Buen Comer

Mahabagin St. cor. Mapagkawanggawa St., Teachers Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Buen Comer
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Most Recent Reviews

Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

All the fuss about this place from friends finally came to an end!

On one Friday night, we had dinner at this place. My friends had their usual orders - Kare Kare Burrito 🌯 (168php), Steak & Fries Wrap (218php), Peri-Peri Chicken Rice (158php), Nacho Potato Crisps (128php) and Chicken Quesadilla (118php). Everything was for sharing, they were all affordable but the servings were pretty hefty! 128521 128562

My bad for not taking photos of our foods. The lighting was bad and we were all hungry. 128514

The ambiance is not fancy but very laid back. A canteen-like feel. The place was quite big and the walls were transformed and painted by some artsy murals related to the name of the restaurant.

We were all satisfied with our orders, there were even half of some burritos 🌯 that we couldn’t finish 128513

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Gelai C.
5.0 Stars

Don't be fooled by this small stall that looks like Burger Machine from a far (lol!). Cos this place is definitely a haven for Mexican lovers like me.

We tried their best seller Steak & Fries burrito. Man, I can't keep gushing after each bite. The burrito is actually good for two plus it's cheap cos it costs less than P250!

For the nacho lovers, they do away with the usual corn chips and used potato crisps instead. I tell you, this one is a steal too! For only P125 this can serve 3-4persons already.

Other bestsellers include kare kare burrito and ultimate poquellas wrap.

ADDRESS: 30 Mahabagin St., Teachers Village, Quezon City
4PM-11PM on Wednesdays to Saturdays
CONTACT: 0927-3026075 / 0998-4360171 / buencomerpoquellas@gmail.com

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

In this day and age, people will never run out of food options. Here in Manila, you will find a number of restaurants and even food stalls in the street offering a variety of dishes, that are actually easy on the pocket.

If you are into al fresco dining, you better check out Buen Comer in Maginhawa Street, Quezon City. It’s just a small stall surrounded by a couple of tables and chairs. “Buen Comer” is a Spanish phrase which means “good eats.” I’d have to say that Buen Comer definitely live up to its name. They indeed have good eats, as they gave a Filipino twist to some Mexican favorites, and prepped up everything in their own kitchen. Buen Comer made each dish their own specialty.

Their kare kare burrito, for me, is their best dish in their menu. It has the potential of becoming a gem in their food place, but they have to tweak it a little. The peanut sauce in it was very overwhelming. The surprise lies in its flavorful bagnet, complemented with a savory layer of bagoong (fermented fish paste).

Another burrito of theirs that we have tried is their chicken Caesar wrap. It has crunchy fried chicken, that works well with the dressing. I would definitely recommend this as a good grab-and-go meal.

Buen Comer’s peri peri chicken with dirty rice was wonderfully prepared. You can distinctly taste the various spices in their marinated meat, but in my opinion, they can actually make do with less seasoning.

This dish worked well with their garlic yogurt and cilantro dressing.

They have also upgraded the classic chicken quesadilla. Underneath those perfectly grilled pitas are tasty chicken bits blended in with rich layers of cheese. You would finish wolfing this down within minutes.

Let it be known that Buen Comer always comes up with new dishes on their menu. According to their chef, Chef Mico, they keep on updating their list of food choices every two weeks.

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Mister J.
5.0 Stars

Comfort street food at its best. Damn good burritos. We had the steak and fries, Japanese, chicken and kare-kare. Serving was generous and the price is right. "Nachos" are pictured; not really nachos by still so good.

Pardon the brevity, still reeling from the food coma. 128565

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Mei O.
5.0 Stars

We went there again and had kare kare burrito (double bagoong half rice please) at 148 pesos and finally tried the steak and rice pilaf at 218 pesos.

You order at the side table and your order will go through their queue. Some requests might get forgotten if there's a lot of orders so you better keep an eye on your food if you have special requests (such as our half rice + double bagoong spread).

The house next to their food truck na walang gulong has chairs and tables now so you can dine in and stay for a while all while indulging in their cilantro and garlic sauces. Please, remember to Clean As You Go and don't just leave your trash around. Yeah, they'll clean it up but CLAYGO should be something we always practice.

Now to the food - you can't go wrong with the KKB at that price. It's worth your money and all the effort going to this place. The steak and rice pilaf is good but something we won't order again - I personally think the rice is not enough, but it's because I love rice. I'm still on my personal mission of being able to order all of their food even that mac and cheese burrito. They also serve soda and water but unfortunately, liquor is still not allowed.

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Mei O.
5.0 Stars

Buen Comer is still our favorite place when it comes to Fil-Mex fusion. You can opt to have your food customized - well, when we get their burritto, we only ask for half rice so we still have some space left for quesadilla or our favorite Nacho Potato Crisps!

They update their menu from time to time with the addition of hand-cut steak with rice pilaf and the now-favorite-staple Don Pepe's Wings and Cajun Fries. I love the spiciness and the flavorful kick. 128525

If it's your first time here, I recommend their Chicken Caesar Wrap with the Nacho Potato Crisps. If you're feeling a little curious today, you can get their Kare Kare Burritto (how Fil-Mex is this?) but ask that the bagoong be spread well.

I only have one "complaint" for Buen Comer. They are not open all throughout the week meaning I have to endure days where I can't satisfy my cravings for their food! Should there be a petition to have them open the entire week?!

<3 at first bite (or two).

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Keeb S.
5.0 Stars

Dining at Buen Comer just took the Mexican flavors out of the box. Passing by the corner of Mahabagin St. and Mapagawanggawa St. theres this small stall which will really catch your attention. A not well lit cornered stall but still full of people. Really worth the stop. The chef's Chicken Burrito got me, heavy on the rice but will get you biting for the next. Its chicken was so tender and juicy, every bite the chicken would ooze the flavors out. While its on the spicy side but the cheese balanced it well. Not your typical Chicken burrito. On the other plate, if you are looking for the light side you can always get you famous Quesadilla! But wait! They have this cheese that would melt your tastebuds out. On the plus side, they chopped a good cut of chicken, seasoned peri peri style that would make your Quesadilla not your ordinary bite. All in all, i just have to say wow, will really come back for my next Burrito, and try their famous Kare Kare Burrito. They really brought the Mexican side here in this small town of Teacher's village.

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Mei O.
5.0 Stars

This quaint food truck na walang gulong is walking distance from the busy street of Malingap. It is situated at the corner of Mapagkawanggawa and Mahabagin.

There are 2 tables that can seat around 6 friends each and around 4 seats at the "bar" area fronting the preparation place. They don't sell beer unfortunately, as I think it's not allowed at Teacher's Village (since it's a residential area).

You'll see the food shack easily under a tree and their small selection of food won't keep you guessing forever which one to order. It'll be easy.

Order their Nacho Potato Crisp. They make their own potato crisps and you might even have a chance of eating a thicker slice of potato (yay you!). It's topped with lettuce, jalapeño, their special sauce, and other ingredients I can't remember because we ate them too fast. It was really that good it disappeared in less than 10 minutes.

They also have the chef's specials. I think the chef's specials vary as to who from their group is cooking. When we went there, it was Chef Joyce and her 2 options (out of 4) that got me were: Pad Thai and Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap. Weeeelll, it'll be caesar salad wrap for me! And I love it. I love their pita bread. I love their sauce. I love how they made the salad wrap something I'd order again. (Not sure though where they get their pita though, I guess it's store bought.)

Next would be their Chicken Burritto. My friend loooooved their grilled chicken burritto; however, her preference is to have the lettuce raw for that extra crunch.

Next is their cheese quesadilla. Oh. Gawd. Is. This. Heaven. Huhuhu. I might be just biased on cheese quesadillas but I stuffed my face with their cheese quesadilla faster than you can butt-spell quesadilla. 128557128557128557

Their bestseller apparently is the Kare-Kare Burritto and we haven't tasted it yet. 128528 What does this mean? It means we'll have to pay Buen Comer another visit just to sample all of their offerings! I'd probably just bring ice cold beer next time to make my Mexican food experience complete. 127797128524

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