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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Guten Abend! That means Good evening in German!

Dining at Brotzeit is gemütlich, unique , credible and memorable !

Brotzeit provides high quality of innovative food and beverages , truly an authentic German Cuisine.

Went with hubby at Brotzeit at Shangrila The Fort. On a Friday nogjt last November 11, 2017.It’s both of us first time here. We tried their German Beer 127866, a bit expensive but I can say the taste is really different from our local beer. Then we paired it with German sausages and wedges !

Indoors seats and outdoor seats are available. Service was good and even if it’s a bit expensive for a beer and sausages , it’s definitely worth a try!

I enjoyed this authentic German Dining experience. Daumen Hoch128077

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Phantasm D.
4.0 Stars

Brotzeit came up with new snacks and munchies as well as a new platter.
Here are Brotzeit's new munchies and platter that we tried:

Huhnerbrust/BBQ Chicken Fingers. Served with Bavarian BBQ sauce and sour cream dressing. Tender chicken fingers with the right amount of breading.

Gebratener Mozzarella/Fried Mozzarella. Mozarella cheese with spicy tomato sauce dip. I like how generous the amount of Mozarella is under the breading. The dip is not too spicy and goes well with the cheese.

Putin/Dirty Wedges. Crisp potato wedges topped with cheese, pickled chili, smoked bacon, sour cream and chives.

Kartoffel Kroketten/Stuffed Potato Balls. Stuffed with BBQ pork and sour cream dip. These potato balls are fun to eat.

Gebratene Zwiebelringe/Fried Onion Rings. Deep fried and served with spicy tomato sauce.

Fleischbällchen/Meatballs. Meatballs with Jaeger sauce. Tender and rich in flavor. Tastes good.

Schweinbauch/Roast Pork Belly. With rotkraut and red pepper jam. I love the pork belly. Tender, juicy, with fat that's indulging. A guilty pleasure.

Snackpackung/Savory Wraps. German pancake rolled and packed with a choice of pulled pork and cucumber, or Seafood salad. The pancake itself is really good. The pulled pork is a little spicy which gives the wrap a savory taste, while the seafood salad gives the wrap a more refreshing taste. I like the pulled pork wrap more than the seafood salad wrap.

Vatertagplatte/Father's Day Platter. Brotzeit Board laden with grilled pork chop, broiled chicken with signature spices, grilled lamb chops and crispy bacon wrapped sausages. Everything on the platter is rich in flavor, even the broiled chicken is juicy and flavorful to the bones.

Kaiserschmarren/Emperor's Cake. Shredded rum and raisin pancakes served with plum sauce.

Schokokuchen/Warm Chocolate Cake. Served with stracciatella ice cream. Best eaten together, there is a good combination of taste and contrast of temperatures.

Heisse Schokolade. Hot chocolate made with premium bittersweet dark chocolate with whipped cream. It's really hot when served so you have to take caution not to burn yourself. It's very rich and viscous, like drinking melted chocolate. It's not too sweet because it's made of dark chocolate. It's good.

Weihenstephan. Hefeweißbier (Left) and Original Hell (Right). The Hefeweißbier (Alc 5.4%) is wheat beer; smooth malt background, rich yeast flavors, spicy, with fruity banana overtones, reminiscent of clove. The Original Hell (Alc 5.1%) is Weihenstephan's original flavor; flowery, golden lager, sweet tasting with a big malty aroma, fruity, light sparkling. I like the original flavor, it's not bitter for me.

More HD photos on my blog.

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Dark H.
5.0 Stars

The ambience was great. Located in the middle of busy city of bonifacio. We went here just for their beers, German beers that is. Price range 250-300 pesos. The place is great for tete-a-tete with friends. Chill guys128060

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Manila E.
4.0 Stars

31 May 2017
Wednesday, 8:30PM

Ich liebe dich or I love you in German. Working for a German company for 3 years, you couldn't help but be influenced by their culture. A friend requested for alcohol so we decided to meet up at Brotzeit. Good thing I had appetite for nearly a liter of beer and german sausages.

What we ate:
Kasekrainer /pork cheese sausages) with side dishes of mashed potato and spatzle

What we drank:
Bayrischer longdrink - beer with vodka and lime

Yes, you should try it because sausages!! Plus beer. How can men say no to beer? Danke and I shall be back soon.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

They say Manila has one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. It’s made real with authentic German dishes and beverages with Brotzeit. The term is a combination of Brot meaning bread and Zeit as time. Bread time emphasizes the Bavarian expression of enjoying a meal with fresh beer. The bread is most likely pretzels – a quintessential snack food in Germany.

I started with Goulash Soup (Php 120/cup). This very tasty beefy bowl was very much satisfying and pairs well with two types of bread they served. The idea is to likely dip it to balance the overpowering flavor from the soup.
The most dominating item are their Sausages and so I had to love them like Germans do. I hope though they don’t get lesser customers with Pink’s (selling hotdogs) beside them. What’s the difference? The main difference lies on texture and content. Sausages are more real in the sense that they have more obvious presence of meat while hotdogs is a mass of different parts molded together into one.

I got the Spicy Chicken Sausages (Php 460). It had four well spiced and packed sausages with light sour sauerkraut and a medley of fresh and crispy vegetables. It was quite pricey but good enough with quality presented.

I would have loved to try their manly platters with mostly pork but I was dining solo again. Maybe you can check out for me their platter with ribs, good for 4-5 at Php 2,950. It has pork knuckle, a variety of sausages, Bavarian pork ribs and two side dishes of choice.

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Nicole C.
4.0 Stars

Ambiance was nice, service was alright. Anyway, we went here a couple of months ago and we were supposed to have lunch at Pink's but ended up here instead!

▪Brezen/Typical Bavarian Pretzel - a tad bit salty for me.

▪ Brotzeitplatte mit Ripperl/Brozeit Platter with Ribs - which is already good for 4-5 persons.  It includes a crispy oven pork knuckle, sausages, honey Bavarian pork ribs and two side dishes - for our sides, I chose Kartoffelpüree / Mashed potatoes and Kartoffelhappen/ Spicy Potato Wedges.
The crispy oven pork knuckle looks really yummy, and it did remind us of a Filipino dish, the crispy pata. Though, it was actually kind of bland if you don’t dip it into sauce. I liked the honey Bavarian pork ribs, as the meat was quite tender and easy to chew.  Also, though honey was used, it wasn’t actually too sweet. The platter also featured a variety of sausages ranging from curry sausages to spicy chicken sausages, and I had a great time trying them all. I did like the spicy chicken sausages the best, though. The side dishes were nice, and I like how fine their mashed potatoes were.

▪ Zweibelrostbraten/Grilled Flank Steak - It is grilled rosemary marinated flank steak with roasted potatoes and vegetables garnished with fried onions and peppered egg. I love their gravy, and ended up asking for seconds, if I’m not mistaken, it’s red wine sauce. The meat was quite hard though, and it wasn’t well done. The inside was still pretty red.

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Mark L.
4.0 Stars

we were supposed to eat at pink's for a late lunch last Wednesday, but we didn't know that they open at 5pm on Wednesdays. so we ended up here. we arrived around 230pm.

I ordered the cheese sausages with mash and rice (instead of sauerkraut) 128077128077128077128077

too bad the place was infested with mosquitos.

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Jasper v.
5.0 Stars

As a Dutchie I am very happy with the asparagus Brotzeit offers They are imported from Germany but not as fresh as the ones I taste at home. Probably because they have been frozen being imported. It came with a hollandaise sauce to complement the asparagus. The steak itself was delicious and came with a demi glace sauce. Combined with a Paulaner Weiss beer it was a good meal.

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Will C.
3.0 Stars

After learning that theres a 50% off today for all their food items, i made sure to drop by, it was 9:15pm but the waiting list was really long, i was asked if i want to sit at bar side and i gladly say yes.  Was seated at the corner where the aircon was set to full blast, told waiter to lower its power but it happen only after 20 minutes so basically, the sweat at my back was all dried up, and is not good. *just came from gym if curious about the sweat. 128533

Order their Numberger / grilled pork sausages and was told that order would took around 15 to 20 mins so after 10 mins i was told that there is no stock so i have to change my order to knoblauchwurst / garlic sausages which includes roasted potato and sauerkraut i was disappointed with this one 128528 sausages are not that juicy and salty while i dont like the sauerkraut at all, roasted potato are sliced too thin.

I wanted to order a mash potato but was told it would cost 20 mins 128552 what... so i instead ordered their Schokokuchen / Warm chocolate cake and this was the saving grace, the best warm cake ive tasted, the warm chocolate cake was not too sweet *or maybe i just ate something too salty* the chocolate will literally ooze out when sliced while the stracciatella ice cream was perfect. Oh man the stracciatella was perfect with almonds 128523

I was not able to try out their beers which are Paulaner and Weihenstephan, have couple of friends who will be visiting manila so i might bring them to this place for a drink. For a drink. 128522

Lastly the bill took quite a time to arrived 128528

3-4 stars for the 50% off and warm chocolate. But ill let it rest at 3 for the meantime. Who knows i might like their beers and pizza. 128522

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Last monday night, while browsing instagram I came across this post by Brotzeit IG about the opening of their latest branch in BGC. With this opening they had a 3day 50% off promo on all food. I immediately asked Elaine O, Roland O and Jayson J if they were available. They immediately confirm that they are game. Then we further invited other kaladkarin who were available during that day. Lucky Kristin A and Patrick V work just around the area and nakalakad din namin sila.

Brotzeit is located in BGC Shangrila and the place got the same chill vibe with their Glorietta branch. The place was lively with lot of expat and happy people having some beer. The feeling was in some german oktoberfest. 128522

What I love with meeting up with foodies is we get to order a lot of food and we did order some great bavarian dishes.

127866Seafood salad - seared tuna, shrimp, smoked salmon with loads of veggies. A very great tasty way to start the meal. The grilled zucchini was very nice. Ordered large and was just enough for the 6 of us.

127866Pork Cheese Sausage - as a certified suasage fan I love this dish. It might be a simple dish like a cheese hotdog but the flavor of the meat and cheese was way more delicious. It also came with a delicious sides Saukeraut.

127866Curry Sausage - a much delicious sausage compare to the first one. I love very delicious strong curry flavor suace with the long smokey sausage. Also came with delicious potato wedges

127866Flank Steak - the medium rare steak was juicy but might be lacking in spices. Best when garvy is added to have some punch to its flavor

127866Bavarian Pizza - a crunchy thin crust pizza with a predominant mozarella cheese texture in every bite. Tasted good but nothing special. But I think it is great for beer. 128518

127866Cranberry Flavored Beer - a great way to drink for the non beer drinker. The taste was smooth and the berry flavor was delicioua. Might look deceiving but the alcohol got a kick. 9786

127866Bavarian Strawbery Cream - panacotta topped with strawberry. Great instagramable dish but the taste was just ok.

127866warm chocolate cake - this one is a lot better. The chocolate cake was very moist and taste even better when combined with the creamy vanilla icecream.

Overall I love this place for the great beer selection, the great crowd and bavarian food selection. Prost!128518127866

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

It was just another monday afternoon at work and I was really starting to get streseed out but then Jayson J invited me to join them at Brotzeit for dinner. Yay! After walking from Uptown to Shang (Yes, I walked lang. Exercise, guys.)

They already had beers when I arrived and I was so jealous because I had to go back to work after kaya I can't drink beer.

Fun fact: Did you know that “Brotzeit” is a combination of the words “brot” meaning bread, and “zeit” meaning time, which is a German expression for a small meal served with beer? 127867

Anyway, We ordered the following:

127860Meeresfrüchtesalat / Seafood Salad - Smoked salmon, seared tuna, prawns, semi-dried tomatoes, olives, grilled zucchini, orange wedges and sour cream tossed with house dressing. Had to remove the shrimp but the salad was good!

127860Nürnberger / Grilled Pork Sausages - These are served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. Sausages were 'meh'. Tasted like something you would get at a grocery. But the sauerkraut was awesome!

127860Currywurst / Pork Curry Sausage - Very mahaba. This was the hero of the night! Sausage was great, chili-curry sauce and potato wedges were perfection!

127860 Fladen Bayrisch / Bavarian Pizza - Was 'ok' for me. The only difference it has with a normal pizza would be the dark rye pizzabread.

127860Zweibelrostbraten / Grilled Flank Steak - A good medium rare. It was juicy but the meat goes better with the sauce.

Aaaand for dessert:

127856 Schokokuchen / Warm Chocolate Cake - Uyy wag magexpect. It's not a lava cake! Haha. The ice cream was good.

127854 Bayrishe Créme / Bavarian Cream - Almost like a panacotta but it doesn't have that silky smooth texture. This one comes with strawberries.

50% off on all food items until TODAY!

It was nice seeing you again Kristin A Elaine O and Dennis O ! Nice to meet you Roland O ! 128522

PS: Finally saw some of the things my teachers in Berlitz were talking about way back Deutsch Level 1 and 2 on the Speisekarte. (Yes, tanda pa kunyare.)

das Essen war gut. aber es ist besser, mit guten Freunden! 128077

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

The night addicts from the south Dennis O Elaine O and Roland O invited me to join them for a brotzeit promo that will last only until tomorrow--50% off on ALL food items. So why not invite others as well, good thing Patrick V and Kristin A just work around the vicinity and joined us.

Newly opened (just last Sunday) brotzeit has a vibrant party ambiance. It was a little bit dim in our place but when they knew we needed a little bit of illumination, they'd brighten up our side.

So you think this is just a party place? They got awesome Bavarian food selections, specializes on wursts or... Sausages! They got INTERNET and some POWER outlets too 128525 friendly staff they even taught us some simple German pronunciation.

128204128525 zweibelrostbraten (grilled flank steak) @900++
Picture at menu looks deceiving. So don't expect much. But i think it tastes good. It was cooked medium rare and they got it right. The gravy makes it more savory. The play of roasted potatoes, steamed veggies, and peppered sunny side egg was good in the mouth.

128204 Fladen Bayrische (bavarian pizza) @540
Bacon, leg ham, mild green peppers, red bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms of a thin brownish crust. Tasted just ok for me. I think you may miss ordering this one, 16 squares!

128204 käsekrainer (pork cheese sausages) @480
Potato salad and sauerkraut was outstanding, though i was disappointed at the normal tasting sausage that was supposed to be with cheese. 5 pcs.

128204128525 currywurst (pork curry sausage) @430
This 1 pc long smoky sausage was the best. Chili-curry sauce has a stunning taste with the smoky sausage. The potato wedges cannot be ignored as well!

128204128525 meeresfrüchesalat (seafood salad) large @500+
Fancy looking romaine with all good mix of smoked salmon, seared tuna, marinated prawns, semi-dried tomatoes, green pitted olives, grilled zucchini, orange wedges and sour cream tossed in a house dressing is the winner salad. I like the smoked salmon. Tasted high class.

128204 preiselbier 127866
I don't know much about beers, but there's a portion in their drink menu that would be good for people who doesn't drink beer a lot. Mine is a Dunkel Hefe-Weissbier with cranberry jiuce. It tasted fun raspberry soda with alcohol blend at the end. Caution. Dont drink and drive cause i got sleepy after this. Thank God i reached home safely 9786

128204 Bayrische Creme (bavarian cream) @190
Desserts? Why not?! It's like a curdled milk panacotta with preserved strawberries and strawberry syrup. I thought it's just good in the photo. The "panacotta" was a bit buo-buo. Nonetheless it was okay.

128204128525 Schokokuchen (warm chocolate cake) @270
Get this one! Almost like a lava cake no melt though--, very moist and dark in taste. Don't forget to try it with the uber creamy vanilla ice cream that sits on a bed of toasted almonds!!! I want one now!

CR is just straight ahead. Gender specific. Upon entering i saw two urinals. No wall in between 128517 So... Your currywurst is shorter than you think, stand closer"

I enjoyed this rather unplanned meetup 128538127866

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Roland O.
4.0 Stars


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