Buddha's Bowl

2/F Harbor Point, Rizal Highway, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales

Buddha's Bowl
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Darlene M.
3.0 Stars

We told our friend who's living near here that we wanted to eat somewhere that you couldn't find in Metro Manila. He took us to Buddha's Bowl, a small restaurant in Harbour Point offering Asian dishes. The dining interiors is mostly white, the splash of colors coming from the wall decors which are quite witty.

I ordered Monk's Special (Php 89) and the Thai MilkTea (Php 65). My friends ordered the Hangover which is their bestseller, but I'm not a fan of spicy food.

The Monk's Special is just bread fish fillet, Cream Dory from what I tasted, with a glaze on it. It is then topped into the rice and served with a side of beansprouts. It was tasty but could still be improved. Should have tried the pad Thai instead. As for the milk tea, I rarely see Thai milk tea offered in restaurants so I gave it a try. I have been craving for it so much since I left Bangkok. The price wasn't worth it though because it tasted exactly like the instant Thai milk tea that I buy in packs. Hehe. Still, it was really good and cold just like the way I want it.

Would like to try the other dishes next time.

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Jeli D.
5.0 Stars

Cozy place to have your Bangkok fix in Subic! Padthai, springrolls and thai milk tea is the perfect combo! ;-)

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Lorraine C.
4.0 Stars

I enjoyed my stay here :)

The place was small but not crowded.

Food: (most of their dishes were spicy and you can choose from plain, mild, spicy and super spicy)

I had the Hangover meal 127859127835(lower right in the picture)- Good, really tasty 128076128076128076- and their Thai Milk Tea 127862 This one was sooooo Yuum. The moment I took the sip, I closed my eyes cause ang sarraaap! It has a different kind of taste. Its not the typical milk tea. Not too sweet :) must try 128077128077128077128077128077

My Mom tried the crispy belly with bagoog rice. Well as seen in the picture ( middle left), it doesn't look crispy. But its good tho 9786128077

My brother ordered Monks Special- it was a fish dish. He said its good

Our dish priced 89 pesos ea. Cheap and good! 128176128076128077

We also tried their Pad Thai (parang pansit)
Really Good. This is a dish I should try in every thai restaurant and it tasted the way I expected.

Not bad. So 11088110881108811088️ 4 stars for this :)

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Raisa Z.
4.0 Stars

I'm not really a fan of Thai food. But their Pad Thai is really delicious! Its one of their best seller. You must try it... We also ordered Laksa, nothing special normal taste & Black Chicken Wings, the black sauce was actually good but I find it too salty.

If you want a new cuisine to try, visit this place. Very affordable. Less than 100-200 meals 128077

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