Rosario Complex, Lot 5 Blk. 13 Rosario Ave., Southwoods City, San Pedro, Laguna

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2.0 Stars

Disclaimer: not a good review

Okay. I was supposed to give this place a 5 star review but due to my annoying experience I lowered my ratings.

Cousin brought my mom and I here for a quick grub since there's no food left at their house. Place was just a small burger joint wih tables. Drinks are self service. I ordered their cheeseburger with fries while Mama had their spicy pasta. Sorry I forgot the names of what we ordered. My cousin had the same order as mine but she asked the waitress not to put tomatoes and onions in her burger. The waitress said that they cannot do that because it's really included in their burger. Really?! So my cousin got confused and asked the manager about it and he said they will oblige. Of course, those are tomatoes and onions, you just put it on top of everything in the burger so why can't they take those away? I think the waitress was just on her first day. Bleh.

Good things first. Their fries were really good. Made out of real potatoes cut in small strips. While the burger tasted good too! Patty was juicy and thick. Again, this is better than Backyard's. Sorry for the usual comparison. Lol. This meal also comes with a paper cup of iced tea, which is self service. There goes the good points.

Mama's pasta on the other hand tasted just okay but it was way too spicy. So she asked me to get her water. I asked the waitress a paper cup because I understand that it's self service but she told me that they don't have water. I went awhile ago to get my iced tea and there's a big gallon of water beside it so I told her that water is available, I just need a cup. She looked outright puzzled and said that they do not have cups. WTF?! So I said in an irritated voice that if the paper cup needs to be paid, I will pay just give me the damn cup because Mama needs water. Or even a bottle of mineral water for that matter! Surprisingly, she said that she's going to ask their manager. I was left dumbfounded with her act. I couldn't understand why they do not serve cups for water if they don't have mineral water bottles! My cup was full with iced tea so I couldn't offer mine to mom.

Until I approached the counter and before I could say anything, she handed me a cup. So furiously, I said "Akala ko ba walang paper cup?!" And she told me that she already asked her manager's permission about it. Grrrrr. I was so pissed off I couldn't say anything anymore with their stupid stupid stupid rule! Anyway, I finally got my mom water from their water jug WITHOUT ICE. After eating I asked them if we could go home already.

Worst service ever! Sorry for my outburst. I just think you guys need to know. Anyway, hope they change because sayang ang sarap ng food if their service isn't customer-friendly. And mind you, their servers and the counter do not look accommodating. They do not smile and seems irritated with customers who order.

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