on 3. Roughly translated, brasserie means informal restaurant and on 3 because it's on the 3rd floor.
We went down around 9AM, there was a bit of a line to be seated but it was fast moving. I guess there were a lot of guests due to the holiday.
We were led to our table (with a beautiful view of the sea 128525) and they asked for our beverage choices. My friends had brewed coffee and I had mine iced as usual. You can also choose the way you would like your eggs done as there's no egg station.
Went on a little tour of the spread first before getting my first plate. There is really a wide array of choices - from breads and cheeses, dimsum, Filipino fare and even a smoothie station where I got some fresh yogurt and muesli. Thoroughly enjoyed the different kinds of bread and cheese, even made a couple of smoked salmon bagels as this is something you don't usually see in a buffet 128522 also gobbled up a couple of yummy chocolate croissants.
My friends had some pancakes and dimsum and they said they were really good. Too bad the danggit was makunat but no worries, I made up for it by getting a ton of bacon 🥓
A lovely way to end out staycation!
Breakfast buffet price ₱1150.

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Manfred M.
1.0 Stars

I was allured by the postmodern motif of the Conrad. It had high ceilings, open spaces, and tall glass windows. The hotel, apart from representing the motif of a ship at sea, exuded an allure of high quality and elegance. The interior was truly world class.

The stunning interior was also evident in the in house restaurant called the Brasserie. Located at the third level, this chic venue boasts of rich wooden interiors and local artistry in the form of several commissioned works placed all over the dining area. The architecture made me enter with high expectations. However, I soon found out that my expectations were misplaced, at least for the viand.

The restaurant served their dishes buffet style. The Christmas season buffet is priced at Php 1500.

I started off with their appetizer. The menu had the usual cheese and cold cut selection. There wasn't any distinctive dish in the selection that was worth noting. There was the customary pastrami and sweet ham sliced into paper thin servings. Also, there were cheese slices such as parmesan and mozzarella. They were enough to start my night, if not entice me to eat more.

The carving station had three standard dishes, namely: roast beef, turkey, and baby back ribs. These were displayed in full slabs over the buffet section. This selection was supposed to be the highlight of the night. However, they seemed to suffer from the same problem faced by mass market buffets: the lack of freshness. The meats seemed like they were exposed to the cool air conditioned room. Hence, they lost their tenderness and moistness. I also had an issue with the sauces the accompanied them. Customarily, cranberry sauce was the standard dip for turkey. However, the kitchen staff put horseradish in front of the turkey. Being clueless about the debilitating aftertaste, I scooped a handful of the sauce and ate it with the turkey, with devastating results at that. The barbecue sauce was supposed to enhance the flavor of the baby back ribs. However, this was too sweet for my palate. The roast beef wasn't redeeming either. It had the same dry texture as with the other two meat selections. The flavor was quite bland as well.

I tried to find other dishes that could possibly redeem my experience with the carving station. However, I found the other to have a standard or even substandard taste. The pasta was in the form of a make-your-own dish. I had the luxury of choosing fresh seafood, the sauce, pasta cuts, and other toppings. It tasted OK, at least. The Polenta was a different matter. This Italian favorite is not usually served in restaurants in the Metro. I was initially excited to taste this unique dish. I was disappointed with the less than savory aftertaste. I liked the fact that one can pick fresh seafood such as shrimps, clams, and mussels for that dampa style meal, though.

The only saving grace was the dessert. While not mindblowing or game-changing, it was decent enough to make me temper my judgment against the disappointing viands. I liked the banana sauce topped on freshly baked waffles. The taste was similar to the banana bread of a famous brand. The homemade ice cream was pretty tasty. The strawberry ice cream reminded me of a popular Korean ice cream brand I was addicted to. The salted caramel had a balanced blend. Not too salty and not too sweet. The cake selection was artistically displayed. I enjoyed the red velvet and the chocolate variants. Lastly, the make-your-own crepe was pretty decent. The combination of blueberry, strawberry, and apple sauce gave a fruity, salty mix to my order.

We also had a cocktail called the Zonta. This is composed of cinnamon and star anise topped on a sprite base and fruit juice. It was perfect to wash out the less than stellar tastes I've experienced for the night.

While the selection was quite forgettable, I'll assume the best in terms of room for improvement. The place has only been around for six months. Furthermore, the restaurant is still coping with balancing market demand and the thirst for quality. I'd give them time to perfect their craft. Maybe their food will able to match the expectations set by their grandiose and chic architecture.

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Reich T.
3.0 Stars

Conrad Hotel is one of the hippest hotels to grace Manila.  I've heard good stuff and seen dazzling photos of the place.  Lady Luck has been on my side as i got another invite for Brasserie on 3.  Yup,  this is one of the restaurants inside ze swanky hotel.

I was one of the early birds and like the curious cat than i am,  i spent my extra minutes gawking at the lovely interiors.  Brasserie has high ceilings and is the epitome of modern interior design.  Browns and beiges is predominant.  I specifically liked the innovative usage of wood on the outer walls.  Blocks of wood with uneven sizes connected together.  Think of it as brick game on crack (i mean that lovingly).

I rarely do buffets as i don't like having too many options to choose from.  I get woozy and my fickle minded alter ego takes over.  I am happy to report that  Brasserie has limited stations,  yay! 

My excitement and glee faded into oblivion when dinner started.  Almost all of the dishes I've tried is lacking in the taste department.  Some are dry and some are underwhelming.  I ain't gonna discuss that in detail though,  i don't think there is a need to.  I will talk about the dishes i liked.

Pasta Station.   Set-up is similar to other buffets -  pick your noodles,  sauce and other components.  The chef then will cook it for you.  I picked penne,  marinara sauce and anchovies.  Pasta is good,  the sauce is oozing with tomato goodness.  The saltiness of the anchovies goes well with the sauce.  An interesting contrast between sour and salty.   I wish that the guy manning the station could be a lil engaging.  I know my pasta hence i didn't have any difficulty choosing ingredients.   There are diners who can't decide as quickly as I am.  Giving suggestions wouldn't hurt. 

Dessert Station.  This is the station where i took my sweet time taking photos.  The pastries they have are gorgeous.  I didn't get the chance to try all as my tolerance for sweet is low.  The chocolate cake and brazo is divine.   And can i just say that the bread pudding is insanely good.

One of their managers joined us after and he explained the concept of the restaurant - from the food down to the design.  We gave him feedback on the things they need to improve on.  Majority mentioned that a revamp is not needed.  I swear,  i think we said this in unison "Work with what you have"

He was a trooper and accepted our feedback with an open mind.

Dinner at Brasserie on 3 has merits and demerits.  I hope that they took note of our feedback and improve.  I am giving them three stars for now.

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Lizanne S.
4.0 Stars

Had a lovely lunch there for my bro & dad's birthday last November. Ambience is not bad! You get a view of the sea. I can imagine sunset sessions at the balcony.

The buffet itself ain't bad. Sure, it's not as extensive as the other big hotels but this being the Conrad, they're probably going for quality over quantity.

They have a decent, well-curated selection of cheese and get ready for this --- a Chocolate Room!!! 127850 Pambato sa Cheese Room ng Spiral.

Drinks are included in the buffet. Even cocktails 127865!!! My mom, who's your typical 70++ year old, ended up ordering a margarita. Well well well!

Will I go back? I would love to! Drinks pa lang, panalo na. 127863🍾127866

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Raisa R.
3.0 Stars

Sulit naman siya for 1600 hotel buffet. Pero di pa nila master ang roastbeef at seafood. Di pa magaling masyado yung way ng pagluto nila nito. Masarap naman yung iba kaso wala silang Kani Salad at onti pa choices. Pero super nice ng ambiance. Needs improvement pa siya. Bago lang kasi yung hotel.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Birthdays are always special so last Sept 3-4 we celebrated my Mama Elaine P 59th bday staycation at the newest luxury hotel in Manila, the Conrad Hotel Manila located near the Baywalk Roxas Boulevard.

We are entitled for free buffet breakfast at Brasserie on 3 as we were hotel guests and checked in for overnight stay. I've been hearing a lot of this buffet restaurant. It's one of Conrad's main dining restaurant. Before I proceed with my review I'll just have this trivia. For those who have not heard of the term Brasserie which means French term for a restaurant with a relaxed setting. It is actually 128077. They have this al fresco where you can enjoyed the best view of Manila Bay while having your breakfast or lunch or even dinner.

The food selection is not as wide as other hotel buffer restaurants but I really appreciated it as the food selections was healthy , and extra ordinary and of course the service was superb128077

What I loved about Brasserie on 3 is that they have this special menu like tapa, French toast, etc on the menu where the chef can cook it for you and it's for free. The plating was really nice and tasted so good also. It's seems it's like you dine in for a dinner already with that presentation. I loved also the fresh selection juices so healthy.

Breakfast buffet rate is almost 1t pesos very affordable. You should give this a try.

Dress code : Relaxed

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Ian P.
4.0 Stars

Nice hotel and buffet, not as large as the other hotels but for its price... Not bad.
The buffet is good and a good selection in my opinion. Although the Japanese section needs more work. Overall a decent buffet.
I'm from the south so traveling here makes the buffet less desirable.

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Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

Looking for a new good hotel buffet venue for delectable fresh seafoods choices? The newly opened Brasserie on 3 of Conrad Hotel Manila perhaps can be a place to consider.

The place carries the nice and airy modern interiors of the new hotel. The place boasts of ceilings, curved and fluid floor-to-ceiling glass windows, colorful art installation accents, and a lovely sweeping view of the Manila Bay. A huge open kitchen where their in-house Chefs whipped the food choices and prepared special cooking preparation to further heighten the dining experience.

Though food selection may be limited in choices (compared to other more known and established 5 star hotel buffet dining), I must say that there were still a good number of selections that primed dining pleasure. The most notable being their seafood choices.

This visit was for lunch.

Their appetizer station carried a good choice of freshest greens, cold cuts, cheese selections, and mixed salads. I particularly loved their Ham and Macadamia salad in cream sauce and their cheeses (Machego, Blue Cheese, Brie).

After nibbling on a few selections from their appetizer station , I zeroed in on their Seafood Station. I helped myself with a huge plateful of succulent, plump, freshly steamed choices of Mud Crabs (alimango), Blue Crabs (alimasag), Prawns, Manila Clams, and Green Mussels. I then went to their grilling station and had my plateful of crabs and prawns grilled in lemon-butter sauce. My clams, I had them baked with cheese.

Just off their Seafood Station was their sushi/sashimi Station. While their sushi choices were underwhelming (I found the rice used in the rolls to be dry), I must say that I enjoyed their sashimi selections. But there was a particular dish that I truly loved. The dish was called Tuna in Soy Mirin with Dill Foam and Soy Pearls. The dish had chopped raw tuna (perfectly fresh and nicely "fatty" with a lovely chewy yet melt-in-your-mouth texture) marinated in a light soy sauce infused with sweet Mirin. Before a guest gets this plated delectable dish, the Chef tops the fish with Dill Foam and finishes it off with a garnishing of Soy Pearls (soy sauce transformed into small sago-like balls). I just loved the mix of flavors and textures (lightly salty, hint of sweetness, light foamy creaminess and zing from the Dill Foam). I easily had 5 servings of this.

From their carving station, I found their Roast Beef and Roast Chicken to be ordinary.

From Grilled Station, I loved their Grilled Pork, Chicken, and Blue Marlin. The meats and fish were nicely seasoned. The Blue Marlin was deliciously fresh with the right "fatty" texture.

From their hot plate Station, I particularly enjoyed their beef stew dishes ( the beef Rendang and the beef in tomato sauce).

Since I indulged mostly in their seafoods, I didn't bother to try their other hot plate offerings.

I intentionally left some stomach space for their desserts. The dessert station had a good selection of in house cakes , pastries, fresh fruits, halo-halo, and homemade ice cream.

I loved their Coffee Jelly in cream topped with a slice of chocolate-wafer cake (the chocolate pastry had a delicious flavor and texture of Ferrero Rocher). Their Cheesecakes were also good. But what stood out the most was their Bread Pudding. I loved the chewy, buttery sweet bread pastry that had bits of toasted slivered almonds and raisins. I further loved it more when I topped the pudding with the Creme Anglais and a scoop of their homemade Salted Caramel Ice Cream and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream. I just had to have 3 servings of this yummy, buttery, creamy, sweet treat.

Brasserie On 3 has an ongoing opening promo discount on their buffet rates. For just Php 990++, foodies can feast on their specialties. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to ask until when their special rate will be offered. Reservations are highly recommended (please call them first to book for a table).

Albeit the few underwhelming dishes, limited selections, I must say for the price, venue, and the dishes that I loved, Brasserie On 3 comes highly recommended to foodies looking for a new venue offering good hotel buffet dining.

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