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315 Katipunan Ave., Katipunan, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Breakout PH
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Peach L.
4.0 Stars

When news broke that my favorite TV Series is going to have an actual room at Breakout, I instantaneously tagged all my close friends and asked them to come with me.

However, at that time, nobody was brave enough to join me. Busy. Pssshh. Yeah, right. 128539

So after a year or so, the best bud finally had the brilliant idea of us making a reservation at the said place. We were scheduled to have our barkada Christmas party at night (we had our party just this month. Yep, we're a busy bunch) so to while away the time, the buddy decided that we should play at Breakout. I was supposed to do something that afternoon but the moment I found out that we're solving the The Walking Dead room, I dropped my schedule. Lol. 128513

We went to the Katipunan branch and soon as we parked, we headed straight to the place. Heads up, parking is a pain in the A. Found out Cello's is below Breakout, by the way.

And since everything should be followed according to their schedule, we had to wait... while my friends were slowly dying of fear. The ladies questioned themselves why they agreed to come with us when they were just happy sitting on the couch in their own homes. 128514

For those who are unfamiliar, Breakout Manila is one of the pioneers in the Real Life Escape Room games here in the Philippines, hence the name. They have different rooms. For those who want to exercise their brains more than their oh-so-sexy bodies, there's Detention and the other detective mystery rooms. For the horror fanatics such as moi, there's TWD, the room with the ghost, and the Clownhouse... plus more escape rooms. Each time, the experience is different from what you've done. They also constantly add more, so if you're an escape room addict, you won't get bored.

Before going in, we were briefed. Probably just to scare us out of our wits. And after the orientation, it's mandatory that you have to leave your stuff in their locker. Baka nga naman sa sobrang takot mo maihagis mo ang Birkin mo sa zombie, science naman. 128513

I am not going to preempt you guys by going into details so what I can only say is that, I realized, when you're faced with a challenge that you think is essential to your survival, fear kind of takes the backseat. Naks, parang totoo. 128514128514128514

Long story short, we almost escaped... so, 99% lang. We were one lock short to freedom. 128533 Oh well.

When we went out, the staff probably was so amused that they gave us 1 free game and we had the option to play that day or any other day we're available. We decided to just come back. The freebie is for 7 pax. Buti na lang sumigaw sila ng sumigaw. 128513128513

Our next adventure would be the Detention room... it's a brain challenge so I guess we have to review before we go back (exam?). Lol.

Rate per pax is 400, by the way. And you have to reserve in advance otherwise, there's a slight chance that you won't get to play if you just walk in.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

After my first visit, I've already been back twice. And finally, the 3rd attempt was successful. I got out of the Detention room. 128513

This is really a great team building activity. 128077🏼

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May B.
4.0 Stars

We did The Walking Dead!!! It was so thrilling for a first-timer. We were scheduled at 7pm but we were let in the room past that. Staff were very nice, there was a locked room where you could deposit your bags. They also took our picture after.

We weren't able to break out, but we were at the last door! Sayang. Will definitely try other rooms. 128077🏻

Only problem is the limited parking space, so make sure to just carpool with your friends.

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Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

Well, there's really not much to tell. Because they have a crazy (in a good way) waiver and NDA form. So, yeah. No clues here. 128517

It was a fun (also frustrating) experience. It's like those escape-themed mobile games, but much bigger. And you're literally in the game. Locked inside a room. In real life. And you have to escape. Within 45 minutes. Dun dun dunnnnn. When I play these types of mobile games, I would normally look for online cheats when I get too frustrated. Low EQ. I know. But here, no one can do that. When you go inside, all you can bring in is yourself and you'll have to figure things out on your own.

Last night, we tried the Clown House and we were scheduled at 6pm. Unfortunately, we didn't get to escape within the 45-min time limit. After that, we decided to also try our luck and let out all our frustrations with the Detention Room which was, luckily, available at 7:30pm. Still got trapped there. So. Double the fun. Double the frustration. 128527

Service was super awesome in this branch. The briefing was done very well and they answered our questions without giving out any clues the best way they can.

We loved it (also got frustrated) so much that we were already planning when we'd be back to have the closure we deserve. 128514

A game per person costs PhP300 during weekdays, PhP350 on weekends. Plus 50 if you book online. Advice: If you ever get addicted, it would be best to just purchase a membership card for PhP500 so you can get discounts. 128517

Now that I think about it, it sounds crazy that we paid less than a thousand to get mad and really frustrated. Ok fine, we really had fun too. 128514

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Our 16th wedding anniversary game room experience! BREAKOUT!

Plan. Solve. Escape.

Last Oct 26 (Monday) we celebrate a one of kind wedding anniversary with our kids. Were done with the romantic dinners, getaways and this time it was totally lot of fun!

It's been a long time that my kids want to try Breakout. Since they didn't go with us at Puerto Galera so this is our anniversary bonding with them. Glad that Breakout Ph has finally opened a branch at Katipunan and our kids won't stop convincing us to go here coz there classmates went there already.

We called them before going there and they accept walk in. But do not accept credit card only cash. Since it is a Monday, good news, rates is only 300 pesos! Very affordable128077

We immediately go there and two slots remaining. We got 6pm. The owners are very nice and accommodating. We choose the Clown House as the kids wanted it.

It is a 45 minutes game room experience. Tick tock tick tock. We are united as a family here. Almost 99% complete. Were almost there but we ran out of time. We really had fun and we had a photo ops afterwards.

I dare you too! Take this challenge. A memorable 16th wedding anniversary. It's so fun to be teens again128522

See for yourself. No spoilers here128522


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