150 Maginhawa Food Park, 150 Maginhawa St., Maginhawa, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
5.0 Stars

Our hearts were set on having burgers at a different place but we couldn't find a parking spot. After driving along Maginhawa Street, we chanced upon this food park. We checked out all the other food stalls then decided on Brook's Burgers and Comfort Food.

The server suggested their bestsellers - Grilled Cheese Sandwich Burger and Beef Chimichanga. Hubby fell in love with his Beef Chimichanga, a deep fried burrito topped with beef, garlic sauce and cilantro. It was a rich and very filling dish. We loved everything on the plate and even ate some of our fries with the toppings. It was like eating chili con carne minus the beans and the hotness. Hubby kept saying he was coming back for this. It was a huge serving that can be shared by 2 people.

The melted cheese of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich Burger was so heavenly. It had just the right amount of saltiness. The burger was juicy and tasted really great with the semi crunchy sandwiches. The marinara sauce was on the sweet side. The Fries were enough to satisfy the munchies and they were perfectly cooked.

We loved almost everything about our orders from the flavors, the plating and the portions. Aside from the sweet marinara sauce, the only other hiccup was the soft plastic utensils. They didn't feel sturdy enough to cut through our food but they survived the meal.

I'm glad we accidentally discovered this food park. I'm sure we'll be back for the Beef Chimichanga and Grilled Cheese!

*common dining area in the middle of the park, they delivered the food to our table

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Nikki C.
3.0 Stars

A spur of the moment food trip with my high school friend, J. It has been years na ata when we last saw each other.

We had dinner at Maginhawa 150, one of the two food parks along the street. We ordered food at Brook's, who is a friend of J.

I got Fish & Chips, J got a grilled sandwich. I wasn't expecting that my order would be big 128563 it wasn't filleted in small bites or finger bites, it was a massive slice mostly battered in flour. The taste was okay, but it was just big 128533 (I should've checked |ooloo first before ordering)

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Ara H.
3.0 Stars

Got their bestseller grilled cheese at P195 :) it was good for sharing. The sandwich is with 1/3 pound beef that is quite heavy if you are a light eater.

I liked it, but did not quite enjoyed since I had a full dinner meal prior to our visit here.

I'll try it again next time :)

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Piya S.
3.0 Stars

Deep Fried Burrito. It was okay. Medyo "umay". Big servings.

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Josette P.
4.0 Stars

This is the very reason why I wanted to visit 150 Maginhawa. I've been seeing their grilled cheeseburger for quite sometime now and for a cheese lover my friend and I cannot resist this. We decided to share one serving of their Grilled Cheeseburger since there are other options we wanted to try. For Php 195, this is a good deal. Well, it is said to be a cheeseburger so some might expect tomato, lettuce and onion but remember this is also grilled cheese thus explains the oozing melted american cheese, cheddar and a bit of mozzarella. I'd say that this good as it is. The patty is big and juicy and beefy. I like the patty! Really!! The bread is chewy and toasted at the same time. The tomato soup on the side is actually a good pair for any grilled cheese menu since it will contrast that salty and oily combination of cheese and grilled patty. It kinda made it a dip too for our fries.

They have a variety of other stuffs on their menu that involves cheese so make sure to check them out when you're at this place. Serving time took around 15-20 minutes but you wouldn't notice the time since you're going around looking for more food. As you would know, a burger lover like me won't skip anything like this and I am recommending this. Thumbs up to them! Hopefully they'll have their own branch soon.

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Luisa E.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was simple and there are so many possibilities and a big room for improvement. I hope this burger joint will rise to provide fresh delicious burgers with quality ingredients, the cheeseburger sandwich thing could've used a slice of tomato, some onions and at least a certain type of sauce.

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Karla D.
5.0 Stars

We went to Maginhawa last month and found a new place to hang out, the 150 food place. There's a lot of food stalls to choose from, but Brook's caught our eyes. We went closer and looked on the menu.

Most of the food they serve is the kind of food that we usually considered as comfort food. Yeah, Comfort food like Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Grilled Cheese burger, Chimichanga, etc. 128522

I ordered their Chicken chimichanga (Php165). When I tasted it, all I can say is it was so good and so sulit! 128525 Will definitely go back there to order their chimichanga and their grilled cheese burger. 128522
Go and try it too. 128522

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