BRGR: Burger Project

122 Maginhawa St., Maginhawa, Quezon City, Metro Manila

BRGR: Burger Project
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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

after a long long time, i got invited to this looloo rendezvoos at BRGR Project in Maginhawa last Tuesday evening. Medical school is no easy rival to my foodie self, thus the many times I said no to eatup invites. Huhu sorry Peanut D.
Good news tho since the stars have aligned. I was finally able to join one woohoo!

PJ, one of the owners of BRGR Project was there to welcome and entertain our questions. He told us that they have been open for more than five years already and this is their home branch. (I've only been to their Tomas Morato branch, which has closed already) He was a fun host!

First thing they handed me was a menu and checklist in one. You may choose to 'design your own burger' or choose from their house specials or designer burgers. It was quite late and i was hungry so I settled with their house specials and new item in the menu - pulled pork burger. Aside from the burgers, they also serve fries, chicken wings, onion rings, and milk shakes.

My pulled pork burger arrived last since I was last to arrive in the event (haha!) It was an okay burger for me. I think it lacked sauce as I found the pulled pork, placed on top of regular beef patty, dry. Expected it to be cheesy as the menu said it has cheddar and pepperjack cheese. Brioche bun was good, just the right ratio to the patty.

Other reviewers ordered their own burgers and sides. I've got to try some and the following were memorable:

Breakfast Burger: this one was good but too heavy to finish. It had a lot of components in it, making it overwhelming and 'umay' eventually, as it had angus beef patty, bacon, egg, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Western Bacon Melt Burger: something i'd order when i'm back. It had the right mix of good stuff i want in my burger - angus beef patty, bacon, mushroom, cheddar cheese, onion rings, all in sweet hickory bbq sauce.

Mango Sriracha Wings: i liked this but i hope it had more sriracha as it was more of a sweet and sour sauce to me. Mango sauce was there. I like how the batter was crispy.

Onion strings: I liked this! Will surely order this again when I come back.

Speculuus milk shake: I had it less sugar but still sweet probably because they use vanilla ice cream as base. I love vanilla so I liked the drink but I think stronger speculuus taste would've been better.

This rendezvoos was a F U N. thank you to the looloo team Peanut D and Pam L for this sponsored invite! Nice to see familiar and new faces! 128513 Isha S Abe C Julie L Jomarie A HungryManila P

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

Last Tuesday's looloo rendezvoos was all about burgersssss 127828 127828 127828 at BRGR: Burger Project in Maginhawa.

We were joined by PJ, one of the owners. He told us that the place has been in business for 7 years now, which is quite a feat considering the competition they have in the Maginhawa area.

Probs one of the reasons for it is the concept that they have: design your own burger! They hand you a checklist of ingredients and all sorts of options. I'm all for customization wherein you can load up on the stuff you want and leave out the stuff you don't like (good bye, pickles! 128075). You pretty much have a say on everything from the type of patty you want (tofu, angus, chicken, etc.), how many (!!) patties, the bun you'd like and of course all the little bits and pieces in between. Now, if you're feeling lazy, you can just select an equally awesome pre-made burger. Price depends on what you put in but the range is 100-300+ PHP which is quite reasonable.

But what's all the work if the quality isn't oks right? So let's spill the tea on what one might expect at this burger joint:

127859 Breakfast BRGR: It has bacon, bacon jam and a sunny side up egg. Loved the mix of flavors, although it can get cloying after a while.

127828 Mango Sriracha Chicken burger: The chicken patty was thick and juicy, although the sauce wasn't a breakthrough flavor and just kind of mellowed in the background.

127830 Pulled Pork BRGR: Meh, didn't like this, as the flavor seemed off.

🥓 Western Bacon Melt: Loved all the components, a good straightforward burger.

128019 Mango Sriracha Wings: Chicken wings were nicely cooked and the sweet and sour-ish sauce on top was okay, although the sriracha wasn't as evident.

127839 Animal Style Fries: Thick cut fries topped with a bunch of stuff, so goood! Loved these!

🔘 Onion Strings: Not a big fan of onion rings, but the batter on this one was crunchy and flavorful. 128077

🥛 Cookies and Cream Milkshake: Their milkshakes are made with ice cream so they're super rich, thick and creamy. We each got the junior size, but it was already quite a substantial amount.

Overall, there are some pretty solid menu items (premade ones) but your happiness could also depend on the combos you decide to make up. However, there's also room for improvement with regards to some of their other offerings.

Thanks Pam L for hanging with us and thanks for the invite Peanut D! 128522 Good seeing you Julie L, Roy T, Abe C, Jomarie A and HungryManila P!! 128516

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Jomarie A.
4.0 Stars

Hooray, it's my second looloo rendezvoos! 127881 Two days ago, we were invited to have our eat up at The Burger Project, one of the pioneering restaurants in Maginhawa area.

They have been in the business for 7 years now, and I'm sure, have seen many restaurants in the area come and go. It's actually in the same restaurant group with Pino, Pipino, and Breakfast and Pies. We're fortunate to have PJ (one of the owners) with us that night.

The Burger Project takes pride in offering us their design-your-own-burger concept -- where you can go as conservative or as crazy as you can with your creations. For the people who are on-the-go, or not in the mood to create their own combinations, fret not, because they have pre-designed burgers that are equally wonderful! 128158

I actually tried making my own burger, just for the novelty of it. However, I might have not made the right choices on some of the toppings I chose... 128586

Step 1: Patty
✔ Angus Beef (Php 100)
According to PJ, they use Australian beef chuck for this premium patty. It might be pricey, but given the quality, I say it's worth it.
Step 2: Bun
✔ Brioche Bun (Php 25)
Need I say more? 128522
Step 3: Cheese
✔ Mozzarella (Php 25)
A classic -- a cheese that has that wonderful ooze. Its flavor is just right to complement the angus beef patty.
Step 4: Toppings
✔ Pepperoni (Php 25)
Typically found in pizzas, I gave this a try with my burger. Well... It still tastes best with pizzas. Hehehe.
Step 5: Premium Toppings
✔ Mushrooms (Php 45)
I didn't expect them to serve me with a LOT of shiitake mushrooms. Would've preferred button mushrooms, but I guess it's my fault for not asking HEHE.
Step 6: Sauce
✔ Sriracha Ranch (Php 25)
I loved this! It tasted so good with anything! 128525 PJ said it might be too overpowering (so he had me order it on the side), but for me, it helped "bind" all the flavors together.

Here are the other menu items I was able to try:
✔ BREAKFAST BRGR (Php 300) - 11088110881108811088
Among the burgers I've tried here, this one captured my attention the most. While I only had 1/8 of the burger, this made me sooo full! I love how the different components of the burger work together to give us a filling and flavorful burger that can last in yout tumny for hours. 127828 I hope that they could put in a component that will keep the umay factor at bay, and it will be perfect 128076

✔ PULLED PORK BRGR (Php 315) - 110881108811088
This was just okay. I actually had high hopes for this, but the pulled pork was honestly a bit underwhelming. It did not have that smokey taste, nor did it have the juiciness of the meat we all love from pulled pork. This is an aspect they can still improve on. 128522

✔ ANIMAL STYLE DESIGNR FRIES (Php 125 for Regular / Php 75 for Jr) - 110881108811088
It seemed like there was a lot of components, but the overall taste of the fries was just okay -- nothing too overwhelming. Fries were thick cut, and i hope they were crunchier than they actually are.

✔ ONION STRINGS (Php 65) - 1108811088110881108811088
Usually not a big fan of onions, but liked this one! 128522 The beer batter made the coating extra crunchy, while maintaining the texture and taste of the white onions inside. Hope they can provide a dip for this (the sriracha ranch paired well! 128521), and come up with a way to prevent the onions from sticking to each other.

✔ MANGO SRIRACHA WINGS (Php 195) - 11088110881108811088
Serving size is quite generous. 128076 The chicken were fried to perfection, and had that right amount of glaze from the mango sriracha. I would've loved it if the sriraxha taste was more evident though, as their mango sriracha glaze mainly had thr tangy taste from mango alone.

As there was too much food, I did not get to try some of the dish presented, but I'm sure they're awesome too:
✔ BBQ RANCH (Php 265)

Dining area is a bit small, but you may consume your food in their al fresco area. 128522 Service was good, the waiters and waitresses were really cheerful and accommodating!

If you're a fan of burgers, then this restaurant is for you. Lots of options are available, and you'll surely find what you're looking for! 128076128055

Thank you again for the invite, Peanut D! And thanks to Pam L for being a great host. 128158 It was nice seeing you again, Julie L, and it was nice meeting you -- HungryManila P, Abe C, Roy T, and Isha S! 128156

Note: This is a sponsored meal c/o The Burger Project.


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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

It’s been years since I went to this Maginhawa gem. It looked different now, since they did some changes on the wall and also the arrangement of tables and counter. Depending on your preference and budget you can’t go wrong with any of their burgers. They kept their concept of create your burgers/BRGR with 2 options: Two Hands (151g or 1/3pound patty) and One Hand (100g patty). Price ranges for Two Hands starts from Php90 to Php435 and One Hand starts from Php65 to Php285.

Then they have different kinds of patty to choose from: Angus, Beef, Chicken and for vegans, Tofu. After deciding on the BRGR type and patty you can choose the bun, cheese, toppings and sauce for your mouthwatering creation.

If you don’t like to think about what to order. They offer 9 pre-designed burgers too. Here are the burgers I’ve tried:

10084️ Western Bacon Melt (Php355) - everything I love in one burger: Angus, bacon and cheese. Love it! Make sure to take a bite of all the ingredients.

10084️ Mango Sriracha Chicken (Php225) - The chicken patty was thick and juicy but the mango sriracha sauce was a bit lacking. Overall it was still a good burger.

BBQ Ranch (Php265) - I didn't get to taste the pepperjack cheese but the bacon slices made the burger delicious in my book.

Pulled Pork BRGR (Php315) - I was a bit disappointed with the pulled pork topping. I think it’s the sauce of the pulled pork that I wasn’t a fan of.

Animal Style Fries (Php75 [Jr] /Php125 [Reg]) - Crispy thick potato slices topped with 2 kinds of cheese, garlic, onion and BRGR special sauce. We got the reg size which is great for sharing.

10084️ Onion Strings (Php65) - I honestly don’t like onions unless it’s fried or sometimes caramelized. The batter was crispy and addictive to munch on.

10084️ Mango Sriracha Wings (Php195) - the Mango Sriracha sauce popped out in this dish. The sauce was sweet and spicy perfect with a bottle of beer.

10084️ Salted Caramel (Php85 [Jr] /Php165 [Reg]) - They used ice cream instead of ice and milk which made it creamy and delicious. They’ve added oats for texture.

Thank you PJ (one of the owners) and staff of Burger Project for having us.

Thank you as always Looloo team for inviting me. Peanut D Pam L 128153128149

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HungryManila P.
4.0 Stars

First of all, thank you Pam L & Peanut D for the invite. This is my first looloo rendezvooz and i love it. Thank you THE BURGER PROJECT for sponsoring the event.

This is my review of the THE BURGER PROJECT (Maginhawa St.).
The place was not that big, but their burgers are. They have this good concept of "design your own burger". It was a tough one because you have to choose your own mix and at the same time, it was very exciting. Although, if you want something fast, they already have their set of burgers.


It's so big that the ONE HAND burger can feed 2 hungry adults and how much more if it's their TWO HANDS burger.

What made the best impression on me was their BBQ RANCH. I love it so much and will definitely go back for it. It's so good and tasty. Juicy beef patty, BACON, pepperjack cheese, onion strings, bbq ranch, tomato, and lettuce in sesame seed bun.

They say that the western bacon melt is their specialty but i love the bbq ranch more. It's almost the same pero iba pa din talaga eh. Oh and no worries because if you're vegan, thay have this VEGGIE BRGR.
It uses tofu as an alternative patty.

Milkshakes ? They have it. Made out of pure blended ice cream topped with whipped cream. Being an avid fan of the berry family, i chose strawberry milkshake in JR size. 128077🏻128077🏻 two thumbs up!

For the sides, i love their onion strings and most especially, the animal fries. Grabe sa sarap. Perfect match siya ng burger.

All in all,
PRICE- is pretty much reasonable for the quality and quantity of the items that they sell.
PARKING- they have two available slots outside.
AMBIANCE- casual feels, laid back
SERVICE- i must say, they serve it pretty quick and in an instagrammable plating.
FOOD- there are items na babalik-balikan

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Marie Kristine Gene B.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Ar V.
5.0 Stars

Loved this place simply because you can design your own burger and name it.. Mine was with pesto sauce..

**this is the first resto we ever tried at Maginhawa Street.. 128107128523

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Sandro V.
4.0 Stars

When you take your lunch very late, you'll surely crave for something like this, a double burger patty of 100% beef with bacon, mozzarella, cheddar, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, jalapeños, tomatoes, onions and lettuce, served in a sesame bun. Yum!

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Lorenzo Carlo P.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Nins A.
4.0 Stars

Freshly grilled burgers are the best. We ordered a beef burger and a chicken burger. I'm a fan of garlic cream cheese but it didn't go well with the beef patty because it overpowered the flavor. The chicken patty went well with the mozzarella cheese. Pino iced tea is still the best match but I think their glass became smaller. 128534

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Imee R.
4.0 Stars


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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

If only school projects are as tasty as this, I would have been a straight-A student from preschool to college.

We were now on our second stop of our Teacher’s Village Food Trip and the next destination was The Burger Project. With an attempt to burn some of the samgyeopsal we ate earlier, we decided to walk. (Well, the joint was pretty near the eat all you can place. Let’s say about 100 steps away?)

We were greeted by a plain looking signage with The Burger Project name on it. It didn’t really make me utter wow or anything. I just knew that I was in the right place.

Upon entering the joint though, it was another story. The glass window alone was screaming adorable. It had some stickers of the burger ingredients and a step-by-step guide on how to order. Get an order slip! Noted!

When will the cuteness stop??? I would love to hang out here. If only there's a branch somewhere in Ortigas.

I asked for an order slip and I noticed that it was pretty elaborate. It has tick boxes for the patty (and you could choose from angus, beef, chicken or tofu—price range PHP75-PHP125), number of patties, type of bun, other ingredients and add-ons. On the side of the order slip, there are tick boxes for drinks like milk shake (PHP145) and other side dishes like fries (PHP60), buffalo wings (PHP150), mozzarella sticks (PHP140), sweet potato fries (PHP60) and onion rings (PHP65).

I decided to get angus beef (PHP125) in a sesame seed bun (since it was free), mozzarella for cheese (add PHP35 per cheese), bacon for additional crunch (add PHP25 per premium topping), and burger staple—lettuce and tomato (free).

The fun part is that you can also name your burger. Still too full to think (since my energy was directed towards my tummy and not my brain), I named mine “The <3 Burger” without realizing that it was quite an embarrassing name as the server shouted out “THE LOVE BURGER”. For some reason, it didn’t sound right.

Most of the blogs I’ve read about this joint emphasize how juicy the meat was or how big the burgers were. It never occurred to me that it was not an exaggeration. My burger was… well, quite big for a person who just came out of an eat all you can place. Good thing I ticked “to go”.

Anyway, introducing… The <3 Burger.

Angus Beef. Sesame Bun. Mozzarella Cheese. Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato. YUM!

The meat was indeed juicy and tender. It was cooked well. It was a tad bit salty though—just order a milkshake and problem solved! Also, I think I should have chosen cheddar over mozzarella cheese to complement the bacon better.

Nonetheless, it was still burger love at first sight. I will definitely try the buffalo wings and other side dishes and milkshake soon. Another Teacher’s Village food trip is a must before the year ends.

#12Days of fatness

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Tin O.
4.0 Stars

Nice and tasty patty, cool interior design, so artsy! 128077

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Michelle M.
4.0 Stars

"Create your own burger" kind of morning. 127828 Brioche bun, onions, bacon, bacon, bacon, onion rings, angus beef. Srsly, there's a lot of things going on with my burger which is fun.

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Kathleen Cerla G.
5.0 Stars

DIY burger and they also have ready-to-eat burger. The price is from 500-600 (food we ate)

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Erdel J.
4.0 Stars

The best part is, it's a DIY burger! ♡ 127828

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Marie Kristine Gene B.
4.0 Stars

Cool place where you can enjoy YOUR burger because you made the combinations yourself! 128522

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Diana L.
4.0 Stars

I need to go back to try their beef patty! Sad I ordered tofu patty and it didn't match with the bun and everything! Ah basta! Kailangan ko bumalik! Haha.

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Danica H.
3.0 Stars

I ordered the blue cheese burger... Nothing special and also the service was bad. There was no sign or information what time the store opens. We arrived there at 10:57 and the store was open. The lady staff rolled her eyes and said that they will open at 11:00. I was so disappointed. The iced tea was good though. Sooo, hurray for the iced tea!

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Jhensen G.
5.0 Stars

Nagooze sa aking mouth ang lasa ng angus beef!! Wapak!!

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