Breakout PH

G/F Paragon Plaza, 1550 Reliance St. cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Breakout PH
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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Agh! I love Breakout Manila. It pushes me to think outside the box, use my logic, strategize at the same time have fun with my friends.

Whenever my friends and I have time, aside from playing laser tag (Yes, at 22 y/o cause we're kids at heart) we usually play at Breakout Manila. Were not the usual people who would go out for a drink, party or clubs instead we want ADVENTURE. So when Breakout Manila came in Manila we got excited, alas we will be able to do something unique!

Booking: They can easily be contacted online or through mobile. Check their website for details.
Walk-ins are not recommended cause most guest book prior before playing so there's no assurance you'll be able to play.

We are usually 5-8 players so we pay around P400 per pax only. The more the merrier, and the CHEAPER. They already have membership now so I think it's cheaper when you avail of that service.

'The goal is to ESCAPE THE ROOM IN 45 MINUTES. Players are encouraged to PLAN as a team, SOLVE puzzles collaboratively in order to ESCAPE before time expires.'

(forgot the others which aren't available anymore)

The most fun for me is the CLOWN HOUSE but it's one of the longest trails. The room is bigger compared to others and too many mysteries has to be solved. Nabaliw kami dito, too many clues.
Adarna's Lair is the hardest I think cause we've tried it twice yet still we weren't able to escape. Prison room was the easiest but I don't think its available anymore.

After finishing the 45 min game you get to take a photo outside wearing costumes for remembrance. If you escape on or before the given time, your group photo will posted on the hall of fame. Bragging rights!!!

Note: The only other person inside the room is the assist who will not really guide or help but just be there as surveillance to double check on their property. May mga wild gamers kasi na nakakasira ng stuff.

One of the things we've noticed is when you are already inside you get to over think to the point na may nga props that you don't need but you consider as clues. RE-READ existing clues if possible. Always have a one point person in-charge of counting numbers or collecting clues.

I appreciate how they give effort in creating different themes and continue to make it more enjoyable from the props and the sound design. If you have extra time to spare on weekends, you better try this out!

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Olay R.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Lark M.
2.0 Stars

It was freak out, actually.

...because some thing seem doubtable (cannot elaborate further 128516).
...because no one from their crew was friendly and enthusiastic enough to welcome guests (except for that one guy at their reception area who's probably in-charge of checking in guests), give proper briefing before the game, and kind of provided assistance at the end so even pictures tuloy, nada!

Probably not coming back here, but might still try their other branches.

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Ruth D.
2.0 Stars

It would've been a much better experience if not for the really sucky service. A girl at the reception was not accommodating, appeared really smirky and snotty. She sent us up to our reserved room without even talking to us. I thought it would be better after that, but no. The staff/bantay gave no briefing/reminders. He, however, mentioned not to touch those that are off limits AFTER THE TIMER HAS ALREADY STARTED.

I know we could have had a better experience because I've already been to their Katipunan branch where the service was really, really great.

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Jenn N.
4.0 Stars

We held our teambuilding activity here last Monday. It was our first time (well most of us) to try Breakout Manila, or any other escape room activities.

We were divided into 3 groups and I was assigned to Room 13. The others were in Heist and Limbo.

Back story of the room: you had car troubles and were forced to check in at an old motel, and then the door knob falls off when you tried to leave the room.

They say this is the easiest room, but according to the guy who briefed us, even if this is the easiest room, the success rate is only 13-17%. WTF.128517

It took us almost 20 minutes to find the first clue. We were literally clueless. I just found out yesterday that Kuya marshall actually forgot to give us the initial clues. Good job, kuya. We could have escaped if not for your mistake.128514 We were 99% done!!! We only had to get the lock combination to get out.

Overall, it was a fun experience, but then most of us got sick after because of the dusty rooms. 128532

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Karen C.
5.0 Stars

The first time we went here was during my birthday celeb last September. It was an amazing 45-min test of neurons! We took the Prison room and completed 90-95% of the game. I'm excited to try another room soon!

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Zia M.
4.0 Stars

After our Zombie cards game-night last week, we decided to test our brains (and force) to play the real escape room in Manila.

We were a big group, plus the Breakout in Paragon is nearer to our box, we held it here. We got the Room 13, which is somewhat a Bates Motel kind of room, where there's a psycho-killer and whatnot.

We decided to booked it on a weekday, since it's much much cheaper than on weekends. Almost half the price

We were oriented before going inside what are the things to consider, and we were reminded not to break anything, at all. Haha

We managed to finished it by 85%! 128576 All the while we taught we were done, but the door won't just open, and boom! Game over!

We were so frustrated because we didn't finish it, considering that it's supposed to be the easiest room! Hahahaha

Note to selves: don't overthink

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Gennie M.
3.0 Stars

Interesting place and hopefully next time we get to solve The Heist!

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Yvette Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Enjoyed our team building... We had the chance to break out... Want to experience other rooms as well... Great place, feels so real...

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Clarisse D.
4.0 Stars

What would I feel when I get inside the room blind-folded? And there’s the clattering of chains as if someone is trying to escape? There’s a heavy dead breathing and scary painful cries and shouts? Of course I’ll try to grab the back of my companion and give him an extreme bosom as a sign of fear and gesture of wanting to get out. But there’s no escape as I hear the wooden doors close and the click of the padlock. I want to get out. Now. I’m so scared that my knees are shaking and my heart is racing as fast as a meteor can bee seen on earth.
and then we became detectives.
As we get out, we realized the wrongs we’ve done: We focused on things that didn’t gave us clues, no proficient planning, we didn’t solve collaboratively and we let the panic run through our veins. But it’s a great experience. I didn’t knew that being detective is really that difficult, it requires critical thinking, team work, observational skills and sensitivity. There’s few clues hidden under beaucoup things inside a small room.
IT'S FUN AND EXCITING! best for people who loves brain games 128513

too bad we are trapped forever in adarna's lair 128554
full review at

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Timmy A.
5.0 Stars

We got out of Room 13. I think it was room 13. Lol. BreakoutPH is an awesome team building activity. Now I am desperate to try and break out of Adarna's Lair! Twas such a wonderul experience. Thumbs up!!! 128522

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Apple O.
5.0 Stars

Aaaamazingly FUN! Just go here !!! thats all! 128588128074

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Telle B.
4.0 Stars

I'm very impressed with the people who thought of this! I think they're very creative albeit sick in the head hahaha! 128514128514128514 seriously though, they really put some thought in the rooms.

Actually, we tried the easiest one (room 13 - motel room). The thing is, even if you've been to motel rooms before it wouldn't be an advantage for you. 128514128514128514 kidding aside, it was cool how they hid some of the clues! Since I'm a wuss, I couldn't really concentrate on solving the puzzles. In my head, I just kept saying "I'll never put myself in a situation where i would have to escape a motel room!" The music they play added to the creepiness of it.

There are other rooms too like Adarna's Lair and Prison Break. I hear Adarna's Lair is the hardest and possibly the creepiest. The backstory of this room is that there's a mad scientist who had something to do with the zombie outbreak! Akala ko Ellen Adarna room to and it's hard because.. People get a hard on hahaha! Joke lang! 128514

Anyway, the organizers say that the Prison Break Room and Adarna's Lair is harder because it's more complex and it requires less people too. If I'm not mistaken, Room 13 can accommodate a max of 8 players, while Adarna's Lair can accommodate 7 and Prison break can accommodate 6.

Also, the prices aren't bad. It's about Php 600 per person for 1-2 pax, Php 500 for 3-4 pax and Php 400 for 5 pax and up. They offer memberships too that comes with discounts. 128513

All in all, I think it's a great team building activity or a way to catch up with buddies 128077 the experience is definitely worth it 128522

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Emm T.
5.0 Stars

Brought to you by the same team responsible for the Outbreak Manila Zombie runs, the concept is simple: you're locked in theme rooms and you need to find clues to breakout within 45 minutes or you lose. But the puzzles themselves are far from simple. Think of the movie SAW without the dismemberment.

Room 13: EASY
Prison Break: MODERATE

*warning, bragging ahead*

We've apparently (TBC) posted the FASTEST time with Telle B and friends breaking out of Room 13 with 20 minutes left!

Highly recommended for a different kind of fun! Friendly staff, but just be sure to reserve weeks in advance since you're out of luck trying to walk in.

Php600 per head for 1 (lonely) or a pair (intimate)
Php500 per head for 3-4 peeps
Php400 per head for a group of 5 or more

Corpoate packages available.

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Abegail H.
4.0 Stars

Have you been part of those zombie fun runs where this creepy creatures will come out chasing for you necklace and stuffs like that. The group behind those crazy ideas cooked something new for us. The breakout ph is a mind bogging game which requires you to think, in what ways?! that the challenge.

the group has set interconnected rooms where each doors are locked, clues and keys are scattered all over the place. each will lead you to the next step of unlocking doors or maybe not.

exciting, fun and stressful. haha! no clues for this review and even if I'll give it out the staffs told us that they were changing the setup for each rooms, even if it is your tenth time for the room it would still be new to you.

Currently they have three themed rooms, one is prison break, next is adarna's lair and the newest addition the motel themed one. We tried out the adarna's room which has 5 stars for the difficulty level and boy, sure it was something. we were trapped their forever.

Entrance fee depends on the number of heads per group. 1-2 is 600 per head, 2-4 is 500 and 5 or more is 400. You choose your theme.

The owners who manned for us were friendly and cool! but maybe just a compensation. They are reservation based but they suck in communication so even the challenge was 'something to remember' I'd still minus a star.

So just a tip, they would ask you to pay for your reservation first. No pay no reservation. (in case they forgot to tell you). They don't have contact numbers except for their email which I think has some issues with the word 'responding'.

an oh, they also have this membership card costing 500 pesos. entitles you to 50% off on your next game for the same room and 10% off for your first try of a new themed room.

prices are reasonable so better catch this one!

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