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5666 Don Pedro St., Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila

Bucky's Counter
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Clarissa P.
3.0 Stars

I've been to Bucky's Counter in BF, their first ever store, and liked it there! The place was small but it was neat and properly arranged. When we went, they offered different variants of their buckies and coffee from Yardstick too. I was quite excited when I learned that they opened a new branch which offers hot dishes. So, during our #PoblacionFoodCrawl, we made sure to stop by Bucky's Counter.

Salads, soups, sandwiches and pasta - their menu was simple and had just a couple of dishes available. Nothing heavy was listed rather, breakfast and snack items were there. We wanted to sample their best sellers and some of their buckies so we got the Ropa Vieja Sandwich, Baked Ziti with Ragu, Yana Banana and Bugs Buckies.

While waiting for our orders, I checked out their space. It was small with just about 5-6 tables. It can get really cramped if full but they've set-up tables outside for some al fresco dining. The place had warm lighting and simple interiors. Nothing fancy but I liked it. It gave me a resto-bar feel, maybe because of the long counter that has a portion lined with beer and liquor bottles. Very chill and nothing intimidating.

Onto the food --

We got the buckies first. Yana Banana is their version of a banana cake. Baked with walnuts and a dash of rhum, this was good! Moist, sweet and bursting with banana flavor, the addition of walnuts gave this bucky some texture.

Bugs Bucky is their version of carrot cake. Two thick squares of buckies with some cream cheese in between. This was okay. Could have been good but there was just too much cinnamon. It was moist, nevertheless.

Then we got the pasta - Baked Ziti with Ragu. This was just okay. I mean, it was good but nothing wow. 300Php for a bowl that can be shared but if it's meant for your lunch, it'll be enough for one. Pasta was al dente, tomato based sauce had the right balance of sourness and sweetness, lots of gooey cheese and the ragu was meaty with a nice flavor.

Ropa Vieja Sandwich was good. Ropa Vieja is of Cuban origin. Slow cooked meat until it becomes tender and almost shredded, Bucky's Counter used pork instead of the traditional beef. It was more like a pulled pork sandwich. Loved the thin crispy bread and the gooey cheese. The meat was also very flavorful and they added pickled cucumber to break the saltiness of the meat. This sandwich also came in with a side serving of sauce, which you can drizzle into your sandwich in case you feel that it needs some more. There was also a side serving of chips.

Overall, it was an okay visit. Servers weren't as friendly or welcoming and they didn't even bother suggesting dishes even though we kept on asking what's this and that. And oh, they don't carry Carmen's Best ice cream anymore and have their own soft serve. Kinda expensive at 100Php per cone!

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Reich T.
3.0 Stars

I met Bucky at Plant.  He is always there during weekends.  I happen to like him because i find his oddities charming.  Albeit his undeniable charm,  Bucky is not someone you want to hang around with often. 

Another dose of figure of speech,  guys.  Buckys branched out in Makati, they are the newest joint to grace the newest foodie destination in my city.  This is our 3rd Stop of our #PoblacionFoodCrawl.

I wasn't too keen on having a bucky after our failed attempts at Empingao,  Salt and Boteco Brazil (all closed during lunch time)  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they serve savory dishes apart from the bucky.

Before i talk about the food,  I'll give you a quick rundown of the interior.  Well,  it is small,  i count  4 tables.  Not designed for big groups and majority of the patrons are from the artsy x hipster tribe.  I think we i was the only representative from Generation X  (i am from Gen Y but in my heart,  i firmly believe that i belong to X). 

We decided to try some of their savory dishes.

| Baked Ziti with Ragu (php 220, additional php 80 for the ragu).   Al dente noodles in creamy red sauce topped with lots of cheese.   It's decent but not spectacular,  i firmly believe that any amateur cook can replicate this dish.  Is it me or the price tag is a lil too much?

| Ropa Vieja Sandwich (php 300).  Braised pork,  pickled cucumber and kesong puti. 

Ropa Vieja is of Cuban descent.   This is composed of stewed beef and vegetables. Bucky used pulled pork instead of the traditional stewed beef.  In my humble opinion,  this is another artisan overproced sandwich.  The meat is tender alright,  the veggie and cheese work well together but it lacks the "Wow" factor.  My opinion would've changed if i haven't tried Pepi Cubano yet. 

Non Brownie Treats.

| Bugs Bucky
| Yanna Banana

I didn't try any of the non-brownie treats.   I'm guessing the first one is an homage to the carrot cake while the other is their version of banana bread.

Lunch at Bucky is an okay experience.  I wasn't wowed with their savory dishes.  They need to add more bravado in order for their food to stand out.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Honestly, I am not a fan of Bucky's because I don't see anything special about it. Okay siya, masarap naman but nothing extraordinary. Matamis. But when I learned that they now have savory meals in their newly opened Poblacion branch, I know I needed to try them soon.

Since most of the restaurant we initially wanted to try will all open late in the afternoon, we have no choice but to find a place that is already open. Good thing, Bucky's open already and it is just within the area. Hayy!!! Thank you, Lord!!!! 128557128513127881

Third Stop: BUCKY'S COUNTER. 128048

Like most restaurants here in Poblacion, the place is not that big and spacious. I think it can only accommodate around 12-15 customers (or less!). Kind of crowded especially if packed with customers. We arrived between 1:30 to 2pm, there were still tables available so we were able to secure one for our group. Around 3pm people started coming (which was weird! Merienda time? Pre-gaming? 128517). Basta be sure to at least plan your visit. You can call them first before going. 128521

Despite the small space and being crowded, the place is still nice and pretty. Again, chill lang. Also, I like this branch better than the one in BF. Mas pinag-isipan yung design and feel of the place.128076🏼

FOOD. 127860

ROPA VIEJA SANDWICH. Braised pork, Pickled Cucumber, Kesong Puti and served with chips on the side.

This was good but not WOW, it's so gooooood. Ony liked this one. I liked the side chips. Hmm, the braised pork was a bit dry so you have to use the sauce provided to make it better, to at least add flavor and taste. Not sure what it was but I heard Jai asking Cla if it's balsamic something. Also, I was expecting the salty kesong puti taste but there wasn't any trace of it. Would be better if they added more kesong puti and more pickled cucumber. Overall, this was just okay. Not something I would recommend or order again.

BAKED ZITI w RAGU. This was good. We all liked this one. The pasta was cooked just right. I enjoyed the rich meaty taste of the sauce and the cheesy goodness!!! Comfort food level? Pwede na! 128523

For dessert, we tried two flavors -- YANA BANANA and BUGS BUCKY. I was only able to try Bugs Bucky because may cinnamon daw, ayaw ni Jai!! 128514

If Bugs Bunny will visit this store, he'll definitely get this one because it's their version of the carrot cake. I kind of liked this one. It was not super sweet. But I still prefer the usual carrot cake. Again, this is not something I'll order again.

Service was just okay. Our server wasn't really that nice and warm. Kind of in a hurry, too. 128527

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Josette P.
4.0 Stars

Poblacion is the place to be recently with new openings on both ends. I am very glad to find out that this South favorite recently found a new home at Makati. I only get to try their pastries at Toby's so to be able to visit their actual shop has always been a goal of mine. Buckies are not brownies. Why? Cause they're flourless thus solid as you can imagine it to be.

What we have here is their grilled cheese which is composed of mozzarella and cheddar. The bread is a little too toasted and the cheese as much as it's overwhelming on the outside edge ain't justify the same on the inside. However, their tomato soup is superb. Sour at its finest with big chunks of crushed tomato and some cheese as well. Sooo good!! That's for Php 250. The blonde buckygato is their version of affogatto which is a blonde bucky at the bottom, one shot of espresso, vanilla soft serve, and caramel sauce. The caramel is so good. And the blonde bucky is tasty; not too sweet neither salty. The espresso shot, oh now that's what we're talking about. It's so strong and bitter. Yes maybe kaya kang ipaglaban nito! Hahaha. Kidding! That one is Php 160, not bad to me.

As my friend and I continue to wait, we had another round of ice cream. This time we try the make your own bucky with soft serve ice cream. We had cinnamon graham and it sure taste like cinnamon. Heaven for me! 128525 We tried their glutten free bucky which is Super. It was so good!! So solid, moist, and just too good. I love this bucky which could be my next fave. Haha. We had three free toppings such as cappuccino crunch, white chocolate chips and polvoron. It would make you full but a worth it and super sulit dessert. They also serve coffees from Yardstick.

The place is small, a little like 20 people can be accommodated inside. The owner is very accommodating and he would personally ask you how's your meal plus he's cute too soo to my fellow ladies, you know what to do. Haha. The place is cozy, chill and if you sick right next to the door you get to have a good view of the TV next door. Haha.

So is this a place to visit? Definitely is!! There's always a room for dessert and new food places.

PS: reason for 4 stars is because of the toasted grilled cheese

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