Buendia Food By The Court

Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. cor. Bautista St., Makati, Metro Manila

Buendia Food By The Court
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Most Recent Reviews

Brie K.
4.0 Stars

Food parks would always be the best option if you want to have a quick food trip, and good thing the nearest in Makati is along Buendia. Here are some of the food my friend and I tried last night.

SPAM-TARO FRIES (Shaka Hana, Php 99)
The dish is common yet satisfying and can be shared by 2-3 people. It is served with 2 side dips, sesame seed & “secret recipe dip” if I heard it right. The spam is naturally salty while the taro tasted a bit bland for me. I would have hope it has a bit taste, but the dip saved it. The secret recipe dip has a hint of spicyness, much more like the Kewpie Dressing Spicy Cheese.

This is a treat! It is served on a huge sizzling plate with rice, beef bulgogi, samgyeopsal, kimchi and egg. This is perfect for 2-3 people as they will serve two more rice on the side. The taste was really great, make sure to add the korean spice sauce before mixing it.

Minor comment, I hope they can heat more of the sizzling plate as after 15 minutes, you can touch it. That would be a better experience for customers.

I love Vietnamese food and this Go Cuon is really great. The peanut sauce perfectly blends with the spring roll. The spring rolls was well prepared from outside to inside. Good job on this one. Definitely will try this one again!

Hmmmm, it was normal. Nothing new to me. I like squid, so wanted to buy.

If you are looking for a quick bite around Makati, head to Buendia Food by the Court and satisfy your cravings.

PROMO ALERT: Shaka Hana offers 20% off for the month of June in all of their menu!

Check out their Facebook & Instagram page: shakahanaph

Jya Mata Ne,

Instagram: @nonfoodienetwork | @itsmebrie_

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Aerial T.
5.0 Stars

Loved everything about this place. The variety of the food is wide. From American, Korean, Japanese and Filipino food selections. Who would have thought that this could be found in the middle of the busy strwwts of buendia.

They have reasonable prices for their foods that ranges from 100-200 Pesos for set meals and 250-350 for group meals. Perfect for after work drinking sessions or just plainly workmates or friend bonding.

Did i mention that within the compound is a basketball court *wink wink* lol

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John S.
3.0 Stars

Was okay. Food variety on the asian side and with some Spanish and Mexican mixed in. Great chill ambiance, mainit nga lang haha 128514

Budget wise 799++ for a date and if both you are looking to fill up your tummy.

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Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

catching up with the food park concept, tried this place since this is not too far from our residence. there are about 20 food kiosk selling multicultural cuisine. spanish, japanese, indonesian, pinoy, chinese, american to name a few. long tables, benches, square, round tables sre arranged in the middle of the food kiosk. place is well lit, ceiling fan providing some breeze to the otherwise hot and humid day, music is playing and people are conversing. a pretty festive place to be.
with so many choices, it is difficult to choose which food to taste.
we ended up with Thai food, the fried rice with shrimp was tasty but needed to add a pinch of salt. php 130.

the pad thai was also tasty although it would have been better if it is serve warmer. php 150.

deep fried squid, chicken and fish ball, 4 pcs/ skiwer, 3 skiwers/order. php 150

this place is better for enjoying food and drinks with friends during fine weather day, the street outside get flooded during heavy rainy days, hot during summer.

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Dhang C.
4.0 Stars

Nowadays, food parks is the new go to places of most people. Well, simply because it is a haven for foodies. 128522

Yesterday, me and my son went to Buendia Food by the Park to have our dinner.

PLACE 4/5 - It is not spacious. By the time we went there, it is already full (parking and the food park itself) and it was just past 6PM and was raining. I wonder how it would be if it wasn't raining. We waited a little time before we got our table.

CHOICES - 5/5 Given that the place is small, I'd say that there are variety of offers for almost all types of Asian cravings one will look for.

PRICE - 4.5/5 I'm just referring to what we had. Almost all matches the taste and its serving to its price except the drink. We had cucumber lemonade from Lamexa and it costs P85. It has the same taste as of Family Mart's cucumber lemonade.

RESTROOM -4/5 It only has 2 small cubicles.

MUSIC - For me it's a 5/5

Recommended place 128077

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Leeya G.
3.0 Stars

I visited this place last week with my friend. We tried 2 food stalls since it's our first time here.

✔Venue: it's a food park so the place is enough to accommodate guest.
✔ Ambience: It was okay especially if you dine during the opening hours of 5pm to 6pm you can have the 2nd floor all by yourself and that's overlooking the road not really a good sight but still okay.
✔Staff: Fast when it's time to clean up the left overs.
✔ Cleanliness: Food park all in all it's clean and I guess they make sure that left overs shouldn't be exposed for longer hours on the tables.

Since we tried 2 food stalls lemme rate them separately.
1st : JV letchon
✔Price: Very pricey! We ordered lemon juice (blue & pink colors) that cost 119/juice and main dish of Letchon w/rice that cost 185/order.
✔Food: For the JV letchon well they didn't surprise me and was not able to meet my expectations. They have served us the food with rice that's​ "pa-panis" na. I asked them to change it and they did but insisted that the rice was okay and it smelled like spoiled food because of the garlic. Both the smell and taste of the rice tells us na pa-panis na yung rice! The juice didn't satisfied us as well it's just Instagram worthy.

2nd: Burger meet Wings
✔Price: I think the price is a bit pricey for the medium size (usual size) burger, It's 175php (1order) and chicken wings for 99php (4pcs).
✔Food: The burger is okay nothing special about the taste of the patty. Here you'll be allowed to create your own burger. So I choose blue green bun + cheddar cheese + bbq sauce + mayonise + lettuce + tomatoes. Instagram worthy photo opt. The chicken is the usual taste not that really tasty.

As mentioned above the place is a food park so there are alot of choices to choose from but I wouldn't be back here for quite some time my experience is not that exciting.

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Will C.
3.0 Stars

New food park along buendia, so i decided to check it out.

Parking space is limited, so better ride a bus going here. First thing i noticed was that compare to other food parks, this one was really crowded, i know that a food park tends to be crowded but if your looking to enjoy your meal, this place might not be for you. In a food park theres typically 1 to 3 good stalls that sells good food but sadly i couldnt find one here, most stalls items are either out of stock, or with queues that is more than 10 which means more than 30 mins waiting time 128529, And yes, the struggle to find a vacant table and hope that peeps at nearby table wont be blowing cigs smoke towards your table 128533 this was on a wed night so it might be a different case on a lunch time.

But hey, this might be a good place for students at universities nearby for a quick lunch or a drink. I know ill enjoy it here at my college days if this place had existed 9786

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Rian K.
4.0 Stars

The new foodpark in Makati! 128205
Located in Gil Puyat Ave. cor Bautista St.
The place is just small unlike any other foodpark, I just tried the bacon cheesemelt burger of rouche grill for Php 125.00. My boyfriend tried the Lechon Kawali by Goto Pinoy Php 125.00.

What I like about this place is the al fresco dining on top with so many lights that makes the place cool. We had 2 bucket of Andy Player & San Mig Apple for Php 280.00 127867 Sobrang sulit na bes! Kaya tara na't kumain with friends.

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Brie K.
4.0 Stars

Food parks are becoming a familiar scene within and outside the metro. Although the popularity of Kapitolyo and Maginhawa would never fade, Buendia Food by the Court is slowly gaining traction towards people around Makati-Pasay area.

The place is located along the corner of Bautista street and Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue. You can easily spot the place as it has huge mural that can be seen along Sen. Gil Puyat, it was well-lit and of course, there's a court.

Thursday was not jam-packed but there are people. Several food stalls are already operating but there are still available spaces if you plan to open one. Here's a partial list of the food stalls:

- Burgers Meet Wings
- Goto Pinoy
- Shangkee Chinese Buns Delicacies
- KorVits Grill - Goat Meat Specialty
- LaMexa
- XOXO Waffle Frosts
- TAPAddiction
- Doss Pares
- Mad Subs
- Rakmi Nyonya - Authentic Indonesian Cuisine
- Jack's Joint - Turkish Cuisine
- Rojak Salad
- Little Kodo
- Sisig MNL
- Rouche Grill
- Barrel Smokers
- Relax - Beer and Drinks
- Brother's Blend

My friends and I tried the following:
128205 All Meat Goto (P 140) - Goto Pinoy
128205 Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich (P 139) - Mad Subs
128205 Pork Belly Bun (P 150) - Shangkee Chinese Buns Delicacies
128205 Tapa Bowl (P 100) - TAPAddiction
128205 Iced Tea (P 85 - Good for 3 people) - LaMexa
128205 Chocolate Frappe with Coffee Ice Cream (P 160) - Brother's Blend

I know it was a lot, but hey we are three! Am not going to let you know which one I ate but tasted all of them! Let me give my top 3.

1. All Meat Goto
Yes! The servings are huge, a lot of toppings and really tasted good. It is definitely food for two people, depending on your appetite. It has chicken, beef and internal organs (intestines, ox stripe).

2. Tapa Bowl
I enjoyed the tapa because it was easy for me to finish. Not like the usual tapa that you need cut or have a battle with because of its texture. The taste is not sweet but not bland. It was mixed with corn and fried rice, which complements the taste of the tapa. This one is good for one but they also have other offerings such as the Tapa Meal with an egg and forgot the other one. 128514

3. Pork Belly Bun
It was their first ever branch. And was surprise that it was actually good. The pork belly really tasted well, it was really soft, not salty and not too sweet for my taste. It was served in a cuapao with some vegetables on it. What could have make it better would be the cuapao being warm. It was not really cold or frozen, it's just that I really wanted it warm. 9996🏻


I would definitely go back to this place and try more food. I am not sure if the closing time is early because it was a Thursday night, but most of them closes at past 12. A bit of sadness there. I also wanted to point out that the parking also is not a lot so you need to find someplace to park if you have a car. But, great experience for me si really hoping to have some food adventures my Looloo foodies soon! 9996🏻100849996🏻

Follow me on Instagram: @iambkf

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

🍽127936 Finally, Makati has a food park! It is now ready to serve more hungry foodies around the metro, especially those who are looking for another food park adventure.

It was a spur-of-the-moment foodtrip there for me and my sister that Friday. We actually intended to eat somewhere else (Kapitolyo or even Maginhawa) after our trip to the National Museum. After NM, we immmediately hailed a jeep bound for Buendia, and after getting off at Buendia we boarded a bus back to Crossing.

Darkness was looming and it was rush hour at the time, so obviously we got stuck in hellish traffic that went on for minutes. We were exasperated by it and at the same time we were hungry. As our bus remained stationary on the road, we noticed a brightly lit sign "Buendia Food by the Court," the eye-catching wall art by the parking lot, and the rope-and-string outdoor lamps that you usually see at other food parks.

Crowds flocked to the place, making it even more alive and vibrant. We were curious by now so with no hesitation (plus growling stomachs) we immediately got off the bus (even as we already paid the fare to the bus conductor hahahaha). We spent our dinner there as we were biding our time until the traffic eased off.

As we entered the premises, we also saw a basketball court furnished with new flooring. Actually, the court is also part of this sprawling complex, hence the food park's name. Buendia Food by the Court may be the first food park in the Philippines with a basketball court! It is available for rent.

At the time we were there, we also found out that it was the official opening day (or night) of this food park, although it had a media launch a few days back. So we were one of its first customers! Lols. Not all spaces were occupied at the time, but there were already lots of stores open.

It took us a while before finally deciding on the stores to buy our grub. We settled at the upper deck which allowed us to survey the streets (kung trapik pa rin o hindi na hahaha).

What we had:

🔹Mad Subs
Roast Beef Sub (₱130) - 11088110881108811088
Chicken Katsu (₱130) - 11088110881108811088
2 Pink Lemonade Slush (₱50 each) - 110881108811088
2 Mineral Water (₱25 each)

🔹Lamexa Cantina
Nachos (₱130) - 11088110881108811088

🔹Brother's Blends
Java Chip (I don't exactly remember the name, or the price) - 110881108811088
Dark Mocha (I don't either lol) - 110881108811088

The Roast Beef Sub was nice but it could be too wieldy to eat -- they used a baguette or French bread or something like that. I loved the mayo! Not sure it was Japanese mayo or some other type of mayo, basta masarap siya hehehe. It was a big sandwich, so it was good for sharing. Good for its price.

The Chicken Katsu looked like it was murdered in some of my pics lol. It was not a crunchy katsu like what I expected, but it made that up with its flavor and texture. The chicken was so soft and tender, and I liked the strong gingery hints.

Lamexa's nachos were fine, I like that they were so cheesy and a bit pungent (duh). Coming from a non-nachos fan, I'd say their nachos were good! But I thought the servings somewhat didn't justify the price (P130), mejo konti para sa akin. I couldn't help comparing this to other nachos we've tried before (at P100 or less yet the servings are heaps and some of them are a lot cheesier). Mejo damihan nila nang konti pls hahaha nagustuhan ko pa naman nachos nila.

Lamexa's service was a little off that night. My sister went to buy nachos and paid exactly P130 for the order. Much later, one of the service crewmembers walked back to our table and mistakenly handed us a change (P370), although he correctly mentioned our number card ("number 4?" he asked). After he left, my sister told me she paid the exact amount for the nachos (I thought she paid a bigger bill or something). I admit, we were kind of tempted to keep the money, but we thought someone else was waiting for his/her change and besides our conscience started to bother us. So we returned the money, which was the right and the best thing to do.

I think it was understandable for a restaurant crew to sometimes get mixed up, especially on their first day of operations. But next time they should be more attentive especially when handing out changes or else they won't be making any revenue!

I didn't know why ordering a lot of beverages crossed my mind. Even though we had the Mad Subs' Pink Lemonade Slush plus mineral water, I couldn't leave the place without at least having a coffee. And I didn't know why I ordered frappes at Brother's Blends instead of hot coffee on this chilly and windy night. But then again, it was an unplanned foodtrip hehehe.

Brother's Blends sells organically made beverages such as cold-pressed juices and coffee as well as other treats. I liked the taste of their frappes -- sweet and strong -- but they weren't exactly smooth in every sip. In fact, my sister's frapped was left with a lump of accumulated shaved ice. Or maybe because it was the effect of the cold weather? Not sure! I'm interested to try their cold-pressed juices and hot coffee next time.

I like the festive ambiance (11088110881108811088), which was only suitable for an outdoor dining setting such as food parks. Well, the noise was something I could tolerate with since there's no rule that prohibits customers from talking loudly above the din, you can expect that from food parks. At saka siyempre any food park won't be lively without some merrymaking.

However, our table next to us was a bit too much. Magbabarkada silang nag-iinuman, and they became not just too noisy, but also a bit rambunctious and sometimes rude as alcohol infiltrated their senses. First, they knocked over a bottle or two. And then without warning, one guy FLASHED HIS ASS 127825 IN FRONT OF ME 128552 and the others (I pretended not to notice it, but I really saw it) before he and his friends left the table. Up to now, I still can't get over it... nasira gabi ko dahil dun huhuhu 128553. Sana next time maglagay sila ng mga CCTV so that they can spot any untoward incidents such as this.

Except for that unsavory butt-sighting, I had a good first experience at Buendia Food by the Court. I'll take my date there one day!

By the way, here's the list of the stores in case you want to know. They look interesting to check them all out!

Bakmi Nyona
Barrel Smoer's
Brother's Blends
Burgers Meet Wings (BMW)
Doss Pares
Goto Pinoy
Ice Cold
Jack's Joint
Korvitz Grill
Lamexa Cantina
Little Kodo
Rojak Salad
Rouche Grille
Shangkee Buns
Sising MNL

Sorry for the loooong review. 🙂

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