Bronze's Shabu Shabu Samgyupsal

22 Bronze St., SSS Village, Marikina, Metro Manila

Bronze's Shabu Shabu Samgyupsal
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Open: 10:30a - 10:30p


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Theresa L.
5.0 Stars

I do have a soft spot when it comes to hole in a wall restaurants. Not only they offer relatively affordable rates, but they also offer the same comfort foods like others. 128524128524128524

Bronze's Shabu Shabu and Samgyupsal is the newest food stop that you should visit when doing a Marikina Foodtrip! When you are looking for affordable Korean Eats, better put this on your list!

- It's a quaint garage that was turned into a Shabu Shabu place. Wooden interiors and DIY decors that was personally handmade by the owners. You may noticed that the place is small but surprisingly, the place is comfortable and well ventilated.128517

- We were personally assisted by one of the owners Aya. She is very bubbly and fun to be with. I only wished that most of the customers can meet Aya. She'll make your stay a whole lot of fun! They only have one all around server and he still managed to keep the surroundings in place.128079

We tried the following:

Shabu Shabu (195 pesos) - A whole set of Shabu Shabu was composed of an assortment of veggies, meats, noodles, and seafood balls that was internationally sourced. One serving is good for 3 persons already! You have the option to cook it by yourself, or they will cook it for you!

Samgyupsalsal (195 pesos) Sliced Pork with fatty trimmings, served with kimchi, thinly sliced garlic, green chili, samjang, and sorta oil with sesame seeds. All you have to do is wrap the pork on their greens, put some dippings then BAMMM!!! And oh, it was also served with flavored "dilis". Some preffered it to put inside the wrap, while others opt to eat the dilis separately.

Baked Mussels (155 pesos) I was longing for some good 'ol mussels since I was terribly disappointed with Dampa sa Libis version, but here they do it really good. Huge and juicy mussels, generously top with melted cheese, garlic and butter. 128525

Shrimp by the Pound (245 pesos) There are two variety of this one. The New Orleans Flavor, and Lemon Butter. Both of the shrimps were good. We initially thought that our votes will go to Lemon Butter but It was overcooked for a tiny bit. However, the New Orleans is simply irresistible. The sweet, and mildly spiced shrimps were really the bomb!

Vietnamese Coffee (155 pesos) - Oh God, this is really addicting! For coffee lovers out there, YOU MUST NOT LEAVE THIS PLACE WITHOUT TRYING THIS ONE! #CapslockParaIntense You will surely not regret! (I wished it's available for take outs!)

- This place is surely a gem that needs to be noticed. Good food, affordable price, what more can you asked for?

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