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Buddha-Bar Manila
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Most Recent Reviews

Anj C.
5.0 Stars

We recently been to Buddha Bar and was able to experience the Sushi Disco Retro Chic Party. The thing here was, you can get your choice of Maki for two with the price of one (Php499). That's 2 kinds of 8 pieces their Signature Maki Rolls. Same with their cocktails (Php290).

I always say that this is one of my favorite bars in Poblacion. With its posh ambiance, nice music, great food and accommodating staff, you are sure to have one night to remember. I know that their prices were steep but with this promotion, I was able to eat more and drink more and that made me really happy.

Food we tried:

Calamari Tempura (Php440) - the batter was light. It was cooked perfectly as well. The meat was tender. I love to dip it on the sauce for extra creaminess.

Salmon Zing Pizza (Php380) - That's Salmon and vegetables with some spices on a bed of a thin Pita bread.

The General's Chicken Wings (Php380) - This stood out to me as the flavors of spiciness and sweetness combined were both addicting.

Hot Pork Sisig (Php280) - I cannot emphasize how much I love their Sisig. To me, this is one of the best there is. It was tangy, savory and filling. I was able to try another version of Sisig with some Foie Gras and Quail Egg, it was soooo good! I really love this Sisig.

For the cocktails, that's Php290 for 2 already. We tried La Flavor - Wild passion Alize, Brandy, English Breakfast tea, homemade syrup and lemon juice.

Night Fever - Jose Cuervo, Triple Sec, Agave Syrup Monin, Sweet and Sour Mix, Pineapple Juice.

Funky Town - Myre's Infused, Homemade Syrup, Lime, Mint Leaves, Ginger Ale.

So with all these food and cocktails with a very posh ambiance and music I can relate to, I really did have so much fun!

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5.0 Stars

We were invited for a night of sushi and 70 & 80 disco music at Buddha Bar Manila’s Sushi Disco Retro Chic Party last September 22, 2018.

Buddha Bar is one of the finest night club and restaurant in the country. The place is huge, elegant and sophisticated. The interior of the place is very classy from floor, ceiling and furnitures.

During the event we tried the following cocktails for Php290.00 only (Buy 1 Get 1)

127865 La Flavour (Wild Passion Alize, Brandy, English Breakfast Tea, Home Made Syrup, Lemon Juice) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127865 Night Fever (Jose Cuervo, Triple Sec, Agave Syrup Monin, Sweet and Sour Mix and Pineapple Juice) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

We also tried Double Maki for Php499.00 (2 kinds of 8 pcs Buddha Bar Signature Maki)

127843 Tuna Teriyaki Crunch Maki - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127843 Spicy Salmon Maki - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

We also paired our cocktails with their Cheese:

🧀 Baked Brie with Walnut and Raisins for Php720.00 (Warm Brie Cheese, Crackers, Apple Compote) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

🧀 Cheese Platter for Php1,300.00 (half) / Php2,500.00 (whole) (Selection of Fine Cheese, Crackers, Crostini) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 4/5

Overall, we had a great night dancing with the retro beat while having a good sushi and cheese paired with our chosen cocktails.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Hubby’s 39th Bday late night celebration at Buddha Bar Manila last July 14. 127864🥃

Buddha Bar Manila is Located at Kalayaan Avenue in Makati City, Buddha-Bar Manila is a sophisticated restaurant-bar-lounge serving good food – a modern asian cuisine of rich and inventive flavors. Buddha-Bar is a part of world class bar restaurants.128077

Transport yourself in a world of luxury and sophistication.

Since it opened its doors in 2012, Buddha-Bar Manila has elevated cosmopolitan dining to a whole new level with its rich serving of tantalizing Modern Asian cuisine. The brain-child of visionary restaurateur Raymond Visan, Buddha-Bar Manila carries with it the sophistication and world-class service that the Buddha-Bar international franchise is known for. Here, one can escape into a world of inventive flavors and experience culinary genius all in one plate.Remove yourself from the frenzy of urban life and plunge into a remarkable place of enchanting proportions.

Located at Picar Place on Kalayaan Avenue in Makati City, Buddha-Bar Manila is an impressively spacious three-story establishment that can accommodate more than 500 guests. With its numerous balconies and an outside terrace, it offers its guests a multitude of diverse atmosphere. The bar mezzanine is enlaced with 18th century style wrought-iron balustrades that looks out over the dining area where the monumental Buddha sits serenely enthroned. The amber-colored lighting, rich mahogany furniture, Chinese and Japanese art objects, Khmer statues, decorated wood panels, lush reds and gold, luxurious fabrics, and Portuguese mosaics all come together to create an opulent and refined décor.

The Buddha-Bar concept of music you can experience along with the region’s exotic flavors served in a casual, luxurious atmosphere.

Buddha-Bar’s musical identity has embodied an innovative and avant-garde aspect, thanks to the subtle mixture of captivating Electro-Ethnic rhythms and tribal sounds, played each evening by a resident DJ. George V Records has designed the perfect sounds to match the restaurant’s ambiance. The musical atmosphere is an eclectic mix of world, lounge and energy perfectly in tune with guests and surroundings. The best of our DJs distill their musical selections to infuse your evenings in this paradise with an indescribable sensuality. The experience is summed up brilliantly in the famous Buddha-Bar compilations.

It is my idea to bring the Bday boy here as I have a good taste in terms of food and travel9786️ . The place was outstanding from the other bars we’ve been. It’s really a high end bar in Makati.

We had the following .
127864 20th visionary - 417,39
127864Saigon’s Dream- 173.91
🧀 Asian Wanton Nachos -248.23
🥔 chip rings - 381.21
127866 Corona 260.87
127866 SAN Mig Light- 121.74

We were surprised that the nachos and the chips rings was so huge, serving was so generous and can feed about 4-5 people . This is really good deal for groups .i totally enjoyed the appetisers.

This is one of the decent bar with a very elegant ambience , good food , excellent service and a very nice crowd . I feel safe with this bar.

Happy bday my love 🥂

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Eboy D.
5.0 Stars

Buddha Bar Manila is one of Makati's long standing and reputable bar since 2012, that can be sophisticated at night or family friendly by Day (the recently concluded Easter Party was a hit among the Kids). Located in Poblacion, Makati, just beside the futuristic Century Mall, Buddha Bar is a must visit. For our 3rd Stop, in our Big Dish Pob Crawl, we were greeted by Buddha Bar's majestic facade while the sun was getting ready to set.

We sampled the following dishes: Buddha-bar Chicken Salad - fresh and crisp lettuce greens Great as an appetizer.

Asian Wonton Nachos - delicate Fried Wonton chips serve as the base for this faux Nacho Dish.

Angry Chicken - with just the right amount of spice. The soft Chicken was great, not overlooked and Full of flavor.

Pork Sisig with Foie Gras - Traditional Pork Sisig elevated with a generous serving of Foie Gras. Mix it really good because if you're with a crowd of excited Foodies, expect for it to be gone when you take your eyes off it. The Foie Gras gives a buttery flavor to the already Rich Dish.

Salmon Volcano Roll - Maki lovers would swoon over their version. Melt in your mouth salmon is a winner.

Creme Brulee - one of Buddha Bar's best dessert. Creamy and indulgent. The plating sure makes it hard not to take photos before getting a spoonful.

For the Cocktails, we sampled the Bubble Wap and The Ultimate. Both Drinks had the right amount of alcohol, be cautious, you wouldn't notice you've already had a couple or more because it is a bit deceiving. Very good refreshing Cocktail Drinks.

Disclaimer: I recently received an invite to attend a Poblacion Food Crawl sponsored by BigDishPH, a new restaurant reservation mobile app and website that offers discounts depending on the time of day. You can get discounts of up to 50% off.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Christmas season is here again at last. And despite its origin to Christianity, it has somehow become a universal celebration throughout the world. Get to know how Buddha-Bar Manila celebrates this holiday with its multicultural cuisine and notable world-class service that it is best known for.

Let me first tell you how it started. Buddha-Bar Manila is the brainchild of visionary founder Raymond Visan. He is also the owner of the famous Barfly in Paris, a restaurant-bar-lounge, located in the ultra-chic Faubourg St Honoré.

For over 21 years, the Buddha-Bar concept features a giant Buddha statue, designed and sculpted by Bruno Tanquerel. Today, Buddha-Bar is located in 25 countries and key cities around world, including London, Moscow, Budapest, Paris, Kiev, Prague, St. Petersburg, Cairo, New Delhi, Dubai, Monte Carlo, Tbilisi, Baku, and Manila.

Since its inception in 2012, Buddha-Bar Manila has raised cosmopolitan dining to a different level with its rich serving of alluring Modern Asian cuisine. This brings us to the event it hosted last week, which is also in preparation of Buddha-Bar Manila’s upcoming sixth anniversary in February 2018.

Along with some media friends, we were invited to witness a special Christmas tree lighting. Buddha-Bar Manila has been doing this for three years now, but this is the first time it was actually organized into an event.

The interiors are breath taking with strong accents or black, red and gold spread throughout this four story structure. It is elegant, sophisticated and spacious.

Before anything else, we were offered with their exquisite food and drinks that they are well known for. As this was a special affair, the courses were off menu.

Buddha-Bar Manila’s cuisine is a combination of East Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and other Asian flavors, combined subtly with a zest of the West. Its dishes are prepared according to the family style concept: to be shared among guests.

Going back to the Christmas tree lighting event, we were welcomed with sophisticated Red and White Sangrias and Cream Cheese Canapés. Next came the Spicy Beef Rolls, which packed a punch but was a delight to the palate.

The Tuna Teriyaki and New Style California Roll were something that would renew anyone’s interest in Japanese food, in case you have been all too familiar with the usual joints available.

Then came out the Barbecue Skewers, which were cooked just right—the meat was delicious and tender. After that, the Buddha Bar Chicken Salad (Php 350) arrived to our tables, which not only tasted good, but were also served in such an appealing way.

It was almost time to light the Christmas tree and we were offered with delectable sweets: both the White Velvet and their take on classic Chocolate Cake. I love these fluffy desserts, that I had more than a serving of them.

Buddha-Bar Manila’s Christmas tree was an elegant six-tier red and gold pagoda. It was such a sight to behold. Even the cars and people passing by its location in Picar Place, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati couldn’t help but admire it.

Haven’t been to Buddha-Bar Manila? The establishment can hold events for parties of 400-450 and has hosted a massive 800-pax gathering. Head on to their social media accounts and be in the loop of one of the most hip hangouts today.

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Buddha Bar Manila has been in the local bar scene for quite sometime now. I still remember visiting the place when I was just starting to work. It's one of those upscale bars that can easily intimidate and comes with a price tag.

Stepping inside was like being transported to a far off place, definitely not in that corner of Makati, facing Century Mall. The place was so huge and can comfortably house a lot of people! Spacious first floor, a second floor to boot, huge and clean rest rooms, ample bar space - not your typical elbow room bar. I loved the elegance and sophistication exuded by the place - lush furnishings, warm to dim lighting, chandeliers, a staircase and a giant Buddha located right smack the center of the place.

To celebrate it's 20th Anniversary, Buddha Bar Manila held a two day Cocktail Festival with world renowned liquid chef, Matthias Giroud. The Mixology Wizard is in fact the Chief Bar Manager of Buddha Bar Worldwide and has been travelling the world to get inspiration, discover flavors and ingredients to make solid cocktails for Buddha Bar's clientele.

The celebration started on the 14th of October with Mixology Professionals and the media as the participants. The line up of events was impressive - a demo on how Matthias does his magic, food painting, cocktail painting followed by some late night treat! The real party was held the following day, 15th of October, which showcased a Mixology Competition followed by the Cocktail Festival itself where the Mixology Wizard gave everyone a glimpse on how his craft was done and had his audience sample his creations.

Now, I'm a noob when it comes to "mixology" coz a certified Tita of Manila only knows bar-tending. But then again I still said yes to the invite for experience and to try the cocktails, of course.

The 7PM call time for the event was delayed a little so we had some chance to check out the bar and get some bar chows plus drinks while waiting. We tried the following ---

> Togarashi Fries

The name intrigued us and I personally expected something different. But nothing was special with this. Just your regular fries, fried to crisp goodness, with Japanese chili and garlic bits.

> Asian Wonton Nachos

Wonton Crisps topped with generous heaping of tasty ground beef, salsa, shreds of cabbage, cilantro, cheese and ranch sauce. Pretty good stuff.

We then tried two non-alcoholic beverages but it was sad that we weren't able to try them right away since the mixology demo started right after they were served. We ended up drinking watered down versions that were still good enough.

> Mocktail: Aloha

A fruity drink that has cranberry juice and melon syrup with some fresh mix of fruits - depending on what's in season.

> Smoothie: Berry Smoothie

A blend of milk, yogurt and mixed berries sweetened with some sugar syrup.

Then, the best part begun! The Mixology Wizrd, Matthias, gathered us in front of the bar to watch him do his cocktail magic! He created three drinks for us ---

> London Flower Spritz

A Buddha Bar signature cocktail, Matthias used dry jasmine flower made exclusively for Buddha Bar. A mix of sweet white wine, champagne and sugar syrup, this was topped with jasmine/gin foam and garnished with a slice of lemon and a fresh stalk of jasmine with leaves and flowers. Such a pretty cocktail! It was light, sweet and definitely for one pretty lady.

> America-NO

The next one was a non-alcoholic drink. Fresh grape juice, homemade bitter soda and a splash of artisanal aged syrup - I must admit that I liked this drink! It was refreshing and sweet with a little frizz. Garnished with a piece of smoked wood, dry leaf, slices of grapes, candied pearls and edible gold dust, this drink will please the eyes!

> Street White Angel

This was my favorite of the three. Lavender essential oil infused with Bacardi, mixed with cranberry, passion fruit and raspberry juice, finished off with some hibiscus/ginger syrup. I loved the the marriage of all the juices plus the strong hibiscus and ginger flavors. Garnished with ripe mango slices and candy sprinkles, don't let the sweetness deceive you!

Right after this display of unparalleled talent, Matthias challenged the head Chef of Buddha Bar Manila to do Food Painting while engaging the audience. She introduced some colorful "paint" which were mostly pureed, edible food. Pesto, mango, sugar beets, some mix of veggies, etc. She explained that food painting is all about using your creativity to plate dishes while taking into consideration the taste and balance of the ingredients used. It was a fun activity I must say.

Then, another round of cocktail making took place, this time incorporating cocktail painting. Matthias once again made three unique drinks for his audience. He used some local ingredients this time to showcase what our country can offer.

Street Art Collection by Buddha Bar

> Angel Touch

Gin infused timut pepper with lime juice, honey water, cucumber and yuzu puree topped with ginger ale - I loved the citrusy kick, the refreshing note of cucumber and the slight note of heat from the pepper! This was garnished with a thin cucumber slice and a flower. Such a pretty drink!

> Home Garden

I loved how this drink was presented! It was the most unique of all cocktails that night and the best part? It was alcohol free! It was a mix of artisanal genever syrup, fresh calamansi, rose flower water, cranberry juice and tonic water.

> Qaray Experience

With the use of elderflower syrup, this gin based drink gave a nice and smooth floral finish. Mixed with lime juice, calamansi liqueur and topped with homemade grapefruit huacatay (native to South Africa) soda, this drink was garnished with a thin slice of grapefruit and some torched brown sugar.

Right after all the activities and demo, we got to enjoy a serving of steak with rice. The steak was so tender, juicy and well seasoned. Went well with the pesto sauce that it was slightly garnished with. They also had us enjoy some slices of tuna and salmon sashimi which were all good!

It was definitely an awesome night and great experience! For those who are into cocktails, Buddha Bar Manila is definitely a place to try. Aside from their cocktails, their food is also note worthy. Just make sure to prepare some cash coz the prices are a bit steep.


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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

An invitation to try amazing cocktails from a world renowned Mixologist is the perfect ending of my work week. 

Buddha Bar has been around for quite sometime.  They now occupy the space of the International School along Kalayaan Avenue.  Yes,  ze school used to be in my city. 

I gotta be honest,  this is one of those joints I would avoid.  See reasons below and marvel at the different biases of the human brain 

° There used to be a buddha displayed outside.  And yeah,  it is ginormous and it sports the gold hue.  What is the first adjective that comes to your mind...  Expensive.  Ding ding ding!

° I have this crazy notion that one needs to be fluent in a different language before setting foot inside.

° It is an exclusive club and a password is required upon entry

Eccentricities aside.  Buddha Bar is not as intimidating as I assumed it to be.  The interior is more on the vintage side and exudes an old world feel.  This reminds me of the bar in Skyfall (where he met the woman who helped him track Javier Bardem).  High ceilings,  marble floors and classic furniture.  And oh,  they moved the buddha inside.  He is now sitting comfortably and reeking of all things calm and zen.


¶ Asian Wonton Nachos.  Wonton crisps topped with beef,  salsa and ranch dressing (Php 260).  I ain't a fan of nachos (except for Silantro) and this further substantiates my preference.  The nachos is too oily and some failed in the crispy department.   Saving grace is the flavorful ground beef.  Salsa and ranch concoction is mediocre. 
¶ Togarashi Fries.  Japanese chili and garlic bits (Php 220).  Overpriced deep fried potatoes.  Here i thought they did something different with the usual fries.  Oh well.... you cant always get what you want,  right Mick?

The Cocktail Festival.
Matthias Giroud is heaslining the festival.   Considered as the creme dela creme in the mixology department.  He has been with the Buddha Bar family  and continuously entices patrons with his mixology prowess.

The following drinks are not part of the cocktail menu.  Yes,  we got dibs on some limited edition drinks!  Woo-hoo


| London Flower Spritz.  Campari infused dry jasmine flower, white wine, sparkling wine, sugar syrup, topped with jasmine/gin foam.  

| America-NO.  Artisanal aged syrup, fresh grapes juice, homemade bitter soda. 

| Street White Angel.   Bacardi infused lavender essential oil, cranberry, raspberry, passion fruit, hibiscus/ginger syrup. 


| Angel Touch.  Gin infused timut pepper, lime juice, honey water, cucumber, yuzu puree, topped with ginger ale.

| Qaray Experience.   Gin, elderflower syrup, lime juice, calamansi liqueur, topped with homemade grapefruit huacatay soda.

| Home Garden.  Artisanal genever syrup, fresh calamansi, rose flower water, cranberry juice, topped with tonic water. 

All of the aforementioned drinks are made on the spot.  It was a fun experience! The wonderful sound the shaker makes.   Matthias carefully explained the elements of each drink and how it affects the taste and elevate the flavor.  He briefly discussed how his travels inspired him to dabble with different flavor combinations and incorporate them in his creations.

Apart from the Mixing Event.  Guests got to witness and participate in food painting.  Yes,  you heard it right.  Food Painting.  Think of this as a crash course in plating.  Guests can pick from the variety of sauces x food and use them to make a beautiful plate that will compliment the steak and seafood. 

Dinner was served after.  We had a beautiful slab of medium rare steak,  salmon and tuna.  The steak was fantastic,  cooked perfectly and seasoned well.  I loved every single bite. 

My first Buddha Bar experience is one of a kind.  I got dibs on the first day of The Cocktail Festival.  Rubbed elbows with a  world renowned mixologist.  I stood in awe as he shaked and stirred award-winning cocktails. 

It is a night to remember.

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Liezzy M.
5.0 Stars

truly a night to remember-- first time in history that bf found a fine dining restaurant that he loves at first visit. 128525

staff very accommodating and efficiiment. service 128077🏼
parking: valet

i love the ambience 128525128525128525 dim, cozy and spacious. good choice for anniversary dining experience when your anniversary falls on a weekday.

i'm all praises to their food. 128588🏼 tried their set dinner and it didn't fail, worth every penny. you're given choices from soup, entrée down to the dessert. picked vegetable chowder, double bento (this you have to try, big serving and very yummy) and fruit platter. bf opted for chicken soup, grilled salmon served with pesto pasta and sesame chocolate bar (this also is a must-try)... all were 128076🏼

for the drinks: i recommend heart of darkness 1108811088110881108811088
tried also kaway ilang and temptations, both were ok but too strong for me. 128512

oh, a very impt tip: try their early bird promo. happening every 4-8pm which gives you 50% off on selected drinks and 20% off on all food. 1108811088110881108811088

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Carolina E.
5.0 Stars

My whole family is addicted to this place, it's tidy and super awesome.

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Ryan M.
5.0 Stars

I'm so thrilled to share that this place is awesome. Great place to hang out with friends and the they have an eccentric pieces inside tha gives elegance to the place. When it comes to the food, they have the best thai noodles and dumplings. Definitely, one of the best places in the metro. 1108811088110881108811088

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Reah A.
5.0 Stars

You haven't seen the best if you had not been to Buddha Bar. But wait, there's bad news in the end...

There is no restaurant in the Metro as drop-dead gorgeous as Buddha Bar. From the moment you stepped through its door, the absolutely stunning interiors will confuse your purpose for being there. Is it to indulge with selfies or shut off your rumbling tummy. And then you stand motionless, to simply watch all the tasteful luxuries surrounding you. From the sofas and tables, the chandeliers, stair railings, the bar area, the flooring and walls, the high ceiling and of course the centerpiece gigantic buddha that stands about 15 feet tall. Every single detail screams elegance and class, if youre one who get pleased easily, it will surely make you "wow" non-stop, otherwise I'd bet at least 10 times.

At 4pm for an early dinner, we had the whole 3-storey, 7-star establishment with over 500 seats to ourselves. We had a quick tour around the place; the lounge at the ground floor, the restaurant at 2nd floor and the terrace at the 3rd floor.

Here's one bit of research I have done. The first Buddha Bar in the world opened in France in 1996. It has since expanded to other locations in Paris,London, Dubai, Monte Carlo, Keiv, Prague and Moscow. Buddha-Bar Manila, which is the largest around the world, opened in 2012.

Food. I always go for either chef's specialties, or customers' favorites especially in upscale super fancy restaurants like Buddha Bar. I follow my gut instinct in the few instances that I'm willing to take the risk of not touching the food at all.

Buddha-Bar serves up a divine orchestra of flavors in its every plate. It deserves reflective eating, that's when you close your eyes as you take that first bite.

Their Vegetable Spring Rolls looks as amazing as it tastes. A few-seconds-fresh from deep frying, it is so hard to pinpoint the source of its goodness. I'm so sure I tasted shitake mushrooms among other vegies. Suffice it to say, this is my most memorable spring roll encounter ever.

The Philadephia Maki Sushi with Salmon is equally amazing, but harder to move on from. It leaves a zesty aftertaste that makes you want more and more.

The appetizers can get you pretty stuffed. But the main course dishes look so gorgeous, impossible to resist even on a full stomach.

The prawns, with its meat intact, come with a surprise stuffing, whether it's ground pork or something else, it's hard to tell. Drenched in a thoughtful blend of thick, creamy coconut milk and Thai's signature curry, the dish tastes slightly sweet and spicy with pretty strong turmeric kick among other interesting Thai spices and herbs.

Meanwhile, the chicken resembles the flavor and smell of chicken curry, minus the sauce. It had tsitsaros, pea pod in English, that formed the bed for the strips of chicken. Really really good.

So anyway, we left both plates empty and it left us both much fuller, in a pleasantly manner.

The Bad News
The only bummer is they only have two credit card machines and none of it worked with any of our credit cards. Worse is we dont bring cash beyond P1000. And even if we had enough cash, we still would prefer settling our Php4k bill by card, for the rewards, points, whatever.

How anticlimactic was that having to end the Buddha Bar experience with this inconvenience? So we stepped outside, walked to Century City Mall right across the street, to locate the nearest ATM.

Staff. The Staff looked and sounded pretty smart until that moment of credit card fuss. System failures happen and customers accept, even expect these unfortunate inconveniences. But from a 7-star establishment and the biggest Buddha Bar in the world, I expected a smashing spiel for this sort of scenarios. Like for instance, how hard it is to tell us early on that theyre only accepting cash, perhaps before or while taking our orders?

And then came the fuss; we heard or got nothing from them. How about the Manager attempting to rock an apology with a complimentary dessert? That gesture would have been admirable.

Anyway, just because of this blindspot in their customer service, I'm reducing my overall rating to 8, from the original perfect 10.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

It all started when H texted me about this place in Makati that used to be a local celebrity magnet. I Googled it and the food fascinated me (in denial of being a fan girl). Anyway, it took us quite a while before we get to match our schedules but finally, we get to visit Buddha Bar.

It was one rainy Saturday when we decided to pay this hyped place a visit. At first my “old lady” instinct was battling with my “glutton” self. But alas, the glutton won and I found myself waiting for H at a nearby mall’s lobby.

Giddy, we found our way with the help of several guards and Google map.

When we entered, I had a hard time walking as I could barely see the steps (as I’m a bit blind when it’s too dark). We were ushered to the second floor as it is Buddha Bar’s dining area while the first floor serves as the lounge.

As soon as we got hold of the menu, we read the whole thing from appetizers down to desserts and we both had a hard time choosing as everything sounds so good. But since some were a bit too pricey, we ordered the ones friendlier to the wallet such as Buddha Bar Chicken Salad (PHP380), Thai Style Red Curry Shrimp(PHP680) and two glasses of Buddha Bar’s Special Iced Tea (PHP200/glass).

Service was quick given that we were the first diners to arrive that night. I guess places like this really attract the night crowd. Oh well, at least we got good seats.

When the appetizer arrived, we were surprised with the generous serving. They really mean it when they told us it was good for two people. It was actually a delightful dish as the chicken was slightly sweet and caramelized yet has a hint of tanginess. The shredded leaves also made it extra crunchy. It was a really good dish to start the night.

Next served was the Thai Style Red Curry Shrimp which I was hesitant to try as it was noted that it is one of Buddha Bar’s spicy dishes. However, curiosity did not kill the cat this time as the dish wasn’t spicy at all (or my tolerance for spicy food increased tenfold!!!). The presentation of the dish was rather charming as it was served in a coconut shell. We even asked the server to mix the coconut with the curry to add more flavor as it was a bit bland. The dip though that goes with the dish helped bring out the curry flavor.

Since we were trying to stay longer to spot some celebrities, we ordered a Chocolate Lava cake with Vanilla ice cream (I wasn’t able to note though the price).

This time, the serving was a small but we realized that it was actually too much when we tasted it. The chocolate was very rich and creamy that a few bites were enough.

Apparently, the iced tea really is special as it has lychee and kiwi! YUM!

But before heading back, we had a little field trip starting with the washroom. Then the roof deck which we both found pretty and a nice place to chill with friends.

However, with a bill of PHP2,400, I might not frequent this place a lot. Perhaps a twice a year trip would be enough. :)


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Carlo A.
5.0 Stars

Having been invited several times here for family events and occasions, this place has got to be one of the classiest restaurants I've been here in the Philippines. It's rich, has a ostentatious taste, the music and night life is where this place comes alive at night as it buzzes for party and food. First time going here I was in awe as its got that Asian fusion with an international standard of class, the Buddha on the hall, the whole lighting is has at nice is wonderful, not to mention the music is pretty good too.
Their bathrooms are insane, the mirror has this vinyl art that lights up red or blue and it's really cool to look at.
Now with the food, it's insanely rich and delicious, their sushi and maki's are different with their own spicy twist and their steak is soft and tender as hell. I remember the drinks they have too, their very own, alcohol mixed with fruits, I had the "Black heart" which was this juice that had grapes and other alcohol in it that was amazing.
What was also amazing were the desserts! I remember loving this rich chocolate profiterol bar that was the best I could eat, I've eaten and
Order more than 3 at one point. The chocolate was so rich and the quality of the bar was incredible too, you're gonna love it.
The ambiance in this place is ecstatic and can be perfectly romantic at the same time, you have to suit up to be here and look sharp!
If you have the money to spend and want to have a splendid exquisite night with friends or even a romantic dinner date with your partner you will love it here! Can't go wrong and I can't wait to come back here.

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Kat L.
4.0 Stars

Taken this picture last week. Late post.
Anyway place is dark hehe indeed for a "bar"
We seated at 2nd floor cause we are going to have dinner only. But I like on the ground floor, I think it much comfortable sitting there, lots of couches for chit-chatting. I don't know if the owner was Indian or thailander, "Indian" because they have this set of Indian dinnerware for every couches tables. And thailander because of buddhas. Well I like the interior. They have bread compliments that goes with these jams love them. We ordered seafood curry, presentation is cute. Food is quite yummy expensive for a place. "Pwede na" The food cuisine I think is Asian fusion. They have Japanese sushi and sashimi. I don't know what's with the compliment match together with the jams, maybe it goes for a smoker. I don't smoke. There's a maserati displayed outside good for a flashy place... Our dinner was ok.

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Julienne Y.
4.0 Stars

I would come here more often if it weren't so bloody expensive. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Buddha Bar. The food is delicious, the place is gorgeous, service is top notch and the music mixes, terrific. I always have a wonderful time. But I can't afford to come regularly.

Pro-tip (for people like me on a budget): stay away from their appetizers. I know they are tempting to go with your drinks but be straight up gangsta and just order maincourses. Why? Well they give you hefty generous main course portions and teeny tiny appetizers for the same price. And the main courses are delicious and filling.

Pro-tip (for the alcoholics) : 2for1 drink specials from 5pm-9pm daily. Wheeee!

What to order: tenderloin, angry chicken, black cod (if you're feeling generous.) Molten cake.

My old favorite: the crunchy spicy tuna was disappointing. After years of ordering this everytime i go, this latest visit disappointed me so it's time to find a new favorite.

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Cai D.
5.0 Stars

Perks of being a blogger and friends with bloggers. 10084️ Hahaha I was invited to the one night only show of Mathias Giroud. I attended even though I don't have passion with cocktail drinks. Hahahaha Hellooo! Its free. Regular entrance rate was 1000php. So I grabbed it. Tried 7 free cocktail drinks 10084️ the place was awesome. But hate their service staff. 128529 slow and not so friendly.

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Glen S.
5.0 Stars

The place is awesome. It's too big but a good place to hang out after dinner.

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Shayne B.
5.0 Stars

Hey look at my new friend! 128123 Came here with workmates for work and party. But mostly party. 127881

Halloween party last night! Place has different horror themes: Philippine horror, European, Japanese, and... I forgot the others! 128584 We were seated VIP at the European horror. 9786

Not sure with all that we ate and drank, because it was just served to us. Maki, tacos, and... BBQs + satay I think? 9786️ The food is good! The place is very cozy and perfect for dates too!

There was this game also where you will guess the number of beers in a container + number of chicken feet in a big bowl. Mates and I only went for the beer because we don't like the smell of the uncooked chicken feet!! 128584 it stinks! Hahaha. We were asked to go there to check but we couldn't take the smell. And they said if you get it right, you'll take it home. Hahaha. Better to take home the beers than the chicken feet so we only went guessing for the beer count.

This place is not perfect for those with vision probs. Haha. Wear glasses! 128513 Place is also close to Gramercy. 128077

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Jeniffer C.
5.0 Stars

Nice place! Very cozy and beautiful! The buddha is a bit huge and their iced tea is excellent! :)

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Yckah C.
5.0 Stars

Delicious food.. Ambiance perfect for a date... Expensive yet we are paying for the quality of the food.. We're going back definitely!

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