Buffalo Bro's Ribs and Wings

45B Maginhawa St., Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Buffalo Bro's Ribs and Wings
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Aris M.
5.0 Stars

We had our Maginhawa foodtrip last week, a whole day of checking the top restos and cafes in our list. For lunch, the stopover was Buffalo Bro's, known for its signature baby back ribs and buffalo wings.

For many reasons, it was close to perfect. I just felt there's some room for improvement in the ambiance. It lacked the lively vibrance of a restaurant intended for families, and the ventilation was a little delicate for the claustrophobic.

I only have great words about their food. The serving size is big, make sure you're with somebody when dining here. Waiting time wasn't an issue. We waited for about 10 minutes, and then the food came out of the kitchen one at a time.

***Cheese Stick--I super love the crunchiness and the salsa
***Tacos--overloaded with cheese; big serving size
***Chicken Wings--different variants, must try is the spicy Dennis the Menace and honey-glazed; the butter lover can also get the buttered wings, and The Joint's wings in spicy sweet and sour ranch dip.
***Promo: they have a set good for two including 500 grams of sweet meat ribs, 2 cups of rice, 2 sides (we had mashed potato and corn on cob which I liked a lot), and buffalo wings. This is the best choice for value.
***Root beer float--I'm not a fan of rootbeer, but this OMG passed my taste as it has no "medicine after taste". Get a pitcher for the whole barkada because one glass won't be enough.

Very good. The waiters were all pleasant, they looked cheerful and approachable even when there were too many customers to serve. The owners also checked on us while we were dining, and that matters a lot.

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Arjohn Janroe Q.
5.0 Stars

Its been a while since we saw each other.

After graduating College it is normal to find for a job and looking for it is not easy. We need to search allot of things in the internet like reviews on the company we wanted to apply, job hirings abroad or just searching for the right job that will fit our qualifications, with this, sometimes a whole day is not enough. After sending resume to a bunch of companies, another step is waiting for a companies call, message or email for the interview schedule. A part where you will be selling yourself, we need to prepare ourselves look neat, decent and formal. (Lets a little bit fast-forward this intro.) After looking and having a job, we will then have our calendars again filled with busy working matters and so this is where my adventure really start.

Being busy having a job, we do not have enough time to bond and to see each other. We cant go out and add "friends" in our everyday working routine: Waking-up - Preparing for Work - Going to Office - Work - Work - Work - Work - Work - Preparing going Home - Preparing to sleep - Sleep then back to waking-up and so on. I used to reach my friends on facebook by chatting them, poking them and even tagging them to some highly reviewed places for us to try (thanks to looloo app!). Pleasing them to go to places I want and try foods I crave is a bit hard, because of their busy schedule and even because of our financial incapabilities.

Until Ruby Ullero asked us to go to Maginhawa, for her birthday treat. It is a normal routine for adventure seekers to go first at University of the Philippines - Diliman and see the beautiful sunflowers, the well cared nature and to feel and breath the cold air the trees brings. In any adventure, nature is the best spot indeed. After a long tiring walk and lots of selfies we then decided to ride a cab going to maginhawa.

With the use of the Looloo App Maginhawa Map Infograph, it helped us decide where to go and to have our tummies full. The Buffalo Bro's Ribs and Wings. We knew it from the start that this restaurant have the Unlimited Buffalo Wings and Rice promo and so this is what we ordered. HAHA! For just P299per person you will get unlimited Buffalo wings with different flavors, unlimited rice plus one mason jar of root beer. The food was very nice, the place is nice and clean, but I think they should be adding-up staffs for them to accommodate the population of the customer.

We really loved their Buffalo Wings in Garlic and Parmesan. I swear it was the best one, the rich taste of the garlic in butter plus the saltiness that the parmesan brings. It gives some sort of popping flavor in the buffalo wings.

At the end of the day, we finished our food, had a tummy full of calories and finished celebrating one of Ruby's important days. HAHAHA! Also, finally the best part for the long wait, is that we bond again. :)

To make my review end, may we all find new places to enjoy, to love, to explore and to live life to the fullest. Thanks Buffalo Bro's Ribs and Wings more powers to you :)

-Arjohn Janroe G. Queral

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Jasper T.
4.0 Stars

Food was good and really affordable. They just need to fix the place up, especially the bathroom door.

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Donna B.
4.0 Stars

We honestly never planned on going here since the place we were suppose to visit was closed. We ended up eating here (hint the place we were suppose to eat was just beside this place 128514). We ordered dennis the menice wings and also the mozerella stick and also for the main we ordered sweet meat ribs. In our surprise when the orders came it was like "fiesta" because it has big serving. The mozerella stick is a must try I may say the mozerella incorporated with all those spices and the sauce dip it was so tasty. The wings was also great and it ended up being an ulam as well added to the sweet meet ribs. The funny thing is when we got home I read one article saying it was one of the top ten places to visit and dine in Maginhawa, and I may actually say that it is really worth it, dinning here. Not to mention the simple aura that the resto give and the accomodating staff no wonder its on the top ten.

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3.0 Stars

Went here with my foreign friend, but a bit disappointed. I also asked if they have other drinks like beer, but one of their crew said none. It was so surprising for both of us because we saw other people drinking beers! And their meat are tough..so hard to cut and chew.. not worth it for 220php..wouldn't come back..

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Jamil Aryanah L.
4.0 Stars

Little food place along Maginhawa street. The place isn’t quite nice because of the lightings, I guess. The food, though, was recommendable and their prices are cheap too!

I, together with the boyfriend, ordered Sweet Meat Ribs, The Joint’s Buffalo Wings, Good Old 1/3lb Burger and “Holy Crap!!!”. “Holy Crap!!!” is a big a*s rootbeer float that is good for sharing. Tried a few ribs since it was my bf’s order. It was sweet and soft just the right taste for me. I would love to order that next time. 128522
The buffalo wings were good too but it was not spicy (I love spicy wings). Maybe the other variety of wings in their menu is the spicy one. 128293
The burger, which was my order, was huge and the beef patty was really tasty. I didn’t regret my order. Our bill was just around 600-700 and we were really stuffed. Gotta love Maginhawa and their affordable restos. 128077

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Marian Kristine M.
3.0 Stars

Now were off to Maginhawa!

For the past few weekends, Janno and I have been eating our Saturday lunch at Maginhawa we-have-to-try-slash-discover Places and Buffalo Bros Ribs and Wings is now ticked off from the list ✅

The place can be quite unassuming on the outside, and we almost backed out because it seemed like no one was there and there was no aircon. But there was another room next to that open area and we finally discovered the real restaurant.

It was quite dark and the lights were dim and only 2 tables were occupied. They are still at their soft opening.

I ordered the Pulled Pork Burger for 150Php (as shown in the photo) and Janno ordered the Sweet Taste Rib for 220Php. Add to that a root beer float and Shirley 'something' (I forgot the name) for our drinks.

The food was unexpectedly good and the servings were fair. Nothing more I could say because it was just straight forward Ribs. Pulled Pork. Potato Fries. Garlic Mushrooms. Plain and simple.

I'd like to go back and try other meals in their menu. But we'll probably go back when they've established the restaurant's character and peg. I guess it's still lacking on the overall packaging. No "yum this is so good" factor yet.

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Charlene E.
5.0 Stars

yum! this place deserves a good review. it was almost 12 midnight and we were looking for an open resto in maginhawa. we were at StrEAt first but mostly were closed already. then we saw this place. they're open until 11PM only but they still let us in. the Kuya is really, really nice. i ordered the sweet meat ribs while hubby had the beef salpicao. the sweet ribs is soooo yum, tender and flavorful! and the corn on the cob side is equally delicious. hubby loved his salpicao as well. he even ordered an extra (dirty) rice. i just didn't like the interior of the place. place is big but it reminds me of a common CR of public resorts 9996 or a carinderia. sayang. i told Kuya about this and he said that it used to be an inuman place kasi. they should have adapted the "instagram" feel of their signage and their menu design to the vibe of the place then it could have been better. but will still definitely go back. 128077 oh and they're affordable too!! really worth it! 128523

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Danesse D.
4.0 Stars

Went here with my friends. I'm a fan of burgers and buffalo wings. Can't choose between the two but I'm so lucky that they have Boneless Buffalo Chicken Burger. I tried it and yes, I was able to hit two birds with one stone. Lol. Price is reasonable. Thumbs up for the chicken meat 'cause it's so tender and flavorful. 978697869786

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