Buddy's Burger

99 Avenida Rizal St., Lucban, Quezon

Buddy's Burger
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Jen O.
5.0 Stars

Our lucban trip wouldn't be complete if we're not able to try their famous specialties.. and i mean FOOD TRIP..

Dine in for dinner at buddy's after our trip to majayjay falls. Ordered for Pancit Lucban, Bulalo, Hardinera and a dozen of cooked Lucban Longanisa.
Devour the pancit lucban with suka. I remember way back 2013 while celebrating for the pahiyas festival, bought it for P10 and the pancit is placed in a small sized banana leaf and experienced to taste it with their proper way of eating it (just using your mouth w/o utensils). Yumminiest to the next level! Aside from the suka, it made it more unique because it comes with sayote.
While for the hardinera, the traditional meatloaf recipe from quezon. Similar also to embotido. It was also good, overloaded with meat 128513128513
And the famous lucban longanisa.. one of the super delish longanisa, next will be the vigan longanisa for me 128521. What i liked with it's taste is the garlicky kick. Always been a fan of it that i never neglect to buy 3 dozens or either ask my friend for pasalubong.

Buddy's also have branches in manila. Check some branches nearest you to try the pahiyas inspired interiors/ with kiping designs and festive feeling inside the restaurant.

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Elaine B.
4.0 Stars

This is Buddy's famous Pancit Lucban. Generous serving and tastes good, but when you add some suka, oh boy, it's something else! 128525

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Stacy C.
3.0 Stars

Liked the Pancit Lucban, hefty serving of the toppings and the thin noodles. Their tuna sisig was a downer though, medyo malansa.

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Portia P.
5.0 Stars

Order the PORK SISIG. It's our favorite.

Whenever Ian is in town, we just have to eat sisig here. It's the best sisig we've ever had.

Sorry, no photo. But next time you're in Lucban, try their pork sisig. :)

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Marti M.
5.0 Stars

Dining at Buddy's in Lucban at noon time during the heat of the Pahiyas celebration has been a feat to satisfy our urge to eat the best longganisa in town.

A suki to Buddy's at The Link (Glorietta), we made an effort to satisfy our craving at Buddy's Lucban - to see if the food and the ambiance is any different. We waited for almost 45 minutes just to get a seat and another 45 minutes to be served of our usual longganisa and chopsuey at Buddy's. We didn't order pansit habhab anymore since we already ate one for only P10 from one of the houses serving Pansit Habhab along the Pahiyas route (sorry, no Looloo review for that but it is really worth praising as the suka and pansit served on the streets is exactly how you would expect Pansit Habhab to be!)

The expected fun and festive ambiance of Buddy's is made warmer by the hospitality of Buddy's staff doing all they can to satisfy the hungry Pahiyas crowd. Pahiyas is made more special by the sights and sounds of the feast. It is indeed an experience to be at Buddy's in the midst of lavishly decorated houses as a 'pasasalamat' to San Isidro Labrador for the year's bountiful harvest. Kids and kids at heart will just love seeing carabaos, horses and even higantes walking outside the store while dining.

Some of the customers that time were foreigners while others were balikbayans celebrating Pahiyas for the first time. Though we were not from Lucban, we felt proud of our own culture and heritage hearing our own kababayans happy with their experience at the Pahiyas.

The dining area of Buddy's in Lucban is only a little bigger than their branch at The Link. They had to stop accepting customers from time to time until one or two tables were freed considering the number of people waiting in line outside the restaurant. The huge number of customers didn't affect the quality (and quantity) of the food at all! The dining attendants, supervisors and even the branch manager always attended to us until we finished.

The food and service may be exactly the same but, absolutely nothing compares to dining experience at Buddy's in Lucban during Pahiyas! Can't wait to be there again in the coming years!

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Len C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Clark Mardon O.
5.0 Stars

Its the best place to get the best food of lucban. The price is so affordable and the food speaks for itself. The ambiance, sigh...its like pahiyas festival everyday! Must try pancit lucban, lucban langgonisa, halo-halo and buddy pizza! Cant get enough^_^ yum!

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Belle D.
5.0 Stars

matamis. malinamnam. makulay. masaya. buddy's tasted like pahiyas. now officially one of my favorite restaurants. well done, lucban.

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