Brick Burger

Hampton Gardens Arcade, C. Raymundo Ave., Maybunga, Pasig, Metro Manila

Brick Burger
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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

Not only Lego fans but also those that are not would surely go gaga at this place. Every corner was filled with anything but bricks! One would see their favorite character in brick form. I especially liked the special dioramas (Star Wars FTW!!!). The seats are in brick form too so it may be a bit uncomfortable. But hey, they are really consistent even up to that level.

Who knew that walnut brittle could make a salad taste good? They sure did for their Ensalata Tricolore Salad was just that. It was good, fresh and very tasty.

Nacho chip or fries? This resto made it easier by combining both and making a nacho party. I liked how the base (nacho chips and fries) on their Nacho Fries was apt for the size of the other ingredients.

Mannnn…their Chicken Cheese Sticks was so good! It came with a dip but without it, it was good. I liked how generous they were on the chicken and cheese on every stick. Serving size was pretty good too for its price.

They do have the classic wings but if you prefer to have the flavored ones, their Fantastic Four is for you. It consisted of their Buffalo Wings, Honey Bbq Wings, Garlic Parmesan Wings and Correa’s Wings. All were equally good with its own unique taste. I did prefer the Buffalo Wings for it packed that buffalo taste that I was looking for: tangy and a bit spicy.

Their Carbonara had the right creaminess to it and generous too on the bacon bits.

I am unsure if it’s visible on the photo but that patty on their Salisbury Steak was in a square shape. Yes, it’s all going to make sense once the burgers are in picture. Going back to this dish, I really liked how tender the patty was. The gravy had this creamy texture that went well with both the patty and the rice. The serving size was big, and could probably be shared by two persons.

For their burgers, you could get it in a regular bun. But of course, it’s more fun to have it in a brick bun. Just look at the photos! So cute! They really had to personalize a mold for this. For their Wild Style Burger, it’s their spicy burger with crispy onion rings with some garlic and bbq sauce. The taste: very nice with that heat coming along nicely. The square burger patty was tender and quite juicy. The bun was really good too. On its own, the brick bun had this slightly sweet flavor. As for their Darth Burger, the flavor was soooo good. This one had caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon and bbq sauce. Yes, all my favorite ingredients in that burger. If you love those ingredients too, you are going to love this burger. It was simply tasty and so darn good! 128512

When a dish has a lot going on, it takes away from what the dish should be. I’m glad their desserts didn’t go this route. The sweets (Vanilla Graham Ice Cream and Choco Oreo Ice Cream) do have a lot of components what with the crushed oreo or graham bits, waffle, wafer stick and Lego-shaped chocolates. But hey, it’s a dessert and a fun one at that. It was a bit on the sweet side but it is a good ending to one’s journey here.

Indeed, everything was awesome here. Down from their very cute interiors up to their delicious dishes, they really lived up to the theme of being a brick restaurant. A fun place for the family or friends, everything is awesome when we’re living our dream. Oh no…wait…last song syndrome! HA! 128512


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Miss Tala I.
4.0 Stars

10:30am Sunday. 128077🏼

Every review says its crowded. So, we managed to come early, get the best seat and expect good service. Not bad so far.

We were excited for this experience, sana lang excited din ang staff for their customers. Next time sana mas friendly and energetic ang staff.

Food tasted good 127828
Icecream was bitin 127846

We had burgers:
Lord Business 450Php
Nacho Tuesday 230Php

127942 We will come back for the
Lord Business eating challenge and get the Lego prize.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

My Son Latrell Awesome 15th birthday celebration last March 11 at Brick Burger located at Hampton Gardens Arcade Raymundo Pasig.

My son Latrell Joshua L celebrated her 15th bday at this so cute burger concept , BRICK Burger.

Building toy blocks , passion with food, and extreme creativity are what founded brick burger . Brick burger is dedicated on crafting the best looking and best tasting burger around yet, on top of all these , we enjoyed our stay and had fun at dining area where my kids got to play mini Legos while waiting for food.

It opens around 11am and got there early last March 11 but even if 10mins earlier the owner is very accommodating and had let us in already.

The place was full of Lego collections and some collectors were there during our stay. Here are the following food we had at Brick Burger: nacho fries, cheesy mac, nacho Tuesday, Jugger Naut , DARTH burger, Correa wings and my surprise for my bday boy, he had this awesome dessert, Lego Chocolate Oreo!

Brick burger is where your creativity satisfies your craving . Although price is not cheap but service is really fast and good is so good! Brick Burger where everything is awesome!

Happy 15th awesome bday my son Latrell Joshua L! 127874

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Trizha A.
1.0 Stars

My friends and I decided to grab dinner at Brick Burger. We arrived around 7pm and the place was packed, diners consisted of mostly families with little kids.

The place is nicely decorated with Lego pieces, figures, etc. You get the picture. Their menu is pretty straightforward with burgers, pastas, wings, fries, and the usual fast food type selection.

Obviously we were there for their burgers. The buns are made to resemble Lego blocks. Unfortunately, doing so compromises the taste and texture of the bread which is very dense in my opinion. I chose the Darth Burger, the meat was pretty salty and not as juicy as I hoped it would be. And it is slathered with so much sauce. I get that they wanted to retain the all black appearance but the burger would've benefited from some vegetables.

A friend got the Wild Style {red buns} and said that the Bbq sauce was spicy and not tangy as you'd expect Bbq sauce to be. He describes the flavor as meat doused with cheap hot sauce

Nacho Tuesday {orange buns} seemed to be the only decent one on our table. The friend who had it managed to scarf it down completely and happily. The bun was still dense but the sauces and the veggies made it palatable.

Would I go back, NO!
The place is perfect for IG photos and unless they improve on the flavor there's nothing else but gimmick in this establishment. Be prepared to shell out 300 php per person.

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Janinja V.
2.0 Stars

My brother really loves lego so we decided to celebrated his birthday here. It was too crowded back then so we waited for more than an hour to be seated. Upon entering, I noticed that the tables were too close to each other so it was a bit hard walking around. Also, I think that the lego collection is too small. It was a shame since this was supposed to be their selling point.
So we ordered Emmet and Wild Style. IMO, it's too pricey for the food quality. First, I don't like the buns, it was too hard and tasted like tasty bread. 128517 Then the patty was bland. I don't think that we'll visit here again.

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Ralph Kenneth A.
5.0 Stars

If you’re a LEGO fan then you wouldn’t want to miss out coming to Brick Burger. Walking inside is like entering LEGO LAND where everything is custom built based on actual LEGO pieces! It also doubles as a museum where you can find rare, limited edition LEGO pieces and even LEGO sets that feature local establishments. One of the coolest features I loved about Brick Burger are the LEGO boxes they have on each table with LEGO pieces that you can play with. Perfect for the kids who love these toys and for adults who want to feel nostalgic from seeing their favorite pieces as a kid. They have displays too that varies every month and this time they have a diorama featuring STAR WARS!

As for the food, the first thing you’ll notice about their signature burgers are the buns, which are carved out to look like LEGO bricks! And since I love spicy food, I ordered the WILD STYLE and it was really good! The bun may look unusual but surprisingly tasty. The beef, which is made of 100% beef was also thick and juicy but most of all I loved the spicy sauce that’s inside. It’s a little sweet but with a kick just perfect for my taste. Definitely one of the best burgers I’ve had in a while. I also tried their meatball spaghetti and it was really good especially if you like Pinoy-style pasta. One of my new favorites is their Salisbury steak which fares better than what you can get in some fast food chains.

I’ve been coming here for a while now and looking back on the first time I visited and from now, they’ve surely made a lot of improvements. From the service to the quality of the food they serve, I can say it’s so much better now. So, if you’re a big fan of LEGO then you should definitely come by for a visit. Just looking around the whole room you’ll be in awe of the details that went in building the place. So if by any chance you decide to drop by I encourage you to explore the whole place and check out the displays – it will definitely make you want to get back collecting LEGO pieces again.

For the food I’d rate it 4.5 out of 5 and I feel like every time I come back they’re actually getting better and better but if you’re not into burgers they have a wide selection of food that you can try as well. The service is awesome too, the crew is very friendly, attentive and helpful so that’s a 5 for me. The whole ambiance of course is a 5, it’s a fun place perfect for the young and young at hearts! So I’d recommend hardcore LEGO fans to visit and even those with kids to come too. I’m sure they’ll love the place.

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

"Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. Everything is awesome! When we’re living our dream.” Those lines have been stuck in my head ever since I watched The Lego Movie. I still go crazy whenever I hear it and I just have to sing along! And I got crazier when I found out that a Lego themed burger joint opened a few months back, I just have to visit it soon!

Hello, Brick Burger!

The place was packed with families on a rainy Sunday afternoon but we were lucky to score the last vacant table.

We were quickly assisted to our table and were handed menu cards. There are not a lot of dishes to choose from as Brick Burger focused on comfort dishes such as chicken wings, pasta, hotdogs, fries, nachos and of course, burgers. After much thought, we went with Cheesy Mac (PHP210) and Fries (PHP65).

While waiting for our order, I took more photos of the adorable display and realized that they do not have Lego bricks for diners to play with. I guess it is also to avoid the headache of possible theft or having to clean greasy bricks. But I still think that having these colorful toys available for diners to play with is a nice idea and would entice kids to pester their parents to come back for more.

After a short while, the plate of fries was served and it looked sad, really sad. I could easily count the fries with my hands! And it was also a bit too salty.

The Lego-ed cheeseburger was served next and it did look cute and Instagram-worthy. I was a bit iffy with the bun’s bright red color but eventually took a big bite after several snapshots.

The bun was a bit chewy and the buttons (or brick locks) on top were quite hard. The patty was quite good as it was succulent and flavorful. However, I only got to appreciate it when I ate it without the salty mac n cheese and bacon bits. The cheesy macaroni was just too overwhelming and the bacon bits made the whole burger even saltier. I just had a couple of bites and had everything else wrapped.

I ate the leftover burger the following day and surprisingly, it tasted better! I’m not sure if it was because I was expecting it to be worse than before or if I’m getting used to eating leftovers; but I liked the leftover burger more than when it was fresh. Then again, it must be because I skipped the top bun which I accidentally burnt and that bun took out of the cheese hence made the burger less salty.

Overall, Brick Burger offers a refreshing and cute concept but do not expect food that’ll make you go wow. It may be Instagram-worthy but average at best.

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

2nd review... My friend and I super loved the Correa's Wings! (₱200). The wings remained crispy throughout and I personally liked the recipe, hindi ung usual na wings na more on the sweet and saucy side na na-try ko sa ibang restos. They had the nice bits of chili flakes, and had a lovely crinkly and "bubbly" skin.. Worth the price and the wait.

On my first review I took note of their buns that they were dry. Now they have improved somehow -- the buns were softer and that's better. We ordered the Cheesy Mac (₱210) and the Darth Burger (₱250), as well as fries (₱65). I liked this Cheesy Mac better than my first burger, the Wild Style -- yep, carbs on carbs hehehe. My friend thought that what was inside her Darth Burger (caramelized onions, bacon and of course the thick burger patty) should be partnered with rice instead (yep, she was the same pihikan food buddy I was with at Mad Mark's lol).

Still, it didn't have the shakes yet. Although they were included in the menu, not available pa rin. I hope sooner meron na.

Will try their other wings -- they must be good too! But really the Correa's Wings were the standout to our foodtripping at Brick Burger, I might order this again plus rice haha.
. We had fun there and of course, picture-picture at selfie-selfie din hahaha along with the display of Lego toys. 128516128516128516

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

Whether you are a Lego fan or not I'm sure we have played these iconic toy blocks (or imitations thereof) at some point of our lives. You will be thrilled by this burger joint, arguably the first Lego-themed restaurant in the country.

I discovered Brick Burger on my Facebook feed as I had to go home from Crossing. I also learned that this is one of the newest joints in the Metro. Yes, this was a spur-of-the-moment discovery! So I wasted no time that I stopped at Puregold C. Raymundo, crossed the street and walked some blocks before arriving at Hampton Gardens Arcade, the location of the restaurant. You're going to see not just a "Lego burger" (I mean, the toy version, which is also displayed there), but also eat a real Lego burger!

As I stepped into Brick Burger, needless to say I was lit up, even though I'm not much a fan of Lego, I was still delighted nevertheless by what I saw. It was more like a toy store than a hamburger joint. 128522

The overall design is just right on the money -- from the wall art and decor, to the furniture, even the salt and pepper shakers, down to the burgers themselves. Not to mention the thousands of Lego pieces and figures. Especially if you're a die-hard Lego fan you'll be most likely to act like a kid in a candy store -- or in a toy shop, more precisely. My most favorite is the Volkswagen trailer van (methinks), it was so cute!

I ordered the Wild Style (₱250): spicy burger topped with onion rings, and Sprite (₱45). Too bad their shakes weren't available at that time. Although the burger was spicy in itself, I wanted it spicier so I chose to add hot chili. Hahaha.

The taste of my burger? I think it was okay -- I liked the beef patty (although not as juicy as the other burgers I have tasted), I super liked the onion rings cause they were crunchy, flavorful, and not soggy. And the bright red Lego-shaped bun, I thought it was a bit dry for me -- but that's just my opinion though.

However, the burger was quite pleasing to look at, nakakatuwa yung bun parang ayaw mo pang kainin hahaha. There are other Lego bun colors too, of course, depending on the type of burger. I think I could have ordered the Darth Burger instead for the same price huhuhu 128532 (it has lots more filling, and has a black Lego bun -- oh well, first time eh. Next time when I come back there).

Brick Burger is a highly Instagrammable place, every nook and cranny! There were kids who were obviously delighted at this place, and they would say "gusto ko neto" thinking they were in a real toy shop! Hehehe. Next time perhaps I'll bring my nieces there. One extra star for this unique concept and geez... the toys!128512

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