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2/F Serendra Piazza, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Breakout PH
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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Can you breakout or be trapped forever? 128513

As part of our Socials Month in the office, we were able to try Breakout PH. I've always wanted to try escape rooms since they are really fun and exciting. It's pricey yes but super worth it especially when you get to solve the case/mystery. I have only tried Conceptrum before so I was looking forward to trying Breakout this time.

They have branches in Katipunan, Paragon, and BGC. Different rooms are available per branch. For the BGC branch, they have (1) Number 1 Fan, (2) Abduction, and (3) Lady Luck.

So you have to solve it under 45 minutes. 45 minutes may be long but not really, it's not long! Time flies so fast when you're inside and you would need and want more time!! An extension if possible! 128514128517

My friends and I went here twice and weren't able to escape twice! 128514128514128514 We were able to try Number 1 Fan and Abduction. Not giving any details because you must be able to solve it on your own. The only tip I can give is to enjoy! Do not think too much! 128521128540

Overall, it was very fun! We enjoyed it! A unique activity you can try with your friends or even family! 128077🏼

Only comment would be the SERVICE. On our first visit, there were 2 girls - they're not nice and was super "bitchy". 128530 When she went inside to tell us that our time was over, we asked for clues since we want to know how to solve it and she said that we missed one clue. Asked her if she can show us the clue, she can't find it so we helped her. We just can't leave without finding that one missing clue but since she can't find it, she just stopped looking for it and asked us to go outside. So nasaan po, Ate? 128530128530 All we got from her was "It's there!". Kainis!!! Walang closure!!!! Grabe!! 128534128544128548

Since walang closure, we went back again!!! Haha! Good thing that on our second visit, the guy in charged was really warm and helpful. He explained everything to us properly and nicely. Even though we weren't able to solve it again, at least there's closure and we know what we missed. 128517128541

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Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

Breakout Philippines is one of 2 popular escape room game providers I've already been to and it is the one I prefer.

Our experience, in terms of their service, was very pleasant. I'm surprised that they give out clues now when they see that you don't progress for a long period of time.

We must return to finish Number 1 Fan and try the other games as well.128518

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Will C.
5.0 Stars

We are planning for a trip to mystery manila at makati but thank to my officemate for pointing this one out, just like its adjacent laundry and review center, it doesnt have much hint that theres a breakout at the 2nd floor of serendra.

We were here last night and the rate was P100 higher than the weekday price, theres 6 of us so its 400 each which is not bad for 45 mins.

We chose lady luck which is 4/5 difficulty, the theme of the room is very much related to our current news right now so better read the description at their website.

We were able to finished it with 13 mins remaining which which put us on top 13, yeah thats the bragging rights but at the same time we were all surprise that it was not that difficult compare to mystery manila.

Having finished that room entitled us for 10% discount on the next game till next week and if we were able to finished it, we can have it for FREE. The catch is it has to be the same members who you are with on the first visit. We were also given 20% discount for their other branches.

Im sure this place will be popular in the coming months given its location.

For the experience itself, this room is quite tricky and needs you to think outside the box, it doesnt have much puzzle but rather some detective skills. I wont spoil anything coz it will ruin the experience but if you insist drop me a message and all i need is just a matcha drink. Kidding. 128521

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Zey V.
4.0 Stars

Another escape room! Another exciting experience. 🙂
Been here with my colleagues at work and it's been fun.
We almost have escaped. But the 45 mins isn't enough for our chosen game Number 1 Fan.
But as for me, I think the Php 400 we have paid for this is indeed worth it.
Been a suki at Mystery Manila and can't help but compare. Here's my say:

1. Breakout won't give you unlimited clues. You really have to work hard to work on your hints. We only got 1 clue from the game faci.
2. They won't have too many things to solve,puzzles,locks,etc. But all challenges are mind boggling.
3. You'll only get bragging rights when you get to solve it, no other freebies/prizes.
4. You can still enter the room if you are late and your team mates are already inside the room.
5. It's a bit hard to ask for clues. They are the ones to decide if they will give you hints. depending on time left/progress of game.

However these are just my observations based on the game we have played. I'd yet to know more about break out once I get to try their other rooms.
And I am already looking forward to it. 🙂

Fun Factor- 10084️10084️10084️10084️10084️
Value for Money-10084️10084️10084️10084️

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