Bread House Cafe + Bakery

RVT Bldg., De Venecia St., Lucao, Dagupan, Pangasinan

Bread House Cafe + Bakery
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Aldrick 'chiki' A.
5.0 Stars

If there is a seafood heaven at Matutina Gerry's, Bread House is the "Dessert Heaven." Loads of desserts welcomed us as we visited them for the second Pangasinan Food Crawl! Being a sweet tooth, I fell in love with the place. If only I can take every dessert I see. :)

I recommend you try their desserts, especially their cakes and finger pastries. They also serve Filipino dishes such as kare-kare (must-try) and crispy pata.

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Scy L.
5.0 Stars

Another meal at the Bread House Cafe + Bakery located in De Venecia Road, Dagupan City

Aside from an earlier review about their Macaron FAIL, I still love this place. And I discovered a new favorite dish!

• Pork Belly 1108811088110881108811088
Already done a review of this last time! Super delicious.

• Tofu Mushroom Steak 11088110881108811088
This was ordered by our vegetarian friend who couldn't eat anything else on their menu. I forgot if these had meat and we had it removed. It's cooked Chinese style and my friend said it's quite good to her taste. Thumbs up to the staff who listened to our request. #vegetarian

• Vietnamese Roll 1108811088110881108811088
I thought this was purely vegetables, but it has ground pork. And we couldn't asked for it to be removed because the stuffing is already pre-prepared. But it's also delicious so We ordered it anyway.

• Lengue (In cream sauce) 1108811088110881108811088
I love this, this is the dish I'm talking about. A new found favorite. But it's not really on their main menu, so I'm not sure if you can order it when you visit. But if it is available and you like ox tongue, then you should definitely order one. Everyone loved it!

• Brewed Coffee - was ok

• Ube Lanka Cake 1108811088110881108811088
This cake is a must try!!! Super love!!


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Scy L.
3.0 Stars

I love Bread House - Dagupan
But, I hate their macarons. They taste horrible! Really. They look really good though. Here's my review for each flavor.

Violet (Ube) - out of the 5 flavors this is the better tasting one. Doesn't really have that strong ube taste though.

Blue (Bubblegum) - the worst ever! It makes me sick. Why would anyone want to eat any bubble gum flavored food? Really!

Orange (Orange) - Tang flavor... 'nuf said.

Pink (Strawberry) - Taste like strawberry jam. Not the best, but not the worst.

Yellow (Calamansi) - This I also liked. The sourness balances the sweetness.

Overall though, the macarons are dry and hard. I don't recommend them at all. Don't even think about it. Sorry, but it's the truth. Unless they've changed their recipe. Overpriced and not worth it at all!



These babies are way better than the macarons. Hard and sweet that melts in your mouth. :)


Mangosteen Juice

This taste absolutely wonderful! For 50 Pesos, it's totally worth it.


Ham and Cheese Bread

This taste really good, but a little too familiar or similar to another bakery in Dagupan


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Ben-Jay E.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Patrick V.
5.0 Stars

Tried this place out the last time I came home to Dagupan. After church, my sister suggested to have lunch here. The location is a little far from the city but we wanted to try something new.

Though I can't remember the exact names of the orders, I would highly suggest their korean beef and sinigang! 128076🏻 They were both really good. Really affordable pa!

It's really good to see my hometown with all these great food places around.

(Now I'm getting homesick. Haha!)

Hopefully when I come home by the end of the month we can try their pastries! 128077🏻

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Scy L.
5.0 Stars

This is my second time coming here. Read up on my first experience here.

The reason why we came back is because of their great ambiance and delicious food! Plus, we had a foreigner with us at that time. My friend's fiance is British and as Filipinos, we always agonize what to feed foreigners. Mainly because our daily staple of rice and dishes of Filipino food would not suit them. I know this from experience as well.

They aren't really picky eaters. They can survive with just a piece of bread for a meal, unlike us. But being the hospitable people we are, we want to make them feel welcome. One way of doing that is bringing them to nice places. Probably one close to their "home".

I racked my brain for a place and though of Bread House. There's a whole list of dishes to choose from including pasta and sandwiches. And a whole lotta bread to choose. So we ended up ordering these:

Roast Pork Belly / Lechon Kawali
We had already tried this before and it's definitely worth it.

Ox Tongue / Lengua in Mushroom Cream Sauce
First time ordering it and it is absolutely delicious! Would recommend this. I love it so much.

Vietnamese Roll / Fried Vegetable Lumpia
Another reorder, the veggies are always fresh and not overcooked.

Mushroom and Tofu Steak
Did I mention one of my friends is vegetarian. A pure vegetarian at that doesn't only not eat meat, but even garlic and onions are being avoided. So we asked for the garlic and onions to be taken out of the recipe. Despite that, it still tastes absolutely amazing. It is inspired by the Chinese recipe.

And how can I forget to mention that it is also my other friend's birthday! So we ordered two slices of Ube Lanka Cake for sharing which was served after our meal and lighted with candle (it isn't free, the candle). Personally, I think they should just give the measly candle for free. It is a birthday after all. The cake is the best I had ever had from Dagupan bakeries. (Red Ribbon's chocolate mousse is not included because they are a national bakery). The Ube Lanka cheesecake is unique, sweet and the lanka is not overpowering. I would really like to order this for the holidays!

And a cup of brewed coffee with a free biscuit.

It rained quite hard and we spent the next few minutes inside talking up and swapping stories. We left past 3 o'clock in the afternoon and the elusive merienda buffet was just starting. (sigh) Here are what they usually serve.

Guess what our British friend ordered and ate.. A chicken sandwich. Yes, that is it. xD

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Scy L.
5.0 Stars

Bread House (Dagupan)

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I've seen the posters way before it opened and drooled at the pictures, but I didn't know where to find it until we took the old De Venecia road from Lucao to Calasiao. It's in a wide white building and you can't miss it. It has sky blue doors and a huge wooden signboard with their name engraved in black.

The interior of the place looks amazing. I am glad Dagupan people are finally getting great at designs. Check it out. It is a mix of modern design with classic furniture. The ceiling came as is, but the dangling lights give that homey ambiance. I love the concept of wood all over the place. From the hanging ligthts to the shiny stained hardwood floors.

The Bread House is not only a bakeshop serving various kinds of breads and pastries, cakes and sweets, but it is also a restaurant where you can legitimately order meals and rice. I will upload their menu at the bottom of this page.

But first, let's get to the dishes that we ordered. We called for their house specialties, the Happy Lechon Belly and the Vietnamese Spring Rolls and a glass of Cucumber lemonade and House Blend Iced Tea each.

As we waited for our order to be served, I decided to check out their display up front and they have macrons too! Oh my, I regret not buying any. Check out their other products.

Our order was served under 15 minutes and boy did that Pork Belly made me swallow hard. Just look at that slab of juicy meat and crunchy skin served with a side of vegetables and gravy. The gravy is absolutely how I would make it. Kudos to the chef!

The Vietnamese rolls came as a surprise because we expected finger sized rolls, but it came as fat as my wrist! It's stuffed with perfectly cooked veggies, not like the other rolls that I've tried that are soggy. This perfect. It was crunchy on the outside and the veggies are soft but still has that bite. I believe they used carrots, baguio beans, togue, onions, etc. You can dip them into the vinegar provided.

I also saw this weekly specials menu on the table.

As promised, here is their menu.

The price was affordable, the food was delicious, ambiance of the place is romantic, specially at night I might say, and the service was fast and every waiter/waitress was kind and smiling. Although the people at the counter looked at me really weird when I was taking pictures. I did tell them I am a foodie/blogger. Oh well!

Give it a visit! By the way, they have a Merienda buffet
every Monday and Tuesdays from 3:00 - 5:00 PM, which I am excited to try. I was gonna wait for it before writing this but it's raining and all atm and I am catching up on my blogs!


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