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Brownies Unlimited
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Most Recent Reviews

Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

For almost 100php, you'll get to satisfy your sweet cravings with the variety of pastries you can check out from Brownies Unlimited.

This box of 6 contains a variety of chocolate brownies with different toppings for my and my sisters' sweet tooth! All were delicious, chewy and tasty!

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

I came home quite earlier than last night. When I'm about to cook dinner, Hazel's mom came in from Makati and gave me a box of goodies. Now this simply pays all the stress and heavy workloads over the day. 128516128516128516 (as well as for me being 'kuripot' the whole week, lol)

I don't know what this brownies called but they're all good! 128076128076128076

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Edwin I.
3.0 Stars

Sambo, a buttery soft -sansrival like huge pastry coated with chocolate cake crumbs. Rich and sweet.

I have been looking for a good Sambo source for some time now. I first tasted and loved this type of pastry at the Aristocrat DLSU canteen branch years ago. Then, I also found this type of pastry sold at the Cafe Elysee in SM Makati . Both then were good! A huge elliptical creamy pastry with a slightly crunchy meringue center , rich with cashew nuts, whipped sweet butter and cocoa, and a generous covering of crumbled chocolate cake. The two versions had a rich, sweet-bittersweet ,chocolatey, creamy flavor that had the exquisite texture of the crunchy meringue and nuts. Messy to eat but so good. Oh, I miss 'em. The current Aristo branches don't sell them anymore. Cafe Elysee--gone .

I chanced on a Brownies Unlimited kiosk and saw their Sambo and Sansrival. Their version was a imperfect round mound of creaminess. Big in size and only Php 30 each. I sampled both.

The Sansrival was ...meh. The meringue center was too mushy. No crunch at all. The nuts---near inexistent. The whipped sweet butter--lacked the butter flavor (I'm guessing they used butter substitute). It was just too sweet. IMHO, the Frozen Sansrival brand from Dumaguete is still the best.

The Sambo. Brownie Unlimited's version was slightly mushy with a faint trace of crunch (I guess the batch that I bought was old stock). Nuts were used sparingly in the meringue. The buttercream icing in the center had no cocoa. The chocolate crumbs did however give that chocolate flavor to the pastry. It was ok. It would have been better though if the center had more nuts and had a slight crunchy texture. The whipped sugar-butter frosting would have been much better if cocoa powder was added.

Right now, this is the only place I know where I could get a Sambo fix. I'm still in the lookout for a good Sambo source---something close (if not better) to Aristo and Cafe Elysee's. Please do give me a shout out if you are in the know.

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Nikki D.
5.0 Stars

Just reviewing this shop for their newest product (and my latest addiction)- Brownie Crunchies! I swear these are the best chocolate cookies I've tasted. Think: super chocolatey brownies baked into thin and crunchy perfection. Oh noes. That sounds like somebody's diet is going down the drain. Haha!

I think I chowed down three packs of these when we first tried it. I don't even want to share! Haha! A pack costs 65 pesos, if I remember it correctly. Not bad. It's worth every peso, I swear!

Brownie Crunchies
Rating: 127775127775127775127775127775 out of 5

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