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Livid G.
5.0 Stars

Everything's good.

I'd recommend the croque madame(380 php) if you like cream cheese and perfectly cooked eggs. The sauteed corned beef (400 php) is also filling.

Yum. And great view! Pricey? A bit yes but serving good for 2 not so voracious people.

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Adnad S.
5.0 Stars

Had dinner here. So cold! 128522

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Jomarie A.
3.0 Stars

During the last week of September, I went on a 5-day mandatory leave (the company I work in requires this), so I decided to take this moment to bring my mom on a trip. We were supposed to go to Baguio, but we cancelled 2 weeks before our scheduled trip due to Ompong. I decided to bring her to Tagaytay instead, for some R&R. We went on a 3D2N trip, with over 10 stops for the entire trip. I know most people bring their own cars when going to Tagaytay, but you can still visit this place by commuting! It's super accessible and it's easy to get around via jeepneys and tricycles. 128522 Anyway, I'm excited to share with everyone the series of posts on the places we visited! 128525

DAY 1 - STOP # 1

We took a DLTB bus from Buendia to Tagaytay on Tuesday (September 26), and we got to Tagaytay in about an hour and a half. Not bad, right? Anyway, we got off across Breakfast at Antonio's, and I was surprised that this place was pretty accessible after all. We got seated right away, as it wasn't a busy day for them, probably since it's a weekday. I have always loved how homey this place is, and I'm glad my mom liked the ambiance, too! Anyway, here's what we got for our first meal in Tagaytay:

For Mama:
✅ CLASSIC PANCAKES (Php 210) + PORK SAUSAGE (Php 95) - 11088110881108811088
My mom found the pancakes to be really fluffy and good, and the pork sausages were meaty and flavorful. She also liked the cinnamon crusted bananas and pineapples it came with, as it added a welcome sweetness and flavor to the pancakes. She found it to be quite "ordinary" though.

✅ CAPPUCCINO (Php 150) - 1108811088110881108811088
Initially, mom was complaining that the coffee was too bitter for her taste. But she got used to it after a while, and appreciated the full bodied taste of their coffee. She also loved the latte art it came with. 128513

For Me:
✅ EGGS BENEDICT (Php 430) - 1108811088
Okay, let me just put it out there that the Eggs Ben that day was SUPER salty. 128528 I'm not sure if it was the ham, the egg, or the hollandaise sauce... Or all of the above. 128542 It was really too salty for my life. While I appreciated that the eggs were cooked to perfection, the saltiness was really unbearable. I appreciated how the cinnamon banana and pineapple cut through the saltiness, though.

✅ YOGURT WITH LEMON CURD (Php 95) - 1108811088110881108811088
People who know me would know how I used to hate yoghurt, but in the recent months, I have grown to love it! Anyway, I loved how fresh their yoghurt was. The commercial ones are no match for this! It had the right level of tanginess, and the lemon curd added a layer of flavor I never had before! 128525 Highly recommended for yoghurt lovers!!!

Service was just okay, but the servers didn't seem to be too enthusiastic about serving us. The guard on duty was really helpful and nice though! Especially when we asked for instructions on how we can go to our next destination. 128522


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Julienne Y.
3.0 Stars

I avoid Breakfast at Antonio’s as much as I can. I’ve been here several times but each time has been mediocre. I’ve never thought their food was anything spectacular and it’s so chaotic in there it stresses me out. But today, we went since it was traffic and the line did not seem so long.

Here’s my take as a naysayer of this super popular place.

- they allow pets. Small and well behaved ones.
- their service is still pretty top notch. Well-oiled machine. They’re used to so many people and their waitstaff knows how to work a crowd.
- my patty melt was delicious. I’m SO HAPPY i finally found something on their menu that I find good. After all these freakin years!

- their coffee is strong AF. Could be good or bad, depending on what you like.

- it’s insanely chaotic.
- their pancakes suck. Suck really badly. They’re breadish and crumbly like a muffin. gross.
- their fries also suck. Soggy and gross. Waste of calories.
- their corned beef meal is forgettable (mediocre)
- the vongole is just ok (mediocre, like I said)

I get the allure of this place but i would say it will take a lot more to capture my heart and tummy than a patty melt.

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Joseph S.
5.0 Stars

Good date place. Nice view plus good food!

Prepare to spend around 500/head.

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

I think it's been a year or so since we've eaten at breakfast at Antonio's. But since my sister's in town (and we still wanted to feel the chilly weather in Tagaytay), we headed up for early dinner one Sunday. Based on our pic, it was still pretty cold!
Arrived at about 6PM and I think this is the perfect time! Place was almost empty 128513 sad though, the pastries from the shop were almost all gone as well (huhu no crinkles).
Menu has been revised I think (didn't see the beef stroganoff anymore) but I'm glad our fave sandwiches were still there. We got a pastrami sandwich, a croque madame, a corned beef omelet and spinach and feta cheese omelet. My mom also got a petite cup of their hot choco.
Orders arrived quickly and I think the omelets are bigger now! The corned beef one was really packed and surprisingly, hubby wasn't able to finish it! The spinach and feta cheese one was fresh and light. I loved my croque madame too, OMG it was smothered in cheese and bechamel with two perfectly cooked eggs on top. But I think this is better shared since you might get umay. The pastrami Sandwich was really good too, no scrimping with the meat! The sauerkraut wasn't too overpowering as well.
Total bill was around ₱1800 w one senior, not bad!

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

The usual part of having an overseas based relative here in Manila is to show them the good food Manila has to offer. So, was surprised that my wife’s cousin kept asking me for the food spots that they should go to.  This will be a series of reviews to showcase those restaurants we went to –

Restaurant # 2 is Breakfast at Antonios!

The past few times, the wife and I have always dined in the fine-dining side of Antonio’s, whether it’s for our anniversary or birthday or for Christmas. We decided to try the breakfast side this time around, not just for the change in ambiance but also for the chance to avoid Tagaytay weekend traffic.

We left Manila before 6am and was in Breakfast at Antonio’s around 7am. I guess this says a lot about the place since we got there on opening time and got seats – BUT all seats have been taken and people are already waiting BY 730am.

Was surprising too that by the time it opened, there was already a group of folks eating inside celebrating someone’s birthday. (Yes, they were senior citizens.)

Dining in for the first time after a while, (it was years since I’ve dined in this specific Antonio’s restaurant) it was difficult choosing what to order! But after deciding amongst ourselves on not to order a similar dish between ourselves, we ended up with the following:

Mushroom Roesti with Swiss Cheese – mushrooms and swiss cheese on top of fried potatoes

Sauteed Corned Beef with Rice – house corned beef sautéed with onions and garlic, rice on the side

Croque Madame with OJ and chips on the side – ham and swiss cheese topped with fried egg and béchamel sauce (my favorite sandwich to order and compare with other restaurants)

I’ll start with the roesti, this by itself is already a hard item to come by with Philippine restaurants. Most of the time, it’s always mashed potatoes or just plain fries or wedges – but to find roesti and to see it cooked properly, it’s a statement! The mushrooms were cooked well, earthy taste but not metallic. The cheese on top of the sunny side up egg was perhaps the sin on otherwise a healthy breakfast dish.

Antonio’s is known for their house corned beef, Tagaytay being in close proximity to Batangas farms, has easy access to good beef. This is evident with the corned beef being flavorful and tasty. I’d even say that it really is a specialty given how it tasted!

Finally, on the Croque Madame – having a nicely cooked sunny side up egg on a sandwich is always a good idea, ham and swiss cheese paired with it – perfect! Croque Madame is my regular order in Wildflour, and I always look for it that I’ve ordered the Croque Madame from Laduree and Angelina’s in Paris.

Each one among them was good, this version of Antonio’s was rich and decadent with the béchamel sauce not overpowering the Swiss cheese which should be the highlight since Swiss cheese is hard to come by this side of the world. I couldn’t find anything to complain about with the sandwich, but only to the chips which was served with it being “makunat” already. (Not crispy!)

Funnily enough, I think that the sandwich was too big for a single order, but I think it was due to the fact that the Swiss cheese slice is that big – that it warranted a big sandwich! 9996

Service is superb, despite the place being really busy. Ambiance was breezy and cool with the crisp Tagaytay breeze. They also have a chill spot at the back with a good view of the volcano and the lake, perhaps the sight every out of town visitor is looking for.

With this experience, Antonio’s should really open more restaurants – as they have served consistently good food, good ambiance, and a very delightful dining experience every time. It’s why they’re still open over the years – perhaps for more than a decade already since I remember dining in when I was still in university. (early 2000s)

- kwokie -

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Ronald N.
1.0 Stars

The worst experience that one could ever had when he/she goes to Tagaytay is to visit and dine in your restaurant. We ate there last Wednesday with our guests from abroad and all we got is severe stomach problems such as stomach spasm, vomiting, and diarrhea. We ordered the beef tapa with garlic rice, corned beef with potato pancake, mini pancakes, salad, and soups. It was really a horrible experience that until now we are still in pain and are not able to perform our daily functions normally. I really hope that you handle this matter properly so that to prevent other visitors or customers to suffer from the same fate as ours. You can check with your record. We dined in at around 1:30 or 2pm. We even had the soup recooked coz it was too salty. It was really disappointing and was indeed a really horrible experience!

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Jomarie A.
5.0 Stars

People who know me well understand that it's hard for me to start my day before the crack of dawn, as I'm really not a morning person. 128584 But I made a special exception last Tuesday when Josh invited me for breakfast in Tagaytay! We had to rise at 4AM, and started our travel at 5AM.

We got to the big blue house after around 2 hours of travel. It was surprisingly quite cold in Tagaytay that day, compared to my recent visits. When we got in, we were astonished that there aren't many diners during that time, but at the same time, quite glad that we visited early so we did not have a hard time getting seats.

When we were handed with the menu, I drooled at the sight of each menu item (what more if they put in pitcures??? 128069). I've recently started to appreciate breakfast food more because of Josh, and this place is the ultimate place to be! 128076 After much thought, here's what we finally got for our breakfast date:

✔ FOR ME: FRESH CORNED BEEF (Php 410) - 1108811088110881108811088
Corned beef is one of my favorite breakfast food items, so when I saw this on their menu, I knew I had to try this! I have read serveral reviews featuring this item as well, so my urge to order this grew even more. 128525 This was served with eggs done your way, a side order of garlic rice / potato wedges / hashbrown, as well as sauerkraut, dijon mustard, and horseradish. I got sunny side up eggs and garlic rice. 127859 I was pleasantly surprised when I was served with two slices of cured beef brisket, instead of the usual hash we frequently get when we order corned beef. It was love at first bite! 10024 The beef was excellently cured in brine for days, which resulted to fork-tender, well-seasoned corned beef! I was initially a bit hesitant to add the horseradish (its taste is like a Western wasabi), and dijon mustard (was never a big fan of mustard) to the corned beef, but Josh urged me to try it. And I'm glad I did! The two brought my corned beef to even greater heights. 128525 I LOVED IT! The egg was also properly cooked, with a flowy yolk at the center. Please promise me you'll give this a try when you visit Breakfast at Antonio's! 10024

✔ FOR JOSH: EGGS FLORENTINE (Php 440) - 1108811088110881108811088
This is the ultimate dream of egg and breakfast food lovers! English muffin, sliced ham, spinach, poached eggs, and the tangy Hollandaise sauce on top -- an EGG-cellent way to start your day! 128521128156 Since there's spinach in it, we can fool ourselves that this is slightly healthier than our usual Eggs Ben. 128514 Let me tell you a secret: I used to hate eating eggs! But I love them now. I think Josh has converted me. 128584 I tried a bite of this Eggs Florentine, and the flavors danced inside my mouth. The spinach cuts through the richness of the dish as a whole. 128076 I'm still in awe how versatile eggs are, and are good with anything when they're properly cooked. 128513

Unfortunately, while this is the most expensive dish, it didn't fare as well compared to the two preivously reviewed dishes. It was part of their "Indulgent Mornings", and while it was indulgent, it was overly rich and bordering on cloying. The Provencale Sauce is mainly made up of tomatoes, onions, and white wine -- and since I'm not a fan of these, the taste was too much for me. It masked the goodness of the corned beef, too. Josh liked it though, but found it too rich and heavy as well. 128541 The richness is kept at bay when paired with the raisin bread, though. The crisp, golden french fries, on the other hand, were super yummy, especially when dipped in Heinz tomato ketchup (the only ketchup I ever use 128513). The eggs were perfect, as usual. There were also two fruit slices (one pineapple and one banana) covered in cinnamon on the side. 10024

There are so many other dishes that I wanted to try here, but my tummy can only store so much. 128531 I must come back to try their other offerings! 128156

Service was generally good and quick. 128076 There was a time when the wind outside got too strong, and a server automatically approached us to offer closing the windows for us. I appreciated it a lot. 128522 Ambiance was great too, as the entire restaurant had a rustic, and homey vibe to it.

They also have a takeout counter where you can bring home cakes, pastries, jams, dressings, and other goodies that they make themselves! 128525 Josh bought my family a Banana Cake (Php 200), and it was deliciously moist! There were a lot of banana bits in it, too!!! The cake can keep for a couple of days, just make sure to chill it in the fridge to maintain its quality.

Overall, this experience was awesome! If all breakfasts are this good, I might start becoming a morning person. 128586


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Ney O.
5.0 Stars

I am not a morning person but I’d wake for Breakfast at Antonio’s and their fresh corned beef 128525

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and like many, I love Breakfast!

Last September 3, after we check out from Wind Residences in Tagaytay with my fam after celebrating my Mama Elaine 60th Bday staycation there, we woke up early then we will not leave Tagaytay without trying Breakfast at Antonios Tagaytay.

I am a big fan of Antonios Group of Restaurants. We’ve been to Antonios Main for our anniversary dinner 6yrs ago, then we were able to try the Antonios grill to way back then, just last year we were able to try Balay Dako and to complete my food bucketlist, Breakfast at Antonios.

Breakfast at Antonio’s serves an all-day breakfast menu designed to rouse the senses. From comforting breakfast favorites and European brunch fares to classic deli favorites and sweet treats, their heartwarming menu complements the restaurant’s relaxed and vibrant atmosphere. Freshly baked bread and homemade jams, curds, and yogurt as well as prepared meats—all these add to the restaurant’s rustic charm. So, it came as no surprise to a lot people when they decided to open a restaurant that services the very best of a morning menu. Breakfast at Antonio’s is still about impeccable attention to detail in our food and service, but in a more relaxed and casual family dining atmosphere. At Breakfast at Antonio’s, they take this adage very seriously.

Now let’s look at Breakfast at Antonios Menu: They have Breakfast Favourites, Pancakes and Waffles, Roesti and Crepes, Omelette and Fritata, Healthy Options, All Day Sandwiches, Pizza and Pasta, Lunch Specials, Dessert and Beverages.
Here’s what we order at Antonios for Breakfast:
 Rice Potato Breakfast (Fresh Corned Beef) served with two eggs made the way you like and a choice of side (garlic rice, wedge potato, hash brown) this fried rice omelette cost 405 pesos and I chose the corned beef hash. If you want to add cheese you will pay additional 50 pesos.
 For my beverage, I had Antonios Hot Cappuccino for 150 pesos and loving the latte art with an “A” stands for Antonios and until the last sip the letter A was still on my cup, cool!
 Mom had Chocolate Chip Pancake. Pancakes topped with chocolate chips and warm chocolate fudge and drizzled with chocolate syrup on top for only 255 pesos.
 My daughter had the slice bacon at the potato breakfast. Served with two (2) eggs made the way you like and a choice of a side: Garlic rice, hash brown, baked potatoes for 380 pesos.
 My son had BEEF TAPA for 515 pesos.Filipino-style­ marinated beef sirloin. Served with two (2) eggs made the way you like and a choice of a side: Garlic rice, hash brown, baked potatoes.

Breakfast at Antonios even gave my mom a complimentary birthday cupcake for her 60th bday breakafst celebration there. The cupcake was so delicious.

I love how Breakfast at Antonios served every dish on our table in a nice plating, every dish was unique and special. Still wanna try their other dish especially the Eggs Benedict which I heard it’s their best seller and was on Chefs Recommendation list.
Service was excellent as expected. They are selling breads and baked goods if you want to bring home pasalubong for loved ones.

Overall, Breakfast at Antonios was worth visit. No wifi here. They want you to enjoy your meal and the scenery and the cold weather while having meal with family or with your companions.

Hours & Dress Code
They served our all-day breakfast and grazing menus from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Service is on a first come, first served basis.
Breakfast at Antonio’s is available for unique, private events. Reservations for private events can be made one year in advance from the calendar date. For private event inquiries, you may call +63.917.899.2866 or fill up their online reservation form.

Breakfast at Antonio’s dress code is casual. Please be advised that they do not take table reservations as they want to have a first come first served policy. For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call them:Monday to Sunday between 8:00 am to 9:00 pm at (046)413-0738 / +639092347304
For inquiries, please call +63.46.413.0738

Breakfast at Antonio’s is located along E. Aguinaldo Highway (Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway), Barangay Bagong Tubig, Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines.

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Michelle T.
5.0 Stars

We're so amazed with their mushroom soup, super love it!
Chicken is very tender & taste good. We will surely keep on coming back.128077🏻

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Krizta T.
5.0 Stars

Spaghetti Vongole 1008410084

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Chai C.
5.0 Stars

I got curious when my friend says "lets eat at the blue house", it was a bit far from tagaytay city proper but it's worth to get starved 128514128514

My friend told the waiter that she just want to experience to be at their resto but his answer was "eating our food is much greater experience"

they served us with smoked baby back ribs with cilantro rice and baked beans, (you may choose fries instead of rice.) and i was like... "so this is the reason why he's so confident"

They also serve unli coffee(hanggang sa manginig ka s nerbyos.128514128514)

128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻 for this dish. 128522128522

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
5.0 Stars

You are worth all the buzz. Its brand speaks volumes of dedicated art of cooking. I felt their desire to make every customer happy through the quality of their work and warm service.

I just had one amazing dish here and I raved about it for a time. Their Corned Beef is brined for 5 days and boiled for 4 hours. It’s results wows the palate with very soft texture of fine meat. It is also well seasoned and its taste consistent all the way.

Their mini Hot Chocolate is addictive and am not sure if serving it in small quantities was intentional to make you want it more. Well thats what it did to me. It has a nice touch of thick dark chocolatey taste with a balance touch of milk and sweeteners.

I also adored the crunch in every serving of their Chocolate Chip Waffle. Its buttered good with strong chocolate presence. No need for syrups on this American breakfast staple.

You might think their Mango Crepe was normal. It actually wasn’t. They likely picked the freshest, just riped fruit for it and took the time to put its crepe together. Yes, its the love that made it great.

For Php 30, I got some crinkles too. It wasn’t the best one I’ve ever had, but this one made me feel like a child again.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

A mini stopover before we go back home. I was hoping to buy some cheese rolls so we can eat something while watching Sherlock Holmes and eat whatever's left for breakfast but sadly.... sold out. But because we really wanted to buy something so when we saw a tray full of APPLE PIE and APPLE CRUMBLE PIE, we decided to try it. We were a bit hesitant because kind of pricey but must find the best apple pie in Manila!!!

Breakfast at Antonio's APPLE CRUMBLE PIE (245). Was it worth it? Hmmmm... Not the best tasting apple (crumble) pie but is still pretty good.

YAY: the size was huge, really! And you get a lot of chunky apple filling.

NAY: a bit too sweet for me and the crust was too thick? And too messy to eat. Since we had this to go, I wonder how they serve it in the restaurant. Maybe it'll be a little less messy? Oh well.

CHEESE ROLL or SPANISH BREAD lang talaga! 128517 And of course, breakfast food!!! 128518

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DC l.
3.0 Stars

Food was delicious but we agreed that for the same price, there are restaurants in manila (like apartment 1B) which serve better versions of the
1) eggs Benedict (small portion and either the ham or the hollandaise was too salty) 3.5/5
2) pasta vongole (not as tasty as I had hoped) 3/5

3) salad was good. Dressing was delicious. 4.5/5
4) raisin pudding 4/5
5) freshly baked milk choco chip cookies (40 mins to bake) 4/5

I think you pay for the ambiance more than the food. It's not our first time and we will definitely be back.

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Ruth S.
5.0 Stars

Yearly birthday tradition. 128149

Every time we're in Tagaytay, I always ask Ony to bring me here because I super love this place. I love how simple yet so beautiful the whole place is. This is one of the reason why I always look forward to going to Tagaytay. This my happy place! 128153 Plus the fact that this is just across our village, I can easily go here anytime I want. 9786

We've been here a number of times already but I still get so excited whenever we visit this place. Since it's my birthday, it's a must that we start my special day here. 128513 Also, I love all things breakfast - it's the most important meal of the day and it's the yummiest and simply the best! Right, right? Plus anything everything with egg is my favorite! 128155127859

Sorry for the long introduction. 128518128517

For our food, we decided to try something new instead of ordering our forever favorite - Corned Beef Roesti. Potato pancakes with eggs and the oh so yummy housemade corned beef. If you still haven't tried their corned beef, you have to try it! Fresh or sautéed, both are really good!! 128077🏼

We ordered the following for sharing:

- It is both our first time trying this one and we were both happy we ordered this one instead of the roesti for a change. The sandwich was huge and very siksik. Imagine yourself biting a huge and siksik sandwich - crunchy toasted wheat bread filled with tasty and tender corned beef with onions, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and drizzled with Russian dressing. This was so flavorful, oh so good. The beef was seasoned well, it was juicy and tender. 128525 Served with french fries on the side. Would just be so much better if they used real potatoes. 127839

Of course, since I like all things egg, I had to order one sunny side up egg. I was too shy to ask and order this one but my breakfast, my day wouldn't be complete without one. One sunny side up egg, please!!!! For just 20 pesos not bad because it made me so much happier! 128155128588🏼 Enjoyed eating this with the sandwich!! #EggIsLyf 128513127859

- for long life!! 128155 I've been craving for anything with truffle so when I found out that they have truffle pasta, I ordered it right away. You can either have it olive oil or cream based. I don't like cream based pastas but it was highly recommended by our server, so I agreed. One cream based truffle pasta, please? Hay, anything for truffle! 128149

When it was first served, I was kind of disappointed because serving size was too small given the price and no "amoy gas"!! 128557128557 But when I started to go around and take pictures, I was greeted by the smell!! Took one last photo, got my fork and tasted it right away and woah, all disappointments gone because the pasta was so good. 128557128525128563128513 It had the right amount of "truffle" and level creaminess, not too rich or intense (just enough for me to enjoy and not to hate it), with generous amount of portobello mushrooms and al dente noodles. Served with a buttery toasted garlic bread. 128149

As always, service was superb! Can't really say anything about their service. Staffs are well trained, they're all nice and very helpful. I cannot wait to go back here again!!!! 128155128155128155

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5.0 Stars

Next stop: Breakfast At Antonio's

I am back in the famous blue house of Tagaytay after we had our first group meal at Charito by Bag of Beans.

We enter at the back door of the restaurant where Jayson parked his car. At the reception, we were No. 4 in the waiting list that's the time we go around the restaurant and took some photos and buy some ensyamadas and cheese rolls.

When the staff provided and assisted us to our table. We order some of the famous dishes that I missed or we missed...

127859 Quiche for Php150.00 (Ham and Spinach) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127859 Ensaymada with Quezo de Bola for Php80.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127859 Cheese Roll for Php35.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127859 Housemade Pork Sausage for Php380.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127859 Golden Waffle for Php210.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127859 Fresh Corned Beef served with Sauerkraut, Horseradish and Mustard for Php470.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

My favorites were the Honey Infused Golden Waffle and the Fresh Corned Beef. The corned beef is to die for, "lahat ata yan yung pinag-aagawan, sobrang sarap!" The cheese roll was also good and it's cheap.

Breakfast at Antonio's is located at Tagaytay-Nasugbu Hi-way, Tagaytay, Cavite.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Our second stop, our second breakfast goes to this place. Opens 7am, we were aghast to see a lot of customers at 8:30am. Parking is no problem here. The one you see in front is just a facade; they still got more slots at the back of the restaurant.

So then, entering the backdoor of the place, we noticed that they do have al fresco area! Not long after, this area was also filled by diners. The sun rays still feels good in the skin which also penetrates the backside of the restaurant, as long as i want to sit down already, we were made to wait. We all felt weird because there were still two or three more long tables behind us, but waiting wasn't such a pain cause they kept us busy looking around at their deli shop.

The wooden table and steel chair (which was heavy) setup really looks royal. We kinda felt dons and doñas because the servers were wearing maid and butler uniform-- also, they were a little difficult to call, so dont let go one if one approached you already. I just remembered raising my arm for about three minutes before some server attended us.

128204golden waffle @210PhP
This waffle reminded me of the wholesome table waffle. If you are longing fir that thick fluffy ones, erm no, forget it. Think if thin, a little crispy and tastes absolutely like brown sugar. The allegedly maple syrup is just caramelized sugar.

128204128525 fresh corned beef with horseradish and mustard @470PhP
Now this dish! I love was expecting something like corned beef from the can. Haha. But this is a beef chunk. Order this and you'll not regret this. We enjoyed the this especially the fat portion! Multigrain bread and 2 eggs (your choice of hiw it's cooked) is included. The multigrain bread really got whole nuts and grains in it.

128204128525 ham and spinach bacon leeks quiche @150PhP
This is their bestseller flavor of quiche. So i thought it has a boring spinach flavor, but then it a nice salty taste. The crust is good and does not easily crumble.

128204housemade pork sausage @380PhP
I find it okay, this sausage is included in their eat all you can for 500PhP++ well that's more sulit but this plate got 2 eggs (we got it scrambled) and a slice of multigrain bread.

Foodwise this is a lot better than charito/ bag of beans but the ambience, i'll still go for bag of bean's Charito no internet here. The CR is huge and neat which i also like.

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